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    On the train back to London right now after my first Rovers game. Are all the games this entertaining? Good value. Generally I thought some of the passing was very poor at times, especially from Shrewsbury. And the referee was a disaster! Bennett seems to be more suited to play in the role that he did today than on the wing. He is a workhorse and likes to tackle. More useful for us in that position. Nyambe had a decent game as well, just need to get better on his passing game and decision making. Had an important block in the second half. Overall I enjoyed it, good atmosphere and a good game. Hopefully I will come back some day, and hopefully then we will be in a higher division.
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    I am coming over for this one, will be my first ever Rovers game.
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    Danny Graham this morning donated £2500 to the Save Hartlepool Untied fund. Despite having no ties to the Pools apart from living in the Teesside area thought i'd make you aware of what a top bloke Rovers have got leading the line. He said "Good luck Hartlepool United hope you reach your target ... I’m sure you will hopefully the whole of the north east get behind u and all the football fans out there" If any of you Rovers fans would like to help in any way please find attached a link below of the fund. Boro fans are close to helping Pools sell out their home game on 20th January V Wrexham at Victoria Park after they saved us from Liquidation in 1986 by letting us play there, if any of you are in or around the NE, come along! Save Hartlepool United
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    Northampton fan here. You should have no trouble beating us. We are devoid of pace and width and hardly score goals and always prone to being prised open at the back at will. However, we do have the occasional performance in us. The win on Saturday will boost the confidence but that's probably it for the next 3 or 4 games. I'm looking forward to the game with little expectation. It will be good to see 1,500 strong away fans. Sixfields offers little for away fans although there will probably be a couple of bars/food kiosks outside the away end which can be accessed after entering the stadium. We won't sell out so I wouldn't be surprised to see a few of your lot here in the home ends. Be quiet and all will be fine! We haven't played each other in the league since 1967 and probably won't meet again for many a year after this season. Our aim is to stay in this league for as long as possible with one day pushing for the Championship but we need investment on the pitch and to re-start the stadium re-development. Kick off at 2pm as Saints rugby have a sell-out (15,000) just down the road at 3pm. Enjoy the day and I hope to make the away game and tick off another ground. Cheers
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    Message to Venkys: SELL.
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    Elliott Bennett my MOM, screw Evans and Whittingham, he suits the role next to Richie.
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    Cobbler here. We are obviously delighted with a point against a good side. That was one of our better performances with everyone battling hard and we even created some chances. I know we are a limited side at present and in desperate need of pace, width and firepower so points and performances like that are precious. You had chances too and on another day would have sunk us but we had some luck and our reserve keeper who we berated last week looked unbeatable, pity he faced a few coins at the end but then he didn't hide his pleasure from your lot prior to that. You made some good noise at times - proper football fans and songs, something we don't see at Sixfields very often. The home atmosphere was as good as it usually gets here. Hope those that travelled had a good day and enjoyed the limited facilities on offer at our little ground. See you at Ewood.
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    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Now that was our Rovers. Pace, energy, hunger, desire, quality. Won the midfield battle and so the game: a massive six pointer at that. For the first time this season, I think we can now do it. Still not in our hands but if we can get through this window unscathed and keep people fit then it would be pretty embarrassing not to go up automatically. Some great performances from our lads. Bennett in particular was at his swashbuckling best in the middle today. Armstrong’s pace is frightening. Dack was quieter than usual until the last 15 minutes or so - possible when Armstrong came on and forced Shrewsbury a bit deeper. Ryan Nyambe: “take a boo son” - really growing into the team with a fabulous performance today. Braveheart the Second, Mulgrew, is so consistent but the MoM selector is just so lazy and simply seems to pick the player who scores the most goals. Danny Graham worked his socks off and is head and shoulders about anyone in this league when he is in the mood. On another note, the referee was Kettle-esque in his awfulness. Gave two penalties, neither of which was and countless other poor decisions. More of this kind of football please Tony! On Rovers on!
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    Just sat in Blues with Tim Farron after he bought a ticket for today’s game. He’s just bought everyone a pint, set fire to a Venkys picture and got 50 out of 50 on the hardest Rovers quiz I’ve ever heard. I’ve told him to take his Rovers shirt and scarf off and to get out. I’ve seen him off with my pitchfork. Fecking imposter. He won’t fool me.
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    Wow, no, that genuinely sounds like a great idea. We should do that. Instead of signing Lowe.
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    Mine and my Dad's choice to boycott is quite nuanced, as I'm sure it is for many people, but I'll try explaining: My dad had a ST since 1956. He forgave the FA Cup Final ticket fiasco (as did my late Grandad). They both went to Rovers religiously in all that time. My dad took a year off Rovers after Grandad died. Then came the Premier League years just after I was born. My dad took me to so many games as a kid and I frankly couldn't care less. Hated it. Boring (bear in mind I was 4 when we won the league). Then came a guy called Dunn. And 2 others called Duff and Jansen. And Johnson. Then Tugay and Friedel. I was hooked from 2000 onwards, going with my dad to every game I could. Then came Venky's. We made the decision to boycott when Kean was rewarded with a new contract, but it wasn't until our second championship season that we actually did. We missed it so went back again. The stubborn refusal to sack Coyle, and the spending of our money before we gave it them (loan secured against future ST sales) was the last straw. Fast forward to now and we're dying to go again, but we're holding out til Venky's leave. That's our JOINT decision, but my own view is this: My dad has prostate cancer and probably 3 years to go. He doesn't want to give in to Venky's, and I'm supporting his stance by not going and instead involving myself with Rovers Trust. Basically, my Dad, lifelong supporter (who only recently met his childhood hero Bryan Douglas and was like a giddy child all over again), who'd forgive the club anything, may never watch Rovers live again because of Venky's and I won't forgive that. We won't go until they go. May get to an away game at some point if my Dad fancies it.
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    Stonking performance, especially 2nd half!! I thought Bennett was absolutely superb. He was doing the work of two men (as he always does) and along with Smallwood dominated midfield. As others have said, this is where we won the game. Dack ran his socks off too and without hitting his usual heights was still a class above this league. Graham was also excellent, his work arte was phenomenal and I'm not sure anyone else would have been in the right place to snaffle up our 2nd. Proper striker. Mulgrew was immense and that was up there with his best game in a Rovers shirt. Won everything at the back, organised the defence and his free-kick was simply brilliant. Special mention again for Nyambe. I thought 2nd half he was outstanding, both defensively and going forward. His Zidane turn was sublime. I think he dedicated it to Al and DunnFC. Our extra quality told today. Good turnout from their fans and a good atmosphere. The ref helped, what a clown! Brilliant win!!
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    'Found their true level'. Its our 6th season out of the two top divisions in 143 years.
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    Has to be Leon Best or Murphy. Duffy was great for us in plenty of games, til things went to shit at the end. Keith Andrews? Come on, I think anyone who hates him needs to have a good think for themselves. The guy tried his best and whenever he is on Irish TV or radio only speaks highly of the club. I honestly think the stick he gets makes no sense and is very unfair.
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    Why would Cairney go Fulham? Rhodes to Middlesbrough? Marshall to Wolves? Duffy to Brighton? Because the club was keen to get rid of them and trouser the proceeds. £20 million+ there and next to none of it found its way back into the squad. Surely you've learnt by now that what the player wants and what is best for the club are the last things these owners care about. Its all about what they want so if Norwich or any other Championship/League One club make an offer and they wake up one day and decide they fancy taking it then it won't matter in the slightest what Mowbray thinks or what Norwich's chances are of promotion. The flip side is if they decide to be stubborn for some reason then it more than likely wouldn't happen. Either way lets not pretend that they haven't got very recent form for cashing in on our crown jewels for their own benefit without consulting the manager, even to sides that finished next to us in the league table. Next you'll be falling for the old trick of Dack's a bad egg in the dressing room and we've no choice but to get rid for the sake of squad harmony. How many times have we had that gem in recent years?
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    I don't understand the lack of feeling towards Rhodes tbh. One of the few players to brighten up the shite we've been served up since 2010. 83 goals in 3.5 seasons!
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    I believe most do but unfortunately the more vocal don’t as demonstrated by posts in this thread. Again confirming, for me, divisions are being further driven in to the support. I take my son, who has SLD, and no comprehension of Venkys. I have no idea what he thinks. I won’t allow Venkys to take away his pleasure and I will only consider stopping if that’s his wish. He starts phoning me around 7.00am every Friday when Rovers are home to make sure I remember. I acknowledge this means I don’t have to make the decision others do. We sent his story to Venkys a few years ago explaining the joy Rovers give him. To try and show the damage they are doing. Even sent a photo with Tugay against Bournemouth. Mascot day. Obviously didn’t work! Myself? I could have walked away after Barnet this season, we were awful. Pure emotion and anger. I thought about this during the Charlton game. If I had walked any boycott would have lasted just a couple of games. I watched the players after the Charlton game, great reaction. Despite all the crap it’s what football fans live for. I don’t think I can stop no matter how bad I might feel at any given moment. I logically understand boycotting in some form, emotionally I don’t. Supporting your club is basically about, at best, decades of mediocrity and, if you’re lucky, a few years in the sun. Trouble is one never knows when those moments we all earn will come - the unexpected moment when despite it all something happens in a game and you realise it is still Blackburn Rovers and will be till the gates are locked at Ewood. The moment that hits you in the stomach. My eldest son stopped working weekends this autumn. I asked what he would like for Christmas? Half ST please. It’s 30 years since I first took him to sit in Nuttall Street and that his first thought is still Rovers brings me great joy. Once a Rover, always a Rover. As I say emotionally I simply cannot comprehend boycotting and that’s what football comes down to. Emotion. The Blues are going up.......and I’m going to be there.
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    So, we're now halfway through the season and the transfer window has come round again. As we consider who we'd like to buy I thought it'd be good to have a think on how much confidence we have in TM to get it right and sign some good 'uns, by reflecting on his last transfer window. Whilst players can turn around their form in the second half of a season, generally by and large, in half a season they've begun to find their level and you've got a good idea of how a player is going to perform for your club long term. So with this in mind I thought it'd be good to share and get others' thoughts on how they feel we did in the last transfer window under TM. My thoughts and ratings are as follows: Samuel - 7 I quite like the guy. A bit different to Graham, offers a bit more pace, and has grabbed us some goals. Not cemented his place, but looks a useful signing capable of scoring goals at this level. Dack - 9 After a slow start, Dack has been excellent for us; goals, assists and excitement. Not a 10 as he's pretty limited in a 4-4-2 which we sometimes play. Gladwin - 1 As a kid I wanted to play for Blackburn Rovers. As a not-so-fit 34 year old Gladwin encourages me that I perhaps shouldn't give up on that dream yet. Aside from this I don't know what he contributes towards Rovers. Awful signing. Antonsson - 6.5 Really didn't know what to put for him. Looking at his stats, he's around an 8. When I watch him play he looks about a 4 not offering much. Despite few attributes he has managed to score and assist a few making him a decent signing. I've knocked off a point though as he we signed as a striker which is a position he can't really play as he's only looks ok at wide left. Whittingham - 3 Doesn't really justify the wages we're paying him. A few decent cameos but hasn't imposed himself or contributed to the team anywhere near as much as he should have. Not enough assists or goals, or even getting us to tick a la Tugay. Whilst he was never going to be that good, I had hoped - and he needed to be - more than just an ok player. Poor signing. Smallwood - 10. Outside of buying me a Ferrari I'm not sure what more he could do to be a great signing. Chapman - 8. Just what we need, pace, trickery, excitement and creating chances. Not used very well by TM but that's another gripe. As a signing he has a good shout. Harper - 3. Waste of space not really imposed himself at all. And given the competition has been a limited Whitingham and a limited and injured Evans you'd like to think anyone half decent would have made the second cm spot their own. Caddis - 5. Too immobile for my liking. Decent back up but think it's no surprise we started doing better when he was out of the team. Poor mobility leaves us vulnerable to pace and offers nothing going forward, which isn't a great mix with Bennett being not the most creative, leaving a pretty limited right side of the pitch. An ok back up and cheap but not really adding much to the team. Hart - 3. Not sure what he offers. At least he's our own so in the unlikely event he develops in 3 years time we may see some benefit. Downing - 8. Cheap back up but become pretty integral. Admittedly being an upgrade on Ward is not much of an achievement but Downing has managed it well. We're still shipping a few silly goals so would struggle to give a higher rating but generally an excellent value for money signing. Leuitweiler (sp - who cares, he never plays) - 6. Good reviews from old club but looked pretty average on the few times he has played. Not great, but only a backup, and better than Steele. By my calculation that gives an average of 5.79 for each signing - or a 6 being generous. This (highly scientific) method suggests to me that overall any signings we make won't harm or make us any worse, but nor will they massively improve the team. Looking at the list as a whole it also suggests that TM has been very boom and bust with his signings. They work out really well or really badly, there isn't much middle ground, although ironically that probably means for each good signing we make that improves us, a poor one will peg us back. Overall it confirms my thoughts TM is a decent but not great manager, and that I shouldn't be too excited this window. But what do others think?
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    In seven short words you demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of the very important role a club such as Blackburn Rovers can play in the local and international community. Matchday has always generated a significant local revenue for the businesses close to Ewood, from pubs, to newsagents, chippies and a couple of lads running a £3 parking lot. Matchday would regularly bring an average of 25,000+ to the area. It’s very easy to demonstrate how this can add £150-250,000 to the local economy at every game. Of equal and possibly greater import was the influence in the 1990s of putting Blackburn and east Lancashire on the world map for millions who would never otherwise have heard of the town. One simple sentence betraying a high level of selfishness and ignorance.
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    OK Rodders I took you off ignore at Christmas but you might have to go back on, if I want tripe I go to the butchers Have a good night, enjoy the win
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    Best home game in last 5 years for me. It had everything: crap ref and linesman at blackburn end. disallowed goal. 3 great goals for us. energy. Shouted myself hoarse. Much needed win. coyb
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    If you could find a better full back performance in this league today I'd be amazed. Nyambe was brilliant
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    If he's into that sort of thing.
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    Be honest, you're being a bit of a silly billy here aren't you?
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    Hi all scunthorpe fan here I thoroughly enjoyed the match, It was a cracking effort by both teams. I felt you lot were a bit hard done by and probably should of won the game. Danny Graham is a great player I was left wondering why he was taken off. I'm glad you lot picked up on just how bad the referee was, I lost my head when we had that good attack and then he blew us back for a freekick what a clown. it's always the same in league one with the refs, they really don't have a clue It was my first trip to ewood park, very nice stadium. Makes Glanford park look like a dump (which it really is) Anyway good luck with the rest of your season. PS: Venkys out it's disgraceful what they have done to your club.
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    A one off post and won't be replying . Yes I have had a U turn of fecking monumental proportions and let's get one thing straight ( the anti abs clique don't take long) I 100% have not taken this decision lightly and can state I have NOT done this because we've won a few games because anyone who knows me knows I ain't like that. The withdrawal symptoms win. I nearly caved in during the summer following the brum game where I actually got passion back and nearly lost my job when I came close to cracking a nobber who took the piss out of our relegation. I toyed with it then and decided against it , this season I've watched nearly every game via a stream and as a result like a smack rat I've given in to my cravings. I said I would reassess at Christmas and I have. These last few months family and friends ( my mum is upset I've gone against my principles) have pecked away at me to stop boycotting and I've been determined not to cave in . This week however I've hardly slept due to the stress of deciding what to do and I've had many private discussions ( some off here) this week because it's been such a hard decision to come to. Yes I've been vociferous and I still stand by my scab comments and my all but 2 year boycott and to those giving me shit over it ...yes I feel like a scab myself and feel shit . Oh and Jim stop playing the victim card ffs you are no frigging angel. Do I still want the Scummers out ?? Damn right I do and won't rest up until they go. Do I feel let down that fans have not risen up and are happy to be venky lovers ? Bet your fat hairy arses I do. Do I feel happy I'm giving money to the venkyscum ?? No I am angry at myself for doing so. Anyhows all the best to everyone ( that includes you chaddy lad) and I won't be responding either. #venkyscumout
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    I thought the fans today were outstanding and never stop backing the team
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    Humble pie here. Nyambe had the best game I've seen him play today. There is hope for him yet!
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    Can you not just give credit for an excellent performance? In recent weeks his performances have got better and today he was excellent.Surely as a Rovers fan you want to be proved wrong in your opinion of Nyambe?
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    Dear Jason, from Rovers.. At first, I was afraid, I was petrified Kept thinking, Andy Bayes was on the ale and still a bit pie-eyed But then I made so many posts explaining, how you did us wrong: The team grew strong and we learned how to play it long Though you’re not back (and that’s the rub) I just logged in to find a rumour you’re not wanted by Big Club We should have changed our training ground Or moved the sign from where it is If we’d have known for just one second you'd be back to confuse Biz Oh, Jason Lowe, walk out the door, just turn around now 'Cause you're not welcome anymore Weren't you the one, who helped to take us to League One Bet you thought we’d crumble? Bet you thought promotion wouldn’t be on? Oh, no, not us, we are top 6 Oh, as long as you just stay away, I know we’re in the mix There’s no midfielders that we lack, we’ll stick with Smallwood and (hopefully) Dack And we’ll go up, We will go up, stay, away (Jay)...
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    The transfer thread always reminds me of Ghostbusters 2 when all of that slime flows under the city and makes people batshit crazy and angry at each other.
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    So we could have Smallwood & Deadwood in the middle !! Please No ... He Left this Club thinking he would have a host of clubs chasing him but he was Finally found out .... Hope he never comes back ....
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    I think Jason Lowe would be perfect for us. Especially if we get rid of wasters likes Dack and Graham. Didn’t he used to be a club captain somewhere and was in the England U21s a while back? If he’s good enough for Owen Coyle then he’s good enough for me. With 49 points, we are pretty much safe from relegation at this point anyway.
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    I thought we were appalling today, particularly disappointing considering the performance vs Scunthorpe which I felt was decent. Dacks goal and the 6 yard box melee aside we created nothing worth mentioning. Not what I expect from a team chasing promotion. We surrendered 2 points today in the dying minutes because we deserved to. Nothing to do with fortune or illness or squad depth. The minute we took the lead we did exactly what we have done every game we've taken the lead in this season - dropped back - 10 -15 yards deeper - invited weak opposition on - time after time - come back for more - can't get hold of the ball and get any composure - we've got away with it numerous times through facing dreadful opposition or getting lucky but today we didn't. All in all - we didn't create anywhere near enough to deserve to win the game - got a goal thanks to individual quality shining through - and then yet again poor game management has cost us where Wigan and Shrewsbury don't falter. Not good enough and it needs to improve. Take a lead in a game and its like a switch goes. Immediately sit deep and allow the opposition control of the game. Attitude and coaching not fitness or illness. Unbeaten runs immaterial at this juncture if 3 draws in 4 games is the return, Bowyer was regularly slated on here for his famous 12 game unbeaten run in 2014 which contained too many draws. I'm tiring already of talk about squad strengthening and needing new signings. Why do we need to spend yet more money to overcome Shrewbury Town? This manager has had a budget and squad the envy of all in this division. Not once have we occupied a top 2 position despite having everything his way.
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    Everything coming from our midfield was played by him. One of his best games for Rovers.
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    Most Owen Coyle headline. Ever Seven games without a win for Ross County but Coyle remains upbeat
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    Well done Danny Graham as well, going over to calm down the knob head Rovers fans behind the goal.
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    Worst ref I've seen in my life time . Without going over what everyone else said I'm going to say with a smile on my face as I type that I'm proud of the lads tonight. All those cold and soulless nights are made worthwhile when I see a performance like that. I screamed, I was angry, I was overjoyed, nervous and in the end extremely proud of a bunch of lads that fought for the blue and white halves. Bennett and Smallwood have to play together every week and I'm looking forward to seeing more of Armstrong. Someone offer nyambe a ten year contract and knight Charlie mulgrew. I'm off to celebrate
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    Absolutely brilliant. Ewood felt alive again. Loved it!
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    I like the idea that the game is the same at Old Trafford and Pleasington. First it was 4th officials to keep the childish managers in check, then it was goal line technology and now it's going to be bitching for replay reviews every 25 seconds. Let's just cut the bull and stop calling it a sport, at the top level. It's just a grubby race for money and a tediously dull one at that given the atrocious dross served up by the premier league.
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    Is it the case that if Chaddy and Rev say something often enough it becomes true? Both of them are claiming Danny Graham has had an awful season save for the last one or two games. I'd agree that he didn't start the season well but he has been easily our best striker now for several weeks. He came off the bench against Bristol Rovers and changed the game. He scored 5 goals in December (out of 11 in the games he played). He's the only forward who has any skill in holding the ball up. If he leaves who is going to do that job, because Samuel and Nuttall can't.
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    Oh dear. Despite what several others have already said in this thread, that he's been seen at Ewood, are you really suggesting he revised on Rovers just for Mastermind?!? Following a quick Google. Here's a link to him commenting on Rovers in 2015, no doubt as part of his preparation for Wednesday nights TV appearance. With apologies to the link to the Scum publication. https://www.thesun.co.uk/archives/championship/140389/farron-fury-at-rovers-owners-venkys/ I'm looking forward to hearing May and Corbyn recounting tales of chasing burnley up Bolton Road in the coming weeks for political gain as well.
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    One of my favourite J-Lo moments was in his last game at Brentford. He let the ball run across his body, looked up, carried on looking up and then watched the ball run out of play for a throw in. Class.
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    I hope we take this seriously and field the strongest team possible. The fans love an FA Cup run and not to play our best team is an insult to the competition and the opposition. That means playing Raya and Dack.
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    And the time to judge him will be in May when the season is over. There are three promotion places available and at the moment not one of those three is settled - and nor will they be for several months to come.
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    Whilst nobody deserves to be abused online, you did spend many column inches copying and pasting his and others content from here in order to attack them personally, with no right of reply. So let's not play the victim here Meadows.
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    You should sign up on the other side, you do seem to spend plenty of time browsing, you'd be welcome I'm sure, you could answer a few unanswered questions The poster you mention stopped for many reasons, but one of those reasons wasn't because the football was poor, thats not an excuse for many I'm sure. Glad he's going back, he's a terrace legend in some quarters, which is lost on many these days. This thread was created by boatface to try and cause some mischief/conflict, well that one backfired big time, some great posts and decent debate.
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    I genuinely have no idea where you get this stuff from. In their last 20 games they've had one 3-1 win, a few 2-1 wins and a couple of 1-0's.