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    I just joined the site to acknowledge all the kind words in this thread about my dad Billy My sister came across it and sent it to me this pm. Dad sadly passed away on 21st following some surgery, it wasn't expect and was a shock to my mum Heather and all the family. It has been a comfort in many ways reading the kind words of strangers who knew him as a player or latterly as a landlord. He never stopped loving the game, in fact just a few days before he passed we watched his beloved Newcastle (he was born and bred geordie) beat Man U which cheered him up no end. I don't remember much about his BRFC days as he left Rovers when I was just 2 so I grew up watching him play for Pompey. Although I am a die hard PFC fan the second score I always look for is Rovers - dads other team and the town of my birth. Mum kept clipping which I archived for his 70th. I have stuck a couple of my favorite cuttings up as pics including his debut against Chelsea and a piece about playing Keith Newton in the cup after he moved on (we were next door neighbours!) hank you again for all the kind words - he was my hero and I will always miss him Up the Rovers and Play Up Pompey
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    I have to admit I'm a bit of a part-timer. Being born and bred a southerner I probably shouldn't be allowed to be a Rover. It's a long story which I won't bore people with but I've always been a football fan. One Saturday, a few months after moving to Lancashire. my wife was working, I was bored and I decided to go to watch a game. Rovers were at home to Portsmouth. All I knew about Blackburn Rovers was Keith Newton. I went and stood on that funny bit of terracing between the BBE and Nuttall Street. PEOPLE TALKED TO ME!! Coming from the south this was something of a revelation and certainly surprising!! With my accent I must have been thought a Pompey fan. I'd never had a team to support till that day. It was around 35 years ago. I've hardly missed a home game since and done some ridiculous things to get match tickets. It's been a fantastic time. We've enjoyed so much. Yep the last 6-7 years have been horrific but even in these dark years there has been the odd day when no matter how bad I felt there would be a game which made the old, almost forgotten, passion and emotion well up, the pride return. I always say every football fan deserves a moment in the sun - truth be known most Rovers have been on the equator for the past 30-35 years. Be it Kenny Dalglish or Don Mackay, Steve Archibald or Alan Shearer. My eldest was with me at all our home title winning games and many aways. We were at Anfield. He says his one regret is he wasn't old enough to fully appreciate it. You have to laugh. I've reached the age when one discovers life really is too short. The only thing to do is enjoy the day. Venkys? **** 'em. The Blues are going up. I'm still at Ewood, they'll never beat me and I'm enjoying every kick this season. Just hope I can manage a couple of away games as every time I've tried tickets are sold out by the time I qualify. I hope your lad gets his moment in the sun and it lasts as long as mine.................................
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    Hi guys just a quick one from me.. First of all I would like to say I thought your fans were excellent in terms of noise and numbers..best seen down here for a while so fair play to you on that! As for the game I thought you deserved to win overall and were the better side for about 60-70 minutes..we were so poor in the first half even by our standards that we pretty much gave you a 2 goal head start before we even attempted to play..I thought we had the better of the second half but you visibly dropped off...good luck for the rest of the season,head and shoulders above anything in this league in my opinion! Have a good one.
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    One of your problems Chaddy is you try and change what you said instead of just admitting you were wrong. You didn't write him off? You didn't write him off !!!!!! So why did you say:- "Graham was pathetic. Lazy tonight. Time to get shut" https://www.brfcs.com/mb/index.php?/forums/topic/33069-rovers-v-fleetwood/&do=findComment&comment=1801669 "Graham needs to be sold or released in January" https://www.brfcs.com/mb/index.php?/forums/topic/33032-blackburn-rovers-fc-v-plymouth-argyle-fc/&do=findComment&comment=1797757 No ifs or buts in there. Sorry, but that is writing him off. The comments were over 2 weeks apart so hardly knee-jerk.
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    Dave Whelan is a very poorly old man these days and probably deserves a little less abuse than he is getting on here. He’s been very kind and caring to his former Rovers playing colleagues who aren’t as wealthy and on many occasions to their widows. You would like to think that even the most demented rant merchant in the business would come to a point where a bit of common decency overrode the inexplicable need to warble on about the wildest of imaginings in a fashion which makes the Gerasene Demoniac look measured and rational.
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    It has been quite a surreal day. I picked my friend up at 9.15 this morning to get the 10.35 from Piccadilly to Euston and the talk was soon about the weather and possibility of a postponement. My friend said that if our game was off we could go to Barnet v Wycombe which was quite prophetic because that's where we ended up. But although we both got a new ground in it was still a frustrating day and we (and it appears lots of others) felt angry at the way we have been treated by Gillingham and their scant disregard for around 1200 people. I can't believe that the decision made at just after 11 am couldn't have been made a few hours earlier to save us all a wasted and expensive journey. Surely the unsafe conditions they used a the reason not to play couldn't have been any worse at 8 am given that there wasn't a lot of snow between them times and the temperature didn't drop. It's unprofessional, disrespectful and unacceptable. There simply has to be a full explanation from Gillingham with statements from the Stadium Manager, Police and referee giving detailed accounts including time lines on the events of this morning. That has to be made public and Rovers should be pushing for this. A real source of my frustration is that there is little chance of us being given an honest explanation and we have been ridden over roughshod by a football club and individuals who simply haven't done their jobs. And for us, the supposed lifeblood of the game there is absolutely no recourse. It stinks.
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    Scott, just to add, in all my years watching Rovers I have never heard any Rovers fan, speak in any way other than with high regard for your Dad. There are only a select few players that fit into that catageory. It upset me to hear of his passing, because Billy was a part of an era that I - and many others - remember with real fondness. You and your family take care. We will be thinking of you.
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    I'm very surprised the occasion yesterday hasn't been given more coverage. Ewood was absolutely rocking at times yesterday, especially in the first half, and with over 16k fans on for a live TV game It felt like the old days at times for me. The elephant in Pune is still very much in the room, but yesterday was about Blackburn Rovers, its players and manager and most of all it's tremendous supporters.
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    Gillingham is the closest Football League ground for us, we live near Arnhem in the east of the Netherlands. I had booked our tickets and reserved a place for the car on the 12.50 (CET) Eurotunnel shuttle train from Calais to Folkestone a few weeks ago. I was checking the weather forecast on the Dutch, Belgian and U.K. Met office sites all last week. By Friday night the forecast in the Gillingham area was starting to look dodgy, and the Gillingham F.C. website was already calling for volunteers to turn up at their ground at 8 o’clock on Saturday morning to clear the snow from the pitch covers. My son and I discussed the situation on Friday night and then again at 6am (CET) (5 am GMT) on Saturday morning, by that time the U.K. Met Office had already issued an amber alert for heavy snow in the Gillingham area from 16.00 GMT. We reasoned that if there was going to be a postponement, they would make the announcement early to prevent unnecessary travelling for the away supporters. We set off at 7.30 am (CET) with my wife’s comments that “you must be mad!” ringing in our ears, a scene I could imagine, which was repeated in households throughout the North West that morning. We checked various Twitter accounts and the Gillingham F.C. website regularly and hit some snow around Eindhoven but it cleared up as we crossed the Belgian border. We were driving on the notorious Antwerp ring road about 9.30 (8.30 GMT) and the indications from both the Rovers and Gillingham official Twitter accounts were encouraging and positive about the game. We were happy that we had made the decision to set off and eagerly anticipating the game and meeting up with old friends in the Rovers crowd. We made Calais and the shuttle terminal at 12 o’clock local time, and had just driven onto the train at 12.30 (11.30 GMT) to be hit by a barrage of messages informing us that the game was off. “Disappointment “ doesn’t adequately describe how we felt. We drove off the train at 12.30 GMT and did some shopping at the Folkestone Sainsbury’s, for U.K. foodstuffs you can’t get in the Netherlands (tins of Mushy Peas, packets of Crumpets etc.) we then had lunch in a local pub and headed back for the tunnel. I had booked our return reservation for 18.50 GMT but we were back at the tunnel by 15.00 so it cost me an extra £35 to change the booking to get on the next train. Back in Calais about 17.00 (CET) the roads in northern France and Belgium were completely clear, we made good time and were home again just after 9pm local time. We weren’t the only ones inconvenienced yesterday, there must have been over a thousand Rovers fans who had planned ahead, set off in good faith and then given false hopes that they they would get to see a game. It’s not so much the wasted expense (although It cost me well over £100) it is the lack of consideration and forward thinking which led to the late announcement that irks me. If the away supporters’ stand was snow and ice bound at 11.30, it would also have been in that state at 8 am. I had seen the Met Office amber alert at 5am (GMT) so that was also available at 8 am. If there were staff at the ground at 8 am, I would imagine the grounds man was there earlier on a match day ? Why did they wait so long to call the game off ? I don’t know the answer, I think we are all owed an explanation. I hope all the travelling fans got home safely as I did, if a little earlier than planned. I won’t be able to make any weekday evening rearranged fixture, so I don’t know what chance I have of seeing the Rovers again this season. My only consolation is that I can have toasted crumpets with my breakfast this morning !
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    Well no word on postponement, no hint of a pitch inspection so no point in sitting around wondering, I’m off. Perhaps I’ll fall foul of a modern twist on one of Aesop's Fables by ignoring the met office who cried wolf but c’est la vie. Time to break away from the nanny state continuously feather nesting us with warning after warning. I’m convinced we’re producing a nation of risk averse people who have lost the ability to risk assess for themselves. Hence new generations seemingly don’t know when to take care or what’s actually dangerous as all decisions have been made for them. If the pitch is frozen fine but if it’s the surrounding roads are icy-take extra care, if pavements are slippy-go steady, if you fall-dozy bugger, get up, get the yellow ball out, get the 3 points, get home safely, job done. And if folk aren’t up for the “danger” stay home put the fire on and have relaxing drink. Rant over. Come on you blues!!!!!
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    So did i ...i have been to nearly every away ground in all the divisions following just one team Blackburn Rovers in my 43 years of supporting them . I am 57 now and i dont stop singing at away games just as i dont when the signing starts at home games ,in my opinion yesterday the support got the team over the line in that second half ,there was a heartbeat in the support yesterday that only those that have been there in the previous promotion charges will know ,lets just hope that the great away support we have had this season proves to be a major factor in us going up be it the automatic spot or via the play offs....
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    Compare David De Gea when he first joined United and the level he's at now. He looked like a scrawny teenager, he got bullied on set pieces and made a load of errors and was slated in his first season but you could see he had ability and potential when he would pull off the odd wonder save and look at the guy now! He's filled out, he's grown up and he's arguably the best keeper in the world. That save against Sevilla the other night, wow. Listen, I'm not for a minute comparing Raya with De Gea but you've got to give young keepers time to make mistakes and learn and mature as a man and a player. If Raya had shown nothing to suggest he could develop into a good keeper then fair enough but for me, he's definitely got ability and the potential to develop so I'm not going to write the kid off yet. I think he could be a top top keeper one day.
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    Football on TV – the good old days ? On this FA Cup quarter final weekend, I was reminded of bygone days when all the ties would of course kick off at 3pm on the same Saturday; BBC would have the rights for highlights of two of them for that day’s “Match of the Day” and then on Sunday, ITV would show highlights of the other two – a rare opportunity for Granada viewers to see the LWT-produced “Big Match” with Brian Moore. There is a strong whiff of nostalgia here of course as it harks back to my childhood, bringing with it a temptation to proclaim that everything was better then and the inexorable march of progress has served only to undermine the quality of football on TV. My Saturday nights were mapped out for years; BBC 1 – light entertainment – usually Mike Yarwood, Two Ronnies, or Cilla/Lulu – crime drama – Ironside, Cannon (“a Quinn Martin production…”) or Starsky & Hutch - the news (“if you don't want to know the score…look away now..”) then Match of the Day followed naturally enough by Parky. I’m sighing now just typing this. Match of the Day was absolutely essential viewing. It set the standard for all TV coverage of football. Jimmy Hill, as so many times in his mercurial career was ahead of the curve by introducing analysis, once memorably castigating Rovers’ Glenn Keeley for a challenge on Luton Town’s Lil Fuccillo which only just stopped short of GBH. The clip is available on YouTube and is well worth your time and energy in seeking it out. The baton passed from JH & Bob Wilson, to Des Lynam to Gary Lineker – each Dr Who like reincarnation bringing something new to the mix. My personal “fantasy MOTD” line-up was probably Des Lynam assisted by Gary Lineker and Trevor Brooking…not Mark Lawrenson…NEVER Mark Lawrenson. ITV on the other hand…there was always something of the “amateur talent show” vibe about their coverage, the imperious Brian Moore excepted. Gerald Sinstadt was a more than capable commentator but when presenting I half-expected him to set me some history homework. In an attempt to revamp the coverage when ITV first won the rights to Saturday night football, a young Elton Welsby (real name, ask your parents/grandparents kids) took centre stage. Elton was young, hip and trendy, the coming thing and he was to be the studio-based anchor for Granada’s attempt to usurp MOTD. “Match Night” was Granada’s answer to MOTD. Produced out of Quay Street by the late Paul Doherty (son of the Man City & Northern Ireland inside forward Peter) it tried to be innovative and creative but seemingly on a tight budget. It was the love child of “Kick Off”, the Friday teatime football magazine show that would not be entirely out of place on Sky Sports 3 even now. It was a series of errors on an episode of “Kick Off” that started a chain of events that ended up with me, three days before my 17th birthday, sipping vodka & lime with Ray Clemence. Rovers were having a great season. Hot on the heels of promotion from Division 3 the previous season, momentum had continued and the prospect of a second successive promotion to the glorious hinterland of Division 1 was a real prospect. But… The problem was, “Kick Off” kept getting vital facts wrong, league tables, line ups, highlights incorrectly captioned…but only to my (unbiased eyes) when it involved Rovers ! I did what any righteously indignant (read…pompous) teenager would do at the time – I wrote a letter of complaint. That’s right kids – a LETTER – paper, ink, envelope, stamp – addressed to Mr Paul Doherty at Granada TV. I expected to hear nothing, but a few days later a crisp, typed envelope addressed to yours truly landed on the mat. Inside, a reply from the very same Paul Doherty acknowledging every item on my charge sheet, apologising profusely and inviting me (& a guest) to attend Granada TV studios to watch how the programme was put together and to meet the studio guest that night. Saturday 28th February 1981 saw me and my compliant (Burnley-supporting…I know) uncle sat in Granada TV studios watching the editing team select the “highlights” from the game at Blundell Park that afternoon as part of their round up. Trust Rovers to deliver one of their standard away, Howard Kendall defensive displays but this time fail to score and register the usual 1-0 away win. I could hardly press the case for a 0-0 game to figure front & centre. The main attraction that night was Liverpool’s 2-0 home win over Southampton and so the studio guest was the England goalkeeper Ray Clemence who was accompanied by the charming Mrs Clemence. I was allowed to be in the studio whilst the pre-news trailer was broadcast by Elton and was up “in the gallery” when the actual programme went out. It was absolutely amazing. I loved EVERY second but it got even better when after the closing credits, we were invited to have our photographs taken on the set…I sat in Elton’s ACTUAL chair but, there was more. “Would you like to join us in the Green Room ? Elton & Ray will be there and we can take your photo with them ?” “Er…YES !”. …and so it was dear reader, that I was ushered in and shown a cocktail bar and offered whatever I wanted. That was the only time in my life I think I have ever asked for a vodka & lime. The chap next to me (presumably from the production team) had asked for one and well, I didn’t want to rock the boat and more pertinently, I had not a clue what to order. Elton was lovely, Ray was lovely, somewhere in the loft in my memories crate, I have a manila envelope with several photos in it, one of which is signed by Ray Clemence and of course; I have the memories, which more than 35 years later still make me glow warmly inside. Is football on TV better now than it used to be ? Well, yes AND no. A little part of me will always belong to Paul, Elton, Gerald & of course Ray. RED ROSE ROVER View full article
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    Rovers a shoe-in for promotion after Cobblers reboot survival hopes by bringing Shrewsbury to heel ?
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    I think we should announce that we are going to semi-boycott the World Cup. We should confirm that we are going to play the first three games, and then go home. It could spare lots of blushes all around.
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    Precisely why the much-maligned MGPensioner is spot on with his 'x games to save the club' schtik. If we don't go up this season, we lose the spine of our team and the loans won't come back. That in itself would make Mowbray walk. We NEED to go back up.
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    Interestingly, Wigan have not been taking the points recently at the rate they were. Their last 5 games reads DDWWL----8 points from 5 .If repeated through to the end of the season, would give them 21 more points to reach a total of 89 points. We would need another 14 points from 9 games to beat that, which is a lower rate than we are achieving even on a whole of season basis. Shrewsbury's last 5 games reads LWLDW--7 points.11 games to play for them, at that same rate they'd get 15-16 points to give them a total of 86/87. Wouldn't be enough. Given that our last 5 results are WWWDW, we are the form team of the 3 by any measure. Keep that up and we would finish with 99.4 points!! Hope that is encouraging for everybody! (and that my maths is right!)
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    Chaddy what Hurst has achieved this season is nothing short of amazing. His team has one of the smallest budgets in the league and were tipped for relegation. He has moulded them into a very effective unit and got them fighting for automatic promotion. Regardless of what happens from hereon it is right to show some respect/appreciation of what he and his team have achieved on what is a shoe string budget compared to the likes of Wigan and Rovers.
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    I don't really buy the lifestyle thing. If it was the case that people find other things to do and don't go back then football and football crowds would have died a death many years ago, as year on year more and more people would find other things to do. Generally speaking the numbers going to games in England are at a decent level, so even for those going nowhere clubs around people are brought back. Coventry City have had a far worse time of things than us, yet a few weeks ago had 28,000 on for a League 2 game thanks to cheap tickets. Bradford have been in the doldrums for years yet get people turning up in numbers because the club comes up with pioneering prices to entice them. I'm afraid if you think £25+2 surcharge to watch a 3rd division game which is live on TV is acceptable you need to think about things. We have the luxury of a large stadium and plenty of seats to fill, yet I don't think those running the club really want it. Only today we've had complaints in the Telegraph about parking near Ewood on matchdays, complaints that for 'large' crowds like 16,000 vs Wigan last week arrangements are unacceptable. Its almost as though 20 years of 25,000+ crowds every week never happened. Seems to me those running matchday arrangements are quite happy with their 10,000-12,000 a week turning up. Easy peasy, no trouble, no hassle. We can sit here all day talking about various games and initiatives to try and fill the ground and get people turning up in their droves. The club doesn't seem interested. 6 game package idea has had minimal uptake. If I wanted to bring a friend who needed to buy a ticket on the day he would have to go and queue up to get a ticket and pay £25 for the privilege. Bring back a cash turnstile and do it at £10 a head, fill up behind the goals.
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    Bad, we need to get it into their heads that we are better than them. Let them settle for 2nd place.
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    I have never had so much fun since the seventies my throught is still sore but I will go into work tomorrow with such a big smile on my face
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    Shrews fan in peace! First look at your board today after seeing a few of yours on our board! Thanks to the majority of you for your well reasoned comments about our season so far, but come on BRFC4EVA, your post above is laughable!! A side doesn’t maintain top 3 all season through luck, as I’m sure you prob really know. You mention the Scunny and Walsall games, were you at both? Yes Scunny won the first half but they didn’t miss the penalty, it was saved by a good keeper and a good signing in the summer. We bossed the second half and hit the woodwork, so a bit of bad luck there ;). As for the Walsall game, we should have been 4 up at halftime but like so many games recently, we don’t convert good chances. Walsall were awful but we also hit the post in that match. Due to an amazing pre season inc a training camp abroad, we are one of, if not the fittest sides in the league and I think you’ll find that has a part to play with late goals. So come on, a bit of respect from all sides, it’s gonna be a cracking end to the season and we are just enjoying going toe to toe with the two big teams of this league, with incomparable budgets.
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    We still need to do our own job. Nothing changed
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    Ridiculous decision we are here n there is nowt calling it off at 11:30 for fans safety when playing a team from the north - nanny state gone mad
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    No Dack in the England squad...phew...
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    The thing with idiots and unfit owners is that they are likely to repeat past mistakes having not learnt lessons from them. Especially when those running the club (Pasha) have no football background. That's ultimately the very reason we're in this league now. The last time they 'bankrolled' a promotion push which ended in failure they sold everyone of value, refused to reinvest, and appointed another clown to be manager. I really do wonder why anyone has any faith that they won't do something similar this time round should we fail to go up. Yes they've returned to 'normality' by leaving Mowbray to get on with it and backed him in the market, they did the same with Gary Bowyer for a while. Promotion is imperative, for all sorts of reasons, and I don't expect it will be as simple as dusting ourselves down and going again next season should we fail.
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    2018: David Moyes ‘wasn’t concerned’ by what he saw - two separate occasions of people invading the pitch during the game and an attempted storming of the directors box. 2012: After opposing manager gets chanted at: I thought it was disgusting. I couldn't believe the criticism they gave their manager. Steve Kean stood on the touchline and took it all. He was brave and man enough to do that. I just felt if they had supported their team instead they might have got a result and I left at half-time because I was so disgusted.
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    I haven't been all over the world. I was very fortunate to be able to make one trip. I don't expect anyone to be in awe. My good fortune does not make me in any way superior nor does it make my opinion less valid. In my opinion there is too much over reaction to last week's poor result around recently. I may be misreading things because I haven't read everything and I currently don't attend matches or read in as much detail as I did a few years ago. However it's about perceptions and opinions and from what I have read certain posters, not all but enough to be noticeable, are playing the doom and gloom card after one draw with the team who have been at or near the top of the table for most of the season. Oh and last time I looked I definitely wasn't a man.
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    Gary Bowyer should be ever greatful to Blackburn Rovers. He was given his first managerial job in the Championship, with some top quality players for that level at his disposal. He learnt his trade on our time, good luck to him, but he isn’t owed anything from the club.
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    Bowyer was given a job at a fairly well funded Championship club (at the time) with no previous experience, so I don't think we owe him anything. He was lucky to be in that position in the first place, although you could also say the same for pretty much every Venky manager that came before him. Lambert was the first manager we brought in with any real pedigree. With games running out we need to be winning as many of our home matches as possible to keep a distance between ourselves and the chasing pack. We beat them at their place so there's no reason to expect anything less here. They might be on good form but so are we - that's why we're top of the table.
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    It was a competition that the Under-23 lads had worked hard to get to a semi-final in. So I suspect they did care when the senior players strolled around with the aim of getting fit. As the next round - the final - isn't until August I'm not sure how that would impact on the fixtures over the next few weeks.
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    As discussed with a few folks on twitter I am posting a few more pics from the "wilson" scrap book - hope folks find it interesting
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    That's bloody luxury! I'd give em a bucket and an open sewer. And I'd treat the blokes no differently....and If they weren't pathetically grateful I'd take the bucket off them, and still charge them for it. Bloody Animals. Regards, M Thatcher.
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    Thanks for taking the time to post these wonderful cuttings at what must be a difficult and painful time for you Scott. Condolences to you and your family and may your dad rest in peace alongside all the other Rovers that have passed on. As others have said, hopefully the club will mark his passing.
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    Cook cut his management teeth in the backwaters of non-league and Ireland and aside from this season and a season at Chesterfield has never been above the 4th division, despite being 51 years old. Perhaps his circus act on the touchline is more common in those divisions as he was certainly a one-off from other managers at Ewood this season. Makes me laugh when he's portrayed in the media as some bright up and coming recently unearthed gem of a young manager. He's been around for ages in the doldrums of football. Gary Caldwell won this league with Wigan a couple of years ago and where is he now? Cook's always been the same, a nasty piece of work who relentlessly bullies the officials through games, some people get taken in by the façade, bit like with Guardiola who is another one who behaves like a spoilt brat the minute things don't go his way yet has the media eating out of his hands. If people are baffled by the referee seemingly doing a complete about turn in the 2nd half look no further than that idiot in the dugout and his hideous behaviour. I made the point on twitter yesterday that some managers know how to behave and some don't. Paul Hurst conducted himself as I would want a manager to behave when Shrewsbury came to Ewood. Composed, dignified, respectful. Paul Cook up and down like an embarrassing dad on a Sunday morning Under 13s game. Amazes me how anyone can admire or respect that sort of thing.
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    Won 4, drawn 1 in last 5, top of the league. Wigan and Shrews both won 2, lost 2, drawn 1 in last 5 I know which fans should be most worried and it not us at the moment!! Well done TM for giving some of us a decent season, restoring a bit of pride. Same posters will just keep moaning, football is not an exact science, it's 22 men kicking a bag of wind around, nothing is guaranteed!!!!
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    This fixture has loomed large for months. Be under no illustration the pressure on both sides is significant. A win for either will dent the other not only in terms of simple mathematics but confidence. For me you go and win it. We win and it sends a statement. Wigan win and their confidence sores and they have a points buffer. Same team again please and a positive approach. We aren't definitely up if we win but it makes it easier.
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    "There are almost 40 players in league one reportedly earning in excess of £5,000 a week, which is the equivalent of £2.6million a year. No, it's £260k a year you dunces.
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    Huge 3 points. Brilliant first half and we should have been at least 3 up. Some of the football we played in the opening 40 minutes was sensational. Conceded a bad goal and the match turned. Under the cosh during the second half and we dug deep to hold on for 3 points. At this stage of the season it is all about results no matter how you get them. It is going to be nip and tuck from now until the end of the season. I really hope that the sickness bug sweeping the squad passes quickly as we Wimbledon is going to be a tough game with the more physical style. If somehow we can get get 3 points that sets us up for the Wigan game and also puts some pressure on Shrewsbury. Away support magnificent once again.
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    Shrewsbury must be even more vulnerable - they dropped two points against Walsall.
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    You said you wanted shut of him. You said we should sell him or release him in January. How is that not writing him off ! Now you will start using the old "I'm not explaining it again" line when you haven't explained it at all. Im filing this one alongside your other classic of "I never said I wouldn't get a season ticket if we appointed Owen Coyle" Admit you were wrong to write him of Chaddy. It will be a weight off your shoulders.
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    I wouldn't like to be in the trenches with some of you lot.
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    Lenihan makes a huge difference. The defence is so much more solid; nothing and nobody got past him last night. The only mistake he made was late in second half when he mishooked a left-footed clearance (and appeared to injury his groin in the process), but that was the only blemish. He's so much better than Downing. Wimbledon worked hard but apart from a couple of shots from distant never threatened our goal at any time. I was never worried they'd get back into the match.
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    He never questioned Danny Grahams attitude or performances but you were highly critical of him saying pretty much the same things people are saying about Samuel. Mowbray very rarely criticises players publicly and that's how it should be.
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    Easter Monday, April 2nd when we play MK Dons away should be interesting. We could receive anything from 5-10k tickets if the demand is there. Could/should be one of our biggest away followings ever for a league fixture. The club should be marketing this one well in advance and may be discounting coach travel or having some sort of offer on the price of match day tickets.
  50. 6 points
    Only one 'source' has said Payne didn't play well. He'll be in all sorts of trouble if Parson comes on and says he played well too...could be looking at a record time for a U turn.