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    Fair play chaps. No complaints whatsoever from me. Better team won deservedly. Thought Reed played well for you lot. Not enough of ours at it. Beradi beaten at 2 set pieces I think not seen the goals yet. Phillips and PJ played for us. Ah well we move on. Thought the atmosphere was dire in our end. These 12 ko times are shite. Errrm ?? Thought the referee was shite. Got searched going in and the bloke who frisked me touched my cock through my jeans. He was lucky I'd only had 4 pints. Lot of rather attractive policewomen in our end. Tried blagging one but she wasn't having it. Any other time we would be in bed now. Na fair play lads. My cousin has just sent me a lovely piss taking message. ST holder in the BBE. As I said yesterday I hope you do well this season and hopefully we can both go up. Lot of time for Blackburn and always a soft spot for Rovers. Go easy.
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    If I'd have been a Leeds fan watching today's game I'd have honestly felt that Rovers had done a job on us. Much the way I felt Sheffield utd did to us. We may not have been free flowing, but we were extremely professional and looked like wily opponents who had the measure of them and the league. Got to take my hat off to Mowbray. He's done an outstanding job for us. Really can't underestimate it. Rodwell is looking a shrewd piece of business by the way. We've got a keeper who pulls off miraculous saves. Bell looks a better footballer than Williams and our central midfield looks very combative. My only concern is his ability to spot a centre forward. I love Danny Graham. In my eyes he's the championship version of Glenn Murray. But Samuel and Brereton (thus far) suggest to me this is is Mowbray's major weakness. But on the whole, to take the reigns when he did, with the widespread doom and gloom, he has been nothing short of remarkable and is rapidly becoming one of those managers I will always remember fondly. All the charm and honesty of Bowyer but with the acumen to back it up with results. Football is starting to feel enjoyable again!!
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    Must do everything we can to sign Harrison Reed. What a player
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    Anyone else remember a long ball being played up to DG today that was going out of play... Until Harrison Reed tore past him and won us a corner!!?? Wow. Graham couldn't believe it! Just absolutely unreal that lad.
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    Today our junior team Astley and Buckshaw under 10s (from Chorley) were treated to a unbelievable day by rovers community. 10 till 11 am the lads were coached by the team on the indoor pitches and played games against a couple of other teams from Blackburn area them before kick off they flag waved on the touch line ( even getting an appearance on sky🏁😀) .The best was yet to come as half time approached we told the lads there going on the pitch to take penalties,they simply couldn't believe it!! The match and atmosphere was great and hopefully this will lead to these going live football and not thinking football is a Xbox game..many thanks rovers On side note the day got even better as we went to watch Chorley FC after the match,the came from 2 down and beat league above barrow 3-2 infront of 2000 fans..What a bloody day
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    Thanks mate. I agree about Rovers. Really impressed with your performance today. At it all the time and didn't give us a minute. You have a top manager who knows the score. He sent you out with a plan and it worked a treat. Leeds had no complaints in the first half. You bossed us. 2nd half was better from us but never really at it enough. Hernandez made a difference. I just hope the locals can see that you have a team again worthy of support.
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    If the red button is here to stay then the clubs’ response is simple. DO make attending games an affordable, enjoyable experience. It will win hands down. Get people hooked and into the habit. DO NOT lick your wounds and put up ticket prices for the dwindling faithful. You will kill the experience and lose more fans. And the experience is the only selling point over TV.
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    Never say DIE! This lot....what to say....this would've been like 3-0 or 4-0 under Kean/Bowyer/Coyle/Berg....take your pick from the dross of Venky's managers. 1-1 against West Brom away without strikers, our best defender gone after 15 min and close to 15 min (I think?!) with Richie effin Smallwood in goal?!?! That is absolutely amazing and I'd dare anyone to say they would have done a better job with this squad of players. Not since Hughes (of old) have I seen such a manager at Blackburn Rovers. Keep us in the division with a squad full of League One-players and you should be made a knight by the Holy Board of BRFCS know-it-alls, Tony. A knight....really....😉 Oh....and COYB!!!
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    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2018/10/20/blackburn-show-promotion-potential-leeds-continue-falter/ "A Premier League promotion candidate was on display at Ewood Park on Saturday. So were Leeds United"
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    My first Ewood game of the season and what a great place it is when the fans and the team are on the same wavelength. We matched Leeds effort and we showed a lot of class moves especially in the first half. Mowbray has done a brilliant job tactically, recruitment and a professional team spirit among the players and staff. This season could be one to remember.
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    Effort isn’t optional, but the fitness to deliver our levels of effort over 90 minutes isn’t the norm. Reed has it and has gone into the team, Palmer hasn’t and is getting splinters in his arse - I’m not sure this Chelsea fancy-dan will ever get to the fitness levels required, spent his life strolling around. Personally I’m glad that new signings, no matter how expensive, don’t get handed a shirt based on what they cost or where they came from.
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    I really am sick and fed up of the amount of negative comments/snipes aimed at this young lad. How many of you moaners were at Ewood today? If you were, you should have seen a young lad working his socks off in a position he clearly isn't suited to. However, he did what was asked of him and there were plenty of us on the Riverside who appreciated his efforts. It would appear that just because he is carrying the weight of a £7 million tag, he should be setting the world on fire from day one. He is just a kid still learning his trade and if Tony feels that is where he should have played today we have to accept it. In case some of you "experts" have forgotten, we won today thanks to a tremendous effort by ALL the players. In Tony we trust.
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    Fair point Chaddy , think JB summed it up well on twitter Link Imagine the negotiations between Venkys and Levy. Insane. Levy: We will give you 10m. 2m upfront, 8m when we win the league Balaji: I want 200m. Levy: 200m? Are you insane? Balaji: Yes.
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    #VenkysOut Always and forever. It should never ever be forgiven or forgotten what they’ve done to our club.
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    It's far too early to dismiss Brereton as an expense flop although I admit, having watched every appearance he has made thus far, it's clear the lad hasn't exactly hit the ground running. Rather like Kevin Davies, the size of the fee seems to be an albatross around his neck. He seems totally lacking in confidence and, more worryingly, lacking in basic fitness compared to those around him. Granted that he has not played much football - either with Forest or ourselves - this season and the physical demands of the way we play seem totally alien to him at the moment. Clearly he has ability - as his appearances for Forest and England youth would suggest - but the issue seems to be how to apply that ability within the system and style that we use. At the moment he doesn't seem to have the physical attributes to allow him to play the Graham role nor does he have the pace to play him in the middle chasing long balls over the top - hence he appears in wide positions trying to cut in and support the player in the middle. Davies eventually proved to be an exceptionally good player - although sadly long after his Ewood exit. Brereton needs time to develop his own identity at Ewood and it may well be that it will take some time before we see the best of him. The lad didn't set the fee but, unfortunately, he is having to live with it and is continually in the spotlight. Perhaps one or two games with the Under-23's might help with confidence in the short term.
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    It's hard to understand Mowbray's obsession with playing strikers out wide. We had it last season with Antonsson, Armstrong and Samuel, now we're seeing it with the latter two and Brereton. If you want to play with wide players, buy wide players, not strikers or no 10's to shoe horn uncomfortably into that position.
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    Apparently Venky’s read everything from a distance... NEVER come back. Unless it’s at that point when you are completing the paperwork to sell up. Waggott seems to be doing alright, Mowbray is doing great. Your presence is certainly not needed or wanted. Some people might be trying to give you a free pass, claiming you have been duped - this let’s you off far too lightly, and besides, rank incompetence shouldn’t be any excuse for the damage you have caused. PS. Apologise.
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    "Brereton means Brereton"
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    What a disappointing night, we were comfortable and threw it away (not the first time weve thrown away a match this season) and Mowbray has to be the main man responsible, predominantly for 2 reasons: - He simply had to prioritise signing a centre back in the summer. Not interested in excuses, or theories about not being able to get Bauer. Look elsewhere if need be. Jack Rodwell is a good technical footballer but hes never a centre back in a million years, that needs to stop. We need to pray that Lenihan has just picked up a knock. You can not get through half or even a full season with 2 competent centre backs. Beyond that, weve one more centre back who is nowhere near good enough (why did Mowbray make Downings deal permanent?) and then you are playing square pegs in round holes beyond that. Do that and expect to concede goals. - He needs to file the Brereton wide, Dack up front experiment under failed experiments along with playing 3 at the back. It quite simply doesnt work, and hes hanging his 6m striker out to dry by playing him there. Again I dont think he was too bad but hes never a wide man, nor is Dack a striker. I dont think the fact that when Graham was taken off things started to fall apart was a coincedence. Otherwise, I'd suggest that Elliott Bennetts performance was possibly the worst individual performance I've seen from a Rovers player this season. Does he realise that to make a tackle, he doesnt have to slide? He was caught miles out of position so many times, and was targeted as a liability. He isnt a right back and while Nyambe is out, I would play Reed at right back who impressed there for Norwich last season. Again, its square pegs in round holes though. Rodwell, Bennett, Dack, Armstrong, Brereton, 5 players out of position, half a team. No wonder we became so disjointed. Mulgrew was our best player by a country mile. Evans and Smallwood were good in the first half but soon became out done in the middle. Raya was very slow coming out off his line to give Celina an easy third. His kicking was also diabolical. Not sure what to make of Rothwell. I do like his energy and drive but I'm not convinced he does anything constructive with the ball. Also dont get what Palmer has done to fall so far down the pecking order. Hes already got 3 goals, his individual quality was key in winning at Bolton, yet he doesnt seem to get a sniff. A waste of a very talented player.
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    With a centre mid at right back , a centre mid at cb two strikers on the wing, a winger at centre mid, a league one clogger as your main centre mid and a bench full of fit lads watching the same 11 try and keep up levels of intensity after playing Saturday and a long trip to Wales I just can't think why we lost
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    That squad under TM would absolutely waste the rest of the league. Don't get me wrong, I think he's too overly cautious at times but he's not daft enough not to realise that with cairney, Rhodes, gestede, Duffy, Hanley, king and Conway in his prime at his disposal he'd walk this division. That was an embarrassment of riches criminally underused imo.
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    Worst performance of the season I personally didn't like our team selection or the way we lined-up There was no need to play one player out of their natural position let alone four A recipe for a disaster & so it was proven ! Rovers were the better team & deserved their victory Armstrong ran us ragged, looks a decent winger Good luck for the rest of the season lads
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    So are Ipswich fans, which is funny as pretty much everybody outside of the anti-McCarthy crew saw the writing on the wall as soon as the supporters forced him out. They're still refusing to accept responsibility for it, too, which amuses me. They keep saying "it was his time to go" - but Mick didn't want to go, the owner didn't want him to go and the players definitely didn't want him to go. The only reason it was time for him to go was because a section of the fans made it impossible for him to do his job properly. I'd argue that regardless of what anybody thinks of Mick and his style of play, that is a poor state of affairs, and the fans who showed him the door should accept their culpability for the current situation they find themselves in.
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    More important that we hold onto Mowbray than Dack. What an epic job he has done here. Sometimes it just clicks with a club and manager
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    He said we lost 10,000 fans between 1995 and 1999, not that we failed to build on our success post 95. Damn right we messed up the second half of the 90s, but not the point he was making. His point was the ground is so full of empty seats because we started losing fans from 95 onwards - categorically not true, in fact we had a higher average attendance than 1995 on numerous occasions until 2003 (including the relegation season itself) and again in 2009/2010. Never met the bloke, he sounds like a committed fan himself, merely pointing out that he either exaggerates or simply spoutes untruths as the basis of his argument most weeks. Use Blue Eyed Boy as a comparison, folk might not always agree with his opinions, but he is a stickler for facts. If you aren’t going to research them, don’t just make them up to help support your piece. ‘Always had crap support have Rovers’, is the kind of shite I’ve often heard and inaccurate articles in the area’s paper just perpetuate such myths.

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