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Bad Boy

Flags, Attendances and Atmosphere

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This is an attempt to bring together discussions on a number of related issues.

There can be few who can disagree the atmosphere at Ewood resembles a morgue (unless we are 3 up🤣).  We have the issues of parts of the ground being closed; I understand the logic behind this but the application was not what should be expected of a professional organisation.

This is not one for me as a bloke in his early 50’s but we need to come up with a proposal that the Club will support and one that builds atmosphere and lifts the players.  Please note I am not saying anything about the football on the pitch.

I understand the Club would be receptive to a fans initiative for say a safe standing area in the top corner (JW End) of the BBE Lower.  This could, for example, be two blocks of say 15 to 20 seats depth.

If for example this came from the fans (Fans Forum) with a suggestion that the fans play their part via crowdfunding a proportion of the cost (and new flags) it could well fly.  Shrewsbury fans did this; if they can surely we can?

Despite past actions and how these have been received the Club are desperate to improve the atmosphere and surprise surprise they know they do not have all the answers.

is anyone prepared to take the initiative?  Yet another poll perhaps🤔

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Ideally need a sort of 'ultras' section, many clubs do it Boro and Bristol City come to mind. 

Have a section of the ground wether it be Jack Walker lower next to the DE or one of the BBE corners. Possibly try to implement a safe standing area as mentioned above, certainly do with flags or banners give the club some sort of identity. 

To be honest it would just be nice having some form of atmosphere in the ground and a new revival of what used to be the 'singing section' in the DE in a new area of the ground as mentioned above will surely generate some form of atmosphere. 

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