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6 hours ago, philipl said:

Isn't there a Bournemouth player out of shot getting back to cover the line at the back post?

Unfortunately not. It's quite clear on the highlights here:-


Shame because we were really on top at that moment and there only looked one winner.

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He lost the ball on halfway. For most teams that doesn't automatically result in a goal for the other team. 

7 players in the match day squad who have previously, or currently play in our youth set up. ?

Kaminski has the feel of an accomplished keeper. Very much in control...

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17 hours ago, Richard Oakley said:


The ugly: Armstrong deliberately waiting until Holtby was marginally offside before playing him in. The smile on the asst. refs face said he knew what Armstrong was doing.


Well he buggered up his own plan by scoring for us, didn't he?

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I didn't think it a terrible performance, and it was nice to see Johnson not make a mug of himself as usual. I'm certain he started well last season though so let's give it a while before I praise him.

Unlucky to lose really but it will continue in that fashion whilst we have the back 4 we do. Lenihan flatters to deceive sometimes, and our team never looked like flying in front of the ball to stop a shot. It's a bit too passenger for me at the back, but tell us something we don't know.

Up front it was a good game and I expect we will see a lot of goals this season, either end. Blackburn Rovers BTTS is a cert bet this year, as it has been for nearly 5 now!

Want to see Dolan and Rothwell on the pitch from the start next game, ideally against Newcastle. Let's just go there and attack and see what we can do against a pretty poor side for Premier League standards.

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