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Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

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21st October 2014: My wife was rushed into hospital for an emergency C-section due to a potentially dangerous placental abrasion. After a crazy few hours, I was dumped in a room with a newborn baby gi

My view of the game was it was a typical Rovers-Mowbray effort. Having experienced this sort of thing now for over 2 years at this level it is tiring and predictable. I had absolutely no belief or exp

Being the "better team" isn't all about how much possession, how many passes and how near you get to the opponents box. Fatal mistake thinking that.  There's two sides to every game of footb

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Really poor stuff this. I admire the positivity of some of you on here but you must be watching a different game.

When players like Bell, Johnson and Evans are in the team I find it difficult to muster any positivity.

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Just now, Gogger said:

If Bell plays another long ball straight forward to no one im gonna lose it.

It's because it worked for the Brereton goal. What he doesn't realise is it took an extraordinary strike to get it in the net.

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1 minute ago, Gavlar Somerset Rover! said:

However well anyone will try to cover this up, Watford had scored three in six games before tonight. Pitiful. 

Same old same old I'm afraid. Mowbray can't sort out a defence as a manager. Never has been able to and I don't think he ever will. The only way we get into the playoffs this season is if we score 3 or more in practically every game. Good luck with that.

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Just now, Ewood Ace said:

He's got ability but he has never matured. He still defends like a 21 year old rather than a 26 year old.

He's a converted midfield player - you don't get away with it at this level

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