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8 hours ago, Dreams of 1995 said:

Hahahaha oh don't worry, your attitude towards Mowbray was never in question. I'm just glad you've finally dropped this guise of "we all like him and want him to succeed but......."

The simple fact of the matter is whenever someone posts a positive about Mowbray, it's immediately jumped on by a band of posters you are firmly in the centre of; whenever something negative is posted it is a cardinal sin for someone to challenge that viewpoint.

If ambition = sacking a manager after 3 games into a new season then I'm glad your opinion stretches as far as this board

We do all want him to succeed but many fear he won't. You are simply incapable of recognising that I am as thrilled when Rovers win as anyone on the planet. This doesn't stop me being realistic about a future under Venkys and TM. And my fears are long-term, they don't vary from game to game.

I've dropped no guise because I never had one, except in your little mind.

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1 hour ago, Dreams of 1995 said:

What I won’t do though is blame every single thing on TM and spend every day demeaning any bit of positive work he has done for the club. 

Me too!

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