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    First game of the season, half decent crowd, a very beatable Donny team in the way and the air half-thick with anticipation and what does Tone E Mowbriniho do? He plays 3 Centre Halves, 3 SITTING midfielders, a centre-half as one wing-back and an old fat bloke as the other, a bloke with no creativity as the no.10 and a useless lump of lard up front on his own with nobody within 20 yards of him. Was Southend an aberration? Was it fook. MOWBRAY IS CLUELESS. First half literally nothing happened. At Half-time Bradley and his mates flicked each others ears because they are all sh1t at keepy-ups. 2nd half we turned into the Keystone Cops and some lads on the DE chucked some cans and tried to start a fight with the Donny lads who also seemed up for a bit of fisty-cuffs. That was it. Raya - 3 - Dropped the two crosses he had to deal with, let one run under his foot 1st half that nearly went in the net, a cracking assist on for their 3rd goal and a good save late on. Caddis - 4 - He tried but god he's slow and ponderous. Hit a shot from 25 yards in the 1st half that took 3 minutes and 4 seconds to reach the keeper. Subbed Ward - 1 - I missed his feck-up, I went into a coma after half an hour and only woke when they scored. Apart from that he's just a useless slow fat bloke who should have retired in the 80's. He also had the nerve to beat his chest and the badge at the end at the BBE. Get offthe pich, have a bath and fook off home and don't come back would be my advice. Don't slap the badge. Kn0b. Mulgrew - 4 - Talented lad but him and Ward are the slowest CB's in the world. It was embarrassing trying to watch them catch Donny's quick young lads in the 2nd half. Nyambe - 5 - At least he stuck to his task, got stuck in and could recover with a bit of pace when he messed up. Williams - 1 - Who plays a cumbersome left back/ CB as your furthest man forward? He is a worse footballer than Lowe. If you're going to play him play him on the left of a back 3 or left back with instructions to never cross the half-way line. I actually felt sorry for him he was that bad and out of position. Subbed Evans - 3 Got the ball, spun round in a tight circle, laid the ball of square or back. But never more than 7 yards. Passing accuracy 100%. Impact on game 0%. Smallwood - 6 - The only bloke with any drive or determination. Put tackles, in won headers, played like it mattered. Whittingham - 1 - Lost the ball every time he got it in a tight area then just shrugged and gave up. When he got it with time to pass there was no-one to pass to. Literally a waste of time him turning up, but not entirely his fault. Subbed. Bennett - 3 - no creativity and expected to be the main creative outlet Ran around a lot but mainly into the opposition, giving free-kicks away in the process.Crossed the ball a few times to their keeper in 2nd half. Good catching practice. Graham - minus 17 - Fat,sweaty bloke (there's a theme in Tony's side) stood with his hands on his hips for an hour until someone joined him up front. Continued to stand with hands on hips but had someone close enough to talk to, which was nice. Subs:- Dack - 6 - Apart from his #topearflickingbantz at H/T he actually looks a player. Only on the pitch half an hour but think he did 12 nutmegs. Tried to play one-two's and get the ball moving with pace. Ran at their defence. One of their defenders was so shocked he had to put his cup of tea down. Samuel - 6 - Looked quick and lively, held it up better than Graham and harried their defenders. Looked like he gave a @#/?. One of the two times we crossed it we scored. Imagine that Mowbray you useless @#/?. If you put the ball in the box you may score. Gladwin - 5 -Did ok at left wing-back or wherever the fook Tony had told him to play. One great cross caused confusion. Imagine that Tony you tactical genius, a cross in the box causing panic in their ranks. MOWBRAY - AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE. My mate turned to me at one point and said ' Coyle was better than this'. And he was. The signs were there last season. Horrible negative boring football played at a snails pace. Donny couldn't believe their luck. I'd sack the @#/? now.
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    Evening Rovers. Let me start by saying I think it's a travesty what's happened to your club. I've seen Rovers play 3 times at Ewood in the past (beating Arsenal 2-0, beating Newcastle 5-2 & beating Charlton 1-0, all circa 2002/3) & always had a soft spot for the club. I hope things can be restored one day, and you return to where you belong. Although I fully appreciate it was a bad day for you lot yesterday, you shouldn't be too disheartened. For what it's worth, I think you'll finish up in the play-off positions at least. The spell you's had after half time was very difficult to cope with, and a lot of teams in this league would have (and will) crumble under that pressure, and you's would have taken the 3 points. Personally I thought Elliott was your main danger man, and we were delighted to see him withdrawn. Bradley Dack is a @#/?, but on his day he'll run rings around this league. Also thought your boy Chapman looked lively, but the nerves got the better of him on a couple of occasions. If he can settle fast, he'll be a decent player at this level. Although I must admit, you're biggest downfall might well be Mowbray. He ain't cut out for this level. Nice to see some praise for our little old tin-pot club. We've invested well, and if we can keep our key players fit, we'll be there-or-there-abouts with you, come May. We had 4-5 of our key players missing from the starting XI yesterday aswell, so there's (hopefully) more to come from us. The main thing about this league is, anybody can beat anybody on their day. Form guides don't mean jack @#/? really. It's a tough league, but it's also a league where if you can string together 4/5/6 wins, you find yourself rocketing up the table. Teams are regularly swapping places, leapfrogging each other, and closing ground on one another. Oh, if you thought we were physical, then wait til you come up against the likes of Bury or Scunthorpe. And I can also confirm that the refs in this division aren't that good, and moaning about them after every game, will become second nature, regardless if you win or lose. Keep a special eye out for one certain individual called Trevor Kettle. He's well known to the more regular fans of the lower divisions, simply because, he only needs to ref you once, and you won't forget him. Good luck for the season.
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    From solid Premier League club with little debt, to a club losing its first two games in the old third division and £100m+ in debt, closing radio rovers and staff redundancies. for Gods sake, just sell up, just go! You've failed and you're still failing.
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    Here's to hoping we scrape a 1-0 win with the winning goal coming from a surprise Tomlinson screamer. The lad from Burnley buries the unwashed. Celebrates by kissing the badge and running 90 yards to the BBE before jumping in the crowd. Dunny comes trundling down the touchline, every step creating a bigger divot than a Kuqi swan dive, to celebrate with a swig of a mans pint and a bite of his cold steak pie. He later falls asleep in chicken vindaloo in Darwen. Meanwhile the unwashed are smashing up our toilets, a few of em get some bog spray that counts towards their annual wash, some of them get caught up in it all and decide to start fighting each other. Families are broken up, although that turns out to be the most progressive societal change in Burnley's modern history, and the towns prestigious shops are burnt out: Poundland, Poundstretcher, Poundsaver, Cost Cutter, Poundworld, Pound Cutter, Mothercare & YMCA. All that remains is Sports Direct so the yobs are happy. The miners runs out of benny and hot so that weird old bloke Rocky is on the warpath. Blackburn with Darwen council are roped in to help the Yorkshire police out - we respond by sending Birdy to sort him out. Turns out Rocky isn't made from rock after all. Back in Blackburn we've had a few cold ones in the Fox, got home for 11 because we are trusted to make our own way back (we like our town) and are currently having a pint of water and a brew knowing we have a job to go to in the morning. Lovely jubbly.
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    Hello Rovers fans, Bantam fan in peace. I understand there will be a more than healthy following coming across from the Pennines for this match so thought you would appreciate a heads up on the best places to drink - for those of you who are intending on having a few anyway! If you are arriving by train and come into Bradford via the Interchange then I would suggest making the short walk from the station to City Park – easily found as it fronts on to City Hall. Just look for the tall clock tower in front of you as you leave the station. For cheap and cheerful there is the Turls Green (Westherspoons). However, I would recommend taking in Sunbridge Wells – a subterranean complex of bars (7 in total I think) which is located behind the Turls Green (just go through the passage between Turls Green and Starbuks and you will see it straight ahead). These bars are about 20 minutes’ walk from the ground though, so keep that in mind. Link to Sunbridge Wells: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Sunbridge+Wells/@53.7938312,-1.7551871,3a,75y,79h,90t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipPv4aadnw7DmO0YtMFz5aVzXrJyytERdELoDBbC!2e10!3e11!6shttps:%2F%2Flh5.googleusercontent.com%2Fp%2FAF1QipPv4aadnw7DmO0YtMFz5aVzXrJyytERdELoDBbC%3Dw129-h106-k-no-pi-2.9999962-ya146.49998-ro-0-fo100!7i4608!8i2304!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xf13c94a73081e1f6!8m2!3d53.7936307!4d-1.7553442 If you are short on time then you will need to be making your way towards Valley Parade, therefore I would recommend North Parade. A street full of independent bars and only a 10 minutes’ walk from the ground. Great beers and vibrant atmosphere on match days. Also worthy of note is City Vaults, opposite Waterstones and close to the Broadway Shopping Centre. This is about 15 minutes’ walk from the ground. If you arrive at Forster Square station then City Vaults and North Parade are your best bets. This is the nearest station to the ground as well. Parking is bit rubbish close to the ground; you may find the odd space down some of the nearby side streets but be warned there is a road closure planned on Midland Road on the day of the game. For cheap, safe and secure I would recommend parking at the Broadway Shopping Centre - £1.50 for the entire day. If you park there then expect a 15 minutes’ walk to the ground. Hope you enjoy the day, but not the result ;-) Fingers crossed for a great match and atmosphere at the very least.
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    Don't post here often anymore but been keeping an eye on what people have been saying over the summer... "feel good factor" "champions" some even writing off the past 7 years and giving Venkys a clean slate... I would say that i'm suprised but i'm not because many Rovers fans have learned the sum total of jack @#/? under Venkys. Mind bogles. It's going on for a decade under Venky rule, some fans need to take their head out of their arse and realise that whilst these people own the club you should only expect failure. Perhaps when they've realised that many supporters might find the bottle to fight against these pigs. I heard certain well respected people wouldn't support a protest due to the "feel good factor"... @#/? feel good factor! Feels great losing to Southend in league one doesn't it? Just like last seasons past the same folk will say "protests will effect the promotion push" or "protests will effect the relegation battle" the difference being we're now in league 1 and could potentially be in a league lower than Stanley next season. Give that some thought. Many fans like myself have walked away from this site and distanced themselves from Rovers and it's noticable that we're left with many fans who are comfortable to accept that these feckers have taken us down from 8th in the prem and normalise the fact that we're now a league 1 club. Same old boring tales of how we were @#/? in the 70's so it makes it all alright. Promotion or relegation, it doesn't make a jot of difference. The problem is Venkys... Results, managers, transfers... All a mere distraction. Wake up. Join a protest, go to a meeting, chant against them, anything FFS, the club is dissapearing. Venkys Out.
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    I appreciate that you said that you would let it pass but for many others, I doubt it. "Who does Mowbray think he is? Shirtless on a unicycle singing "I'm too bloody sexy" - it was only Doncaster! It goes to show how far we've fallen over the last seven years when our manager feels the need to ride around with no shirt on a one wheeled push iron singing that crap in a post match presser. Come back in April when you've earned the right Mowbray, that's what I say. I don't remember Dalglish or Souness owning a unicycle, nor them singing any Right Said Fred songs and that was after they'd won silverware, let alone scrapped a 2-1 win over bloody Donny. In fact the more I think about it this shouldn't be happening at all. If we get promoted, highly unlikely given the events of the last seven years, then I fully expect Mowbray to thrash himself within an inch of his life with a branch then check into a monastery for the remainder of the summer to have a harsh word with himself about how far we've fallen. "I'm too sexy" my arse."
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    Personally, I'm sick to death of hearing and reading about folk with different opinions knocking spots off one another and attempted point scoring about attendance or not. For whatever reason Venkys don't appear to be going anywhere in the short term, either go to games or don't but stop bleating on about it whichever way. At the end of the day the signings we've made are questionable (IMO) in terms of ability whether they're any good or not, even at this level. What is important is that they show pride in the blue and white halves and at the very least work their @#/? off for 90 minutes. After all that's occurred in the past 7 years, 1600 supporters made a 540 mile round trip today at great expense and have been sadly let down by an abject performance. They and we in general deserve so much better. I'm amazed the players didn't respond to that fantastic following. All the world loves a trier! As many have said, it's a marathon not a sprint but surely to Christ we should have come out of the blocks all guns blazing today to throw down a marker. The fact we left Southend lucky to escape a 5-1 drubbing doesn't surprise me unfortunately but saddens me immensely and says a great deal about our playing stock and particularly their levels of motivation. I so want the club to turn the corner and will support them home or away whenever I'm able. My heart says we'll do well this season based on the fact that we're Blackburn Rovers but my head sadly tempers that in so much as we'll never succeed whilst we're still a shambles off the field and history counts for nowt. A bit of a rambling post I suppose but a strong centre half, character and captain in the Martin Keown mould is desperately needed to galvanise the team on the field. Someone to shake his fist at his team mates and shout "look like you want to play for THE Rovers!" and lead by example would make a world of difference.
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    Graham to get 4, Nuttall to get 2 and then Whittingham to score a 45 yard free kick. He celebrates by taking Brown's ear piece and phoning him 11 ambulances for the beating his side has just took. We take over the pier, Chaddy drops the 2p machine and puts it towards Omar Bogle and Tony Mowbray buys us all fish and chips. We get home in 5 hours as there's no traffic on the M1 and the 50mph speed limit on the M6 is taken away for 3 hours. Wouldn't say I'm overly confident though.
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    I hope we keep on rejecting them. I like Bennett, I think he will be incredibly useful this season.
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    Being a Rovers fan from Burnley I would absolutely love it if we beat them tonight, I've been around Burnley fans all my life and even if I wasn't a Rovers fan I'd still hate them, some of the most arrogant deluded football supporters in the country. COME ON ROVERS!!!!
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    We were the first club to have it's own radio station, so that's another of Jack's legacies gone
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    Are you suggesting a swap deal ? I can see it now, like something out of a Cold War Spy Novel... Representatives of BRFCS and The Beehole End, wearing sunglasses and trenchcoats, bundling the handcuffed Saxoman & JohnClaret out of Limo's either side of a bridge somewhere in Accrington at the dead of night, and them crossing at the bridge's centrepoint, nodding silently to each other in mutual respect, before being whisked away by their respective minders..
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    Turned out to be a right clogger.
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    We are delighted to announce that Jim Wilkinson (@jimwilkz) has given us permission to publish his excellent weekly Blue Eyed Boy column. It is an essential reads for Rovers fans and we are grateful to Jim for letting us use it. You can read all of Jim's Blue Eyed Boy columns first at: https://blueyedboy.wordpress.com/ Never look back, walk tall, act fine and give us a Golden Year, Rovers Posted on August 1, 2017by blueyedboy Let’s start the season with a little quiz. No googling. Go on the Beeb website and look at the League One table, all currently listed neatly in alphabetical order. When you get over the thrill of seeing us in an automatic promotion spot, try this little exercise. Write down every club’s manager. Then try writing down roundabout where they finished last season. Next maybe have a stab at who was their best player last season and is he still there? Finally, and this is where you can really stack points up at a mark each, write down any players each club has signed in the summer window. I must admit had I not started monitoring the transfers daily from mid-June onwards, I wouldn’t have scored heavily. Neither, I imagine, would many of the people currently proclaiming that Blackburn Rovers are about to sweep all before them triumphally as they parade untroubled to the League One title. You can maybe multiply your final answers by approximately how much you knew about Rovers’ summer signings before they landed here and a lot would still struggle to top the 100-point mark the more extreme optimists are predicting. Leonard Cohen used to deliver an onstage rap about how “I’ve tried Prozac, Ritalin, I’ve plunged into studying the great philosophies and mystic religions…but cheerfulness kept breaking through,” which amused me every time I saw him (a lot) over 30-odd years and it always reminded me of the indomitable human spirit of the football fan. Although I will take some convincing about the nine month title parade, I find myself enjoying and if not falling in with the (possibly insanely) positive attitude of those expecting the 100-point stroll, preferring the outlook to the utterly miserabilist doom-mongering Jeremiahs who foresaw administration, another relegation and re-forming as a Phoenix club ground-sharing with Mill Hill St Peters as an inevitable consequence of relegation in May. That’s not to say that the prophets of Stygian gloom won’t necessarily turn out to be exactly right. I just reserve the right not to subscribe to their fear-laden rhetoric for a bit along the way as I continue to enjoy going more than I’d enjoy not going. This season represents the 50th anniversary of the autumn when I got completely hooked on football. I rolled up at Ewood in August of 1967 just about keen enough for my dad not to have to drag me there and something magical happened in the ensuing weeks. I vividly remember by Bonfire Night that year having my dad and granddad test me, as the last embers of our fire glowed in the garden in Feniscowles, on every one of the 92 league clubs they could recall… manager, kit, name of ground….I bet I did better than most of you do with the League One quiz we nosed off with. Despite the fact that our fall from the Premier League years has been long and vertiginous, I dearly want my kids to experience that feeling I felt, after what seemed at that age very long years of disappointment and mediocrity, as a 16-year-old in ’75 and again five years later, of seeing your team actually win something which every other side you played that season wanted to win so much too. There can, in all likelihood these days, never be scenes like there were at Port Vale under Lee or Gigg Lane under Kendall (or at Ewood when triumphant Bolton invaded two years before) – modern stadium H & S restrictions and ticketing prevent that ever happening again and in any case most of the local away games at which a big following is likely (how cynical and opportunistic is that “another fiver, please” 1875 Club rubbish?) take place in the first half of the season or shortly thereafter. On the plus side for the first time in a long while we have a manager who’s popular with the fans, has some pedigree, is respected by most in football and seemingly able, unlike the chip-on-both-shoulders Lambert and the inane, inept Coyle, to manipulate our absentee owners into enough support to ensure he doesn’t, like most of his predecessors, guarantee making an utter buffoon of himself. It’s as well that Rovers have almost certainly been the biggest spenders in the Third Tier this season. I rather expect there WILL be a couple of departures and a possible net profit but that doesn’t alter the fact that no-one, absolutely none of our competitors, has acquired players costing what, say, Dack and Samuel have cost, Practically everyone else is operating on frees and loans – which to me refutes the argument that Mowbray and Mark Venus could not be held responsible for leaving Coventry bottom of the pile as they had no funds to work with. Let’s hope the truism that all managers get better when they have more money to spend holds true. It’s obvious looking at the list below that plenty of managers and clubs have been highly active in the market and a few will be fancying it a bit themselves. Charlton and Bradford look to have done decent business. Others like Bury – whose ambition and purchasing power may surprise one or two – Northampton and Shrewsbury have recruited in large numbers but are very much an unknown quantity. Who knows how good guys they have signed or borrowed are? Who knows how good all ours are/will be? The signings themselves have been encouraging on two fronts. One, Mowbray has clearly identified that the midfield he inherited was crushingly dysfunctional and laboured, neither destructive in stopping the opposition having largely their own way for long periods nor creative enough to supply quality strikers like Graham and the departed Sam Gallagher with sufficient chances to win enough games. I’m not a big stats fan but Whittingham’s show that the fella actually PLAYS GAMES, as in lots of them. Never less than 32 a season in the last ten years. Compare that with the like of Guthrie and Corry Evans. I’ll be very surprised if he isn’t a positive addition. He also contributes a fair portion of goals, almost a lost Ewood art, as does Dack who had a splendid campaign for Gillingham in 2015-16, rather less so last season which was hopefully down to that undefinable yearning to be elsewhere young players who’ve been denied one big move are sometimes consumed by (See Rhodes, Gestede). I expect double figures plus from him if he lives up to his billing – and fee! Smallwood, Gladwin, Samuel, Nuttall, Caddis..possibly not names to get the pulses racing and as I seldom bother with friendlies I can’t proffer an opinion. But neither possibly were Hawkins, Beamish, Hickman, Oates, Burgin, Hoy and Mullen on the occasion of our first promotion from this level, nor Crawford, Arnold and Branagan second time. And there’s a great lesson of patience to be learned from those promotions of yesteryear. I’ve heard more than once “a good start is essential.” Gordon Lee’s team had just that, hit the top two in the first week of October and were never subsequently out of it. Howard Kendall’s baptism in management saw just two wins, none of them at home, in the first 12 games. It is unthinkable that he’d survive under today’s prevailing entitled, social-media-fury conditions. In mid-January 1980 Rovers, even after the first win of a run which transformed the season, lay 14th. So whether we are 3-0 up at Roots Hall after an hour on Saturday or 3-0 down it won’t necessarily augur with certainty the pattern of the season. We all watched a side last season go four up in 20 minutes and acclaimed them Championship title certainties. Coincidentally, Sheffield United are currently coveting The Shrimps’ Player of the Year from last season Ryan Leonard (five bonus points if you got him!) in much the same way they are testing the waters over Darragh Lenihan, like Charlie Mulgrew certain to attract interest not only this week but through to the end of August. Danny Graham is another who will come onto the radar of championship outfits struggling for goals early on if he continues his pre-season form. But Mowbray will continue his search for additions too, whether we armchair sports news watchers are fully conversant with their pedigree or not. Surely nobody feels we are the finished article, particularly if one or more of that trio depart. Even if you didn’t know there were able managers at this level such as Darren Ferguson, Lee Clark, Uwe Rosler, John Sheridan, Kenny Jackett, Keith Hill and Phil Brown (2 points apiece) operating, even if you don’t know who’s signed Michael Kightly, David Ball, Brett Pitman, Steven Taylor, Chris Maguire, James Henry or Chris Long (don’t panic they’ve all gone to different clubs not the same one), expecting a procession seems fanciful. It’ll be a slog at times, with dollops of Checkatrade nonsense thrown in, even if we make no progress in the two authentic cup competitions. As ever, I hope we extend our fixture list by progressing in those, starting on Mowbray’s old manor at Coventry next week, but I will be slightly more forgiving than I have been in the past if we don’t, although I can never understand not giving your first choice XI a free chance to blend together in the first 72 hours of the campaign. There’ll be hard days and dark, cold nights against opposition even less glamorous and attractive than we have got used to over the last half-decade. It’s the Third Division because the players and teams and possibly the managers aren’t as good as they are in the Premier League and The Championship. The gates are lower and the grounds aren’t generally as good – there’ll be midweek drudgery with the away end (and possibly vast home sections) sparsely populated although you will be spared the delights of the likes of Haig Avenue, The Shay and Layer Road of yore, or Torquay fetching about enough to fill one-and-a-half minibuses. But it’s what we do. Turn up. I have far fewer winters ahead of me than behind me and as long as I can get there and there’s one or two prepared to meet up for a pint and sit it out, I’ll carry on in the hope that fortunes turn. Maybe this year, every year, that’s football fans. I hope all Rovers fans, whether incurably romantic, cynically miserable or irascibly angry and raging at our plight, find much to enjoy between now and May. Surely no-one on Saturday will have as unfortunate a day as I had on my last visit to Roots Hall in February 1980 when, having travelled by train for our game, a couple of lunchtime pints before emerging into a cruel seaside wind without wearing a vest occasioned me a slight chill on my kidneys which I could only assuage by means of a visit to the gents….precisely as little Andy Crawford was striking our winner home in a customary Kendall-era 1-0 win. BLUE-EYED BOY View full article
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    It doesn't matter how many times you tell us Mowbray says no need to sell. It's not about need. It's about Venky's doing what they have done over and over- selling players they don't need to sell just because they see a chance of making a bit of cash. You may enjoy watching football. They clearly don't. Their interest is in cash. If they want to sell, they'll do it regardless of Mowbray's wishes, regardless of the player's wishes. And they'll do it when they feel like it. Tomorrow, on Saturday just before kick off or at 11.59 on the last day of the transfer window. When will it dawn on you that regardless of what our manager says, and I think he tells it as he believes it to be true, Venky's are liars through and through? They promise all sorts and do anything they feel like
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    A great performance from all the players involved tonight....a real squad performance the formation was 3-4-2-1 not 4-4-2 and there was no weak link in the side every player was a minimum 7/10 with no one really standing out they all had their moments i don't know what some want from certain players but you need to understand what certain players roles are in the team and the instructions they are under Tomlinson for example did to the letter what he is required to do he is there to break things up and keep the ball moving which allows Hardcastle to pick up bits and make us play Jack Doyle and Travis both carried out their roles to perfection in the wide areas stretching the play to allow space for Rankin-Costello and Mols to play and build attacks which both did the penalty for example came from Rankin-Costello picking up the ball and slipping Travis in to cross something he and Mols did well all night the 3 centre halfs Platt, C Doyle and Grayson defended well and coped well with a lively forward line they dominated the 1v1 situations and also covered for each other when required the ball from C Doyle for Nuttalls 2nd goal was inch perfect not a long ball but a long pass Nuttall looks the part big strong and can finish i have watched 3 games at u23 level this week this being the 3rd and the most impressive performance i watched United u23s beat Leicester City u23s (1-0) today and Liverpool u23s beat Swansea u23s (2-0) yesterday and neither game was as attractive or technically as good as Blackburns performance tonight now that is something to consider
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    Don't be daft. I think you've spoken a lot of sense. There's quite a few sensitive souls on here who forget It's a forum, not their front room.
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    .After studying Coventry obsessively for the last 48 hours without sleep, Tony has found a small weakness somewhere and has decided to exploit it to the full. In a brand new formation that El Mowbs is convinced will revolutionise world football, the 'WTF' system is already said to have most followers of the beautiful game perplexed. Raya . Ward Doyle Caddis Williams Chapman Bennett Graham Conway Samuel Dack
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    That's Mulgrew staying! Good news.
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    He's N-n-n-n-nineteen, nineteen...N-nineteen, nineteen Under Venky's, the typical player was a free on a short-term contract. And was exposed to hostile fire in every game. According to a fans' spokesperson Half of the Rovers' support suffered From what psychiatrists call Post-traumatic stress disorder Many fans complain of alienation, rage, or guilt S-S-S-S-Steve Kean Venky's, S-S-S-S-Steve Kean
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    I think it is important not to minimise. Request for voluntary redundancies is the proper thing to do before embarking on compulsory ones, which are surely only to be expected, given the loss of income. What sticks in the craw is the fact that this is a direct consequence of poor management and awful decision making last year( and previous years, of course). The appointment of Coyle, his pay off and the business in the previous two transfer windows delivered an entirely predictable relegation. The woeful efforts on the commercial front merely compounded the problem. Solution-sack cooks, cleaners and groundsmen. Meanwhile the likes of Suhail and Cheston remain. Now this analysis is not "over the top". Attempts to dismiss it are either ingrained denial or a deliberate attempt to reconcile people into accepting the unacceptable. Why are our supporters so supine?
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    There was no other defensive midfielder in the Premier League that could play like Tugay could Peter Schmeichel. I spoke to Sir Alex about him after the game and he was commenting on what a good player Tugay is. I told him that if Tugay was 10 years younger He’d be played for Manchester United and Sir Alex agreed. Given his ability he could play for anyone. The quality he could produce is as good as any I’ve been involved with. Mark Hughes. When I was at Blackburn I played with Tugay, the Turkish international who is without doubt the best player I ever played alongside in midfield. He was so incredibly gifted that I knew it didn’t matter where he was on the pitch, if I passed it to him he would a) receive the ball without getting disposed, and do something fantastic with it Robbie Savage SR: For me, Tugay was the most creative and exciting player I’d played with. I look at Pirlo and the way he plays now, and he reminds me of Tugay so much. He didn’t necessarily have the most stamina or pace, but on the ball he was unbelievable; he always had time in possession. He was a genius and a really important player for Blackburn Rovers. Steven Reid “People say to me, ‘don’t you wish he was 10 years younger?’ My answer is no, because if he was he would be at Barcelona.” Mark Hughes “When I was a young kid I played against Blackburn, and he taught me an absolute lesson in how to play midfield. “I was young and arrogant and I thought, 'oh he's got grey hair, I'm going to get in and around him', and he had me on a bit of string for 90 minutes. I'll always tell people about that. “Obviously I love Steven Gerrard and I think Frank Lampard is one of the best goal-scoring midfielders the country has ever seen, but I'll have to go with Tugay.” Mark Noble Who was the best player you have played with? I would probably have to say Tugay at Blackburn. He could put a ball on a sixpence, despite being a chain-smoker. He never relied on his pace though, he just strolled around. Matt Jansen
  26. 12 likes
    Watching Bennett from behind the dugout at York last week. When the players were walking off at half time and the others were getting ready to warm up he was going to every player, shaking hands with them, putting his arm around them, talking to them. Struck me then that he seems to be extremely professional and always ready to support/help his team-mates. Important.
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  28. 11 likes
    Remember him well. I can see how you can go from being a fanatical Rovers fan to being no fan at all{ i.e. totally disillusioned with what Venkys have "achieved" and what the football authorities have allowed them to do) but I can't see how you can go from being a fanatical Rovers fan to being a fanatical fan of any other team. Sorry, that's just me.
  29. 11 likes
    I'm not partially sighted but I could have done with somebody helping me understand what was going on on Saturday.
  30. 11 likes
    A team as big as you's, in this division, playing 1 up front, AT HOME, is @#/? diabolical IMO
  31. 11 likes
    Egg cup eh? Have a word with yourself man.
  32. 11 likes
    You couldn't handle the link.
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    Regarding Tugay; I recall an instance while at Brockhall, where I sat and watched him floating balls across the width of the pitch into a cooler box, time after time after time after time. The man was capable of doing things with a football that only the very best are, and not many in my time watching Rovers have been. He was a magician on the ball. Did he have an all round game, of course not. But he was something very special. And everyone knew it, and that's why people recall him so fondly, each with their own memories of his talents. There are numerous ex-players I have heard cite him as the best they ever played with. He was mecurial, he was enigmatic, he was on a different level and he was one of ours. To say he was responsible for conceding goals, is akin to looking upon the roof of the Sistine Chapel, and then complaining that the queues were too long. I'd humbly suggest that if you didn't get pleasure from watching Tugay with a football, you should explore another hobby.
  34. 11 likes
    So it finished 0-0?
  35. 11 likes
    Agreed with that. No one is saying 'oh we conceded x number of goals with him playing so he is a bad keeper'. He's being judged on his own performance. Obviously, it was a tough place to shine as a keeper, but he just makes too many errors. He's still very young for a keeper and there is every chance that 500,000 will look like a bargain 5 years from now, but I don't think it will impact us now and if 500,000 for Steele means that we don't have to sell one of our more important players, or, heaven forbid, means that we are able to bring in another player who will go into the first 11, then I'm all for it.
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    I wouldn't have Lowe back if he offered to play for free.
  37. 10 likes
    This Brfcs infighting is embarrassing, have a @#/? word with yourselves. Its the week of the burnley game, you'd think you'd be spitting bile in those backward swines directions not at your own fans. If you want to go then go, if you want stay away then stay away, its not a completion. Just for the record - Any burnley ****s reading this, you'll always be in our shadow, form is temporary, cups and history are permanent
  38. 10 likes
    The right match is Blackburn Rovers vrs Burnley, always has been, always will be, and the gate will be extremely poor, so thats just bunkum blueboy. The boycotters are doing just what they said they would, so instead of arguing and try to point score, we should all be bloody well mourning the loss of thousands of fans that simply cannot bring themselves to support this shell of a football club under those rats in Pune.
  39. 10 likes
    I'll need a lot more than that to get through this season.
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    Do we have to keep going over this I have already answered , I have now put you on my ignore list of people who keep questioning my posts, you are number 8756 , anyway I am only here to talk football having watched it for 40+ years I am a expert. This is the transfer thread please keep on topic like I have I think we should sign a midfielder, forward, wing back defender do you? do you want me to send you my list of 5000 defenders who I think we should sign , then you can back me up that I mentioned one of them if he signs p.s Get behind the lads FFS!
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    Pederson's balls should have been put in a microwave for missing that far post header at Old Trafford - otherwise Rovers probably would have been there......
  42. 10 likes
    Finally calmed down after yesterday's no show, having spent about £80 in total. My view is that we were bullied out the game. Phil Brown has very much took on board Allardyce's physical approach, from the years he spent with him. When did finally get going, we looked like a force, but it didn't last long. I think part of the problem we've got is that Mowbray's had to bring in so many new players, so time is needed for them to get used to playing amongst each other. Talk about pre-season as much as you want but we're in a league that's far more intense than that. Another issue I felt yesterday was that Danny Graham was found to be too often isolated- some of this is to do with Mowbray's tactics Samuel should have been forward all the time, instead of helping defend. On the defensive front, we were poor. The only player that caught my eye for the right reasons was Mulgrew. He was the best of bad bunch back there, but should still take some of the blame for the way Southend ran rings around us, in the final third. All on in all, Southend are a good side at this level, who I believe will be in or around the play-offs. They've got a couple of ex-Premier League players in their ranks. I still think we'll be near the play-offs too, but I can honestly see us taking a good few games to get going. Anyone who think we're going to walk this League though "because we're Blackburn Rovers," is wrong. We're Blackburn Rovers who've had 7 years of mismanagement.
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    Premiership to Championship was a massive wake up call for both fans and players alike, the two leagues are like chalk and cheese and we experienced that first hand, but you're right den, nothing much between Championship and league 1 in terms of 'toughness' its just a bit of quality thats lacking. I'm sure you read some of the stuff being written on here about us walking this league and running away with things with as much contempt as I did, I laughed out loud at one stage, where do posters come up with this nonsense having not seen most of the new players even kick a ball? We have a side full of league players that have hardly played together, we have a bit of quality in Mulgrew and in my opinion a decent but lazy striker in Danny Graham that needs to start earning his money or should be shipped out. Its now down to TM to galvanized these players into a team, I like the manager, he deserves our support, but his record seems to indicate he'll struggle, I hope thats wrong. Finally the elephant in the room, no not Danny Graham............we will never see any improvement or any significant progress until we get rid of the owners, the club is setup to fail and will continue to do so until they sod off back under the nearest rock.
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    Just back home now and still can't fathom or understand the system(s) Mowbray played today. Some of the players looked bewildered too at times. I really believe that Mowbray is over complicating the game with systems that most of these players just don't seem comfortable with. By the way Southend played a simple 4-4-2 and were significantly better than us pretty much all over the pitch. This league is much more than passing in pretty triangles in areas where you can't hurt your opponents. Players need to match the physicality, commitment and intensity of opponents first and foremost otherwise we will be at the wrong end of the table. Massive wake up call today to the management, players and fans who thought this would be a walk in the park.
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    I think this must be the first time a Country Club has been mentioned on this forum since I've been posting (the last seven years or so). Fair play.
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    Just picking up on the discussion about "natural level". Worth pointing out that in the 26 seasons we spent outside the top level 1967-1992, in 13 of them we had serious promotion challenges at the top end of Division 2. We have not had one serious promotion challenge in the Championship since the Venky's relegation which might explain why so many are looking forward to this season with relish... Plus 2005-2010 (under the Trust) we finished in the top half of the Premier League in four out of five seasons which could easily have become our natural level but for Jerome Anderson...
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    I have to say this sort of thinking is very selfish, sad and narrow minded. If everyone tried to circumvent the tax system the whole thing would fall apart, it relies on good faith to function. Without that good faith we would have no public services or society. That some scrotes exploit loop holes in the system for their own benefit is wrong, and they deserve to be thought of and treated as utter tossers, including Ferguson.
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    This is what we must fear the most..an acceptance of utter mediocrity. Winning EVERY game in this league must be the mantra,players and fans alike.
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    To be honest I would take criticism of our support from any fan of the traditional Lancashire clubs with a pinch of salt and a wry smile. None of them have anything over us.
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    For all the indignities heaped upon Rovers fans over seven years of failure, the constant simmering anger and despair of the long-suffering supporters – and we’re unquestionably down to a few thousand of the most fiercely loyal and tolerant at the stadium now – I’ve never witnessed such a startling and damning sound as I heard at around a quarter to five on Saturday. For every Venkys Out chant, for every attack on a manager (Kean and Coyle both vehemently targeted individually on occasion) and for every groan or boo of dissatisfaction individual players have come in for (Andrews, Best, Murphy, Orr etc) over the years I have never previously heard a decent home turn-out (including, importantly, many non-season ticket holders who were willing to give the new team a trial run) turn so unanimously and vociferously in venomous vocal condemnation of what they saw before them and vent their spleen on the team as a collective. At the precise moment fans chanted “You’re not fit to wear the shirt,” – not just a few, practically everybody – there were four of Tony Mowbray’s summer signings on the field as well as men like Elliott Bennett, Charlie Mulgrew and Danny Graham, who along with the withdrawn Peter Whittingham, we were told, were players the like of which humble third tier outfits would not be able to cope with being on the same pitch as. It was simply staggering – although surprisingly not remarked upon by Rovers’ closest press commentators who deign to suggest “Five talking points” after each game. If that wasn’t second or third on the agenda in any pub full of fans following the game, they must have had a hell of a stripper on. We’ve had home humiliations – Cardiff 4-1, Peterborough 3-0 up after 20 minutes, Birmingham similar, and we’ve had teams wipe the floor with us, Huddersfield the season before last under Lambert a particular low point – but usually we’ve had the consolation of a doughty fightback of some kind or the fact that the opposition were just too classy for us. I’ve heard some of the most pitiful stuff I’ve ever heard trotted out by Rovers supports this week to attempt to explain the stark reality of a pointless start against two of league football’s perennial nearly men. “Teams are trying harder against us because we are former Premier League champions.” “We’re a big scalp, the team everybody wants to beat.” Get real, pussycats. We are no longer considerd so storied or monied to be regarded as any kind of fading aristocrats or elite. After five largely wretched seasons in the Championship hoovering up rubbish such as Chris Brown, Paul Taylor, Simeon Jackson, Lee Williamson and Luke Varney, any residual sheen or lustre from our gold-standard spending 1990s or early 21st century glory years is a distant memory. It’s like me claiming to have been in awe of Ipswich in 1967 because they’d won the league five years earlier. Ancient history. Teams – and more to the point smart opposing managers like Phil Brown and Darren Ferguson – know full well that Rovers are damaged goods psychologically and that Ewood, statistically, is a ground more than half of visiting sides have walked away from with one or three points for a period of more than half a decade now. Let’s not flatter ourselves that we’re bringing an exciting touch of glamour to deprived footballing regions only for them to insult our largesse. We get a few thousand at home and take a fair –to-above-average following away. We’re hardly Newcastle or Man City rolling up. Footballers, if they are truly professional, want to win any game. The win bonus on offer is usually sufficient to ensure that. If we really are reduced to arguing that a passionate Roots Hall home contingent or a larger-than-usual Doncaster following for the first away game is a factor in raising the odds against us we ought to be thoroughly ashamed. Where we must look for reasons is inwardly, are our manager and players up to the job? So far resoundingly not with hopefully a few tough decisions to be taken and one or two looking at themselves so as to say: “What more could I have done to avoid this start?” One or two, like Caddis I suspect, will prove to have been folly, mistakes of acquisition which all managers make. The trick is identifying the error quickly and eradicating it. Remember every one of those 2-3,000 walk-ons on a lovely August afternoon was a potential bury-my-reservations season ticket holder who went home thinking: “Same old crap, different division, I’ll keep my money in my wallet and come to one or two if they pick up.” I called the pre-season 100-point talk delusional nonsense all summer but nothing had prepared anyone but the most avowed pessimist for the meek, simpering manner in which Mowbray’s side has failed to even compete adequately for the first six points of this campaign. I certainly didn’t subscribe to the arrant “walk this league” twaddle (read some of that back if you want to see why some fans might enjoy doing a number on us) but nor did I or do I believe that the personnel available to Mowbray are incapable of giving a better account of themselves. But, boy, do they need to start showing signs thereof soon. I dismissed as hysterical bullshit the notion that Mowbray should be judged on the first ten games. But I’ll revise that – three more displays like the first two and serious questions will have to be asked. Whether the likes of Dack, Gadwin, Whittingham, Samuel and Smallwood and co will eventually sparkle in this league remains to be seen. Antonnson, Nuttall, Chapman and the likely Celtic loanee Liam Henderson offer Mowbray options but they deserve to be introduced into an environment where at least the senior pros are taking responsibility. So far they pointedly aren’t. One thing which isn’t in doubt however is that if the manager’s selection and tactics aren’t quickly tinkered with after an appalling set of Mowbray errors for the openers, nobody is going to be able to show their best in a system ill-designed for the parts available. Whatever formation you imagine we are playing, three at the back with two wing backs only offers a foundation if your three at the back are solid and able to concentrate and your wide fellas are capable of contributing going forward along with their defensive chores. Mowbray reiterated on Saturday evening that there was nothing wrong with the system. He’s right, there isn’t if you have the 1974-78 Dutch World Cup side at your disposal, or perhaps peak Dani Alves and Roberto Carlos with Baresi, Costacurta and Maldini inside, Lothar Matthaus holding while Carlos Valderama and Messi slip balls through to Marco van Basten and Ruud Gullit. With the best of wishes, it’s not gonna work with Derrick Williams and Elliott Ward key men in it. And if your midfield is packed with holding type players and has little inclination and even less options to move forward or get the ball to attacking players then the system looks what it did on Saturday, ponderous and slow, calculated to offer incessant sideways and backwards movement as the opposition get behind the ball in droves with a centre forward not in the first flush of youth or indeed inclined much towards industry when so isolated, rendered virtually a passenger. Smallwood showed flashes of a quicker, crisper ability to demand the ball, think swiftly and shift it but by the second half he had reverted to anonymity among his less pro-active colleagues. The one time Rovers worked an opening, Graham, who thought he’d bought himself a gap with a neat shimmy, found a second defender showing enough commitment and awareness to block what momentarily seemed a golden chance. That’s not a team fired up to beat the champs of 22 years ago. It’s a team where everyone knows his job and knows when he needs to step in and help his mate out in a difficult moment. There are no stats recorded in Rothmans for how many times you get your head, chest, upper thigh or arse in the way of a cross or shot but the way the game panned out the importance of the kind of doggedness and defensive determination Doncaster displayed throughout was thrown into sharp relief shortly after the interval. A rather casual attempt from a strangely disinterested-looking Mulgrew wasn’t the best but it ought to have presented no real problem for Ward, heavily lambasted for pre-season aberrations, and Marquis (a striker Roves might have coveted before he extended his Keepmoat contract) would have been considered ungrateful to have missed out on such a gift as the hapless centre-back tumbled like some Sunday morning hungover mate of the manager’s who hasn’t played for 20 years drafted in on a bumpy pitch five at Pleasington. Of course there was no-one anticipating a potential mistake other than Marquis. Around that point Mowbray chucked his three subs on. The possibilities of injury aside, I thought there was an argument for doing that after half an hour, or at least half time, when the initiative was still there to be seized by any configuration which could carry a threat to Doncaster as eventually Gladwin, and to a lesser extent the thus-far underwhelming Dack, did. These were players, we were told, who had “bought into Tony’s vision.” At the moment “Tony’s vision” looks as singularly odd as but less convincing even than the leader of the Heaven’s Gate cult’s who persuaded his followers that a spaceship following the Hale Bopp comet was about to pick them up if they shed their earthly existence. I dunno about that but a move to Sheffield United or Wednesday by any available form of transport must look increasingly appealing with an unsteady hand at the helm already plain to the players. By the time Mulgrew’s crass challenge, outpaced onto a straightforward but incisive through ball from a midfield runner – how many times has that happened at the other end lately? – gave Donny a cushion, the game was up. I would have had Nyambe as my Rovers MOTM (with maybe 6/10 and nobody else above 5) personally but I’d remarked to Old Blackburnian beside me early on that I felt queasy anytime he and Raya were left in tandem and so it proved to be a route to complete bathos as the pair’s fatal hesitation offered the lively May a comic third to unleash the collective anger and derision of the crowd. All Rovers can do to win back the faith is improve a great deal, which shouldn’t really be rocket science. I’m unconvinced by the argument that we will rise to the top because we have better players than everyone else, no-one knows that, but we certainly can’t be the bottom two material we have looked in the first 180 minutes of a long campaign. It would be devastating not to pick up at least a point at Valley Parade on Saturday. It’s a long time, although in some ways it doesn’t seem it, since we went there. Their two years in the Prem coincided with our two out of it if I remember rightly. Their top flight experience was fleeting but they have had Wembley finals and promotions to enjoy and with imaginative pricing they have an excellent home following and a good start behind them. An unexpected away win has often been the catalyst for a Rovers revival in years past and with a decent following ourselves just over the dark side who will, as ever, faithfully and admirably support the team as if they’d won the last two, there must be at least something for them to drape hopes on. Then on Wednesday it’s the game you either most dreaded or most desired when the Caraboa Cup draw was made. I’m in the latter camp and can’t wait. A decent pricing structure and absence of TV coverage should generate at least the impression of a big game and despite the bubble travel arrangements our cousins will bring a large contingent hoping to see them extend their recent upper hand in the exchanges. If many Rovers have lost a little faith this fortnight, they can certainly be won back by this time next week. A result against Bradford and at the very least a dogged performance on Wednesday and the team will be just about in credit with the ever-forgiving football fan. You know just what to do to make us happy,Tony and the boys! BLUE-EYED BOY View full article