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Rovers and Covid

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51 minutes ago, arbitro said:

What is interesting though Nick is that the email says these plans have been approved in the close season by the Championship clubs. I haven't seen any mention of this from any club or until now from the EFL.

Thanks for digging around with this. Maybe one for our local hacks to take up.

I've not seen or heard anything either Tony, hence the reason I sent the email. I didn't expect a reply in honesty but at least they did. Yes perhaps if Kamy still frequents the board, it could be something he could take up and ask what the implications are for The Rovers or any Club. I'll post the response to my request for further clarification if and when I receive one

51 minutes ago, arbitro said:



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2 hours ago, darrenrover said:

I wrote to the EFL several weeks ago to ask what the current situation was regarding FFP and credit where its due, I received a reply as follows:

"Proposals were approved in the close season by all Championship Clubs to amend Profit and Sustainability Regulations in order to address the impact that Covid-19 has had on Club finances and on all Clubs P&S results. Clubs will now report on a four year period that covers 2017/18 - 2020/21 instead of three years 2017/8 - 2019/20."

Make of that what you will but it appears to me that it just kicks the can down the road.


Thanks for this. 

Makes going up this season even more vital.

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