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    https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/july/new-deal-for-darragh/ the twitter account taking the piss out of Nixon made my morning;
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    He has a couple of options apparently Rovers and Rotherham being the main 2 he is thinking about as they will offer 1st team opportunities he also has options in the premier league but these will likely be reserve team more than 1st team and also foreign interest mainly from Germany (the Germans can’t get enough of young English players at the minute) there is a possible trump card in Rovers favour though, he has been friends with Joe Rankin-Costello since they were nippers and went to the same school etc, played in same school team and so on they also socialise in the same group of friends and from what I’ve heard he wants to join Rovers firstly But there will be a transfer fee involved and he isn’t on peanuts coming from City, so it’s not a certainty if he does sign Rovers are getting a tough tackling holding midfield player who is technically very good, he hits a decent free kick to, he’s left sided also and can play left back, he won City’s academy players player, and coaches player of the year as a 1st year scholar and is apparently only one of 2 players in this age group at City who has been offered a contract to stay at the club, which it seems he has turned down to further his career, so fair play to him for that so I thought I’d share what I know and give you an idea of what you will get if he does sign
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    Joe Rothwell turned down a new contract at Man UTD 2016 to go to Oxford for first team football. Did well in his first season and Did quite well last season in a stuggling side.. a bit like Dack. The guy could be a gem and a shrewd buy. Cheap and Young and talented. Judge him after some time..
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    I was irritated by his 'get real' interview whIch I saw as support for Kean. As a local lad he should have known more than any other player how we all felt about Kean and the way the club was being wantonly pillaged by Kean and his associates. I hear him no malice but I don't feel any sorrow about him leaving.
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    To set the record straight, Dunny has left to concentrate on his property development interests with Gary Flitcroft. That is fact. I wish him well, he'll always be a Rover, just like us. I can't believe some of the nonsense I read on here.
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    Last time the Germans were eliminated in the first round was 1938 and they didn’t take that well. Whatever you do, don't mention ze VAR
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    That would be full of surprises
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    Good grief. You really are an utter embarrassment.
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    There's always been a weird obsession on here with people wanting ex players back. Unless that player was exceptional, I have never really understood it. For me I have always thought Rovers (certainly in more modern times) should be a club moving forward bringing in mostly young hungry players (with one or two experienced heads too), developing them then hopefully sell them on for big money after enjoying them for a few years. I think that's what Mowbray is trying to do, and I hope it works out for him/us.
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    With this talk of licenses for teams, it sounds like a fiddle so the FA scum can get their favourite rich teams in and change the rules to suit that.
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    Some of the worse refereeing I’ve ever seen.
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    Disagree. We've had managers with good club records (Revie, Hodgson, Eriksson), thrown money at the problem (Capello), and hired poor managers just because they were English (Keegan, Hoddle). In short, apart from unlucky misses with Robson and Venables, nothing has worked, suggesting the system is at fault rather than the man in charge. Southgate is intelligent and is trying a different approach by building success from the junior teams upwards. He deserves the job as much as anyone and a fair crack at the job. I'd keep him for another 4 years even if England go out tonight.
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    Jacob Davenport signs on a four year deal
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    This is the first World Cup since I retired. As a result of that I've seen 95% of the matches from start to finish. It's been a great competition so far. I go back as far as Chile in 1962 and this is heading to to be one of best ever if not the best. Great games that will live in the memory, great goals that will also live in the memory. The refs have got to get a lot of praise for this, they've been terrific. They've let the games flow and only got the cards out when absolutely necessary. A refreshing change from our league football when every serious challenge seems to bring a card and sendings off seem to happen about every third game. All they need to do now is award post match yellow cards for simulation incidents like the one were Suarez went down holding his head after getting a knock in the middle of his back.
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    Indeed. Unfortunately for those orchestrating the fire-sale the Cairney one was the giveaway. With Duffy, Hanley, Marshall there was sufficient time before they were sold to develop the impression that those players were angling for transfers and that Rovers were trying to keep them. Drop in a few 'contract offers' into the Telegraph which never came to fruition and it wasn't difficult to convince people that those players were bad eggs who had their heads turned at that the club was acting entirely reasonably in selling them. The Cairney one was so quick, out of the blue and clearly done without any pushing from the player or manager that it gave the game away. Not even Rovers and the Telegraph could concoct a plausible cover story for that one - no rumours of the player wanting out and no time for contract 'discussions' to stall - pure and simply the cash was offered and Rovers were desperate to take it with scant regard for the implications - as time has shown another dreadful decision.
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    It’s because good footballers are exciting to watch mate.
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    You really can’t make statements like that after not watching any of the non-England games. This World Cup has been a brilliant spectacle. There has only been a single 0-0 and that’s because both sides conspired to make it so.
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    I think Mowbray would argue that the aim was promotion and we achieved that so overall his success rate on transfers did the job! Samuel won’t be a world beater but has some decent assets, worth having in the squad for me.
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    Can’t beleive the amount of people writing Samuel off. The lad is 23 years old, 6ft 1in and pace like an express train. His personal trainer decision shows he’s hungry to do well. He’s a confidence player for me. Needs to score early and get a run. But he has all attributes to do well in the Championship imo. Good luck to the lad.
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    Do you seriously think we played well for the majority of the season ? I can think of maybe 6 to 8 games were we dominated teams for more than 30 minutes. Most of the time we had a short period of good play that was enough to win us the game.
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    I missed two games last year out of 46. We were poor in most, no point sugar coating it. We had a couple of players that had no business being in the league, namely Dack, Raya and Mulgrew. We need to improve a lot before this season kicks off.
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    http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/16268950.Joe_Rothwell_among_the_deals_Rovers_could_revisit_this_summer/ As predicted by Rich Sharpe and not Nixon.
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    If Nicko was confident the sky was blue, I'd still look outside to check. The guy is an absolutely embittered goon when it comes to us. I can't believe people still give him the time of day.
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    On the actual game, I thought for the first 30 minutes we did have the killer ball we usually lack. Some of the way we got players running in behind was exceptional. I think it caught Tunisia by surprise and, once they equalised, they got everyone deeper and became less adventurous. Then we struggled. Having said that, we also have seen Brazil, Argentina and Germany have similar problems but also concede goals and not be as dominant in the midfield. I don't think Tunisia had a meaningful touch in our box all of the second half. Loftus Cheek and Rashford gave us some much needed impetus back late on although their refusal to cross, to try that one extra touch or try a little flick frustrated. It's not normal to praise a former dingle but Trippier has it right. When your in a decent position get it in with quality as soon as possible. Many times, the best chance you get to put a cross in is the first chance you get to put a cross in. Sterling and Young were poor. At the moment I'd just consider swapping Young for Rose. Impressed with Maguire's determination to step out with the ball and try and force the team forward. That's got to be credit to the manager. Worrying that there is only 1 proper finisher in the side though. Kane took both simple chances well although I could see some players panicking at the end and heading it down and wide (Morten - I'm looking at you !!!). Vardy is the only other player that would probably have stuck most of the chances that came our way away but he'll be difficult to fit in that formation. Overall I'm quite pleased with how that went. Panama looked relatively harmless so a win should see us through next weekend. Final word on Southgate. I never wanted him to get the job and I expect he will fail like everyone else. However I find it hard to dislike the guy. Speaks sensibly, picks who he wants to pick rather than bowing to influences, and his goal reactions show a genuine passion.
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