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    Never done one of these before but figured, given it was my first visit to Ewood (something i've dreamed of for the past 23 odd years growing up on the other side of the world), I'd give some thoughts. First, big thanks to those who gave the seat recommendations a while back! We ended up sitting towards the back of NO4, and the view was fantastic. Anyways, some thoughts in no particular order; Lineup - well I was really really looking forward to seeing Dack in home colours for the first time (i'd previously had the pleasure of attending the away fixtures at Millwall and Brentford - which i'd prefer not to talk about) and was really disappointed when the lineup was released. Not sure if i was more disappointed in Dack's omission or the rest of the lineup with the addition of the usual suspects of Evans, Smallwood and Bennett (in a 10 role this time - i'm starting to feel Mowbray uses a Magic 8 Ball to confirm his selection proclivities). No creativity from this lot and at that point confirmed (in my mind at least) it would be much of the same stuff we've seen for the past 15 off games. Regarding the Dack fiasco, i'm not looking for sympathy, just trying to provide an alternative perspective - to get to the game my missus and I spent £120 on trains, £70 on accommodation for the night (granted, we didn't have to stay the night) and £55 on tickets. That's almost £90 each (£125 including accomm). To not see our star player (for any reason besides injury, or an egregious personal issue) was extremely disappointing. My girlfriend recalls how much my mood changed from the pre-game excitement, to when the lineup was announced. So that was a real dissapointment, especially considering he may not be here next season, so that opportunity has sailed into the sunset. Anyway, sob story over. Mulgrew - how is this guy our Captain? After the first goal it was hands on hips and zero talk. My missus doesn't watch any football but when I pointed out Mulgrew was our captain she was shocked. She remarked something like 'Why isn't he trying to pick up the team? Or encouraging them? Or ripping into them? Or saying ... anything? Why isn't anyone saying anything!?'. We were directly in front of the foul that led to the penalty and Mulgrew just looked like he didn't care. If you watch the replay, the hoof ball caught him (actually, the entire defence) off-guard and he seems to plod back to catch Afobe for about 20 metres, before finally putting the burners on to meet him in the box. Once the foul was given he just sits there, spits a couple of times, and plods to the penalty box like a sulken teenager. No reaction after Raya pulls off that fantastic save either. Not sure how this guy makes the team (on account of his 'wand foot', sure), let alone has the armband. It's either an indictment of Mowbray or an indication of how bereft we are of leaders in the team. Most likely both. Ref - he was woeful. Not sure how you can give a penalty for the Mulgrew foul but no card? A heap of hands in the back fouls that weren't called, Brereton was pretty much body checked and there was no call, and Graham was copping elbows and full-nelsons all game and didn't receive a thing. Not the least of our worries but added to the frustration. Brereton - wow, his positioning was bonkers. When he wasn't man-marked and within 5 metres of the ball-holder he might well have not been on the pitch at all. Does he have a 'highlight reel' or something that gives me faith he's a professional footballer and not one of the guys I play 5 a side with? Reed - I feel for this guy, I really do. I understand why he isn't playing as I doubt he'll be here next season, but to be sidelined for the likes of Smallwood or Evans continually is embarrassing. The small vocal crowd in the corner of the BBE were chanting his name (to which he clapped) but you can see the guy burning up inside. If Mowbray is using that logic to bench Reed, then it gives me chills that Smallwood and Evans will play roles in the team next season. Rothwell - glad he got a start, and although he's not the final product, he's very exciting to watch. It would have been fantastic to see him, Dack and Graham as the threats up-front. He pushes forward with purpose and speed, but it's such a shame the rest of the team doesn't share the same attacking nous. No one running off him, or moving in general. I don't care if he lost possession a few times (generally due to holding the ball for too long), i'd prefer he attacks and lose possession a handful of times than stay stagnant like the rest of the team and pass it mindlessly around. Raya - MotM for me - two world class saves. General Performance - thought we dished up much of the same, stagnant, boring and toothless 'football' we have for the last 15 games. The crossing was nothing short of abysmal. If it managed to actually clear the first defender, then it sailed either out of bounds, or 5 metres beyond the intended receiver. The missus actually asked how does this level of football compare to the A-League (Australia's domestic football comp) and it pained me to say that I thought the top few A-League teams could probably get a result against this lot. There were mostly boos when we pushed forward (or tried to) but I don't think it was enough. Felt for Nyambe being burnt on the right a fair few times, but think this was mostly due to being so far up the pitch and not having any defensive help from Armstrong or Smallwood. Nothing more I can say about Bennett that hasn't already been said here - he was rubbish. I'm somewhat sick of 'putting effort in' absolving you of not having the footballing ability to compete at this level. If i 'put the effort in' at work, but it's of sub-standard quality, then i'd be having performance management meetings with my boss, not being promoted to playing an even more integral position in my team. Mowbray - I like the guy, but I think he's well and truly run his course. 4 points from 33 games is woeful, and if we hadn't secured so many points in the first half of the season, there's no doubt we'd be scrapping it out with Bolton and Rotherham in the relegation zone. Do I think he's going to turn it around in the Summer? No. Do I want him to turn it around in the Summer? Yes?? ..... Maybe?? The more I think about it the more i'm of the opinion the club should sack Mowbray now, appoint Damien Johnson until the end of the season and ruthlessly pursue some of the better available managers. Anyway, those are just (some of) my thoughts! I don't want to let the above imply I didn't enjoy myself. I've followed Blackburn for as long as I can remember, and growing up in Australia I could easily have switched teams to follow any of the successful Big 6 teams in the Premier League. But I haven't. Seeing the Rovers play live at Ewood for the first time in my 26 years was an experience i'll cherish forever. Sure, I wish it was under better circumstances, and with a different result, but football is football. That Sunday hike up to and around Darwen Tower was really nice though!
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    Putting in a strong word for Rothwell. 1) Mowbray 100% wrong and without attenuating circumstances not to play Joe in the hole behind Graham yesterday 2) Slotting Armstrong in as a second striker might have excused him but putting Bennett into Dack' s slot was inexcusable. Even ifollow commentators assumed Rothwell was in the Dack position and had to correct themselves incredulously- yes Mowbray's decision was that bad. 3) Rothwell is being criticised for not getting forward but why go forwards when Bennett will reliably lose possession and neither Smallwood nor Evans are looking up while a ball played from the back will be spotted going over head at the height of a 747. 4) Rothwell's boss is like a perpetually stuck record wittering about Rothwell's defensive duties being ignored. FFS why go forward when you know the ball won't come and the boss will slag you off for it? Joe is in a no win bind and we are all losers for it.
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    Today was the straw that broke the camels back for me. Has to go. If it wasn’t for Raya we’d have lost 3-0, which would have reflected the game more accurately. The lad has the makings of a good keeper, if he is allowed to keep goal in his 6 years box. He doesn’t have the physical attributes to be a “commanding keeper” yet he’s expected to do so to cover for our centre backs failings. He also doesn’t have a coach at the required level to work with. Nyambe, like Raya, has been used as a scapegoat by Mowbray. I think he’s doing extremely well since he must be the most isolated full back I have ever seen. He’s expected to operate up and down that right hand side, never gets any defensive help from Armstrong or Evans/Smallwood. I’d be putting in a transfer request if I was him... and being subbed off for Brereton and Bennett dropping in there is an insult to the lad. Travis seems to have got worse the more he has settled in to the team. He’s still infinitely better than Evans or Smallwood, but he seems to be stifled. Mowbray seems to want 2 midfielders who never stray beyond the centre circle in either direction. Those two jokers he started with today offered absolutely nothing. Rothwell looked to make things happen, but I expect he will only have that drummed out of him given a run of games. Bennett, Smallwood, Mulgrew, Bell, Williams, Evans and Armstrong are all crap. So is Brereton, so let not pretend his signing is anything than an absolute disaster for a minute longer. If Mowbray wants to take responsibility for wasting 7 million on him, that’s a sackable offence on its own. Rodwell won England caps as a midfielder. Reed has been a standout this season. Yet they can’t dislodge the least dynamic duo, who offer fuck all at either end of the pitch I have ever witnessed? Dack needs a heavy fine and if we had anyone resembling a proper captain, a bollocking/good hiding. He will probably get a paid holiday and a cuddle. Shite.
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    If only they had tuned up on day one and told John Williams and Tom Finn that they were going to invest £250 million pounds over the next 7 years (in addition to all the TV income) and charged them with planning that expenditure. I am confident that they wouldn't find themselves in the situation that they are us are currently in. What a waste.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again. I am convinced that our best and probably only route to any success at this level or above whilst we have these clueless absentee owners is to adopt a head coach and director of football style structure. It seems a lot of people are uncomfortable with such a structure and prefer the old school approach of the entire club being in the hands of the manager but I don't think that approach can work here unless Venkys concede power which after 8 years seems unlikely. The sporting director or director of football would be headhunted and tasked by the owners to oversee the entire football operation, working alongside the CEO and Finance Director. That man would be given an overall target e.g. to get to the Premier League and would be given a budget each year and control over the operation, with the ability to hire and fire as he deems necessary in pursuit of that end goal. This person would need to be someone who has worked in such a position preferably in similar circumstances at a high level English or European club before and knows what the job is about. Someone with clear credentials who knows the job and has the contacts to recruit accordingly. In terms of transfers the owners would effectively have no involvement in this other than to sanction budgets and expenditure and perhaps increase funding upon request should it be required. It would put a stop to this nonsense of the manager jumping onto a plane 2-3 times a year to go and meet the owners, the nonsense of him having to go and prove himself and build up trust and 'teach' them as it seems Mowbray has spent time doing. The head coach is based in the UK and spends his time coaching the squad and working with the Director of Football to recruit new players. He doesn't need to meet the owners or speak to them. The D of F can do that with Waggott and has the time during the season to go off to India to sort out budgets and update them. The other benefit of this structure is that if results nosedive as they have here recently there need not be the massive gaping hole created should the manager be sacked. The trust, remit, plan would remain in the hands of the director, the head coach would be changed in pursuit of this should results not be good enough. In many ways similar to what Norwich have done - they had the old school approach and it was in some ways successful for them under Lambert and Neil in getting up, but once Neil was sacked they took a step back, decided they wanted to go down this route and headhunted Webber from Huddersfield who was given a job and went out and employed Farke as head coach. Difference being that Norwich have local owners who take an interest but day to day the operation could be the same here. We appeared to be leaning towards such a structure when Paul Senior was appointed as D of F, although the timing - mid season - and whilst a manager was already in place hardly suggested a grand plan in place and his credentials and experience were dubious at best given he had never operated in that role before despite his ludicrous claims. However this was swiftly abandoned in favour of enhancing Mowbray's powers, the result being that recruitment has been entirely at Mowbray's behest and lets be honest it seems the majority of it he has got wrong. Who has been alongside Mowbray keeping signings in check? A D of F almost certainly wouldn't have allowed the fiasco with Brereton to happen, for example. The situation we're in now is exactly the one i was worried about months ago which I remember raising on here - the structure with Mowbray meeting the owners and having all power in his hands is fine - as long as results continue to be positive - but when things start to go wrong as they are - we are left in a precarious position. We're now terrified of making a managerial change as there's fear of who on earth Venkys will go for next and fear that the whole thing will then need rebuilding after Mowbray has gone. He was always going to go at some point sooner or later - whether that be tomorrow or in 4 years time - so the club should have a contingency plan in place at all times and be able to cope with such a departure - yet I doubt it does. All this nonsense with building up trust with the owners - presumably the new man whenever and whoever that might be - will have to go through the same process again of going off to India, meeting them, getting to know them etc. It is outrageous and unworkable. These days the manager/head coach cannot be the centre of the club. Especially not with foreign ownership and a lack of expertise at director/ownership level. So rather than just picking names of new managers out of a hat, when the time comes to bring a new man in I believe that we need to be putting in place this structure. This starts with someone going and finding a director of football who is going to take on this responsibility and letting that man deal with the owners and put his structure in place. Flowing from that would be a head coach and his staff - ideally along the lines of Wagner, Carvalhal or Jokanovic - or how about Stendel from Barnsley if they don't go up - or trust the D of F to be able to go and unearth someone from abroad who could do it. I won't hold my breath. It will be the same old boring rubbish when Mowbray does go. It will be Pasha and Waggott going and finding someone cheap and available who is prepared to go and kneel at Madame's feet and be a nice man and the circle will start all over again. The structure is inherently flawed and doomed to fail IMO and a quick look around rival clubs shows how far out of our depth we our with our cheap and cheerful setup.
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    I know one thing. I'm sick of seeing artists like kalinic, rothwell, judge, king, cairney, rochina get under used and shipped out for minimal fees to excell and excite fans elsewhere why we have weak as piss " soldiers" like Lowe, Evans, akpan, Smallwood contributing the square root of fuck all to our attacking play, our defense and most of all our entertainment
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    Interestingly I think this says a lot about Mowbray general philosophy. When Travis got his chance in the first team the thing that was pleasing to see was the way his first thought was a foward pass or to run with the ball. The result was we played much higher up the pitch. His dip in form coincides with a more play it square approach. Chapman was never trusted because he didn’t understand his defensive duties. Rothwell is just childlike for wanting to run with the ball causing us defensive problems. In the case of rothwell and chapman why sign them if you want defensive players who don’t run with the ball.Why sign one thing but expect another. Did he not watch them they are attack minded players. I suspect Rothwell has no intention of changing his style unlike Travis and that’s what annoys Mowbray. In the long term Mowbray for whatever reason has collected together a good array of attacking talent and is frightened to use them. Which will be his downfall. That coupled with a total inability to buy the appropriate defensive players to give the attackers a platform on which to display their talents. Its a disjointed philosophy defenders who are midfielders and can’t defend. Foward players who are attack minded and can’t defend no matter how much he berates them. All of it built around the Evans smallwood square ball half way line mentality. Next season he will have to change or we are relegated
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    Much, much better. It's simple Mowbray: You play your best players (Reed, Travis, Rothwell etc) and not your 'favourites' (Evans, Smallwood) You put your players in their best position - Reed is a central midfielder and not a feckin wide man Delighted for Rothwell. When I first saw him, it was obvious he had something, there was a spark, an energy, a creativeness. Conversely, I see nothing in Brereton. The contrast is so stark. Posted about Rothwell's potential and my opinion of Brereton (think he's a very expensive dud) so many times.
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    Spot on. I've had reservations about Mowbray since the day he arrived and posted as such. Brought in with the objective of keeping us up (his words at Blues a few weeks ago) - failed Think we got lucky so many times last season in a p$ss poor league despite being the best resourced club From what I've seen, I think we are physically / mentally unfit (other teams seem two yards quicker all over the park and are at it for 90+ minutes), disorganised (how many times do we change formation in the first 15 / 20 minutes of a game), tactically inept (hoofball doesn't count in my book), poor in game management (so many late goals), play cr@p football with no identity or sign of a pattern of play evolving and consistently fail to get the best out of what we've got (square pegs / round holes). Think we have a mystifying and poor player trading record with £10million+ spunked away in the summer (Brereton, Armstrong, Davenport). Too many Harts and Gladwins and what the hell was the signing of Chapman about over two months ago. I think as a playing unit, we are now back to the Kean, C o y l e eras. For me, there is no longer any enjoyment in watching Rovers. I can't think of a single reason to keep Mowbray a minute longer. Coming across as a 'nice guy' with self purported values and anecdotes about his wife's lemon drizzle cake doesn't cut it for me. We owe him nothing - he's been paid a king's ransom for his time here; arguably, he was on the football scrap heap until Senior brought him in. In my opinion, the sooner we see Mowbray, Venus, Lowe and Benson walking down the road the better. I also think Waggott and Cheston should follow them; I think Waggott's act of extending Mowbray's contract was sheer folly and said so at the time. I think our club is still in one helluva a mess but if you have a half decent football manager at the helm, at least you have some hope and a decent chance.
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    Delighted to eat humble pie tonight. I criticised Mowbray and the selection and was proven wrong; that’s why I’m not a manager! We were excellent. One of the best performances of the season. Lenihan at the back is an absolute warrior. Won everything as usual. He should be captain without a doubt. Great work rate and energy from Travis and Reed who didn’t give Derby a minutes rest. Dack is back. Did what he does best, he had a point to prove and he did it. Conway - I hold my hands up. Excellent performance. Best crosser of the ball at Rovers still. Finally, Rothwell. 10/10. Phenomenal. His runs got me off my seat like nobody has done since Duffster. Jumped about 10 foot high when he scored. Love him. The rest of the lads put in a great shift, played like men tonight to a man. Credit to TM for getting it right. Lets hope this is a turnaround from the recent bad run of form. The moment at 2-0 with everybody including Raya down in the corner was brilliant. Proud to be Rovers!
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    A few of us on here came in for a fair amount of stick at the end of last season. We were the people who whilst thoroughly enjoying having something to shout about regarding Rovers for once in a long time were less than impressed as to the manner promotion was achieved. The way we seemed to only play for 45 minute in nearly every game. The way we seemed to struggle to impose ourselves physically on the opposition and only got through lots of games because of our superior skill level. The way we seemed to start most games in a really casual and laid back style. The lack of real input from most of our new signings. Of course we were told to " Get with the Programme ", " In Tony we trust " and other such waffle. I thought it was pretty obvious that we needed 3 or 4 new players that would go straight into the first team right away and stay there. When these players didn't arrive and the only real reinforcement was a loan player I was really concerned. Some how we managed to get through to January accumulating a fair amount of points albeit having taken some bangings on the way. Since then my fears as to the majority of the squad not being anything like good enough have been realised. We look a rag tag collection of players who've only just met on the car park half an hour before the game. At the moment we are playing like we are the worst team in the league, there's no doubt about that. If we played Ipswich on Tuesday I wouldn't fancy us to win and they are going to be relegated. That tells me all I need to know. Football is a results based game and we aren't getting any. The final responsibility for this state of affairs has to lie at the feet of the manager. It's come to the point were I have to say - " Tony Mowbray, You're fired ! "
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    Mowbray is insulting our intelligence if he thinks we really believe Dack was injured. I heard he was late reporting for the team meeting and told to go. Mowbray reverted to type today with the Evans/Smallwood axis which frankly was poor. Evans is a coward of a footballer as he takes the easy option nearly every time he passes the ball. Smallwood simply isn't good enough. Alone with Bennett they contributed the square root of nothing. If those three are better than Reed I'll plait blancmange. Rothwell promised much but delivered little but the three shots we had in the first half were all from him. Games are invariably won or lost in midfield and our sorry bunch must be the worst in the Championship. The quality of our crossing is shocking. I can't recall anything of note in the last few games. Hit the first man, too low, too high or over hit. Danny Graham looked exasperated today. The body language of several players at the final whistle wasn't good and I can't see us getting above three points for the rest of the season as Mowbray looks pretty clueless on the touchline.
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    I have done these summaries for a few years so I will do one again, but most of the relevant information has been covered here. Of course, I do accounting related work 250 days a year already and the accounts have to finally be posted on one of the few weekdays where I am not working. As an accountant who prepares financial statements, that is the perspective that I tend to take when looking at accounts and it is always beneficial to also look at the perspectives of people with other backgrounds in finance and accounting. Page number references are to the page in the accounts themselves and not to their page number of the electronic file. Page 14 gives us key information about cash flow for the year. We spent about 700k on transfers and received 1.05m on transfers. We spent about 800k on payoffs, a decrease from the year before and page 6 tells us that new payoffs totaling 400k were agreed on during the year. Page 22 has our purchases for the year at 867,500. Dack was purchased before this period started so this should primarily include the likes of Samuel, Downing, and Bell and it looks like all of our business for this season did not start until July. This season's business, which does not include January since that was after the date of the accounts, resulted in net purchases of 7.6m, which should only cover guaranteed payments. Pages 24 and 25 give us more information about cash we owe or are owed for transfers. We are still owed 1.3m this year and 10k in future years from sales and owe 1.2m this year and 375k in future years. Potential add-ons that we could owe total 2.1m. Obviously, with our purchases in the summer, the scale of transfers will change significantly. Here is a chart of purchases per year: Here is cash related to transfers and payoffs: As expected, turnover decreased due to the difference in media deals in League One as shown on page 20. That should recover this season while Matchday and Commericial income held well and should increase as well this season, but the graph shows just how far we have fallen over time. The wage bill has fallen again, although it figures to increase this season and staffing levels continue to drop as well. After a few seasons with not much in way of transfers, we are back to adding in a lot of expense other than wages. Income should increase to a higher level than our relegation season, but still below the parachute payment days. Our wage bill will probably not be as high as it was during the relegation season either, but presumably will get there soon after new contracts and signings. More importantly, after a few years of clearing out some of the costs from past moves, we are committing ourselves to more costs now and in the near future.
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    Go go go, now, before he does any more damage. For me needs to be gone tomorrow and the planning needs to start for next season and beyond. I don't expect this to happen, I expect us to limp on oblivious with the old has beens until the end of the season as if everything is perfectly ok. TM will then talk a good game about bringing in a number of first team starters in summer but in reality he will tinker round the edges once again with the excuse being made that proven Championship players are very expensive. We'll start next season with basically the same eleven as we have now. Our hand will then be forced in or around December time with our League position so precarious and the squad in such a state that the next person coming in will be very hard pushed to save us. (In much the same way Mowbray couldn't)
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    They were streets ahead of us in the first half and to go in only 1-0 down at HT was nothing short of a miracle. We improved in the 2nd half but always felt every time they applied any pressure a goal was coming and their inevitable second came eventually. We manage to get a goal back through Mulgrew once again (the only way we seem to be able to unlock teams) and from there on the game changes as Villa entered defensive mode and tried to protect what they had and ultimately did so. Our attempt at unlocking the Villa defence in the last 10 minutes I found to be extremely frustrating and futile. We had so much possession and were dominating, Villa were nervous and desperate and we were simply unable to come up with anything which would enable us to get the 2nd. Nobody able to deliver a pass or cross to create an opportunity. Countless times it was pass back and go around the houses again getting nowhere. Boring to watch. I reckon between 80 and 95 minutes the ball was only in play for about 5-6 minutes. Villa effective at running the clock down and seeing the game through when we were on top. I wish we had that nous. It seems we will probably survive now even if we lose all our remaining games, as surely Bolton are too far behind and Rotherham can't win, In that regard it can probably be regarded as 'job done' for the season. But I'm afraid there's a bigger picture here than just being happy with safety after promotion last season. There should be a medium term plan and an idea as to where the club wants to go. It isn't acceptable, IMO, to celebrate survival and ignore the deeply concerning issues that we have. There's no indication the club has any plan beyond the end of the season and probably won't do until Tony turns up in India and asks for his budget from madame. As far as I am concerned that is a pathetic and shambolic way to operate and it is no wonder we are so far behind other clubs who operate professionally and have a strategy in place. I am deeply concerned by our trajectory, recruitment, performances and results and I cannot just ignore all that on the basis we should survive. ANY continuation of that into the summer and beyond and it is a cert that we will be in a relegation battle next season. We weakened in January by letting Palmer and Downing depart and signing nobody for the first team and will probably weaken again in the summer by letting Reed and Dack go and unless we invest heavily or extremely intelligently I've little faith in finding the calibre needed to make a difference. Turning to Villa's crowd, it is interesting that they are getting bigger gates now than they used to get in the Premier League. They're obviously doing something right. Around the ground before the game I was amazed at how many kids there were. Then they were advertising early bird season tickets for £14 per game for adults, £6 per game for U21s and £3 per game for U18s, along with family packages where 2 paying adults get 2 free kids tickets. Note - we don't have the cheapest tickets in the league any more. We're so far behind the pack it is scary. Lots of moaning about them getting nearly 40000 on whilst we trundle along with our 10000 without analysing our woeful marketing and unimaginative ticketing. We're already at a disadvantage to the City clubs and yet they make more effort than we do. Unacceptable.
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    Another share injection to Venkys London was filed today at Companies House for £1.5m taking the total injected by the Raos to £165m. There was some disagreement earlier in the thread about how much they had put in - £250m? - but below is my calculation for my belief that it is now £165m. (Its still a hell of a lot of money whether its £250m or £165m! BRFC (the club) share capital before takeover was £134m (the total cash that Jack pumped in). This was after Jack converted all his loans to share capital. The initial investment by the Raos into Venkys London Ltd (VLL) in late 2010 was £35m. £25m of this was paid to the Walker family to buy the club with £10m left over to pay off the overdraft (effectively they paid £25m cash for the full £134m of share capital). This remaining £10m was used to increase the BRFC share capital to £144m in Dec 2010 so that it could presumably be used by BRFC to pay off the overdraft. There was a further share purchase by VLL on Dec 2015 of 3m taking the total BRFC share capital to £147m which it remains at to this day. Since the original £35m start up capital in VLL the Raos have put in another £130m taking the total to the £165m I mentioned at the beginning of this (rather long!) post. All but the Dec 2015 £3m of this I would summise has been loaned to BRFC to keep the club running. The summary is that the Raos have spent a total of £165m of which £25 + 10 + 3 = £38m was the purchase price and share capital with the remaining £165 - 38 = £127m being a repayable loan from VLL to BRFC which they do not receive interest on but technically could still ask the club to repay. Or they could do what Jack did and convert it all to share capital. Sorry for the length of the post and all the numbers but this is my take on the cash squandered by the Raos from analysing the Companies House documents filed to today.
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    Bolton at home on Easter Monday is Category A. Not saying it had to be dirt cheap (I'm a ST holder so don't want the value to be undercut) but with people off work, and this being the penultimate home game against local rivals we had a really good opportunity to pull in a larger than usual crowd. But most importantly, with the season petering out with nothing to be excited about, this was the last chance to get bodies through the door to sell the product as well as we can before next season. Do we want to shift any season tickets??? Anybody deciding to walk on on the day will have to fork out £27-£34. On that alone we've wiped out the chance of pulling in a decent pool of folk waking up with a free day who may fancy a mooch down to the football. This is an end of season game in the second tier. Both sides in the bottom half of the table. Category A in my mind used to be playing a top 4 Prem side. On this topic, it's one step forward, two steps back.
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    Elliott Bennett has one asset. He is an engine. He should be playing in the cm instead of Smallwood or Evans. He is basically both of them rolled into one with some fire in his belly. Anywhere else he is out of his depth at this level. I wouldn't get rid of him because as cover he is our most versatile player and his character is unquestionable. He could be our Robbie Savage. That's how I see him instead of the incompetent Smallwood and that heartless waste of space Evans. Let him tackle everything that moves, fist pump the fans and get some passion and fire in that weak mentality side. Let him win the ball and give it to people that can play. That can attack. Not another defender on the wing. A Chapman or rothwell who can drive down the line , put a cross in or beat man.
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    Christ, can you imagine if they’d have given Allaradyce £250 million to spend, alongside some of the TV money? I feel sick about where we’d probably be sat now. Instead, we’ve enjoyed away days at Walsall, Southend and Oldham. How someone hasn’t taken those ‘advisors’ to court yet, from Venky’s, is unbelievable!
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    I don't think it's pressure from above so to speak. But I think he's very aware that the tide is starting to turn with the fans. Whilst there's no hatred along the Kean/Coyle lines, people will only put up with watching defeat after defeat and listening to the same crap coming out of his mouth for so long and that time is more or less at his doorstep. I also get the feeling that there's a bit of discontent in the ranks adding to the pressure. So whilst I don't think he's in danger of getting sacked any time soon, he's basically in a job where the boss thinks he's great but all his work colleagues, suppliers and customers, who he used to get on well with, now all think he's a bit of a nob. That sort of pressure starts to manifest it's way out eventually.
  21. 8 points
    Steve McClaren. Tried really hard. SACKED. Gary Rowett. Tried really hard. SACKED. And so on... doesn't save any man. Welcome to the results business.
  22. 8 points
    Well then, our season seems to have petered out somewhat, we’re all a bit fed up for many reasons, but it’s Easter soon and we get extra days off work…. (Well, most of us do!) In our last match, at in-form Aston Villa, as many of us expected, we lost. Though admittedly, not as heavily as I personally would have thought! A Bit About Stoke-On-Trent At a music festival last year, my mate and I got talking to a lad from Stoke at the bar. He asked us what we knew of Stoke, I said ‘Alton Towers’ and my mate said ‘Rory Delap’. My mate had the better answer, it turned out, as Rory Delap was this lad’s childhood hero. It is known as ‘The Potteries’ as it is the historical home of the pottery industry in the UK. Locals are known as ‘Potters’ (indeed, this is the nickname of Stoke City FC) as well as ‘Stokies’. The Oatcake is a popular local food item, made from oatmeal, flour and yeast apparently! These can be eaten as is, or with a filling, i.e. savoury items, i.e. breakfast stuff typically, but also sweet items, such as golden syrup, jam, banana etc. The Oatcake is also the name of a Stoke City FC fanzine and also an internet message board for fans of the club. As I alluded to above, Alton Towers is a major national theme/water park, located in the village of Alton, just outside of Stoke-On-Trent. A Brief History of Our Opponents Founded as Stoke Ramblers in 1863, the club changed its name to Stoke in 1878, then finally to Stoke City FC in 1925, when Stoke-On-Trent was granted City Status. Their most celebrated player was Stanley Matthews and he served the club between 1932 and 1947, then again between 1961 and 1965, scoring 62 goals from the wing in the process. A special mention must also go to recently deceased former England goalkeeper Gordon Banks as well. He served the club for 6 years between 1967 and 1973. Like ourselves, they were founder members of the Football League and are the second oldest football club in the world, after Notts County. Their city rivals are Port Vale and between them, they contest the Potteries Derby. They currently play at the Bet365 Stadium (formerly The Britannia Stadium), having played there since 1997 when it was opened. Prior to that, they played their home matches at The Victoria Ground and had done since 1878. They haven’t really been all that successful in terms of winning trophies, if truth be told! They won the League Cup in 1972 and won the Second Division (Now The Championship) twice, in the 1932-33 and 1962-63 seasons. John Ritchie is the club’s all-time leading scorer with 176 goals in all competitions and he played for the club between 1962 and 1966 initially, then returned to the club between 1969 and 1975. Giannelli Imbula is the club’s record signing at £18.3 Million in 2016. Imbula is currently on loan at Rayo Vallecano in Spain, playing alongside Franco Di Santo, formerly of this parish. The lucky swine…… The club are owned by local businessman and owner of Bet365, (hence the stadium sponsorship) Peter Coates. Some Famous Stoke City Fans Neil Morrissey (Actor whose credits include Men Behaving Badly) Nick Hancock (TV Host from They Think It’s All over) Dominic Cork (Former Lancashire Cricketer) Adrian Lewis (Darts Player) Jeremy Bates (Former Tennis Player) Frank Gough (Former TV Presenter) Selection of Played For/Managed Both Paul Lambert (Managed Both) Mark Hughes (Managed Both) Peter Thorne (Played For Both) Shay Given (Played For Both) Jonathan Walters (Played For Both) James Beattie (Played For Both) Roger Jones (Played For Both) Ben Marshall (Played For Both) Mame Biram Diouf (Played For Both) Steven N’Zonzi (Played For Both) When The Two Sides Last Met…. Last time out against the lads in red and white from the Potteries, we almost did a classic Rovers in being 3-0 up and in dreamland, then ultimately drawing 3-3. This was down in no small part to Saido Berahino not being able to put a free shot from 12 yards out in the back of the net, with the scores at 3-2 to us in the 90th minute. So luckily, as it was, we actually won 3-2. We don’t like doing things the easy way, with clean sheets, incredible defending and such. That’s all boring! The last time we played them at Ewood, we won 4-1 in the FA Cup, back in 2015. Josh King had a blinder for us and scored a hat trick, mostly after Geoff Cameron was sent off for the visitors. Still, you can only beat what’s in front of you and as Stoke were then an established Premier League side, this was considered quite the upset. Overall Head to Head Record Rovers 43 Wins Stoke 35 Wins 15 Draws Although we don't tend to defend very well, I can honestly foresee a 0-0 here. Just as long as we aren't beaten again! I'm sure we could all do without that! If anything, we just need to arrest this slide and boost the morale around the place.....
  23. 8 points
    IMO, 100% Mowbray has to go. Sentiment shouldn't count. His 'nice guy' image shouldn't count. His constant prattling about his values shouldn't count. His wife's lemon drizzle cake shouldn't count. I think Mowbray is too old school and in reality a muddled tactical dinosaur. Key points for me are: Are we physically and mentally fit. IMO, no and based on what I've seen, other teams are far quicker, fitter and tougher mentally. Are we organised and difficult to beat. Results speak for themselves. We leak goals for fun. Does Mowbray get the most out of his players. IMO, no - think he has too many 'favourites', development of younger players is suppressed and his selections result in far too many square pegs being driven into round holes. Is Mowbray tactically aware: IMO, he's not at the races and how many times do we see him change the set-up within 15/20 minutes minutes. I struggle to see any game management. Do we play attractive football and is there a pattern and style of play developing. IMO, no and no - I am bloody sick of hoofball, hoofball and more hoofball. Is Mowbray astute in player trading. IMO, his record is very poor, other than Dack. I think we've spunked £10million+ on Brereton, Armstrong, Davenport and Rothwell (though Rothwell IMO is by far the most promising of the four and he rarely plays him!). Far too many Harts, Gladwins and bang 'Joe Averages'. Mowbray said at his evening a few weeks ago, he was brought in to keep us up. He failed - full stop. In the pi$$ poor League 1 he got us up BEHIND Wigan. We were the best resourced club in the league and we should have strolled it - I think we rode our luck too many times for comfort last season which didn't augur well for this season. I think we are now virtually in free fall with just 4 points from the last 10 / 11 games. Mowbray has had two windows since we were promoted to address some obvious defensive concerns and I think he's done virtually feck all about it and also allowed a 'real' centre half (Downing to leave on loan). I do not think Mowbray has anything to offer our football club in any capacity. I think it would be a huge mistake to give him the summer as I do not think his record in player trading gives any reassurance. We need a young, hungry and innovative coach. I would be staggered if Damien Johnson could not make a better fist of it than Mowbray. There are a lot of talented coaches out there who would jump at the Ewood manager's job. We owe Mowbray nothing - he's been handsomely paid for his labours.
  24. 8 points
    I was a staunch Mowbray supporter, but whatever about what you have wrote there, if you think 8 losses in 10 games is in anyway acceptable, even allowing for whatever other clubs have or have not spent or what divisions they or we were in last year, you need to have a reality check. He is playing lads thay clearly aren't performing, whilst leaving those that do perform on the fringes. Literally every player has dipped in form. The run we are in is not normal and it's not a blip. Something has gone badly wrong.
  25. 8 points
    Just watched Rothwell scream away from 2 Villa players like they didn't exist, Tony you are a complete imbecile.

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