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Club vs Country

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On 11/09/2019 at 08:03, AJW said:

I would rather see Rovers win FA cup than Prem 

no I am not mad or on the wind up , but I have seen Rovers win the League , I have seen us win the league cup , I have seen us win play offs , play in Champions League and Murder Burnley ,the one that's missing is the FA Cup and I want us to win it soon , I am sure there is a stat somewhere that there are only 5-6 teams that can actually win the FA Cup in 3 Centuries and I want us to be the first 

Only team to have won a major domestic trophy in three different centuries 

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I would love to see us with the FA cup it still holds a big pull for me. As for club vs country club all day long. If Rovers are garbage it bothers me if its England its gone within 10 minutes. That said its the flip side for cricket England's poor performances bother me the same as Rovers.

Play off win

Any cup win

Rovers being back in the PL

beating Burnley again

I'd take them all over a world cup win, the idiotic behaviour of some England fans abroad in France 98 started to put me off as we all get tarred with that brush. That behaviour hasn't changed the need to try and take over and colonise areas when they play its not for me.

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We are still the only club to have who the FA Cup 3 years in a row , how lovely would it be to be the first (only) team to win it in 3 centuries 

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