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    Abysmal. We're an absolute shambles. A squad with more deadwood than actual potential, a manager who is inept beyond comprehension, an astounding ability to play football without any effective tactics, an executive level who either haven't got a clue all this is happening or are the reason it is happening, and all the while an air around the club as if life doesn't get any better than this. It's so frustrating. You know straight off the bat three things will happen in our games at present - 1) we'll have a wealth of chances we don't convert, 2) we'll concede some piss weak opener, and 3) we'll have no response, and if anything will actually implode. Quite how Samuel missed so many chances so glaringly I don't know. Quite how we have so many strikers at our disposal, yet only two of them are ever been prolific (even one of them - DG - is on the turn now), I don't know. Quite how we go from playing absolute blinders one week, to looking as if we have never met the next, I don't know. The sad fact of the matter is that the only reason everyone else and I get so frustrated is because we care, to whatever degree. You look at their social media profiles and everything's rosy, having a laugh and messing about. You look at Mowbray churning out excuse after excuse. You look at those high up obliterating everything that made me fall in love with this club. None of them give one. Players will move away to elsewhere, the exec likewise, Mowbray will get a nice amount in his coffers for a rainy day and Venky's won't even clock how much they've spent. It is the hope that kills you. After Bristol City I thought maybe, just maybe, we might get somewhere. We've been in this position so many times and have always made a hash of it, but Brereton looked like a new man, Travis, Nyambe, Arma etc showed they were still in fine form, JRC was encouraging and we sauntered to a very comfortable win when in all honesty anything could have happened. Even coming into today, a win would still have had us in the mix. Instead we got had by the side bottom of the league, let a bloke about a foot shorter than anyone around him score a header, tried to remedy this by removing our only actual goalscorer, and, like Wigan, got done again because we have no answer in the slightest.
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    Laugh? No. Care? No. Ever since the football community turned its back on us when we were pleading for help against our horrendous owners and their stooge manager, my attitude towards other football clubs has been 'get to fuck'.
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    If we needed a new manager then yes, McCarthy and Hughton would be at the top of my list. As would Neil Warnock. I think all 3 are 'achievable' managers for us and all 3 with some reasonable support and backing would have us in or around the promotion picture. I anticipate all 3 will be in work in the Championship by this time next year and will be proving themselves as skilled operators. As i said earlier, i think our best chance of promotion out of this league isnt via Mowbray's fairytale ambitions of us emulating Bielsa's Leeds or Bilic's West Brom or unique club Brentford. It is going to be through emulating Warnock's Cardiff, Bruce's Hull, Hughton's Brighton or Dyche's Burnley. No frills, no ideals of nice possession football or outplaying the opposition and talking about how many chances we had. It will be through being defensively tight, really tough to beat, nasty, streetwise and being built upon having a settled XI who know themselves inside out, back to front and only changing things when we need to. Sadly I don't think Mowbray is the man to every deliver that, because he isn't capable of organising a defence along those lines, confuses himself with what he is trying to deliver and has these fanciful principles of football purity. It worked for him 12 years ago at West Brom because they were the best squad in the division. It won't work here, in my opinion, if we want promotion. But ultimately it depends on which way we want to go as a club. The above would be ideal if we wish to stick with a 'traditional' approach of allowing the manager to run the show including recruitment and essentially manage the club on the owners behalf as Mowbray has done. Many managers of the older school variety would relish such conditions, the freedom to run things as they wanted, dictate recruitment and not have to accommodate interfering directors. I've no problem if the club does want to go down the head coach route but I'll take some persuading that throwing experienceless Damien Johnson into the madhouse of the Championship tasked with delivering results under a 'head coach' structure will work in any sense of the word. Rather than following some grand plan of succession a la Brentford it will simply be the easy, cheap and popular in-house route that the likes of Waggott and Venkys would relish to avoid having to conduct a proper search and pay accordingly. The talk of copying Brentford is nonsense because as a club were are simply a million miles away from being able to implement such a structure. What Brentford have now has been almost a decade in the planning, a result of their owner having a well thought out plan of how to grow them whilst balancing the books and overcoming their small size, crowds and pulling power. To that end they have assembled a very well structured backroom staff and are the envy of the division. If it was as simple as jealous clubs wanting to copy them then everyone would have found out how to by now. We are just about as far away from that as any club can be. Rather than have a thought out strategy from the owners down and employ staff to deliver it, we have no idea at all from the owners, a manager who likes to tell people that we are copying Brentford but is ill equipped to deliver it. As Brentford showed with the ruthless sacking of Warburton after they got into the play-offs, if the manager doesn't fit the plan you get rid. Imagine if that had been here, You credit the scouting network under Mark Hughes as being good and having regressed since then. I would agree although i think we also brought in some good bargains under Allardyce using his contacts which did well for the club. The trouble is that i believe the excellent recruitment under Hughes and Allardyce were due to those managers, their contacts and skills in the market in conjunction with their team of coaches and scouts, rather than a result of Rovers and their structure. The only credit anyone above the managers gets is that they appointed those managers and backed them when they asked for the players. Brentford is completely different as the 'club' takes centre stage in identifying and recruiting talent, and that process continues uninterrupted whilst the head coach does his job on the pitch. Head coach moves on or gets fired - find a successor yet the plan and recruitment continues without disruption. I appreciate Mowbray's efforts at rebuilding scouting from the shell it was a few years ago. But I stop short of believing he has installed some super duper Brentford-rivalling network that is going to benefit the club with brilliant signings for years to come. My view is that he has assembled a scouting department, which is an improvement on what the owners had left us with before he arrived, but i don't think we are remotely near to most other clubs at this level and won't be any time soon. I also think when Mowbray goes there will be no plan for succession and the next bloke may well have a different view entirely and have to spend years changing things again. The 'European scouting' system Mowbray has talked about since his arrival and is now more than 2 years in the pipeline still hasn't delivered a single hidden gem signing to suggest it is working. The only 'European' signing we've made was Holtby although he was well known around the country already. There's more to it than that. It shouldn't take 2 years to deliver. I don't criticise Mowbray in that respect, nor do i want to give the impression I don't like the bloke. He has done well all things considered and if we go close but fall short this season i think it probably represents a decent season. But I've little faith in things going to the next level, more to do with the lunatics upstairs than anything else.
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    You have a fair point about supporters not equalling customers. Although I see it in a different light to you. We are better than customers. We guarantee repeat purchasing and will stick with the brand despite any potential PR nightmares, ie: Venky's. It is for that reason why we should be treat better than an avaerage customer down Asda for example. Yet, if I prepaid for my online shopping at Asda, and they didn't have the product, they'd either supply an alternative or provide a refund. Rovers are not offering that same consumer protection. What Rovers have offered is good for some people, like myself, but for someone like my Grandad it is pointless. He doesn't even have internet at his house so how, in the current climate, can I make sure that a man who has been going for over 50 years is seeing a) his football and b) value for his hard earned money? By rights my Grandad should receive a credit refund of £52 from the club. He won't though, because the option to use iFollow is available....if you have internet. The Club has let my Grandad down massively. He's never let them down, bought his ticket every year, got all his grandkids replica tops, season tickets, hats, scarves, programs. The only time in his life when he's probably looked at the club for something back and the men in charge are nowhere to be seen. Sadly it is exactly what we have come to expect from the current management of Blackburn Rovers.
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    *sigh* Yes, all lives matter. That is what the BLM movement is about. No one has said that white lives don't matter. When the police created the blue lives matter, did you or other people complain; WHAT ABOUT FIRE FIGHTERS?! WHAT ABOUT PARAMEDICS?! Why would the police say that police lives are the only lives that matter? The BLM is about black lives mattering as much as white lives, especially in the eyes of the police. Rant over, back to topic. Always nice when burnley lose.
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    We also appreciate your understanding of the financial issues the club have and are currently facing, as a result of being unable to host supporters inside Ewood Park. The above is taken from the club statement on June 11th and less than two weeks later the club is committing around £50k on two players (Hart and Smallwood) who will bring absolutely no value to the club. I find it insulting that the club are trying to send fans who want some form of reimbursement on a guilt trip and then commit to waste a large amount of money.
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    I was watching one of the PL games yesterday and so bored with the play that I downloaded one of the Big Match Revisited programmes that ITV 4 are showing. The main game was Fulham v Notts County from 1976. The pitch was crap, goalkeepers didn't have gloves, could pick back passes up, no histrionics from the players and lots of skilful, honest endeavour. The was no panel of 'experts' in the studio pontificating over every move, no co commentators or summarisers giving us the benefit of their expertise. And the entertainment was hugely better than the sanistised, over-hyped football we see now where defenders and goalkeepers have more touches of the ball than midfielders and forwards. The sideways and backwards passing bores me rigid. Some of the younger posters might see this as the ramblings of an old git but I'm sure fans who lived through that era can both relate and agree to what I mean.
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    The old badly advised excuse rears it's head again. There is a letter in circulation signed by John Williams, Tom Finn and Martin Goodman which was sent to them telling them exactly what was happening and they ignored it. They were the then incumbents and wrote the letter in the best interests of the club and Venkys. That was probably the best advice they could have had and it was ignored. A turbulent decade later we are £175m in debt, have had some real dubious people in positions of power, two relegations, 10,000 lost fans and many, many other things and we have to thank them for paying the bills? You can give them credit if you want to but don't insult me by asking me to.
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    Ok so I've had a productive day reading through the various options offered around the Championship and thinking about how Rovers compare to our rivals. As far as I can see only Preston and Reading come into the same group as us that being they are only offering one option of exchanging season tickets for access to IFollow. Nevertheless Preston have said that they are planning on rewarding fans next season for their loyalty which is more than Rovers have done (strange as Waggott himself suggested in May that he wanted to reward fans with discounts towards renewing season tickets yet there's absolutely no mention or suggestion of it in the club statement last week). Other than that every other club is offering a range of options some which completely shame us and our treatment of fans. Wigan are offering three options - a refund, I Follow access or credit for future purchases Stoke - every season ticket holder has been credited with pro rata club cash to use how they want - towards online games, future purchases, donation or cash refund. WBA - 3 options - cash refund, I Follow access, club cash for future buys or a donation Derby - 5 options - cash refund, donation, 4 home game vouchers next year, 10% off next season ticket & I Follow access or 20% off next season ticket Forest - cash refund, 10% off next year + pair of tickets for 2 cup games, I Follow access including digital programme or donation Birmingham - I Follow access, donation or 21% toward next season's ticket Sheff Wed - donation, pro rata refund or credit to club account Barnsley - donation, any 4 games next season, discount on season ticket or cash refund Huddersfield - 4 options - default is IFollow access but can change to refund, donation or club credit Leeds - donation, pro rata refund or 'bundle' including I Follow access, programmes & £50 retail voucher Hull - refund or discounts for next season Middlesbrough - refund or credit on future purchases - either way fans get free I Follow access Millwall - I Follow access but can request refund Fulham - I Follow access, pro rata refund, credit to club account or donation Brentford - I Follow access, refund, credit to club account or donation Charlton - I Follow access, refund or credit for future purchases QPR - Free access to I Follow and either a club credit or refund Swansea - can select either a refund, online streaming (with 70% off club shop & 50% off ST if promoted) or 'lucky dip' with 70% off club shop and 50% off season ticket if promoted Cardiff - cash refund, ticket office credit & I Follow access or donation Bristol City - refund, donation to academy or ticket office credit Luton - either a refund or donation to the club. If donating to the club you receive pack which includes I Follow access, programme, teamsheet and your name on next season's shirt. So in view of the above i hope nobody thinks we are just doing what everyone else is doing. We've made a decision and it is going to cost us. Dreadful treatment of supporters and that's before we compare the wording of club statements, many of which treat fans with compassion, honesty and respect. Sadly we aren't even capable of that. I think everyone can understand it is a tough situation and needs to be carefully managed. But to not offer any options or alternatives and basically say 'tough' to anyone unable or unwilling to use online streaming is terrible.
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    Can go public now, Mrs E is pregnant was my inspiration for this thread, but ofc we couldn't tell anyone til the first scan.
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    As well as playing a false 9, we also play a false 1 in the nets, a false 3 at left back, a false 7 on the right wing and any number of other false numbers wherever the square pegs are being pushed into round holes. Even Mr Mowbray could be deemed a false manager..
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    Since promotion from L1 Mowbray has been dog turd. Muddled with no plan and absolutely shocking in the transfer market. The club is desperate for him to leave. Dunno whats worse the 12m clueless strikers or selling a home grown talented GK on the cheap without a replacement in mind. We need to kick up a fuss somehow
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    Credit for what? If I bought a house on the cheap, proceeded to run it into a derelict condition, never visit it, upset all the locals through my neglect, installed a succession of undesirable tenants I continued to at least pay the mortgage each month would I then expect the local community to thank me for it? I dont think anyone expects them to come to games on a regular basis. Not many foreign owners do. But once every 9 years might be nice. I'm sure if it's a choice between keep paying the bills or get the receivers in their advisors will be telling them to stick at it for now in the hope of a promotion. I always find it funny that the people who award Venkys credit for sticking around and not leaving are the same who argue nobody else is out there who would buy BRFC. Perhaps the two are linked? As we can now see, Venkys are potentially 11 games from promotion to the Premier League and the cash bonanza that comes with it. What have they done to potentially deliver that? Stumbled upon a decent manager prepared to compromise and work with their bizarre system. I suppose it depends on the individual whether you believe they've learned lessons and have become decent owners or are just as clueless and disinterested as ever, only underlings have been able to put something in place remotely workable despite them.
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    Gutted for Brereton not getting the goal he deserved. He definitely wasn’t the only player to slip though.
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    No problem ‘99, as for me it’s the crux of where Waggott has gone wrong since arriving. I always look back to, and I’ve referred to it on here before, about a conversation I had with John Williams in the 2000s. On taking the job as Chief Exec in the late 90s, the board said to him; ‘we have 8,000 fans’ Williams pushed back and said something like ‘Eh? But we 20 plus thousand home fans coming through the gate each week?!’ Their point was, even then, when the club was in an infinitely better position than it is now, that we have to work bloody hard as a club from a small town with unfavourable demographics and a fairly poor local economy in the most competitive region in the country for clubs, with mega sized clubs 30/40 miles away, to maintain and grow our crowds. The ‘8,000’ were a given and you had to work your arse off to keep the rest, don’t take the piss out of Blackburners or they’ll vote with their wallet. Williams therefore knew that he had to be innovative, flexible on price and careful not to piss them off as our fanbase didn’t have the depth of floating fans a city club in a less competitive region would have. 4,000 ST holders don’t renew? Your crowds go down by 4,000 as we don’t have the floating fanbase to take their place and we don’t attract many walk ons week by week, ST holders are the foundation of our support. Of course, the new owners thought they knew better and those people who knew the club and fanbase inside out were jettisoned, ridiculous decisions were made that were slap in the face to fans - like keeping Kean employed in the summer of 2012, so thousands of fans followed them out of Ewood, the vas majority haven’t come back and their seats remain empty. Waggott has since parachuted in at a time, in which through no fault of his own, those long standing ‘Rovers’ people have long gone from the club. So he sees a grand old name, a 31,000 ground, Brockhall, the academy, years of top flight football, and expects that we have the floating fanbase of the club he came from, Coventry, a club from a city three times bigger than Blackburn and a large support base across Warwickshire. But what is his fault, is that he still doesn’t seem to come to grip with the make up of the fanbase. The data surely tells him that our crowds are 80% made up of ST holders, that crowds don’t particularly rise here on good runs of form like they do at clubs from larger conurbations as walk ons aren’t a major factor here, that we have a core that turns out year in year out, and it’s a core that stands up to scrutiny to the core of a lot of clubs in this league, by the way, but we just don’t have the same numbers of ‘floaters’. So just like in Williams’ day, we must do everything we can not to lose ST holders, something he never forgot, but Waggott hasn’t learned in the first place.
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    My holiday to Spain has been cancelled. I've been offered two sessions on a flight simulator software and a video of an empty beach to watch for 5 days.
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    What are the FA going to do about that ! I think the initials are a clue.
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    Been having a bit of a break on here... had some tough times over the last few months, but I feel the need for a bit of a vent after that shambles. Big difference today was the managers for me. We were having the best of it so Struber made pretty drastic personnel and tactical changes. Immediately pockets of space opened up for them all over the pitch and they promptly scored. We stuck with the same over complicated and ineffectual system and looked completely overwhelmed and shell shocked. Not for the first time, our changes were reactive and came too late. There was a hint of desperation about them. Samuel was poor And should have scored, but at least he got into positions and created opportunities unlike Gallagher and Brereton (who we just need to write off as a very costly mistake). Really concerning when a 34 year old player who has been practically released, completely frozen out and not played for us in nearly a year looks far less out of place than at least 6 or 7 others who turned out for us tonight.
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    Frustrates me so much that everyone calls out playing Gallagher and Bennett as a bad move. Then we are proved right. Time after time, after time. Feels like I’m banging my head against a brick wall.
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    Pleased for Evans after his horrific injury in January.
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    Mercer had £50 on ifollow working perfectly.
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    I’m going off on a tangent here, but Barnsley (Barnsley!) having more season ticket holders than Blackburn Rovers can offer no finer example of the marked decline of this great club under this abysmal ownership...
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    Absolute scum bags, who even agrees to fly that over?
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    100%. Some folk are pulling down statues in a bid to rewrite history, others are saluting cardboard cut-outs to do the same. There is only one way that Venkys will get any credit from me. That’s when they put us back in the PL, with a squad of players the calibre we had when they arrived, and reduce our debt to 2010 levels. Until then I have nothing but contempt for them.

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