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    Congratulations on promotion Rovers. Two tough games to come for you's, but I'll be quietly willing you on, hoping you go on to nick the title away from Wigan. After what must feel like an eternity of rubbish dumped on you, it's good to see this great club finally enjoying some good times. Revel in this moment, you deserve it. Hopefully it won't be too long before we meet again (albeit hopefully at a higher level). Good luck for the future
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    The advantage of living in Holland as a Rovers-fan is that we're a bit ahead of you Englishmen in terms of time. Just watched Doncaster vs. Rovers, and we've won 0-1. Congratulations to everyone involved!
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    Mowbray was not far wrong. He said we needed to score 80 goals to get promoted. Charlie got our 80th league goal tonight. Spot on he was. 👍
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    There is some absolutely ridiculous criticism of Mowbray. I think a fair bit of common sense is in order. Dack has clearly been off the boil since he was taken off 10mins into the game the other week and had hamstring issues earlier in the season. Bennett has absolutely run his nads off and stamped them into the ground, Williams has looked very fatigued, Raya, a young keeper, has been under massive mental pressure and been clawing balls away from every part of the goal and it transpires that Conway has a broken foot - would the sulkers and stroppers prefer they all sustained long-term injuries now that the only job that matters has been done?? We dragged ourselves over the line this last few weeks - mission accompished. As a supporter I've felt nervous and mentally shattered at times - God knows how it must be to be right in the thick of it. In my opinion, to win the Pie and Pea League would be much less a priority than having a fit squad ready and raring to go for pre season. The fans have more than had their money's worth out of Mowbray's boys this season. He's picked up the scraps and thankfully, we've got a manager who has started a proper rebuild, players who give a shit, a club with a heart and a landslide majority of very satisfied supporters. Enjoy it.
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    Well I’ve been a bit bleary at work today but what a quality night. From a great atmosphere, to tension as the shrews went ahead, and then finally Euphoria. I’m not going to comment on any negative performances as it was a case of getting the job done on a playing surface which was worryingly wet from kick off. However I thought Bennett was once again immense in work rate and commitment, especially that first half clearance from within our 6 yard box that would have put any attackers out of the penalty area as well had they been challenging. When you watch the replay for the goal, its a quality header from the skipper. The whole night made the car park carnage before the game fully worthwhile ! Questions about budgets and improvements etc.. can wait for other threads throughout the summer. This week is just about enjoying the achievements. On the pitch invasion, what annoyed me was at the end (the second and third pitch invasions) people were charging on the pitch with no intention of getting to the players. They just ran 12 yard on the pitch, laughed at the stewards and then danced around giving V’s to the Rovers fans booing and calling them to go off. It wasn’t a case of celebrating with the team. It was little shitty kids who weren’t going to be told what to do by stewards, the announcer and the police because they could get away with it as there were so many of them. They ignored the pleas from Tony Mowbray. It really was a case of “We’re Blackburn Rovers , we do what we want”. Meanwhile supporters, young and old, waited in the stands and were denied a special five minute celebration with the night's heroes. It was selfishness by idiots.
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    Quick question, if he doesn’t achieve back to back promotions, does that mean he’s “not” a good manager? I don’t see how anyone could say he’s not a “good” manager after the past 12 months with us. He’s probably never going to be as successful as Kenny, unlikely to achieve promotion to the top flight like souness , or cement us in the top ten of the prem like Hughes! That doesn’t mean he isn’t a good manager. Hes already proven that in my eyes. To take what was left after season upon season of selling the best players, left by Coyle, rotting at the foot of the champ, and rebuild it from the ground up, you don’t do that if you’re just “average” It’s also worth mentioning that he is an absolute gent and speaks fantastically well about the game. Was the first manager to come in and acknowledge that the fans had been treated badly, that alone shows what kind of bloke he is; a football man. On that basis, it’s hard for me to see how people can be so critical right now. Made sense in September and early October, but I think the blokes fairly proven to be a good manager now.
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    You don't have to go just because you've bought a bloody ticket. You've been wrong about Mowbray all season, the sides ravaged by injury and players can't play, simple as that, it's got nowt to do with the manager. We'll have over 20k on next week, one bitter moaning sod missing won't make the slightest difference. Its a day to celebrate promotion, a phenomenal achievement under the circumstances of the past 7/8yrs. The manager and players deserve our support. Get a grip.
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    I'd rather we had 'league 1 Champions 17/18' etched forever into our honours list.
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    Morning all, Not posted on here since you went down when I came on to pass on my sympathy, I'm therefore delighted to see you bounce back. I mean this in the nicest possible way but I very much hope we aren't visiting Ewood next season but who knows with the play offs. If we screw them up then one of the upsides will be that away trip which is always a one of the best. Anyway, congratulations on promotion, I hope it takes you a step closer to getting your club back in responsible ownership. TV
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    A keepsake coming back with us!
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    “Geographically, being relegated together... there’s always going to be a rivalry” Never has been one, never will be.
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    When you are a middle aged exile you realise that life is too short to be sad and angry about something you have no control over on the other side of the world, hence I have detached myself from Rovers. I honestly thought we would be mid table at best and that we were destined to become ensconced in League 1 for the foreseeable future. Many congratulations to the manager and players who have proved to have more mettle than I gave them credit for. Tony Mowbray seems to be a very dignified man, lets hope that the owners treat him accordingly. I hope to see a club in recovery and a team in which we can take some pride when I come home for Christmas. Congrats to all, enjoy!
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    I knew it, it's finally here, this is my moment to shine, here we go.................... Blackburn end lower SOLD OUT - 5000 tickets sold Jack Walker 330 unsold (some of which are to be netted originally thought these had been sold but it was closed originally) - 10670 tickets sold Riverside 403 unsold (riverside capacity is 4367 as far as i know) - 3964 tickets sold Darwen End too many, but looking at whats sold (and not including the middle bit of which is netting so won't be sold) - circa 800 tickets sold Oxford - 1500 tickets sold Gives us 21,934 (give or take a couple of hundred) if they include hospitality, then we are in the 22,300 or so mark.
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    There are some folk on here that are just unbelievable Over the past few years we've had a revolving door for managers at Ewood. We've had organised street protests. Fans boycotting games 2 relegation Zero affinity between club and fans Then... Mowbray comes in, gets us promoted at the 1st time, galvanises the club and fans and we are set for a 20k plus crowd for a party on Saturday But....1 defeat, 1 effing defeat and people start calling Mowbray out Have you literally been waiting since the Plymouth game so you could complain about him ? You need a bloody reality check pal
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    I'm totally bemused as to why with two games to go and a point between us everyone isn't excited and nervous about finishing top . I want that title, I want to take that title from cook and his Wigan team, I want the trophy in OUR cabinet. I understand to some the level we are at means it is less of an achievement but like Tony said we have cut our cloth and this is a league one team that has fought hard all season and it's a title we should be proud of. The mentality of Blackburn rovers should be of winners not settling for second best or it will do. Time to breed a ruthless winning mentality. I want that title.
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    Agreed, nobody is critical of the fans for going on at FT, I personally had my good shoes on and didn't fancy the cold shower via sprinkler, otherwise i might well have joined. However, after finally clearing the pitch of spectators (to a round of applause i might add), common sense has to take over whereby: Fans on Pitch = Players not on pitch. You all had your moment at FT and beyond, but by going on a second time, those fans denied 3,000 other fans in attendance and 30+ players and staff the opportunity to have theirs... not to mention all the photos and interviews that never happened. First pitch invasion: Good, fun, behaved, amusing, justified, rewarded. Second pitch invasion: Selfish.
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    I always trying to learn English, please help You seems to speak foreigner more than I in posting above.
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    I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever been more embarrassed reading a match thread. Question marks over ten selection, fair enough, but we are still promoted by the way and there’s still a chance of winning the league. I’m off to spend some time outside and possibly the pub. Mine’s a pint of cyanide....
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    I would like to see us win the title as much as anyone but I'm not going to turn on Mowbray like a spoilt brat if we dont
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    Don’t worry about us lot. Great atmosphere, good stadium, good hosting club; happy, smiling fans with no weight on our shoulders singing all the way out of the stadium. Its been great. Team played well, Charlton fans in the pub have no idea how they won the game. Cheer up lads 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 -edit- Also big credit to the Charlton fans giving our players and us a standing ovation as they left the pitch. Definition of class. Hope they won the play offs. Lovely day all round.
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    Game of Thrones season 8 (spoiler) The uncouth hordes from the North West march on the ivory towers in the East led by Dack the Shag
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    Honestly couldn’t care about Cook, he’s a nob. Yes it would be nice to finish top but promotion was the aim. Mowbray has his faults but the man oozes class and has never got ahead of himself, quite the opposite and you know he’d come out and congratulate others not antagonise. Mowbrays a true football man, a football fan, this guys just a classless plant pot trying the mindgames and tricks he’s seen better managers succeed with.
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    Think it's cute how much winning the league means to the pie eaters. Bless them, small club with a small club mentality from their fans down to now seemingly their manager too. Mowbray handles himself with so much class, Cook should take note. The guy is an ex dingle AND a scouser though. The ultimate gob shite combination
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