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In a massive coup for BRFCS, we’ve managed to convince @K-Hod to become our ‘Moderation Lead’ - which sounds very formal. 

What does it mean? Well - from now moving forwards he will be heading up ‘on forum’ complaints.
Still come to admin@brfcs.com for any big or private complaints, but all ‘on forum’ complaints will go through the usual process - directly to the mods, then, if any decision need referring/escalating (which we’ve always just discussed between ourselves anyway) KHod to make the final decision. 

This is essentially because I’m so busy with work at the moment I’m not managing to respond to things quick enough on the forum. I know there’s a couple of people that have been waiting days for a response - that’s not really good enough, so this is the solution. 

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You couldn’t have got a better candidate. Bravo Kenny.

Although tbf there is a great team of mods at the minute.

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Thank you Stuart, that’s very kind of you. 
You are right though, we’ve got a great team here who I just know will make the job a whole lot easier. 

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