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    I'd have been screaming 'get off the f***ing pitch' myself.
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    Yeah, that's pretty much the last straw for me. "at the moment he can't get it here"....I wonder why that is, Sam? Maybe because you insist on playing 1 striker upfront, and often a useless one at that with Roberts? Or maybe because you persistently have us playing virtually with 10 men because of the inclusion of Andrews week in and week out? I mean, I'd understand if Kalinic was already approaching 10 premiership goals and if Di Santo or Roberts were not far behind to say that Benni McCarthy "can't get football at Rovers", but given our position and the statistics this is quite absurd.
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    Sam does have a way with words. "At his age I'd understand if he wants to play first-team football and at the moment he can't get it here. " http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/teams/b/blackburn_rovers/8340599.stm Hardly Mr Motivator. Any aspirations we had of being a quality football team is going down the tubes. Sparky had us playing good football in the end but nobody with any aspiration of passing the ball along the ground is going to want to come to us in January.
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    Ask any outsider, our team/squad is very average these days, and we have been losing our best/better players at an intense rate - Benni is a quality player still and can score goals - getting rid in January is very risky. Even with a big financial outlay, seemingly, Sam still struggled to bring in a striker who could make an impact.
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    We have to try and get rid of Roberts before Benni, right now I'd see Eliington as a better option, Lita would have been better as well. Roberts seems like a decent bloke but he's had far too many chances and should never be starting games for us.
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    Dunn, always a game away from injury Di Santo, leaving Benni, being ousted That leaves Kalinic and Hoilett to learn their trade from er, Roberts I'd say we need a couple of strikers if we ask Benni to go. One experienced PL one and probably another 6 month loan - preferably Di Santo.
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    Not happy. Don't want Benni to go (although I realise he is on high wages) and don't want Heskey (good news that he is unlikely to be coming - there is a God). Fed up
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    And if Dunn gets injured - far-fetched I know - what would you do then? We would have to play 4-4-2 and Benni is first choice for that formation, in my book anyway. Will any replacement for Benni be more 'ready' than have been Kalinic and Salgado? Any Jan signing has to step straight in. In the last 2 seasons we will have lost Bentley, Tugay, RSC and Benni, i.e. 95% of the skill from the team that finished 7th. Depressing.
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    Scorers in all competitions Dunn - 5 McCarthy, Pedersen - 2 Nzonzi, Salgado, Di Santo, Givet, Roberts, Reid, Kalinic, Diouf, Samba, Chimbonda, Holiett - 1 A bit worrying that our strikers have only scored 5 between them and 2 of thoose are from Benni's who's not played regularly.
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    of course you cant carry players ...ooops andrews. you could play dunn behind the front two very easily it would bee like an extra man if no andrews.BENNI IS OUT AND OUT GOALSCORER...OK ALL THE HERBETS SAYING THIS AND THAT ABOUT HIM ...COULD YOU PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME HOW MANY GOALS OUR SUPER DUPER POTENT GOALMACHINESQUE STRIKERS HAVE SCORED ALL SEASON BETWEEN THEM ,BEAR IN MIND ITS NOW NOVEMBER.
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    CANT UNDERSTAND THE NEG REP ON THIS?benni is quality .end of .roberts is like a prenant hippo,santo going back to chelsea.bring on lardarse kev. heskey is a posh roberts...
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    Not happy at all with this. STILL one of the best strikers at the club and now he wants out....what the hell did we all expect with Allardyce having seemingly frozen him out of the side? Why am I starting to get the feeling many blues are getting a tad restless with you Sam?....a player of his calibre should be part of your plans FFS! Never mind,we've still got 'Roberto' when Di Santo and McCarthy leave,we appear to be going backwards.
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    Typical Merseyside, living in the past with a chip on its shoulder. Scousers Against The World is their motto; no wonder Liverpool has been in decline for years and its population leaving in droves.
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    Ha ha ha...read it all now. What year is blackburn the capital of culture, and what else are you famous for? Just bitter lad...oooohhh, taste that lemon. Spot the Murdoch Employee. I wouldn't even wipe my bum with the Sun. If things had moved on and Murdoch still didn't have his fingers in numerous media pies internationally then perhaps it would be time for closure. But that ain't the case. Would never have Sky in the house, don't buy the Sun or the Times, and hats off to Dennis Potter for calling his tumour "Rupert"!
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    Me neither. I think that this attitude of "get over it" is misguided and somewhat callous. The Scoucers lost 95 friends, relatives, and family all down to crap policing and stewarding at a football match. To then add insult to injury, The Sun then accused them of pissing on bodies, pick-pocketing the dead, and beating up coppers who were trying to resusitate the dying. Just imagine that on 23rd February 2002 something had gone horribly wrong and The Sun had accused you, me, Abbey, Bryan, Paul, Steve B, Laughatthedingles, Tugay, Modes,Ossey(....the list goes on) of robbing our fellow Rovers' supporters who were dead. I don't think any of us would be able to "get over it." I don't think The Sun would sell a single copy in Blackburn any more. I admire Mottman and Skem lad and the rest of them for keeping the torch burning and wish them the best of luck in whatever they do.
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    I've already said it. Yes. BTW Skem Lad, thanks for the refresher. I needed that. No doubt it may be new to some. It needs reading by all.
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    Perhaps they'll let it go once they receive justice? I wouldn't like to be the one who tells them face-to-face: "Come on chaps, it's been fifteen years. I know you've been messed about by the courts, and perhaps no-one's actually said 'sorry', but don't you think it's getting a bit boring now?" As for these daft "there were greater miscarriages during the war" arguments, the mind boggles. Is that the new yardstick for deciding whether to prosecute now? "Drink driver killed a whole family, no carpet bombing involved, OK sarge, I'll let him go". Banonkers!
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    Good for you sir. Laziness and ignorance is not an egscuse for paw speling. How can you tel I gru up reding the Grauniad ?
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    I don't really agree with that. He hasn't looked that good, easily pushed off the ball, drops too deep. As a lone striker he is awful. Under Allardyce and the lHughes last season he has looked poor the vast majortiy of the time. However I do agree he has something to offer with another more mobile player alongisde to give him room - we have three more of those than we did last year (Di Santo, Kalinic and Hoilett). Personally I would be tempted to play 442 against Pompey if Dunn isn't looking too hot in training (seemed very lacklustre against Utd). Let Benni play, see what he can do. He did look good on Sat (although still massively overweight!). If Dunni s playing well Benni will have to sit on the bench. Can't drop him, and not convinced we can play him central in a 442 midfield.
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    Quality wasnt he. A nice Volley & a 25 yard free-kick. He would be awesome in the prem. Exactly what Arsenal need to purchase!!
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    For me Benni and Roberts should both be out of the door. When Benni plays everyone moans anyway....clearly we have had his best few years and he costs too much. Cannot believe we missed James Beattie last Christmas....how many has he scored this year? Much more a BFS player. The team needs incremental improvement...only 20% this year unfortunately, followed by 10% in January 2010 then another 20% in the summer. We have to be patient - it would just be useful to know what kind of beast this BFS Bolton Mk 2 is going to turn into. Our hopes rest on Dunny staying fit,keeping Samba, Kalinic coming thru, and NZonzi and Robbo continuing to improve(plus Givet finding a slot).That's the half of the team in place...then the 50% improvement over 2 windows.
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    He picks the young and on-loan Di Santo ahead of him. Think that says a lot. And the 'get in the f***ing box' scream at Roberts during the Chelsea game sticks in my memory too. Meriem is due back in a couple of weeks. I take it they will look at him and see if he can solve a problem. If not it will be a case of looking elsewhere. The Di Santo thing will be clearer soon. A lot depends on Chelsea getting their signing ban lifted and buying one or two players in that position. Much as he is a real talent, do you think Chelsea would fancy their chances in the Premier League and Champions League if they had to use him for the seven or eight games when Drogba will be missing. It's too much of an ask. Hopefully common sense prevails and he stays at Rovers to add to his education and experience. The kid is an asset for Rovers right now, but really would not make an impact at Chelsea this season.
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    I think Sam is looking at the current squad and planning to be without Benni, possibly losing Di Santo and with little faith in Roberts - not to mention Kalinic's teething problems. Two new strikers is the pragmatic wish for January. If Di Santo stayed that would mean only one more needed. For all of the sentiment towards Benni it should be recalled that he wasn't fit enough when it counted last season and could not be relied on. The predecessor left him out too. If he gets little game time and is moved on he only has himself to blame.

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