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Raya joins Brentford

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4 minutes ago, starscascade said:

He was an improvement from Jason Steele. I mean looking at that season with Sunderland, God he let a lot of goals in.

We wouldn't have gone down if Raya was playing instead of Steele. Hard to think of a shot on target that didn't go in.

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Brentford have had their approach described as a “moneyball” style of running a club - from statistical models and (in some way similar to us) an eye for players to develop.

Raya ticks lots of boxes when you think about data - age, experience, cost (due to wage), academy graduated from, home grown status (3 years in uk academy before 21), potential to develop etc.

I don’t think it’s a particularly expensive risk for them either, a backup gk or their current one, Luke Daniels could deputise if he needs to be dropped, and if you’ve hired a specific Spanish goalkeeper coach based on a similar model (as in a reputable/experienced/potential coach) you’ve got time to work with him and build on Raya’s obvious talent.

I am currently not very pleased about this but I think the final feeling I’ll have will be down to his replacement. Nobody can argue that we’d concede less with a less “erratic” and more dominant and vocal keeper!

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