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    Fake/citezenship/ passports - Formica, a recipe in Italy. Hidden work permits in drawers at Ewood - Shaw/Agnew - leaving rovers with a decimated medical team - whilst they played King of the castle. Kean's contract written by himself, with ludicrous bonus and a hefty personal loan off rovers for himself Kentaro massive business associate in Venkys pharmaceutical business (this has always bugged me, that relationship of the people who were in Kentaro continues) Yet its still laid out they were naive. Anderson a snake and well out of the picture, but he was never the pied piper, he was just allowed to be one of many lunatics in the asylum. It goes much deeper than him and not on these shores. Why did they get away with it and there will be no retribution? Simple Kentaro were one of the FA's biggest Financial partner/sponsor, with their support massive with our own national team. 95% of gagging orders were issued by our own FA as they knew this was much bigger than Blackburn rovers, and would have had lasting damaging implications to the administration who govern our english game. Regardless of the current climate, £100 million plus later spent, the day they darkened our door, was the day the heart was ripped out of the club. Whatever the future holds, the club will never have that beating heart of being the pillar of our community as long as they own this club. Many say we should forgive, be grateful, we would be no more without them etc. I'D RATHER PUT PINS IN MY EYES
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    It's bizarre and a really lazy assumption that ill informed people make. So the same supporters who applauded them onto the pitch suddenly became racists? It was the same with Paul Ince. Suddenly the club was racist when he was sacked but only months before the very same club appointed him. Sacking Ince and disliking Venkys was/is nothing to do with race. One was an awful manager and the others are awful owners.
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    Just looking back through this thread and I think I've found the exact moment the wheels came off this season..... Since then - L L W L L D
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    It's clear the early season enthusiasm has evaporated amongst the majority of fans and the reason is clear and present....we have seen it all before under this Managers tenure,the excuses Ad Nauseam. Stupid,apathetic performances and results with Players being played out of position and as a result the Team looking confused and ineffective,sometimes even looking beaten before a Ball is kicked. It's personally boring the shyte out of me,mindnumbing...this easy street Manager does not inspire nor motivate. We're going nowhere and I'm fed up of it.
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    😂this will be our last sky game for a while! I'm sure some of the cut outs in the Jack Walker have left.
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    And drew last week with Watford - that unstoppable expensive juggernaut that we had absolutely no right to expect anything against and who got beat by Barnsley yesterday.
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    As a massive critic of his so far, I’m very pleased to admit he’s winning me round more and more. He’s not the most conventional or elegant player, but he’s mastering how to be extremely effective for us. When he picks the ball up and runs at players he seems to frighten the opposition to death. I’m calling these his Forest Gump runs... they really do get us up the pitch. Even if he seems to be running to nowhere that bit of clumsiness means he draws loads of fouls, winning free kicks and panicking opponents into getting carded. That said, we are also seeing some really intelligent end product and some lovely hold up play. Unorthodox is exactly How I’d describe that finish today as well... an easier chance and I’d be watching through my fingers, worried he’s going to put it out for a throw in. Somehow I just knew he was going to convert that chance though. What really impressed me today was his defensive work though. He had improved this facet of his game immensely. I’ve often seen a lack of desire from him, but lately, and no more so than today, he seemed to really relish that side of his game. He was a big help to JRC playing in an unnatural position and took off a big weight defensively. Another MOTM performance, and he (as well as Holtby) seem to have really found their positions in this system. With the nature of that position he’s bound to have the odd quiet game, and while I don’t think he will ever be a prolific scorer, at the moment he’s incredibly effective and a key component of the team. Fair play to him and Mowbray. And I’m utterly delighted I’m being proven wrong.
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    I can't agree with your statement. When they arrived we were a mid table PL club with one of the best management structures in the country. We had a debt of £20m and the guarantee of £80m tv income. Our crowds were averaging around 22000 and we had a healthy home support. They have killed most of that, their name is above the door and they are responsible. We'll never know for sure but I can confidently say that in my view without them we wouldn't have been relegated twice, owe £180m or so to somebody, have had a plethora of spivs and chancers turn us into a laughing stock and are averaging around 11000 fans for home games. So for as for us not being here I and many others believe we would still be in the PL under the structure they chose to dismantle.
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    He should have been sacked last season during the 9 defeats from 11 run. On top of Tonebola’s long long long list of excuses and deflection settle in for the endless cycle of justifying him as manager. Start of a season: what idiots want to sack a manager this early let’s see where we are at Xmas. Xmas arrives: busy period can’t possibly sack a manager during such an important schedule of fixtures. After Xmas: let’s see what he does with the January transfer window. After January window: tough to do business in January. Plus it’s too close to the end of the season now can’t possibly sack him. End of the season: let’s see what he can do over the summer with some new faces. Who would possibly come here anyway. Start of next season: what idiots want to sack a manager this early let’s see where we are at Xmas...
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    Its an interesting podcast, but not anything I've not reported before 11th August 2011 i wrote this : https://roversrevisited.blogspot.com/2011/08/puppet-or-puppeteer.html?m=1#comments 5 years later after further investigation,i then released further information and this was the result https://www.sportskeeda.com/football/misery-at-blackburn-rovers-leaked-documents-reveal-harrowing-details-of-the-indian-rule-at-riverside The truth is,if it had not been for the supporters,we probably wouldnt have a club now. We stood up against the crooks, shouted louder than they could handle and one by one took each one out. BRFCS was a big part of ensuring the likes of Anderson are no more. The FA, Premier League, Football league and Parliament took us serious and had very uncomfortable moments as we sat across the table from us. what this podcast shows, is as fans it was not our job to expose it, or indeed spend our own money to do so. Many out there had the inside track,but stayed quiet
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    Won't stop a small handful criticising him, which frankly is starting to piss me off. I get having scapegoats of our worst players all the time, there's always a weak link in a side to be improved. But for a long time now there have consistently been a tiny bunch who slag off whoever our best player is. Rhodes, then Dack, now Armstrong. I know they're not beyond reproach, but some seem to expect them to be perfect. Arma has 11 league goals and we are only a week into November. If he misses the odd chance or does something 'greedy' as someone said earlier, so fucking be it. He has more goals than 9 of the teams in this league have. None of our other players have more than 3 (and that's a central midfielder). He knows he is our best hope of goals so of course he is going to look to score as his first instinct.
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    Anyone who counters Mowbray out with "who would you replace him with". How small minded must you be. Look at clubs that hire unknowns with some success abroad - Graham Potter. Reading hiring some unknown with a good rep abroad, that team is nowhere near better than ours. We just have a shit manager.
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    ‘Fantstic result’. Jesus Christ. Mowbray’s men out in force tonight - the dumbing down is well and truly working. We were at home to Boro FFS!!
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    I agree that it’s pretty unhelpful to keep picking at this scab. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years of this lot being here though. There’s hardly a decade of highlights to look back on. That said, I do get quite upset at the idea that the efforts of Glen et al, and the few hundred protesters, are somehow responsible for a fractured fanbase. Not enough people would stand against Kean, let alone put pressure on Venkys, and the vast majority did nothing. Should this minority have simply stood with the majority and supported Kean and what he was doing? Would that have helped? Would that have avoided the fanbase being fractured? And would the fanbase not being fractured have kept us up? Because it was ultimately relegation that halved the fanbase (plastics who were only here to watch PL football on the cheap jumping ship), and it was Venkys sticking by their nice man thereafter that made the silent protesters walk away, most of them never to return. (The fact they didn’t help with protests is the most unforgivable part). Once the destruction began, a fractured fanbase was inevitable. I really really wish there had been a sizeable majority who would have fought for the club. We could have made a huge statement walking from the town hall to Ewood. It really was very very little to ask of fans to show their displeasure on a large scale. 10,000 fans walking down Bolton Road would have been a statement but ended up being about 300, with major apathy and another 300 milling around the ground in the “fanzone”. It would have made a difference. Instead it handed Kean the opportunity to call us “the 1%” and say that 99% of fans were behind him and could “see what he was trying to do”. The irony being that they absolutely couldn’t - and didn’t want to. It was too little too late, but when Ewood finally turned (in a big way) at the end of the Wigan game when we were relegated, that was the moment there should have been a change. It didn’t happen. That was when it was confirmed that Venkys valued Kean more than the fans. Naive my arse. It was pure arrogance and petulance from the children of a rich entrepreneur (sounds familiar) - ‘who do these ungrateful people think they are to question us?’ The offspring off rich people should never be asked to maintain their parent’s passion unless they absolutely share that passion - especially where football clubs and their communities are at stake.
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    I'd been in my old job for 23 years and was getting totally fed up with it. I'd just started to look for another job when they announced they were looking for voluntary redundancies. I managed to get 4.25 weeks per year redundancy pay, took a month off and walked straight onto another job. Now only working 30 hours a week and enjoy the new job much more than the old one. Happy days
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    Even Downing isn’t fit. Another great bit of business. Get an inspiring manager in and watch that treatment room empty itself. Patience is running thin.
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    I'm one of those people that wasn't sucked in by an admittedly very impressive couple of wins against dreadful sides early doors. The 'brilliant start' lasted about 4-5 games and saw us peak at about 5th place for a week, since when our trajectory has been a downward one over the last 5-6 games with the exception of the Coventry win. We could easily end up in trouble this season. I thought Sheff Wed would be a nailed on bottom 3 bet but their survival chances have rocketed after a good win and deduction reduction today. Wycombe have turned a corner with impressive results vs Watford, Wednesday and Birmingham, hitting some momentum and consistency that we are still waiting to achieve. Sides who many look down their noses at including our manager are outperforming us. This includes Luton, Millwall and Preston. Sides who many on here said we had no right to expect results against e.g. Bournemouth and Watford, now dropping points against sides below us in the table. Of course Mowbray is now armed with his raft of excuses for anyone who dares question performances and results and is able to point to the Covid issues and injuries. Ok. He has some sympathy on that front because a lot are missing. But lets not make out that we were running rampant before those players went missing or that we have ever or will ever have a situation where all these players are fit and available together or that this manager would know what to do with them all if they ever were all available. We were inconsistent to say the least when most of them were here. Douglas, Johnson, Armstrong, Kaminski could be argued to be unfortunate absences, however Mowbray has a £12 million strike force waiting in the wings along with 2 goalkeepers just signed this summer so I'm not sure he can plead poverty on that front. The rest are injury prone or long term injuries that he has had chance to recruit replacements for. Folk predicting promotion or even play offs need to revise their expectations because it ain't happening under this setup. 12th to 18th was my pre-season estimate but I'm not as confident of that right now with the state of things. Shame because we've ended up with a squad of players capable of much more and it likely won't be here beyond this season.
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    We have the lowest total points at this stage since coming back up, and that was as low a performance as I can remember at home. Our 12 million strikers had absolute stinkers and have done since we signed them. We are closer to going back down again that going up. so can somebody please tell me where the progress and optimism is because I’m just not seeing it. Facts are facts
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    For me, the legacy of Mowbray not sorting the defence is what every signal fan will come back to. We concede dire goals, not just these last two games but for most of Mowbrays reign. The personnel has not been improved and we are reliant on loans to play left back with a long history of injuries. The air of stagnation at this club stinks, too easy for back pats when it's all going wrong. Not enough butting of heads, all too nice. Unfortunately it stems from the manager, and rightly or wrongly what we have seen from him for years. A new manager would have probably been able to get some slack for our injury crisis yesterday, Mowbray isn't afforded that as soon as we concede awful goals as he has consistently had an awful defence.
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    Looks like the training match was today - hope all went well.
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    Keith Andrews would never have stood a chance in the modern game.
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    He’s had many of these runs before .. Venkys are asleep and nobody cares ... sleep walking back to the league position when he first walked in .... 4 years on ..
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    Hands up who gets annoyed and depressed just at the sight of Mowbray ?
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    It’s not even a lockdown in any sense of the word. This is sheer taking of liberty. If schools, colleges, construction, manufacturing and other “key” industries (say that loosely) then there will be few families in the U.K. actually suitably isolating. The rest of us will still be exposed to the virus whilst we are ensuring the “survival of the economy” and will be rewarded by having to sit in the house for every minute of your spare time because it’s too dangerous to leave it....unless you are working. £12bn wasted on T&T, countless billions on PPE, sacrifice made by so many in Spring and this is how we are rewarded. This government isn’t fit to run a circus.
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    “Naive” and “Badly advised”... No doubt both of these things are true, but I’d say it’s also pretty indisputable they have also displayed massive amounts of arrogance and incompetence. Ignoring that and blaming everything on Jerome Anderson and absolving Venky’s is ridiculous. Apparently he was persona non grata when Coyle was appointed... although join the dots with the agents of all their managerial appointments since Bowyer and it’s apparent that the “lessons have been learned” line isn’t true. Like Glen and Philip have touched on, there’s nothing much new there for us, and plenty more that could have been said, but obviously it’s for the wider audience.

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