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    Get behind the labs FFS
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    Wigan is home to the Wigan kebab, the pier, some weird metal face, Steven Reid's thunderbolt and the Verve. Two of them things are life defining, the other three are quite frankly unremarkable. I'll let you make your mind up on which is which. At the start of the season this game would no doubt be spoke about as the battle of the big two. The winner of these two fixtures, home and away, would almost certainly go on to win the league. However, as we know all too much, things don't always go as planned in football. We find ourselves making the short journey down the M6 12 points adrift of the leagues pace setters, who themselves are 2 points behind league leaders Shrewsbury. Make no mistake that this is a season defining game. A win away at Wigan will almost certainly lay ease to fans' concerns about the capability of this squad to achieve what is expected of them: promotion. Fail on Saturday and we will find ourselves 15 points behind the 'town that should stick to rugby' and an automatic promotion spot. It would leave us with a climb that is almost insurmountable. Never before has so much depended on one game.....or has it? Let's go back in History: rewind back to the 'dark days'. 7th May 2012. A must win game for Rovers and we find ourselves at home to Wigan. All that stands in our way is Franco Di Santo, Roberto Martinez, Steve Kean and this Paraguayan lad called Alcaraz. The terraces reigned fire down on the con man that took refuge in our dug out, "there's only one Jack Walker" rang louder than it has done for years and there was a chicken on the pitch. I sat in wonder; wondering how they'd got the chicken in; wondering how we found ourselves in this position; wondering if there really was another Jack Walker and whether he'd come riding in on a white horse at some point. "It was meant to be Beckham & Maradonna, not Modeste and Kean". Nevertheless that Paraguayan lad, famous for his spitting, put a bullet of a header into our net around the 90th minute. Cue pandemonium. The fate of Rovers was sealed. The downfall began. How apt that here we stand 5 and a bit years from what I thought would be the darkest day of our modern history, with the challenge ahead of us of beating a red hot Wigan team. Will Grigg's on fire, Nick Powell is scoring for fun & Dave Whelan once broke his leg. In a fixture that put us down we now have the opportunity to revive our season and show the nation, or at least those who watch Channel 5 at 6pm on a Saturday, that Blackburn Rovers aren't here to bolster League one away attendances but here to win the league. We've got rid of the deadwood and replaced them with Smallwood: the new King of Ewood and long live the King. This Time we have a starman on the wing and a Dack in attack, who if allowed the Space and Time can hurt even the most disciplined of defences. We have Charlie at the back, a true Northern Soul, who with Downing forms an impenetrable wall of steel. Raya is a superstar, as agile as a cat and quick enough to Catch any Butterfly. The last time Wigan played us in a game that meant so much we had Lowe in the middle, an aging Dunn and the bloke that is in the centre of the worst defence in the Premier League (Scott's his name I think?). We've grown from then, we've been through the worst a club can go through and we stand here still, with 3+thousand ready to march on Greater Manchester, more ready than ever to stamp our authority on this league. Mistakes have been made, and will continue to be made, but Saturday really is our redemption. I always said that One Day we'll have our chance of redemption, make them regret the 7th May and make a noise that will never be repeated in the hollow, Rugby stadium they call home. Let's hope that our so-far fantastic away support (+ Dave Whelan as he's once a Rover, always a Rover) can spur on a great result. A volley like Reid's wouldn't go amiss, a real "I was there" moment and I actually was. The ball was heading right for me, although I'm sure it felt that way for everybody in the ground that day, and would have almost certainly knocked my teeth out had the net not been there. Not that it would have minded me much as I would have been a Lucky Man to have been hit with such a shot. Thank you Steven. Win and the 29th October could well be a Velvet Morning for Tony Mowbray. Lose and you are left a Weeping Willow, the Stormy Clouds are on the horizon and your time here will truly be a Bittersweet Symphony. It's do or die for Mogga - a fan favourite but this is a results based game. The whole of Blackburn wants Tony to succeed, the first time I have been able to say that about a manager since Big Sam (maybe even since Hughes, a debate to be had another time) and the support has been reflective of that. It's now time for our squad to reflect this promise on the pitch. Tony Mowbray's Blue & White Army. There's only one Jack Walker. Venkys Out.
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    I don't know why everyone seems to think a play-off place will do. Of those four teams, three lose out on promotion and remain in League 1. We HAVE to concentrate on top two.
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    Did you actually say that? Im not a girl. Im an old lady who's been watching live football since i was in my teens back in the sixties. My son ultrablue introduced me to this board - he obviously didnt think it odd for a female to be interested in football. My daughter produces sports shows for the BBC and used to report for 5live and final score. If you were at the Liverpool replay a couple of years back you might have seen her doing the intro for live tv outside the blackburn end/jack walker stand. My dad never thought girls shouldnt be interested in sport and weve passed that on to our kids. Sexism like racism and any other of the isms has no place in football. We're all just fans.
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    Not a comparison. Cavani's goals to game ratio stinks compared to Nuttall. What a player. We should name a street after him.
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    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/nov/06/oystons-blackpool-ordered-pay-shareholder-high-court-valeri-belokon They nicked £27m of the clubs Prem TV money for their own personal use and cut large shareholder Belekon out of the deal, yet the EFL decided to ban Belekon from being a director of 'Pool based on him not turning up to some kangaroo court in Kyrgyzstan. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the governing bodies of English football...
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    I have seen him play 6 times this season. He is a talent and no where near the finished article. He would however bring something different to what we currently have and it is worth giving him a shot even if it means coming off the bench. He is confident. My issue is that way Mowbray put his comments across today, it will be very discouraging for the youngsters as there is already a perception that he doesn't trust youth. He could have acknowledged that Nuttall has been doing well and simply said if he carries on this kind of form it would make it difficult not to give him a chance.
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    I agree so much, i've put together a graphic to illustrate the point.
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    Boro fan in peace here. I've been taking a keen interest into Blackburn Rovers over the past 7/8 months since Mowbray was appointed and the amount of ex-boro players at the club. I've watched Rovers on numerous occasions both at Home and Away this season. You are in a similar position to Middlesbrough albeit a league below, Pre-season favourites, supposedly the strongest squad in the division, yet seemingly falling behind the top 2. Obviously there has been calls on here and in the boozers I've frequented for Mowbray's head, understanbly so. From what I've seen Mowbray has done a good job, given the heirachy imposed at your club and working under what appears to be difficult circumstances. Mowbray is regarded a hero on Teesside and is still a genuine legend of the club, when Mogga was appointed manager of the Boro he saved us from relegation to League 1 and turned us into genuine promotion challengers. After falling short for a couple of seasons he was rightly sacked and departed for Karanka. One thing about Mowbray that will frustrate you time and time again is his team selection. He worries far too much on what the opposition do rather than picking his best team to go out and win the game - I see this in his mysterious selections of Chapman - who should be recalled by the Boro in Jan.... My advice is this, stick with Mogga, im certain he will turn the draws into wins and the defeats into draws. He will turn it round and im positive you will be back in the Championship next season and im even more certain as we aren't going anywhere anytime soon with Garry Monk in charge. Brilliant to see Richie Smallwood getting the recognition he deserves, he was a solid player for Middlesbrough and worked his socks off everytime he pulled on the shirt of his beloved Boro. The kid has made a good career in football and what he lacks in ability he certainly makes up for in hard work. Why Boro loaned Chapman out and then spent £7m on Ashley Fletcher is beyond me, I know which player id rather have in my side every week... Good luck for the rest of the season. I hope you find a chairman half the man of Stevie Gibson soon. See you next year. Venkys Out. I've linked below a Sunderland's fan view on your fall from the top - I think they are preparing for their own. https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/grumpys-guide-to-championship-survival-part-2-blackburn-rovers.1392285/
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    Funny how homesickness usually goes hand in hand with being shit.
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    I couldn't disagree more with you Rev. The guy works non-stop for the team. A few more like Bennett and we would be in the top two. One of the few players for whom the club and result seems to really matter.
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    That's insane mate. It's the total opposite of reality. We missed his energy, his closing down and his drive massively last night.
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    Fleetwood's directors box tonight likely included Andy Pilley (Owner and Chairman), Steve Curwood (Chief Exec) and Gretar Steinsson (Technical Director). Our directors box likely included Mike Cheston (jack of all trades master of none, admits he has no real power) and Robert Coar ex chairman now retired who does nothing by his own admission other than turn up for the complimentaries. We also have a shadow director who isn't officially there but turns up to some games passing messages between here in India whilst doing Balaji's errands and dry cleaning and his CV suggests he is well trained in the South African biscuit industry. Anyone in any doubts as to why Fleetwood Town looked better than us, fitter than us, and are level on points with this club and in my view more likely to win promotion to the Championship need only look at the above. Its embarrassing.
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    I thought we were excellent today and above all else the attitude of the players was spot on. As has been said many times if Mowbray picks a team to win instead of one not to lose the results will invariably come. Mowbray and nobody else is the reason we have succumbed at home to some very poor opposition. Raya - 6 - One excellent save from Bennetts brother first half, a couple of customary fumbles and a dropped shoulder in his own box were really all he had to do. Nyambe - 8 - Thought he was excellent from start to finish. The kid is a beast. He's quick and strong and also used the ball really intelligently at times. Supported Chapman really well and we looked a threat down the right hand side. Downing - 7 - As someone else said on here he has a bit of the Craig Short's about him. Dominant in the air and good on the ground. Mulgrew also looks a lot calmer with Downing nect to him. Mulgrew -8 - Made some excellent blocks and last ditch tackles today and did a lot of the ugly work. Passed the ball really well too. Was always cajoling those around him. He looked really up for it today, a proper Captains performance. Williams - 7 - One of his better games, looked solid defensively and carried the ball forward well at times. Chapman - 8 - I think that puts to bed the bollards about him not being able to defend and only being effective against tired legs. He was the difference between winning and another Plymouth because of the simple fact made the all important first goal. He showed great strength to win the ball and then great pace and skill to break their lines and carry the ball 30 yards for Dack to slam in. It's absolutely criminal that Mowbray has not played him against some of the teams that have turned up at Ewood this season and just defended. Delighted for him and he worked really hard even though you can see it doesn't come naturally to him. Smallwood - 8 - The usual grit and determination and some good passing. He holds that team together through sheer graft. Top man. Whittingham - 7 - looked a bit more at it today, a bit sharper and some of his forward passing into feet is real quality. Bennett - 8 - thought he absolutely worked his nads off today, especially when down to ten men when he was doing the job of two men. I find it hard to believe anyone could criticise him. Dack - 8 - Everytime he gets the ball his first thought is to get it out of his feet and move forward. He's a very clever player and a lot stronger than he looks. Brilliant goal, absolutely smashed it in. Graham - 8- Held it up really well and brought Chapman, Dack and Bennett into play with some deft touches. Very calm finish. Hopefully he can have a run in the team. Weird subs that killed the game but maybe he was just taking people off before they got injured in the atrocious conditions. Conway looked sharper and that was a class finish. Samuel looked sharp too but he got proper sucked in by the Andy Carroll lookalike at CH. Evans at No.10 was different. Pompey were decent and actually left some gaps that we could play in instead of putting 10 in defence like Plymouth. They had some neat footballers in midfield and they turned into a typical Kenny Jackett team in the end when they started putting their foot in. Hats off to their fans, must have been 1500 of them and they sang all the way through. Brian Storm was relentless. He was everywhere. All in all a great day. Hopefully a lesson learned from the stubborn Mr Mowbray that in order to actually win a game you need to try and score first and that means having your creative players on the pitch not on the bench. 3 match previews and 3 wins. You are all very welcome
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    No sooner had the final whistle sounded at Brentford at the end of last season, dedicated Ewood stattos were keen to inform us that Rovers, comparing the 15 games played under Tony Mowbray to everyone else’s, had the tenth best record in the Championship. How prophetic those calculations, which I dismissed as irrelevant at the time on the basis that Mowbray’s remit was to finish above three specific other teams, that’s all, have proved. “Real football man” Tony, “surely the best option we could wish to have,” has proved, despite his ability to “speak really well and understand the club, its history and its fans” to be the archetypal Mr Tenth-in-The-Table, albeit a division below the Championship at a level at which many expected a garlanded nine-month victory parade. Tuesday’s crushingly witless and dispiriting draw at home to rock-bottom Plymouth only confirmed what we learned on a humbling afternoon in Oldham, that the manager and players simply aren’t as good as many of us have systematically deceived ourselves into believing. We nearly avoided going down so these lads were practically good enough for the league above. Surely they’re going to shine in League One? It’s been a recurrent theme at Ewood in recent years to hyper-inflate in the imagination the abilities of a bunch of players who are, in truth, no more than rank ordinary. “Too good to go down. So good a squad we must come straight back up. Poor to start with but we’re picking up and could make the play-offs. It was Bowyer’s fault we didn’t, any other manager with that squad would have made them. Lambert’s a proper manager, he’ll sort it, look at these signings he’s already made. Had doubts about Coyle but you can’t knock his transfer business…Stokes will score bucketloads at this level… have you seen the Jack Byrne compilation video from Holland? Oh dear, Bring back Bowyer” Smoke and mirrors, time after time after time.And like the confused, gullible seekers listening to the row of false prophets in Python’s Life of Brian, we swallow every word. It couldn’t possibly go wrong after Tony got all the players he wanted, could it? Peter Whittingham will be running the show (Danny Murphy taught us nothing). Danny Graham’s got to be a 25-goal touch playing against these teams? Bradley Dack, player of the division in a side like Gillingham? How good’s he going to be surrounded by our stars? So why am I almost at the stage I’m expecting the increasingly befuddled-sounding Mowbray to puzzle over the whereabouts of those things with a sort of raffia work base which have a kind of handle attachment? Like everybody else in the packed and buoyant away end, I rolled up at Boundary Park convinced we would beat Oldham on the basis that a fervent away support would inspire a group of players surely superior to theirs. Long before their winner I was questioning that. Craig Davies and Eoin Doyle grafted, dovetailed and threatened far more than any combination of our strikers I’ve seen this season. I’d swap those two for any two of ours for the remaining 34 games. Check out the goalscoring charts if you think I’m basing that solely on the 90 minutes I watched. Midfield? We hadn’t anyone to hold a candle to Fane and Byrne. Once Byrne realised no-one was going to lay a glove on him he danced around and conducted affairs like the player we thought we’d seen in the Cambuur compilations. Fane was immense beside him. Their defence or ours? Seriously? Even their impact sub for once proved even more explosive and decisive than Harry Chapman and after one fluffed rehearsal, finished off a great run at the heart of our superannuated, non-tackling central defensive pair with a clinical, fully deserved winner. A draw would have been the steal of the century. So ragged had we been run that even our fans appeared, via what passes for that byword for the brain-dead, “banter,” not to actually know which town they were in. The exuberant feel among the travelling hordes had evaporated by the whistle to the extent that, walking down the steps to get off, I had to dissuade an enraged Johhny Bairstow lookalike immediately in front of me from setting about a bunch of kids (and they were kids) right behind me chanting “Mowbray Out.” Both were probably guilty of an over-reaction but I could see both points of view. As the boos and catcalls cascaded down at our boys on the field , timidly applauding the fans at a noticeably advisable remove from the mutual adoration pre-match shirt-throwing zone, I despaired. It’s surely some kind of perverse achievement for a side which started off as “we’ll walk this league” divisional favourites to have: “You’re Not Fit To Wear The shirt” chanted at them twice in the first 11 games. I’ve never been one who greatly values being acknowledged for coming by the players if they’ve been crap. I’m enough of a mug to turn up whatever and on Saturday, I’d far rather have bestowed applause on the home side, unpaid and unsure if the rookie manager who’s piloted them to some success will in fact get the job. They showed us what sweating blood and tears and straining every sinew for the shirt and supporters was all about and I’d have gladly shown appreciation the way the Kop used to acknowledge a doughty effort by the opposition. With two home games to come in the week, a six-point return would just about have got Mowbray back in some kind of credit. As poor as we were on Tuesday against Plymouth we should have been halfway to that but part of this collective delusion we’ve all embraced down the last seven or eight years is over-enthusing about slender, sometime undeserved victories which paper over the cracks. From the first Championship results under Kean to the recent wins against Rotherham and Gillingham, we take the points and talk ourselves into the conviction that soon the performances will come regularly to match and justify the odd positive results, while ignoring the rather more painful and unpalatable truth that what we’ve just watched is actually a sub-standard outfit getting away with bloody murder. So it would even have been had the hapless Gladwin not contrived to practically defy all known laws of physics and miss the kind of chance Joe Nuttall has been slotting away for fun in the Under-23s. Statistically the win might have been the correct outcome but long before the end the frustrations in the stands reflected the true quality on show. Once again only the indefatigable Chapman had provided the energy, skill and brio to elevate what had become the most tedious attack v defence training ground exercise into a real, live football match with passion, tempo and energy and “oohs” and “aahs” where there had hitherto been only “for goodness’ sake” and frustrated cries of “knock it forward!” Mowbray spoke at length last week on how Chapman’s football tutoring thus far left much to be desired (that will have pleased Middlesbrough’s coaching overlords) but I can forgive a bit of not tracking back in the case of someone who can illuminate and elevate a mundane contest as he can. Anything else we have to offer smacks of ponderous, over-methodic tortoise-race predictability. Nyambe will pass sideways in perpetuity. Caddis will make a run whch no-one sees or picks out. Graham will grapple with his marker grotesquely and occasionally think about winning a header. Williams will think about taking a man on then lay it back instead. Whittingham will find a pocket of space but see no movement or invention in front of him. Bennett will dink that same diagonal cross in endlessly. Antonnson will be a not-quite-good-enough centre forward utilised as a not-quite-good-enough left winger. If there was any element of surprise or urgency to do it quickly it might come off occasionally but we must be the easiest team ever to scout and to set up against. Mistakes will happen in Third Division defence ranks when you move the bloody ball quickly as our equaliser proved but nine attacks out of ten they have time to organise their ranks no team playing a fancied side away from home ought to be afforded. Rovers had contrived to allow unambitious Argyle to take a shock lead – although Graham Carey gave warning of his shooting ability with a similarly fine strike against Shrewsbury last weekend (“When was the last time anyone did that for us” queried a pal, plaintively) – but had found a fine equaliser when Graham and Dack combined to impressive effect. Again Dack looked the most likely source of anything that might surprise the opposition. Of course he was withdrawn (admittedly after a knock or two) relatively early and quite what formation we were employing at the end is anyone’s guess. But it is a sad reflection on our lack of menace when the division’s basement outfit can confidently set their stall out to cope with 45 minutes of virtually zero possession played in their own half. I see no point in calling for Mowbray’s immediate dismissal just yet. While I have eating away at me a niggling feeling he won’t, there is still adequate time to turn it around. But a radically honest rethink and a self-assessing admission that the fumblings so far aren’t working probably mean that one or two of his favourites can’t continue to be trusted while some of the youngsters he is anxious to protect might as well be given their chance. But if no improvement is forthcoming against Pompey on Saturday, the season is already showing signs of dying on the vine. A home cup draw continued the October/November theme of Rovers largely playing close to the bosom of their support for weeks on end with derbies at Wigan , Bury and Blackpool to come before December. There are lonelier days and nights for the team and fans ahead like those admirable 400 Plymouth fans endured last night, home late on Saturdays or in the early hours after days on the road. It may feel even more alien and hostile at places like Gillingham and Bristol Rovers and MK Dons with a few hundred Rovers fans on than it did walking off Boundary Park after a miserable defeat. To keep that connection and bond of faith with the remaining loyal supporters which has remarkably survived Venkys’ reign and occasionally inspired the better moments of this season you need to be giving us more than we’re currently getting, Tony. Promotion back to the Championship might not be the Holy Grail but the more likely we look not to attain it, it’ll soon be Mowbray enduring the taunting and even those of us less inclined to vocal fury will be unable to begrudge others their derision. BLUE EYED BOY
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    I've seen him mate. He's not the finished article at all. But, he's quite nippy, brave and exciting. He'd bring something different. An unknown quantity. Plus he keeps scoring. Should be on the bench for me.
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    Well that's a big incentive for the youngsters isn't it? play your @#/? off and the manager still wont consider you. Lack of goals? Lets not play an in form U23s striker, cause he's untested. Test him then. He might come good. The likes of Rankin-Costello, Tomlinson, Travis might as well @#/? off to another L1 team now. Shut the academy, save £3m a year and settle into L1 mediocrity if we're not gonna bother using the youth team.
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    Blackpool FC officially put up for sale by the Oystons. Congrats Tangerines.
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    I'm confident we have the material for straight promotion. Truely believe that. We have some excellent players, but I feel Tony doesn't have what it takes to bring the best out of the lot. Feels like we are using only something like 60 percent of our true potential. I was excited when Tony signed with us. I believed that he could very well be the one who brings light to this eternal night. I'm not so sure anymore. Not even close. I dunno. I know that changing manager is a double edged sword with risks and opportunities. We are yet to get lucky in that roulette. Dont know. I'm just sad. Sad and tired of this neverending darkness. For god's sake, we are one of the original twelve. We are absolutely magnificent, traditional club. We don't deserve this. Waiting for phenomenon like in my profile picture. Dawn.
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    Another excellent performance despite a number of regulars missing. The quality of the football is outstanding and a joy to watch. Watching this squad of players is so much more entertaining than watching the senior squad. Watford were totally outplayed in the second half and were fortunate to only concede six. Johnson and Dunn are doing fantastic work with these players.
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    People blamed Allardyce for playing "boring football" whilst we were beating Wolves 3-0 and handily retaining our PL status. People can be blinkered and irrational. We've had seven years of decline and there's only been one constant throughout it all - and it ain't Tony Mowbray. Don't read this as a defence of Mowbray, he's been making and continues to make a lot of mistakes, but if after all this time people really think a change of manager will propel us to success I don't know what to say. We need new owners to be successful, it really is that simple. We do not and under Venky's will never have the foundations to succeed.
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    It's alarming that it took the introduction of Paul Senior to get rid of Coyle. It had some striking resemblances to the Singh vs Kean scenario - whereby another employee of the club had to ruffle feathers a bit to get rid. I firmly believe that Coyle would have finished the season as manager if not for Paul Senior. I think it was him that intervened late in the season, no one else. Which then strikes the question: Who decided to hire Paul Senior? He didn't actually do much and certainly couldn't be solely blamed for the relegation. If it was indeed true he masterminded the sacking of Coyle and the hiring of Tony then, as it stands even to this day, he made the most popular decision made at Rovers in almost a decade! So why did he fall on the sword? Cheston hailed the manager who took us down as the "outstanding candidate" - he should go. The person who said to choose Coyle over Warnock - he should go. Paul Senior certainly didn't deserve to lose his job because we got relegated. These kind of questions and decisions only point to some sort of "conspiracy". Bad decisions cannot continue to be made on this scale without their being an alternative reason for them. It isn't me being a fantasist it's just taking a look at the decisions made in the last 7 years and struggling to justify 98% of them. Even the little things like the promise to keep Kelly/Irvine only for them to be gone a few months later, quietly of course, and be replaced with Coyle's pals. Why lie about that? Why did OC lie about knowing SEM? I mean, even if he wasn't affiliated with them at the time, as a football manager he'd have 100% heard of that agency.
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    We are seventh for heaven's sake. It's not like we are struggling at the foot of the table. And according to many on here the play-offs is failure - so I assume they mean Jack and Kenny failed by only grabbing the final play-off place on the last day of the season. The forum is becoming more and more like a Man Utd forum - the sense of entitlement prevails at all times. No club is entitled to anything in football - whatever you achieve usually comes with stability and hard work. Sacking managers every five minutes rarely achieves anything but failure.
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    You could see that having Dack & Chapman on the pitch frightens defences because they can't double up on either of them. It's no point bringing on Chapman with 20 minutes to go and taking Dack off. It's just letting them replace their marking from Dack to him. Together they represent a real danger because they each have the ability to beat 2 men and pick a pass out. Defenders won't know who to mark. If we can see it, Tony must be able too. You are much better bringing on Conway when we are 2-0 up as he'll give you that bit more rigidity: an experienced football brain who will know the benefits of a sideways pass over trying to beat 3 men when holding a lead. Start with the youthful exuberance, flair and creativity and see the game out with the wise, shrewd older heads. If we can get Chapman & Dack to play with freedom week in week out we can hurt any team in this league.
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    We are only ‘big cheeses’ in League 1 because we’ve got the most expensive squad. We get stuck here and just like in the Championship any quality will drift away leaving us as also rans. Even now we aren’t pulling in the biggest crowds and that standard 10,000 will in time drift to 7000ish, and we certainly wouldn’t be taking 3000+ to away games once the novelty has worn off and we are in mid table. Are we a ‘big cheese’ then? You should aspire for the best at all times, Blackburn Rovers has been a top two division club for the vast majority of its history and that’s always where we should be aiming for.
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    ABSOLUTE RUBBISH 3-0? Do they not know we used to have a radio station? a celebrity chef cooking the pies and an upper tier family stand? Portsmouth 0? With our budget? our Academy? and turnstiles that read bar codes? how did they manage 0? PATHETIC. Mowbray out, the mans absolutely clueless...
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    Chapman not really quick? I haven't seen a player with that kind of accelration since Bellamy. Downing agicultural? His passing is his strength. Won every battle today and well done. 4 clean sheets in 4 games. Whittingham makes the midfield tick. Just watch how he makes himself available and how he uses the ball.
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    Is it another clean sheet for Downing? No coincidence maybe..
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    @Paul has certainly done his bit. Personally I would have to think long and hard before joining any future organised protest. It all seems too late now. Nothing has changed and yet everything has changed. Not enough fans cared when it mattered, when we had national media attention. Ignorance is no excuse. All of the things Harris mentions in that video were dismissed as fiction and conspiracy theory by most fans - especially the most vociferous on here. After the event and now Harris is prepared to go on camera it’s all too late. Maybe there are fans who still need educating about what happened but that doesn’t and won’t change anything. Seeing off Venkys at this stage, even if we had a metaphorical silver bullet, would leave us with no club due to the spiteful @#/?s likely reaction. How can it be that we can sit and watch effing Wigan get taken over by a Chinese consortium (Rugby-town Wigan FFS!) and yet when we were linked with the same and told that “Venkys won’t sell”? The same folk said it was tin foil hat nonsense. I have a deep and unhealthy hatred of Venkys and Kean et al but they have ridden out the worst of the storm and are still our jailers. My only wish now is that the whole miserable lot of them end up in prison. Now that would be something to get excited about.
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    Matt Jansen is a terrible example, pretty sure it was much more than a lack of confidence
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    Totally agree. Would be good to start playing football which makes the fans believe. Read every thread on here and nobody believes in what he is doing. You would never guess that this is a promotion campaign.
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    OK, Blueboy, seeing that you asked...re consultation meeting... "i didn't go because I was miles away, but( re Trust) my main concern that their(The Trust's) main priorities now seem to be all asquiff(?) ..they are obsessed with harassing Mike Cheston for whatever reason...because they don't seem to like him..they're also obsessed with this other Indian guy ..whether he is in the building or on the premises...the way they are going about it with their tactics at forums such as this...is completely wrong.." If the guy on the podcast -"Michaell"? -had not been "miles away", he might have been aware that the challenges to Cheston and the questions re Suhail came from other groups NOT The Rovers Trust. I don't think it is ok to sit on a high horse and pontificate, badmouthing an organisation like The Trust, when his messages are wildly inaccurate and potentially damaging. One day, we may really need The Trust, so why undermine it by proclaiming inaccuracies from the rooftops? On a different note, I actually felt that the questions raised by other groups e.g. EWMC group with Cheston were completely appropriate and the awkwardness was due to his piss poor presentation combined with his refusal to engage in meaningful consultation. The questions around Suhail's role at the club were also entirely appropriate for such a meeting, even though they were pursued by groups other than The Trust. So..( to the guys on the podcast).have a go at The Trust, if you must, but at least take responsibility for speaking the truth. Better still, get involved and make an active contribution to it.
  35. 6 points
    Tinge of jealousy for me. Pleased for the genuine Blackpool fans who may have a future for their club so long as the sale process is successful but also envy that their living nightmare could soon be at an end whereas ours continues with much less prospect of forcing the Indians out. They can look forward to an Oyston-less future whereas we're stuck with the Indian liars for the foreseeable.
  36. 6 points
    Maybe Mowbray has sole responsibility for team selection, maybe he doesn't. What I would say is that I, and I am not the only one based upon conversations with Rovers' fans and what's posted on here and other social media sites, find a lot of both his selections and substitutions very puzzling. If Mowbray has sole responsibility for team selection then I do not think he is the manager for Rovers - it's very likely he is, at best/worse, curtailing/killing the hopes and aspirations of our young talent. Just how the hell do they get a chance in the first team; it's not as though we are a highly successful team loaded with talent that is conquering all before them. If Mowbray does have interference in team selection then as a man of principle he should surely resign and tell the football world just what is going on at Ewood. Whichever way you look at it with Mowbray, IMV, it isn't good. As for knowing Mowbray, I am confident that I know him as much or as little as you do Chaddy. Maybe it's time that you stopped being an apologist for all things Rovers.
  37. 6 points
    I have to take my son to Ewood as his disability prevents him from attending on his own. I’ll be there for the next match. If it wasn’t for this today would be my last game. We were appalling. Three goals or not we were absolute, total garbage. I said to a friend who happened to be sat in front of me “the problem with this team is one could sit in the stand with one’s eyes closed and predict every pass.” This team is going nowhere. Mowbray hasn’t a clue. Mowbray OUT. I’m done with this lot. The only reason I’ll continue is for my lad. We are awful, just awful.
  38. 6 points
    People are overreacting with Raya. He's saved us points in the past. He made a mistake against Fleetwood but, aside from that, has been solid. He can flap at crosses but young keepers do. Remember De Gea when he first went to Utd? He certainly doesn't deserve to be dropped from league games. Playing your number two in the cup is the "in thing" to do these days though and could provide a good chance to see what this other lad has about him. Raya wouldn't lose confidence not playing in this game either.
  39. 6 points
    Red Bull Rovers? Can't see that happening but it would only be a small name change having been 'Bull Shit Rovers' for 7 years already.
  40. 6 points
    I don't think you're allowed to have two.
  41. 6 points
    The one thing that I have noticed is that Mowbray seems obsessed with talking about what the opposition could do and does not focus enough on the strengths that we have. It seems that each week he sends out a team that is designed to deal with whatever he perceives as their strengths (hence the constant tinkering with personnel and formation) rather than being positive and trying to impose our strengths onto the opposition. As Parson says he is a manager with some firm ideals of how the game should be played but as proved during his time at Coventry and thus far this season with Rovers those ideals are not compatible with League 1 football. Bolton are a classic example they are a team with very limited ability built on a tight budget, they got out of this league last year by adopting a high energy and direct approach.
  42. 6 points
    Fleetwood were better than us. There, I've said it. Now let that sink in. Another night of huge frustration for us fans but the reality is beginning to bite now that we aren't good enough to challenge the top two, might make the playoffs but probably will be ninth or tenth. Mowbray has been a major disappointment to me this season as far too often he has been out thought by opposing managers. Some of the nonsense he has been spouting is annoying. Who does he think he is kidding with his 'I'm tactically astute' talk? We are treading water and some of the players he hangs his hat on just aren't delivering the goods. So frustrating and annoying following this club.
  43. 6 points
    Lots of sour grapes on here. If Rovers were in 7th place in the Premier League we'd love him to bits.
  44. 6 points
    Everything about the Coyle situation stinks. To know that Rovers had a manager with, at a guess, the most promotions to the Premier League out of any present manager lined up to take the job makes everything about last year suspect. I challenge someone to try and explain that decision without alluding to 'dodgy' goings on. It has absolutely no logical reasoning to it. They claim their "ultimate goal" is to get back to the PL but opt for a bottom of the table manager in Coyle to promotion expert Warnock. That, to me, tells me that their 'goal' isn't promotion at all. You can go on about being badly advised or how they don't know much about football but I'm sure even the most inexperienced person in matters surrounding football would be able to compare Coyle's CV to Warnock's and be able to tell you which is the "outstanding candidate". Something is amiss with it all. There's definitely questions that will never be answered.
  45. 6 points
    Stay in this league a few years and we won't be a big cheese just another used to be big club getting gates and away followings in line with that and equalled by a lot of others and surpassed by a lot. Plymouth are a good example of what to expect. Get out of this league as soon as possible.
  46. 6 points
    I was there at Deepdale the night we won promotion..I watched Souness kick every ball and head every header he was so involved on the touchline. He danced and jigged with his players,he WAS one of those players for the 90 minutes....the wonderful Cardiff final was the same. Friedal,Tugay,Cole,Hughes and the Ewood Trinity of Duff,Jansen and Dunn......the very best of times.The positives so outweigh the negatives of his tenure. Just wish I had a Time Machine!
  47. 6 points
    The stand out priceless moment of yesterday's game has to be the chase for the ball on the aqua planes of Ewood Park for Rovers third goal. The small Blackburn Rover versus the big Portsmouth defender, like a sketch from a distant it's a knockout contest with the crowd roaring on the two contestants for the ball like its the last furlong of a class one horse race. Only for the big defender to get bogged down and the little fella to win the race then chip the oncoming goalie with precision into the Blackburn end goals sending the Rovers crowd into raptures. A priceless Ewood Park moment for all those there.
  48. 6 points
    Love Souness he was fantastic for us for a few years way exceeded what most expected of him and let's face it we were headed for where we are now before he came in Jack or no Jack although I know he was i'll at the time. Yes Souey lost the plot badly and needed to go but what a ride Amazing how a guy in the later stages of a terminal illness can make the right appointment and back the club from his hospital bed when this selection of idiots, chancers and spivs can't get ONE thing right in 7 years. Stinks ? You bet it does !
  49. 6 points
    I saw the likes of Duff and Jones a number of times before they made their 1st team debuts and many who watched such games, like you have said with Nuttall, thought they showed promise 'but were not ready for the 1st team'. I have seen Nuttall only once. Over the years, I've seen many players at that level and you have to have talent to have a real chance of breaking through. Duff and Jones had raw talent, so does Nuttall. Duff and Jones were very confident in their abilities, as is Nuttall. That confidence gives you a hugely better chance of successfully making the step up. There is only one way to find out. You bang them in and see what happens. We are not talking about PL here but League One. Nuttall is 20, Jones and Duff were 17 and 18 respectively I think. Rooney debuted at 16 for Everton. Ray Wilkins debuted at 17 for Chelsea and was their captain at 18 !!! I am not saying Nuttall is as talented or as prodigious as Jones, Duff, Rooney or Wilkins but for goodness sake, this is a 20 year old banging them in for fun at U23 level whose competition is in the shape of what I think are bang average (and that's being generous) performers like Gladwin, Antonnson, Samuel and a fading Graham, not players at the top of their game like Kane, Morata or Lukaku. It's an absolute no brainer.
  50. 6 points
    Anyone still wondering why Mahoney left .