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    I thought it was another very good performance. We should have taken more of our chances in the first half if we had the game might have been out of sight. I thought we sat back too much in the final 15-20 minutes and invited pressure on to us. I can understand that temptation, especially in a cold, rainy midweek game, but we need to be careful with that. That also made the stats look as if we were less deserving of the result than we were. The atmosphere looked fantastic. The players look like they care. For the first time in 5/6 years, I can say that I am genuinely enjoying being a Rovers supporter. I don't care about the division that we are now in, I look forward to matches, and I get pleasure out of watching them. It's a wonderful change and it is a nice feeling to have back. For the first time in a few years, I am starting to feel a genuine affinity towards some of our players. They may not be the best group of players to have ever put on a shirt, but they're playing decent football, they seem to care, and they are clearly enjoying the support that they are getting. Let's hope that it continues.
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    I went to the meeting in Blackpool tonight and was really impressed with Jamie Fuller and the Supporters Direct representative. They explained how they have already succeeded with campaigns to change legislation and reduce corruption in cycling and athletics. Jamie Fuller was instrumental in getting Sep Blatter removed from FIFA by lobbying their 3 main sponsors - Coca Cola, McDonalds and Budweiser. Eventually all 3 companies said they would withdraw sponsorship unless Blatter was removed. They have now turned their attention to Football ownership in England and specifically how bad owners affect communities. They are going to make it a political campaign and already have some support in Westminster. They have a number of ex-footballers on board. Trevor Sinclair was at the meeting and will be one of the figureheads of the campaign. They are hoping to get some current players involved. They are pushing for legislation to enforce regular, possibly yearly, reviews of football club owners in order to ensure they are working for the good of the communities they serve. Football club owners would be issued with a licence.They want a government body to oversee this - something like OFSTED in schools. If the owners fall short of their obligations they will be penalised - not the clubs. Repeated offending would lead to a removal of their licence to own a football club. They managed to prevent the meeting becoming too Blackpool-centric and knew all about Rovers case. He mentioned foreign owners who hide behind British subsidiaries and don't care about football or the community. He also said some clubs run in this way may not actually be 'owned' by the official owners at all !. There were articles in all the main papers today and this really seems like a worthwhile campaign. You can log on to the Fans not numbers website, type in your postcode and an email will be automatically sent to your local MP outlining why new legislation is required and how corrupt and unscrupulous football club owners should be controlled like any other aspect of our communities. Nothing will happen overnight but these guys seemed really determined and have already been working on this for some time. Well worth supporting in my view.
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    Be honest, winning feels good doesn't it?
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    Here's to hoping we scrape a 1-0 win with the winning goal coming from a surprise Tomlinson screamer. The lad from Burnley buries the unwashed. Celebrates by kissing the badge and running 90 yards to the BBE before jumping in the crowd. Dunny comes trundling down the touchline, every step creating a bigger divot than a Kuqi swan dive, to celebrate with a swig of a mans pint and a bite of his cold steak pie. He later falls asleep in chicken vindaloo in Darwen. Meanwhile the unwashed are smashing up our toilets, a few of em get some bog spray that counts towards their annual wash, some of them get caught up in it all and decide to start fighting each other. Families are broken up, although that turns out to be the most progressive societal change in Burnley's modern history, and the towns prestigious shops are burnt out: Poundland, Poundstretcher, Poundsaver, Cost Cutter, Poundworld, Pound Cutter, Mothercare & YMCA. All that remains is Sports Direct so the yobs are happy. The miners runs out of benny and hot so that weird old bloke Rocky is on the warpath. Blackburn with Darwen council are roped in to help the Yorkshire police out - we respond by sending Birdy to sort him out. Turns out Rocky isn't made from rock after all. Back in Blackburn we've had a few cold ones in the Fox, got home for 11 because we are trusted to make our own way back (we like our town) and are currently having a pint of water and a brew knowing we have a job to go to in the morning. Lovely jubbly.
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    Great three points. I'll take the first stab at ratings. Raya-8 Didn't have to save anything. Kicking was okay, and good aerial ability shown today. Wont have an easier afternoon. Caddis-7 Solid enough. Needs to start whipping it in first time when he is in the right area. He is a smart player. Downing-8 Didn't put a foot wrong. Solid signing on first viewing. Ward-8 Got to give it to him, I thought he was done, but he has been excellent the last three games. Williams-7.5 Great game going forward. Should have had a couple of strikes when he has the chance. Not sold defensively. Bennett-8 great cross for the opener. Had a good game overall. Good cover for Caddis for first 60 mins then switched to the left Smallwood-8 lovely finish, worked his socks off. Clear fan favourite, fans didn't stop signing his song all game. Love seeing a tough tackling hard man in centre mid for us. First name on the team sheet. Evans-8 Looked Sharp throughout, great workrate, and was sound positionally, starting to see the real Corey Evans? Works well with Smallwood. Conway-8 8's straight across the midfield. Worked his socks off for 65 mins, as usual. Saw him beat a man today as well. Samuel-7 Worked hard, quiet first half. Think he set up Antonsson. Didn't get much of a sniff, apart from the one that fizzed across the box that both he and Antonsson missed. Antonsson-7 Nice finish, should have had a couple again. Encouraging performance today. Looks like an out and out poacher. Subs Chapman-7 Looked great again, there was a fabulous turn on the half way line that absolutely binned his marker. He is going to be brilliant for us this season. Surprised not see him start but Bennett and Conway are much more solid defensively. Dack-6 Pretty quiet when he came on. Don't think we will see him start on tighter pitches as he gets muscled out pretty easily. Graham-7 Well about bloody time he got fit. You can tell he has been training hard the last two weeks. Looks much more mobile, and did pretty well when he came on. I missed his goal as I turned away when I thought the keeper got it. Mowbray- 10. Got a settled formation now, and the squad looks great with plenty depth at most positions. Even with 3 starters out today we had no problems. Great to see a fit Danny Graham come on. New boys starting to shine. Smallwood is looking like the best signing for this club in years.
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    The sense of anticipation and excitement for this game is almost palpable. I know I won't be the only one who has talked about nothing else all week. MK Dons were formed in 2003 (ish) out of the ashes of Wimbledon, whose fans started AFC Wimbledon in protest at the decision to take the original 'Dons' out of Sarf Landon and up to Milton Keynes. Milton Keynes itself is famous for concrete cows. This picture was taken during Burnley's last visit there. The biggest 'cow' ranks just above Danny Graham in the Opta Stats for 'distance covered'. There are four players that have played for both teams including Ex-Rovers 'favourite' and 'Pointer' Sister, Keith Andrews. The others are Aaron Daron, Sam Gallagher and Jemal Johnson. Paul Ince has managed both teams. He learnt a lot at MK Dons, we were lucky to get him:- Their current manager is Robbie Neilsen who they got from Hearts in 2016. Osman Sow, who' they've just signed from the same place, is their star striker. Well, he's scored their only goal so far this season in the League. They've only conceded two though. This promises to be a cracker! Sky Preview: http://www.skysports.com/football/blackburn-vs-mk-dons/preview/375208 Prediction: 1-0 Rovers (Samuel) Att; 9,001. COYB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Just got back, I quite enjoyed watching our young players. They stood out and there was a few good performances, a few not so good in my opinion. Fisher: Steady, did what was required, better than Steele already. (6/10) Travis: Solid, got forward when he could, tenacious in the tackle (7/10) Doyle: As above, both look good prospects and must be close to the first team, Nyambe: I like the lad, but he had a dreadful game, mistimed headers, some very risky passes across our back line. No surprise to him subbed (4/10) Williams: Pretty non descript really, went off injured (5/10) Feeney: Flatters to deceive, does well to beat his man, always gets to the by-line then lets himself down with his crossing, if he could cross he wouldn't be playing for rvrs (6/10) Chapman: Electric pace, quick feet and direct, I think we've got a real player here, could go on to be a cracker. If we can sign him we should (8/10) Tomlinson: My man of the match. Industrious little player, winning or receiving the ball, working in tight spaces driving the team forward. He'd start for me in the first team. Just a bit light weight aerially. (9/10) Gladwin: A few good touches early on, made a few mistakes then his head dropped. Looks like he could have something though (5/10) Whittingham: Grew in to the game, you can see he still has something about him, going to be an asset for us in league 1, helps when he has movement around him, picked a great pass to Nuttall (I think) in the second half and showed quick feet. (7/10) Graham: Hardly touched the ball, looks like he's dropped a bit of weight. Didn't do enough for me, lucky not be subbed (4/10) Subs Platt: Looks a classy player, good in the air, carried it out very well from the back (7/10) Smallwood: Slotted in at the back, looked pretty assured, versatile, could be a real asset this season if he can drop into the back four for us (6/10) Nuttall: Looks a real player, big, strong and mobile, came on and made a real impact. I'd have him above Graham at the moment, a real threat with his pace and power. Get him tied down to a longer contract. (8/10) Not getting carried away, we played Stoke U21'S, they weren't great, sure out U21's (Cat 1 Academy) would have beaten them minus the first the team players. Think it makes a bit of a joke out of the competition to be honest. Played some good stuff in patches, looked a lot more solid when Platt and Smallwood dropped into the backline. Positives for me were the young full backs, both looked good, Platt was solid and looked assured, Tomlinson, Chapman and Nuttall look more than ready for the first 11 in my opinion. In fact I'd be pushing all the others forward too.
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    It would be daft to write any player off at this point. I cringe at people writing Whittingham off especially. He's a proven class act, just in a new league, in new surroundings and in ever changing systems. Graham looks like he is lacking motivation, that can all change at the end of the window. Again, he can finish at a higher level than this amd could be an asset. Nobody knows anything about Antonsson yet. Prime examples, Pederson and Jansen were rubbish early doors, as have countless others been. Stop demanding instant impacts, It's daft and unrealistic. Give players a chance to fail, not 90 mins against a Prem side in the cup and a mundane performance in a 4 - 1 win. The season is 4 games old and quite a few were baying for Mowbray's blood after one game. It really is ridiculous.
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    Scunthorpe United - founded in 1899, and nicknamed The Iron after the towns association with domestic appliances the iron and steel industries. They have traditionally played in (spit) Claret and Boo, although from 1969-1984 (ish) they ditched it in favour of a more dignified red-rose-of-Lancashire coloured number, sported here by Ian Botham who played a few games for them in 1980:- It was during the red kit days (1970's) that the club also produced the likes of Kevin Keegan and Ray Clemence. However, their greatest ever export was of course the legend that is Super Atko Since 1988 they have played at Glanford Park, on the amusingly named Jack Brownsword Way (a famous player apparently), which at the time of it's construction was the first purpose-built Football League stadium in England since Southend moved to Roots Hall in 1955 (hopefully not prophetic given our performance there). Prior to '88 they played at the Old Showground (the 1st ground in England to get a Cantilever stand) which had apparently seen better days, although I think the structural problems were exaggerated:- The Old Showground was where Rovers played their last league game against Scunthorpe, a 1-1 draw in April 1973. This chap https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barry_Endean scored our goal. Shamefully, I've never heard of him.. He's now a semi-retired builder in his native Chester-Le-Street, or at least he was when http://www.theleaguepaper.com/featured/798/where-are-they-now-blackburn-rovers-1974-75/ was published. Good health, sir. The current Scunthorpe team are managed by ex-Dingle and Nobber Graham Alexander, so I'm hopeful he'll be given the warm welcome he deserves by the travelling hordes. Their team contains ex-Rover Josh Morris, as well as the likes of Paddy Madden, Neal Bishop, Lee Novak and ex-Blackpool keeper Matty Gilkes. They're the only ones I've heard of anyway. So far at home this season they've drawn with the real 'Dons' 1-1, beat Oxford 1-0 and yesterday drew 0-0 with lovely Gary Bowyers Blackpool. They could be a tough nut to crack, which incidentally was their first ever nickname ('tough nuts'). Here's a ground guide for all of you making the trip http://www.tothe92.co.uk/groundguide/scunthorpe.html Not sure how up to date it is though. Here's a picture of the ground. The away end is on the left. Burnley were visiting on the day it was taken:- IIRC @AdamRochina of this parish is a Rovers fan from/living in Scunny so he'll probably be very happy to invite all of those travelling round to his gaff for a bit of tea before the match. I'll go for a scrappy 1-0 win with Dack getting his first for the club. COYB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The veiled anger; the cynicism towards the team is 100% caused by the vandalism of the Club by the ineptitude of the Owners. We are a frustrated fan-base that wants change. Away fans go for the 'craic' and to show their love for a Club that has been whisked from under their feet.
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    Reading some of the stuff on here you can see exactly why many fans have no sympathy when a Venkys type situation happens to a club. We, of all people, should have solidarity with Wimbledon and respect them for all they have achieved in the face of overwhelming odds and a football establishment stacked against them. People should see what has happened to them and us as part of the same problem and stop talking mince. Who won the FA Cup? FFS, it was Wimbledon, the clue is in the name.
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    Venky's seem to have a habit of dropping us out of a league just before a massive TV deal kicks in.
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    A great moment when Charlie bagged his 2nd today. It certainly looks like it means a lot to him. Hopefully he stays.
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    Excellent result, if not the greatest performance we'll ever see. Evans and Smallwood were both excellent first half and effectively won us the match. MK Dons had some decent players and an absolute man-mountain in the centre of the pitch but our two dogs of war didn't give him a sniff. When they tired in the 2nd half was when MK Dons started to come into it. They had some neat footballers. I'm not sure the result flattered us as Samuel and Antonsson both messed up when clean through first half but it was certainly very nervy until the calmest man on the pitch got us the third. Samuel's goal was just the icing on a very enjoyable football cake. Raya - 6 - Flapped for one in the first half when under a bit of pressure but besides that didn't have a lot to do. Caddis - 6 - Got forward well in the 1st half and put a couple of decent crosses in. Hit some decent balls into the front men from the RB position. Not really troubled defensively. Williams 6 - Briefly turned into Roberto Carlos with a cracking strike into the bottom corner from 25 yards-ish. Spent a lot of the first half either giving the ball away trying to play Conway in inside the full-back or arguing with Conway about who was marking their talented right full-back who kept bombing forward. The goal came from his side as did a couple more dangerous crosses. Not convinced by him. Ward - 7 - Thought he had a good game, composed and played it out well from the back. Won a lot of headers. Not really troubled as everything was in front of him, he'll have much harder afternoons. Mulgrew - 9 - Two goals and some superb passes. I thought the free-kick was superb, just cleared the wall and zipped into the bottom corner. His header was excellent too, some players would have just nodded it back across goal but he got his angles spot on. A stroll in the park for someone of his ability. Bennett - 6 - Worked really hard and put in a few decent crosses. Protected Caddis well. Doesn't really have the ability to beat anyone so didn't really offer an attacking threat. Conway - 5 - He was poor. Offered Williams very little protection against a very attacking full back and when he got the ball did little with it. Rightly subbed. Smallwood - 9 - Already a cult hero. He was excellent. Won every tackle, picked up nearly every loose ball in the centre of the park, and showed a decent passing range. Has a bit of Billy McKinlay/Flitty about him. He essentially plays like central midfielders used to play before football started to disappear up it's own at$e Evans - 8 - Was a good foil for Smallwood, used the ball intelligently and put his fair share of meaty challenges in. If him and Smallwood stay fit and playing like they did today we will have a central midfield worthy of the name for the first time in a long time. Antonsson - 5 - Tried hard, and he may not be match-fit yet, but on todays evidence looks a bad 'un. He was clean through and passed it back to their keeper. Mowbray finally lost patience with him when one of ours had the ball in midfield on the counter and Antonsson had half the pitch to run into. Instead he headed straight for their centre halves who easily cut out the pass. Not sure who decided it was a good idea to pay £2m for him. Hopefully he improves. Samuel - 8 - He played well, offered himself for the ball every time and made it stick most times. He stretched their defence with his running in behind and in the end deserved his goal for keeping going. Subs:- Chapman - 7 - We've got a player! Did more in ten minutes going forward than Conway and Bennett did all game. Picked the ball up three times in wide areas, created one goal and put in two other good crosses. Absolutely destroyed their right back and left back and was a joy to watch. There's absolutely no reason why he can't be given a start in the league very soon, especially at home. Gladwin - 3 - Can only assume he was on sedatives. Thought Mowbray was going to sub him after ten minutes of bringing him on, he was going mad trying to get him to wake up after he made another half-hearted effort to get the ball. He actually has a decent touch but he seems mentally very slow. Mowbray - Good to see him playing players in their correct positions. We still look shaky at the back when attacked down the flanks so I can see why he's going with two hard-working wide men. Unfortunately, the pay off is that they offered very little attacking threat. Maybe Chapman instead of Antonsson would have been better today. After 4-1 though it would be churlish to criticise. MK Dons were a big team, but also technically pretty decent. They had some good players (NO 20 was good, as was the RB and the giant in midfield) but seemed to lack much up front. They won't be the worse team we face this season. All in all a very enjoyable afternoon, a decent atmosphere and a cracking result. Well done the players and the manager
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    For me yesterday was an even bigger smack in the teeth because of the opponent we were facing. Had we crashed out of the mickey mouse cup in round 2 against a Premier league side other than the unwashed I wouldn't have even blinked. I couldn't care less about the trophy. However, this was more than that. This was a game against our fierce rivals. This is a game that every player, manager & coach of either club should be looking forward too and aiming to win at all costs. Tony Mowbray didn't do that and, for me, it is a huge roll of the dice. If he fails to get a result against MK Dons after resting our first team players then serious questions should be asked over his judgement. Let me be frank here, I am not in any way saying we should, or could, have gone out there with a first 11 and beat Burnley. They are a Premier league team, although they really aren't that good at all. Though what they were is well drilled and disciplined - something I couldn't say for ourselves. The game plan of pumping it to Gladwin didn't work. For me he was one of our worst players, along with Feeney, Whittingham and whoever that bloke from Leeds is. Gladwin failed to win any crucial headers, and when he did they didn't find a Rovers player or any meaningful place. Second to that the one time he broke and found himself 1 on 1 against a defender he took a U-turn, ran into a corner and back heeled it against him as if winning a throw in helped us. Very poor piece of play. He certainly isn't good enough. Then we talk about our wingers. Chapman showed glimpses of quality, and indeed our best phases of play came from his direct running. He didn't show this often enough though and, for whatever reason, chose silly long diagonal balls instead. These improved when he had tenacious Conway running onto them. In the first half he was aiming for Liam Feeney or the ever disappointing Marcus Antonsonn and it was quite clear neither had the tenacity, willpower or skill to chase the ball and use it. Liam Feeney had another shocker. One thing that has always impressed me about Feeney is his ability to cross. Other than that he is an average League 1/2 player on his best day. Yesterday he showed very little willingness. What I will say though is that TM clearly got his team to overload our left hand side and, subsequently, Feeney was largely invisible for the first 30-35 minutes. When he was brought off Conway provided far more than him and I felt vindicated in my harsh criticism of him at half time. Whittingham was invisible. Nothing else needs to be said about him. Williams is nothing short of a liability. He can't tackle, he gives the ball away, he panics in possession. There was more than one occasion where he ran the ball into a 50-50 and lost out. That shows me his legs aren't strong enough or he simply doesn't want it enough. He should have been flying into tackles and making the Prem boys know they were here to have a battle and not just walk out of any 50-50's with ease. Everybody on these boards knows my opinion of Elliot Ward. For the second goal he was marking grass. Granted Gladwin let his player simply drift across him, pick the ball up and rifle it in all too easily. In fact, it was at that moment I decided if I was manager he'd never get another start, but you have to look at the experienced Elliot Ward to see that ball, close down the space and block off the opportunity. He did none of them - simply stood there, watched as the ball went in and then turned to Mulgrew shrugging. Quite what Charlie makes of this man I don't know but if I had the ability of CM and forced to play alongside this buffoon I'd be infuriated. Now onto Anton-never. I say that because he never brought a ball down, never made a good pass, never won a header, never made a good first touch, never chased a ball meaningfully, never showed any passion and was never in the right position at the right time. In fact, I am pretty certain for our disallowed goal, it was him who scuffed the shot into Samuel's path. If that ball had fallen to any other player you'd have expected them to put their laces through it and hit the back of the net. Correct me I'm wrong on this. When Conway, Bennett and Samuel were brought on the game changed. You could see we had something going forward. Samuel brought down the first long ball pumped to him, something that other lad couldn't do if he was still trying now. Having Bennett on the pitch seemed to unleash Chapman. I think a front three of Chapman, Conway, Bennett or Dack is the winning formula with either Graham or Samuel up top. Neither Gladwin, Feeney or Antonsonn would get a start under me again. Overall Tony Mowbray has a lot to answer for. He put out a weak team when we needed some fight. He's let us down, he's let himself down and he's let the club down. Moreover, the players he chose let all of the above down and their manager. He gave them a chance and they showed neither the ability or the willpower to take it. They should be ashamed. Thanks to David Raya and Mulgrew. Without you two lads the score could have gone into a cricket score. This team without Charlie Mulgrew is nothing short of abysmal. If Tony doesn't see this, notice our defensive frailties and make some additions then he's a fool. A win against MK is the minimum we expect on Saturday. Anything less and you've dug your own grave; this will not be forgotten.
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    The game yesterday was my first for a long time. I am back from Spain for 11 days and I have never been to a game at Rochdale before, so was persuaded to attend by a mate, who also paid for my ticket. Met up around 12.30pm and popped over to Owd Betts for a pint of Guinness first and met up with another couple of mates, I haven't seen for a while. Arrived at the stadium just before two and felt the atmosphere building in the concourse, as it gradually filled up. Also saw a few people in there, who I have seen for a while, so even before kick off I was buzzing. Once in my seat, it was great to hear the singing and see the away end packed, in anticipation of a good day for the Rovers. On to the game itself, I thought the early goal was crucial, as it settled the nerves and meant the optimism of the fans, never waivered. I thought the first half was pretty even, but thought Evans stood out and Smallwood, cemented what appears to be his new found cult status, with the fans, meeting the volley for his goal, sweetly. The songs about him, reminded my of the Noel Brotherston, King of Ewood Park one. At half time, I was happy to be one up. The second half was more Rovers and again Evans stood out for me. He seemed to have a bit more time and his decision making was quicker than anyone else. The chances were beginning to come and sure enough, when the second did arrive, it was game over. Rochdale, probably had their best spell after that, but only for around ten minutes. Apart from the drive that Raya tipped on to the bar and a couple of low crosses that zipped across our six yard box, I don't think they really troubled us. The third was the icing on the cake and was a terrible mistake by their keeper, but was the tonic that Graham, may well have needed. The drive back to Blackburn was a pleasant one and it was good to catch up with the family later, with the three points safely tucked away. I don't go back home to Spain until Friday morning, so my son, who couldn't attend yesterday, is now trying to persuade me to go to Scunthorpe on Tuesday night. It is another ground I have never visited, so I am sorely tempted.
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    Ultimately, if we continue to not give our own lads a chance we might as well shut down the Academy and save £3m a year. If Harper is played ahead of our own it will help WBA develop their player and in twelve months time he will return to the Hawthorns. In twelve months a number of our lads will be out of contract and I suspect will look for a club where they will get a fair crack of the whip.
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    To be fair to MGP, it is less than ten years since a volcano stopped us getting Lewandowski, we were signing the likes of McCarthy from Champions League winning teams and we were turning around Bayern Munich rejects for massive profit. We were a Premier League staple, something to be proud of, that we took for granted. Yorke and Cole (not too long after a treble win) graced Ewood, an aging Rooney wouldn't be pie in the sky. We should never forget stuff like that, especially when players are choosing Lincoln City over us or we fear the likes of Preston taking our better players. Two families to blame for this mess, the Rao's and the Walkers.
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    Being a Rovers fan from Burnley I would absolutely love it if we beat them tonight, I've been around Burnley fans all my life and even if I wasn't a Rovers fan I'd still hate them, some of the most arrogant deluded football supporters in the country. COME ON ROVERS!!!!
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    Fantastic.Thanks for posting.Brought a tear to my eye. There is hope. What a great win for the wonderful fans... I am holding two separate lines of thought at the same time...joy and pride in the club and these fans, along with a complete and utter refusal to pretend all is well and an unwillingness to forget that our owners and other crooks have taken us down two divisions( among many other things!) Nothing divisive in that either. RTID
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    We nipped in. It was great. Good to see that so many care so much. A fine bunch of people, I'm lucky enough to know some of them. One day these owners will leave. We will go again. We are the Rovers.
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    I agree on the money front. But regarding "they are doing their job as owners" - they are not by a long way. No other club in the whole of the 4 divisions is run with no Managing Director or Chairman. No other club is run by a "shadow director" who is an expert in the poultry industry making the key decisions. The best signings we could make are a proper Executive team based at Ewood.
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    You have the principles of a great supporter and before I start on this note please don't take this as some kind of personal attack. It's obvious you care for the club. However, you couldn't be more wrong if you tried. Firstly, we are not spending a lot of money. With sales this summer we are actually only -£261k. You'll see other clubs are quite close to that spending and, indeed, Fleetwood have spent double that. Whilst it is true some clubs have 0 expenditure, mostly the lower table League 1 clubs I may add, they have utilised the loan market and brought in a similar amount of players. Further from that few clubs have lost the amount of players we have over the past 3 seasons. With efficient running of the club we should be sitting on a transfer surplus that goes into the tens of millions. (https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/league-one/transfers/wettbewerb/GB3/saison_id/2017). Note that the link is just for this season. Feel free to do as I have done and go back a few years to see we actually haven't spent over the top in comparison to our rivals. Secondly, yes they are. They promised to respect the legacy of Jack Walker and promised us that the club would run the way in which we was accustomed to. It quickly became apparent that this wasn't the case. Good, honest people lost their jobs whilst the band of crooks the Venkys employed, funded and continue to do business with, rampaged through the club taking apart every stitch that had been sewn by Jack. The community had to act quick among rumours of asset sales such as Brockhall and Ewood to apply planning restrictions, people received threats, Sky interviews were made to feign the victim and utter contempt shown for us with the appointment and subsequent support of Kean. That is just the tip of the iceberg and relative to Rovers. Look a tad deeper into the Venkys and you'll see a trail of corruption and greed, ranging from the Lavasa Corporation and the lawsuit against them all the way to Balaji himself supposedly beating a business partner with an iron pole (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/pune/Venkys-director-among-4-booked-after-manager-alleges-assault/articleshow/34550989.cms). These are people are pure evil; rich, corporate, distasteful souls that saw an opportunity to make money, either through the direct sales of assets or through, in my opinion, using a football club to absorb losses elsewhere and hide the true state of affairs in the Venkys portfolio and took it. They shown utter disregard for our club, our town and you. IF they had any principles they would have, by now, sought adequate advice and appointed somebody to run the club on a day to day basis that was both transparent and respected. Instead they opt for a ghost in Suhail, loyal to only them, and advise him not to speak to the fans. That isn't incompetence, that is the definition of malicious. Finally if new owners came in and ran the club the way in which it is being run I'd be just as angry. Need I remind you we have no board, had no communication except the "we are committed", a threadbare squad and owners that haven't attended in years. How can you be happy with what's going on at the moment?
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    Mowbray has had plenty of brickbats this season so today he deserves a few bouquets. The simple but effective system had players in their correct positions and seemingly knowing their jobs. Aside from a fallow period in the second half I thought we were quite comfortable with the substitutions being made at the right time to have a positive effect on the game and ultimately the result. I said last week that I didn't think Smallwood and Evans should play together at home but today they were a really good combination probably winning more second balls than we have for a long time. Mulgrew is going to be key this season if we are to do anything as he is head and shoulders above anybody in this league. Samuel worked really hard and took up some clever positions. He is far from the finished article but his performances auger well for the season. I am still concerned about our full backs but if we can get on a winning run they should keep their positions. Whilst the performance had lots of positives there are still things to improve upon but I think a real benefit from today will be the confidence gained which was more apparent after the third goal. Let's hope we can have lots of post match feel good this season as the losing feeling was depressing us all.
  26. 11 likes
    If it wasn't for the 'joyless' protesters, or the contents of this MB, you'd be half a column short most weeks. Enjoyed the bits of the article that were relevant to the football.
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    It is exactly what the players and fans need to hear. I can't think of a single team who ever achieved anything off the back of negativity and frustration. There's a real togetherness and belief on the pitch developing and we are developing that cycle between fans inspiring players into positive performances, performances influencing positive fans - at what point that cycle starts (nor does it matter) I have no idea, either way, we needed it to happen. It's great to see us connecting with the players and them connecting with us, rather than us turning up to watch journeymen steal a living off us. Those players really are playing for the shirt and fans. Maybe it took us to drop so low for us to be able to attract driven players who actually respect the club for what is stood for, rather than as a boost for their retirement fund? We can't change where we are playing our next game, but we can certainly keep spurring the players onwards and upwards.
  29. 11 likes
    Terrific effort once again. We had 1k at Southend and 2k at Bradford despite what has happened to our club which is a great reflection on the fans. We are doing our bit - it's over to Mowbray and the team now.
  30. 11 likes
    Think the thread has lost its purpose now. I have supported Rovers since 1992 because I was a big fan of Kevin Moran. I was only 9 years of age then. I am from Ireland so he was our hero. Obviously got great times following Blackburn but after that when they were in the Premier league I took them for granted. Venkys took over and I lost interest until March 2016. Went to Ewood to the Leeds game with a few of my Irish Leeds friends and we had a great time even though we lost 1-2. First time in Ewood and I fell in love. Magical place. It is a special place. Disappointing thing was went out in Blackburn that night and everyone I talked to mostly supported Man united or someone else. Could not believe it. Your club is your club. Through good or bad times. If I was living in Blackburn I would be there for every game. Have my flights booked for the Bristol Rovers game and can not wait. People here in ireland think I am half mad supporting Rovers but when you are in love you are in love. RTID 💪👍⚽️🔵⚪️🇮🇪
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    Your post is generally well thought out but I cannot agree about them spending money relative to our status. Since July we have lost several big earners including Steele, Lowe and Henley with a saving of around £40k a week on their wages. The number of players out is disproportionate to the numbers in so there is another saving there. And if/when we ship Lenihan out the fee will probably cover our spending on fees for incoming players. They have reputedly spent £800k on business consultants to advise what? Close down Radio Rovers, reduce the quality of the match day programme, cut the hours of the ticket office staff? Nothing has really changed in the last seven years, the mistakes are still being made but now we simply don't have the profile in the media and most of the nonsense goes under the radar. The Raos have pretty much killed this club so from a footballing perspective they are the personification of evil to me.
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    He has a massive head (physically) and runs like Spongebob Squarepants - so he'll suit yellow.
  33. 11 likes
    I wouldn't have Lowe back if he offered to play for free.
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    I wasn't at the Salzburg game but I was at Rochdale the last time we lost to them in the league in 1972. I despise our owners as much as anyone but I still walked away from the latest Rochdale game with a smile on my face. I won't let the Chicken Chokers take away what bits of pleasure I get from our recent upturn in fortune. I'm looking forward to Saturday afternoons again now and I'm not going to apologise for that.
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    You've got to like Mowbray's attitude regarding the club. He's got the happy knack of saying the right things. I suppose it helps if you're a basically decent and honest person.
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    First of all, we've no divine right to be in the Premiership. Secondly, although you scoffed a while ago about the possibility of promotion saying 'who cares we should be in the Premier League anyway" the last time I looked you can't get promoted two divisions at once so its one step at a time and this season is obviously vitally important to that end. Thirdly many people including yourself are quick enough to complain about misplaced premature or excessive optimism, I'm complaining about the constant premature misplaced or excessive pessimism and allowing myself a note of cautious optimism. Sorry if thats offends you. Finally whilst im sorry to say it you are extremely divisive imo. It does not seem as though you will ever be happy whilst Venky's are at the Club even if we start to enjoy a limited measure of success and are only really happy venting your spleen on here whenever we lose a game. For my own part if the Rao's start or continue to act in a sensible and consistent manner which brings us some improvement on the pitch then I can cope with that and can embrace any small successes that come our way rather than be fixated and obssessed by what has happened in the past.
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    Theres only two Jordan Williams...
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    The Daily Mail described him as a 'hunky footballer', a bit feminine like....
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    Personally, think this hasn't been a bad window for us. The players we wanted to keep are all still here and we've made a number of additions, admittedly one or two still have to prove themselves. However, for a League One club with limited resources I'm pleased with the outcome this window. Now it's up to the manager and his staff to get the best out of them and mount a promotion challenge.
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    "We need a left back we need a left back" Left back signs. "But but but I wanted a different left back" Let's see if the lads any good before we start blasting the signing shall we.
  42. 10 likes
    Get this lad from Motherwell, close the damm window, give graham a rocket up his arse, win the league. Job done
  43. 10 likes
    You must know more about football than you do about beer.
  44. 10 likes
    Smallwood was excellent. Finally a Rovers player who can put a foot in in the middle of the park, albeit at this level.
  45. 10 likes
    You lot are all fecking nuts if you think there's any future under Venky's. Burnley are vastly superior than us in all aspects, we won't finish in the top 2, it will get worse than before it gets any better. It's too late to try and fight them, the boat has been missed. The only way out if waiting now. Like any business, if the bosses don't care about it then it goes to pot.
  46. 10 likes
    Lowe is awful player. Smallwood has made more tackles this season already than Lowe did in the whole of last season.
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    How the @#/? can you single out Bennett of all people as being poor tonight? You're deluded mate. Bennett is one of if not the most consistent player we have, and no not consistently rubbish. He's going too be key for us this season, if we had 11 players who played with the effort and commitment of Bennett we wouldn't go far wrong. The lad is a true professional and too single him out on a night where all our players underperformed is ridiculous.
  48. 10 likes
    You beat me to it but I tried to remain kind. One of the daftest points of view I've seen on here for quite some time. This team needs more players with Bennett's attitude and effort.
  49. 10 likes
    This Brfcs infighting is embarrassing, have a @#/? word with yourselves. Its the week of the burnley game, you'd think you'd be spitting bile in those backward swines directions not at your own fans. If you want to go then go, if you want stay away then stay away, its not a completion. Just for the record - Any burnley ****s reading this, you'll always be in our shadow, form is temporary, cups and history are permanent
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    The right match is Blackburn Rovers vrs Burnley, always has been, always will be, and the gate will be extremely poor, so thats just bunkum blueboy. The boycotters are doing just what they said they would, so instead of arguing and try to point score, we should all be bloody well mourning the loss of thousands of fans that simply cannot bring themselves to support this shell of a football club under those rats in Pune.