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    What a bloody good afternoon! 3 points in the bag and won £555 on the half-time lottery! 😁😁😁
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    Hey guys, not sure how you receive opposition fans, so could be my first and last post... I'm a Forest fan. Just came along to see your thoughts on Ben Brereton. Allegedly Jim Whyte of SSN has said today on TalkSport you're now willing to pay up to £14m for Brereton and are confident of it being done this week. So thought i'd give you my thoughts on BB. He's a very mature player for 19yrs. He's a strong lad, he is a very willing runner and his movement gives centre-backs a tough time. He is much better centrally than out wide (can also play wide in a 3) where he moves into channels to win balls and drags players out of position. He is not afraid to go up against defenders and can beat them when facing them up. He is also very good at picking the ball up a bit deeper and driving at defenders, cutting inside/outside and going past them. His movement finds him in good positions to score. He's not particularly fast, but the way he likes to run at people means he is usually facing them up so he knocks it by them and goes, he moves as quickly with the ball than without it. In a straight sprint off the ball he's not the quickest. But he loves to run with the ball at defenders. What he needs to develop still.. Is his finishing/composure. He was our main man the second half of last season and the pressure didn't help him as a then 18yr old. He missed quite a few very good chances where he seemed to lose his composure. He has previously scored a lot of goals at youth level with calm finishes, but he couldn't really get it together at first team level yet. He also struggles with his back to goal, he's not mastered his first touch yet with someone up his backside, and it can bounce off him, or he tries to win a lot of free kicks and gets in some trouble for diving. I think it's just a bit of naivety and if he can learn to not get occupied with a battle with stronger players, he can focus on winning the ball more than beating the man. In the main, I think most Forest fans would be sad to see him go, because he is a talented young lad who can come off the bench and change the dynamic of a game. Not sure he's totally ready to be the leading man just yet, as he has some important parts of the game to learn, but he sure has the potential to be a very good no.9 with development. Not sure he's ever going to be a 20+ goal man, but he can contribute more than just that. In terms of a fee, we don't sell too cheaply nowadays. It's been mentioned we won't accept less than £12m. Which is probably right, wouldn't expect it to be all up front, but if he goes you can expect it to be a deal worth over 8 digits in total, with a sell-on included. Not sure what your financial situation is, or how true Jim Whyte's £14m rumour is. But we do currently hold the record for biggest fee between Champ clubs (£15m for Assombalonga to Boro & biggest teen received fee £13m for Burke - that was too cheap too as Fawaz was desperate to recoup a fee all up front). I think whilst he'd cost quite a bit for what he has done in the game so far, he does have potential and he could be someone who'd be a great foil for Bradley Dack, as he moves defenders around very well when on song, which could earn Dack some more space. Be interesting to see how it all plays out none-the-less !
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    He presented for every throw in. He moved the ball forward from defence to attack for the entire game. He presented every time Lenihan or Mulgrew had possession. He made an important foul when they were three on one. He continuously made two yards of space for himself to take the pressure off the defence. He did all that and only gave the ball away once all night, when he crossed over the back post. But yeah, disgraceful.
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    You’d be disappointed!? Mate, we’re 5th in the league with a team full of lads willing to die for the cause. We’ve signed some fantastic players this window already along with potential and we’re about to commit to £6m on a 19yr Old wonderkid!! If this isn’t heaven for a Rovers fan after the last 9yrs I don’t know what is!!? 🤣🤣
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    Not a direct dig at you but more a comment about the message board opinions in general. I think some of the comments on Smallwood have been very unfair... Alright, he is a limited player but for the most part last season he was a good player for us. When he last played at this level it was for a team with less quality than we have, more is expected of him this time, let's afford him some time to grow into this league before we just write him off, he surely earned enough respect from us to afford him that. I've seen Smallwood make more tackles in one game than I have in all of Jason Lowe's time here, there will be games or times within a game where we will need players like him. Lad has a great attitude, I just feel he's suffering because Evans is very similar, if he was playing along side more of a ball player like Cairney where he could win it and give it you'd probably see the best of him. Let me be clear, I'm all for giving criticism and praise where its due, if he plays poorly and he gets criticised then people are just saying what they're seeing, that's fair enough. What I don't want to see is him be the scapegoat, let him try and find his feet first and if he hasn't been good enough come January or next summer then at least he's had a fair crack and we move on.
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    Looking at their boards I can't believe the arrogance... Who do that lot think they are? "Should be beating sides like Blackburn"... No one has any right to beat anyone and a few of them saying they should be aiming for automatic promotion... 🤣😂 Very dangerous thinking that way in this league, you should look to take every game as it comes, teams who get out of this league do exactly that. I've seen many a team be tipped for promotion who've then struggled to stay up, if that lot start believing their own hype then they'll find themselves in a lot of trouble. Brentford are a small club who play decent football but who couldn't beat us even without Dack and Armstrong, they're better off keeping their head down and going under the radar like previous years. Just because they pass the ball around a bit doesn't make them the Barcelona of championship football, you need to win games a number of ways in this league or you'll be one dimensional and get figured out. We've played some top class passing football at times this season but to see us win in other ways is just as pleasing. Oh and Dean Smith the salty prick. Does he not realise how pathetic it looks blaming a football pitch because you didn't get a result? Jog on silly bollocks. They carry on with this entitled attitude they will struggle in this league, never mind get promoted. Today has definitely made my mind up about going to Griffin Park, looking forward to turning them over on their apparent bowling green of a pitch with a full strength side.
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    Harrison Reed sounds more like someone you would go to for legal advise or to buy a house.
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    Pick one of the best players in the championship and link them with a team outside the top 6 in the Premier league, then pretend to be in the know and call yourself a journalist... Slow claps for you dickhead. Any prem club with a scouting network will be well aware of Dack... In other news the sky is blue and it might rain this year. Clown.
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    Hi lads, Sunderland fan here. Just wanted to say good luck with Jack Rodwell. As you've already gathered, Sunderland fans in general consider him to be probably our worst signing in history, but I noticed not many people had mentioned his record when he was with us, and some are quoting that he was "fit and available to play" but being hounded out, which is a debatable point that I'll get to in a moment. There are a few other bits of info that are probably worth noting, so I'll throw them in too. As some of you have quite rightly pointed out, it was Sunderland's daft fault for giving him a 5-year contract on 70k per week and a relegation clause that would only activate if we failed to get promoted back to the Premier League on our first attempt, meaning that when we were relegated to the Championship we ended up stuck with a player on huge wages that couldn't get into the first team. He was literally the only player on our books that didn't have an automatic 40% wage reduction immediately if we were relegated. While it would be easy to say we Sunderland fans held his wages against him (because they restricted our transfer business) and the club froze him out to get rid of him, a lot of ground had been tread before we even got to that point in our relationship with him. First of all, his record. From the last time he'd won a match that he'd started when he was still playing for Man City until his first win as a match starter in a Sunderland shirt, he went 1370 days without being on the winning team in a match he had started. That 39 match streak included 37 starts for Sunderland in the 2.5 years he'd played for us up until that point... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38867929 Then there's his injury record. For a while it seemed like whenever we thought he was ready to come back into the team and was making noises in interviews that he was ready for selection, he'd get another injury. https://www.physioroom.com/news/english_premier_league/players/2742/jack_rodwell_injury.html We had manager after manager while Rodwell was at the club that seemed to give him a chance at first and then end up not selecting him ahead of our other midfielders when he was allegedly fit to play. After we were relegated, he decided he wasn't a midfielder anymore. Our then-new manager Simon Grayson said of him "“He told me that, before going into the first team, he had played centre-half for Everton and also through the age groups with England, and he felt that might be his best position because psychologically, and maybe physically as well, his body can’t take the demands of playing in midfield any more." https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/sunderland-hand-jack-rodwell-chance-13758808 Rodwell had been offered a way out. There were clubs interested in signing him for free and Sunderland had told him we'd happily rip up his contract and let him sign for another team, but he chose to stay with Sunderland on his 70k per week wages, training with our U23's. He at some point had announced to our management that he no longer wanted to play for Sunderland, and there was a rumour that he'd actually said that he no longer wanted to play football at all. He then released his now famous statement to the Daily Mail, which infuriated many of our fans with his talk of being the fittest he'd ever been and his hope of getting back into the England team... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5280715/Sunderland-outcast-Jack-Rodwell-insists-hes-not-blame.html ...to which Chris Coleman, our manager at the time responded... https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/chris-coleman-reacts-jack-rodwells-14177256 When he finally left in the Summer after our relegation to League 1 and our new chairman taking over, there were champagne bottles popping open all over Sunderland at seeing the back of him. Obviously we fans can only see snippets of information and try to fill in the blanks ourselves, so who knows what actually happened behind the scenes, but between his losing streak, his injuries, and the way each successive manager failed to get performances out of him, the rest of his time with us on high wages training with the U23's and refusing to leave to join other teams while claiming "it's not about money, I just want to play football" in his Daily Mail interview was just adding insult to injury. The general emotion in Sunderland right now is one of shock, that any professional football club would give Rodwell a chance after his time at Sunderland. I hope for your sake that the contract is some kind of pay-as-you-play deal with a clause that if you lose he doesn't get paid. Anyway, just wanted to pass on a Sunderland fan's perspective. All the best.
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    Any excuse to post this
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    You can't Rodwell with a Smallwood.
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    If we get Brereton and Reed over the line , those two along with Rothwell, Armstrong, Rodwell, Palmer have all represented England at some level , As a championship club to achieve that from just 7 signings ain’t a bad summers work. English players , with great potential joining a team brimming with confidence with only something like 4 defeats in 60 odd games. We’ve got to be happy with this surely? given the other player is Davenport who City rated highly and we’ve nailed Lenihan, Dack and Raya down to new deals, I can’t remember us having a squad with so much potential
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    Can’t see any agreed fee for January. He’s been down to Ewood for his photo pretty quick though!
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    Moments before we scored today Caddis got called over along with Graham and Mark Venus was showing him some instructions. I still can’t work out if he was going to come on or they just wanted a brew.
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    im man enough to say i teared up, its not the result as we win or lose yadda yadda, its for the first time ive seen how much fight and spirit is in this team, a weakend side to put that performance on and play until they run them selfs into the ground was just incredible, im in love with football again and rovers, i thought we would get hammered today but under mowbray we dont get hammered, we fight and we then we fight some more, brillant today, although i would of taken off smallwood for travis instead of evans his subs were spot on. il do player ratings in another post, gonna take a breather and go for a poo
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    Even from 2 down we should have won that, which shows not only the fighting spirit ingrained into that squad but also the lack of quality in the final third. We had so many opportunities to finish them off in the 2nd half it was unreal but our final ball let us down time and time again. A things that stood out:- Raya - summed up in two instances. Threw another in his goal for their first then pulled off an amazing save in the lead up to their 2nd. Had very little else to do, Nyambe - shaming the likes of Al and Jal who used to slag him off for sport. He made incredible improvements last season and has just carried that on. Brilliant performance tonight. The man is a tank. Nicky Reid crossed with Chris Price! Mulgrew - Convinced he'd miss one of them but he's learnt to vary his spot kicks. Balls of steel. Evans - ran the game at times. He's the player that first came to the club when he played so well under Bowyer until he got his first bad injury. He's a class above Smallwood. Smallwood - Felt genuinely sorry for him by the end of the first half. He looked a broken man after his final pass went astray. Looks to be lacking in confidence and I think the crowd turned on him a bit tonight for the first time. I think he's more cut out for away games where the onus is not on us to attack and he can just sit and put his foot in. I think Mowbray took him off a couple of times at home last season at half time. Something Mowbray needs to look at when we are at home against the less good sides. Rothwell - so unlucky with a couple of strikes. Ran himself into the ground. In the cold light of day though he didn't impose himself on the game like his technical ability suggested he should have. He was on the peripheries at times. Hopefully he'll become more consistent when he plays more because he's got all the attributes. Graham - I think he's finding it a bit more difficult to dominate defenders this season. I thought he was dreadful 1st half and improved a bit 2nd. Bennett - incredible 2nd half performance. Dragged us back into the game. He was everywhere. If he hadn't won that penalty we'd never have got a point. Conway - it was painful to watch. One of my favourite Rovers players of recent times but his legs have gone. He can't even turn back anymore to put a cross in. Granted he won't be match fit but he got the ball so many times 2nd half on the left corner of the box and each time he messed it up or chose the wrong ball. Decent cross for the Nuttall header from the right but it was the least expected. Nuttall - put himself about and did some great closing down but looks a bit slow to react to stuff. Lenny was telling him to get closer to Graham 2nd half because each time DG won a header Nuttall was a yard short of where he should have been to reach the ball. Maybe should have done better with that header. He needs a season on loan. Disappointed we didn't win in the end but pleased with the spirit we showed. We aren't a League 1 side, contrary to the @#/? I've read on here, because we've now outplayed 4 Championship sides. I think we may have played some of the worst teams in the league but still, we've still out classed them all in parts. It's just a shame we can't put teams to bed when we are on top and still concede silly goals. The home form could be a problem this season (like it was early last season) if Mowbray puts controlling the game before getting people in the box. We caused them problems 2nd half because we got the ball forward to 2 strikers, rather than the aimless punting to an isolated Graham 1st half. I know it's all in Tony We Trust these days but he must be able to come up with a better plan A at home than pass across the back for a few minutes then hoof it diagonally to Graham when they finally decide to close us down. I thought Reading had some skilful players but no heart. A few of their lads didn't want to know when Rothwell and Bennett started flying into them. The lad up front was good and caused us problems besides his goals. If Clement isn't sacked by December I'll be surprised. All in all a decent start to the season with a team that doesn't know when it's beaten. Unbeaten in four and the two homes games I've seen we've totally dominated for at least 45 minutes. The lack of a cutting edge is apparent though. We missed Dack 1st half but at least showed we can play at different way 2nd half and still cause problems. We desperately lack pace up front though. A Brereton, or whoever, would add a lot to our team.
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    Shame. Doesn’t count because it’s a loan. 6/7 more needed.
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    I awoke in a cold sweat. Tossing and turning with something deeply troubling that my subconscious couldn’t come to terms with about Caddis’ head/body conundrum... And chaps, it gets worse. The resolution is poor but... I suspect the headshot is from before he even joined It it certainly isn’t lifted from last years... BUT THAT’S NOT ALL Compare the backgrounds from the suspected lift, and look closer at our current squad image. Through the magic of photo manipulation... Someone is trolling “Plasterer” Paul and has put a pencil behind his ear. I’m convinced. And delighted.
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    I do find the Championship generally far more interesting than the PL, much more evenly matched - an actual competition in which a load of clubs start the season hoping for success and not mere survival. However, where do I want Blackburn Rovers to be? For £100 million reasons, the Premier League.
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    I thought Mowbray was very honest in his appraisal after the game. He basically said Brentford had better players and that we were a work in progress as he tries to build the club. I thought those comments were spot on. It was very much a backs-to-the-wall containing job for most of the game, which we did superbly, and on the odd occasion they got a shot off Raya was like Superman. Two immense saves. We played like the away side today, probably out of necessity. Brentford would have cut us open at will if we'd played any other way. As Mowbray pointed out they can go through teams at will. We were impressively solid. The back four were excellent and I thought that was Bell's best game for us. He looked a very composed, solid defender today. Rothwell again impressed with the ball at his feet and that pass to Bennett in the lead up to the goal was sensational. There's a bit of the young David Dunn's about him the way he can use both feet and keep the ball in tight situations. Evans was brilliant again. He was everywhere ratting for the ball and his anticipation is excellent, he's constantly nicking the ball off the oppo's toes. Smallwood was a lot better today and the game suited him more. He wasn't expected to make passes or start attacks, he just kept the shape and put his foot in. Bennett - what can you say? Another amazing performance. Another assist (one in the eye for the haters) but the way he tackled and harried and won the ball was incredible. He must have four lungs. Nuttall - He looked better with Graham alongside him the other night but he doesn't look Championship quality as a lone front man. We improved when Graham came on because he knows how to win headers, hold the ball up and win fouls. Quality finish from Palmer and he had a few good touches but perhaps not a game for the flair players today. Great finish though. Conway loked fitter today and I thought he put a good shift in. Same with Travis, but he really needs to go on loan. Hats off to Mogga. It's a long time since we've seen a team that works as hard as that. It's even more evident than last season. The work rate is phenomenal and is always much higher than the team we are playing. Brentford were very good and against a team that didn't work as hard as ours they could have had a few. Some very talented players in their team. All in all though a brilliant win.
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    Seems like it's all systems go! Our local media are reporting £6m up front fee, with add-ons and a sell-on. I imagine we'll never know the full deal as it will be no doubt undisclosed! Not sure why that's allowed to happen. Good luck to yourselves and Brereton. He is a talent. He does need some patience. Some games he will have his CB on toast and others he will get kicked a bit and spend a bit of time on the floor, but he has the makings of being a very effective no.9.
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    The only reason i, and many others expected more is because the main people (Mowbray, Waggott) have banged on at every opportunity about this competitive budget to bring cash buys in, and wanting at least 4 more in after Armstrong. Waggot himself said that our signings would push ST sales to there targets! If they had come out and said nothing, i'd be prett content at what we have done. For a while on here a few have tried to blame "the fans" for various things, this being another because some are being "unrealistic'. This competitive budget hasn't been made up by the fans.
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    Very good second half for Bennett - full of drive. Evans and Nuttall putting in plenty of effort. Rothwell playing himself into a starting role. Very composed. But a special mention to Nyambe. At times I thought there were 2 of him in the second half. Lad just keeps improving.

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