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Summer Transfer Window

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1 hour ago, Richard Oakley said:

Chaddy first tells us not to worry as pre-season is two weeks away. Then he tells us not to worry because the season start is way off. According to chaddy nothing has happened because everyone is on their holidays.I wonder how long he'll stick to that excuse. I wonder how other clubs have managed to make signings in such circumstances. How for example did our transfer out of Matty Platt get done? The club's policy is 'even better don't say anything'.

Perhaps chaddy can tell us:

if Mowbray now knows his transfer budget

if he believes any players will be signed before pre-season starts

if we have to sell players before we can bring anyone in

It would appear that Mowbray knows his budget if he meeting players and speaking to clubs about players from the info certain posters have posted on here. But the only way we will know if they do an interview with local paper or Rovers in house media. 

Rovers will have staff at the club who can authorised transfers like Cheston if Waggott was away. or Waggott could sign the paperwork whilst on holiday via Docusign if the club using that. 

didnt say everyone is on holiday but a number of staff from Rovers was away on Holiday like Waggott, Slivester, Gill and Mowbray. 

1 hour ago, tomphil said:

Agents on holiday during a transfer window ?

Really ? !

The window has been open for a week. Alot of Players are away on Holiday as you can see from their social media posts on different sites. 

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Must be nice to sit at home for three months then go on holiday for two weeks.

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How do you know that Waggott, Gill and Silvester are on holiday? 

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