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    This is the best thread I've ever seen on here
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    We've done what we said we wouldn't - changed the rules. Mavericks. In all seriousness we haven't, we have just tried to strip them back and work easier. You should notice you all have had an 'account wipe' and no longer have any warning points - meaning everyone starts with fair warning. See below warning points and community rules: Community Rules: 1) Questionable Content (10 warning points) Links to streams, blatant spam, chasing people around the forum. 2) Personal Attacks (25 warning points) Should speak for itself - if its personal and put across in a negative way, its a personal attack. 3) Racism, Sexism, all the 'isms'. (100 warning points) Total blanket ban - stereotyping, innuendo, the lot. If we deem it racist, even if you don't, its 100 points and a ban. 4) Permanent Ban (200 warning points) Only in use for serial offenders of rules 3 and 2. Warning Points: All warning points given under 200 expire automatically after 31 days. Here are how they relate: 25 points in a 31 day period - 24 hour ban 50 points in a 31 day period - 14 day ban 100 points in a 31 day period - 30 day ban 200 points - permanent ban. General Points: Swearing is no longer a bannable offence if used in decent context. If you think Rovers where shite at weekend you are entitled to that opinion. If you opt to misuse this and combine it with a personal attack, you guessed it... 25 points. Equally, if you disagree with someones opinion, thats absolutely fine. Questioning people and/or their content content is fine. Its discussion, so long as it doesn't get personal. Mods are more than allowed an opinion, they're here to maintain the rules above whilst posting, not to be dead behind the eyes. Lastly... please report posts that break rules rather than getting into an argument on the forum. It'll save everyone time. Rules / Warning Points are ongoing and open to change - at the start we're expecting to have to change them. If you think you have been treated unfairly send me a PM. Update: Due to numerous requests, we're now issuing bans for misuse of content on the forum elsewhere. The point of the forum is discussion - by discussing it elsewhere you remove the right of reply. Not only that, but screenshots and quotes can be misconstrued to give a false impression of our members but also the forum itself - which numerous people work hard on, for free. If you feel that your posts on BRFCS are being misused elsewhere by a member, please contact the mods with a link.
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    Thank you. It is what I’d expect of myself which is why I wasn’t happy with my initial reaction when they first reappeared. When I was growing up tattoos presumed the wearer was at best dodgy and probably far worse. I don’t though feel that association exists today. I do think some people have gone too far. I know one lad in his early 30s who has a pink swirling design across his torso, back and legs. Another who has a passage from some eastern literature tattooed across the back of his whole body. The first sentence begins on his left shoulder with the quotation running across and down his back, buttocks and right leg to the ankle. I also don’t get the ones where people do the entire arm with a heavy, intricate design - I don’t object but neither do I understand the desire. What does make me smile is young people seem unaware of what time does to the skin. There’s going to be some interesting looking 60+ people wandering around in future. 😀😀
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    Great idea as long as I can buy a season ticket for the doggy section and get a free one for the dog, and on the rare occasion doggy can not make it and stays at home watching doggy porn (crufts) on tv , I can still go in the doggy end without the rent-a-stasi taking my details down.
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    We'd have no problem retievin the ball.
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    Bullsh1t corner is the best place for dogs
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    My dogs been through enough, I wouldn’t want to put her through league one football.
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    Then you'd duck the rematch, retire and boast about it for the next 20 years whilst resembling a demented hippo on legs

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