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Elliott Bennett/Captaincy

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He’s a class act, remember when him and Nyambe were trading places at right back, he was always bigging up Nyambe on Twitter.

Recently seen giving Dolan a pep talk before kick off, you can see how the young lads respect and relate to him 

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2 hours ago, Hoochie Bloochie Mama said:

This Mulgrew?

Your response to the above tweet in the Mulgrew thread "Bit petty but wont change my opinion of him which is a very fond one for what he has done for us"

If that was Bennett tweeting that you'd be going mental. Luckily Bennett is far more professional than Mulgrew. 


Yeah, it was a bit petty, but Mowbray has been consistent on his professionalism in training and as with Smallwood, the 3 of them have never been (from what we know) excluded from training from the first team and indeed Mulgrew has been praised as a person by Mowbray. As with Bennett, my opinion on Mulgrew is a fond one historically, he seems a good guy to have about but is no longer capable of contributing on the pitch and if there is any alternative to funding a senior wage solely as an off the field role model, I woule be happy for the club to accept it.

For some reason, acknowledgement of Bennett being a very good professional and role model but an inadequate Championship footballer is to some indicative of a personal grudge or vendetta.

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