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Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

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My view of the game was it was a typical Rovers-Mowbray effort. Having experienced this sort of thing now for over 2 years at this level it is tiring and predictable. I had absolutely no belief or exp

Being the "better team" isn't all about how much possession, how many passes and how near you get to the opponents box. Fatal mistake thinking that.  There's two sides to every game of footb

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2 minutes ago, superniko said:

What the fuck is Armstrong doing there. It’s like he assumed he was offside so just went for it. 
I wonder how many games he has to go without scoring and constantly missing chances for everyone to remember how bang average he was for 2 years

“See above”

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Just now, johnradfordsubbuteo said:

I'm not alone

You're not alone in contributing almost nothing worthwhile to the discussion?  You're correct there.

Any comment on Arma's performance today?  Since you have had so much to say on BB who has been head and shoulders above him.

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Let’s put this “relying on Armstrong’s goals” shite to bed please. He’s had half a good season with us (and 2 games this season).

He was bang average in L1 with most this board calling for him to be benched. Talk of £15m was laughable and we’d be complete mugs to have turned anything like that down. 

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