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    He's never going to be a prolific goal scorer I'm afraid. He lacks that sharpness in front of goal that the likes of Grahamn Armstrong and Antonnson have. If he doesn't waken up and start putting himself about he's going to find himself loaned out at the sort of lower rung clubs mentioned in that article next season.
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    If he was convinced then hed be in the team. Self explanatory. Graham was out of form but managed to break back in, Armstrong has since been signed, and both are doing what Samuel has been unable to, and now barely plays. I have made the judgement myself (shared by others) that his body language and work ethic is not that of a player desperate to earn his place back, hence me questioning his attitude.
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    Speaking of bore fests, how painful is it listening to the broken record Dyche.....the decisions he was saying they should have got on Saturday were laughable, clearly it's the ref's fault they haven't won for about six years. Them somehow still being 7th and the 'best of the rest' is embarrassing for the PL. That said from 7th down they're pretty much all poor.
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    Two polar bears in my garden ........... the country is going crazy. The beast from the east. The problem with all this headline grabbing weather is if we ever face a truly severe storm or weather incident people may well ignore the advice. This week we have 6” of snow and around -8C. Have none of the weather people been to Scotland in winter? Or east Lancashire for that matter. Too much news time with not enough news and it’s in the south. My wife is flying out of Heathrow on Thursday evening. The headline is the southeast faces a major storm on Thursday. The actual forecast for Heathrow is 55% likelihood of snow and wind speed of 14mph!!! Must find my big coat. Ridiculous.
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    “Yet another reason why playing music after a goal has been scored should be banned from stadiums…” http://www.givemesport.com/1263838-fan-footage-explains-what-happened-to-duisberg-keeper-that-conceded-whilst-having-a-drink
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    All will be forgotten and he will be a hero of he gets some important goals in the run in. I hope he takes that chance
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    Just seen the video and that header was a bad miss in the second half yesterday.
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    Won’t cut it in the championship should we get there,need to get shut .
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    Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson - The Bottle
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    There they were one December, sitting proudly at the top of the table with Huddersfield Town. (Worthington, Cherry et al.) Then Newton goes to Everton, followed by a truly heartbreaking Christmas, that seemed to set a pattern for the rest of my Rovers life lol. Anyway this was the start of a 2 year, downward tailspin that ended up in the bottom 3 of the old Third Division. Rebirth one Friday night at Tranmere. We're Blackburn Rovers and we're on our way back....again!
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    Only seen Bell play once and can't say was too impressed with him thus you can see why players that aren't that good come in and out as they struggle.
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    RIP Billy, he lived on Langdale, in one of the Semi's backing on to the canal, actually opposite my Grandad's, with whom he worked at the Star. When I joined the Navy and was posted in Portsmouth, my Grandad told me to go and see him in his pub, he had moved from Fratton to one Fareham way I think, he was a lovely bloke and loved me coming in in the blue and white halves!
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    Loved watching this team. Alan Hunter, class player, Kenny Knighton, bustling midfielder, Eamonn, my favourite at that time. If we had a better centre half and left winger, we could have done something with this team. Connelly was at the end of his career but scored plenty of goals for a winger.Happy days in the Darren End.
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    First time I saw Billy play a pal of mine was playing on the right wing for Rochdale Reserves. He was nagging me to go up and watch him play and seeing as the opposition was Rovers " A " team I went up to Spotland. His immediate opponent was a little tubby blonde lad. My pal was pretty rapid and he gave the blonde lad a bit of a chasing. Afterwards he said to me " You're a better left back than that blonde kid Tyrone, he was hopeless ". I said " You're right, he'll never make a player as long as he lives ! "The little tubby blonde lad was Billy Wilson. I remembered his name from the team sheet because he was so bad ! Next time I saw him was a year or two later and he was in the first team ! He had slimmed down a fair bit and put on a bit of pace. He was still a bit raw but you could see he had the makings of a player. As time went by he became the tough, uncompromising little terrier of a player that rarely got a chasing off anybody. His partnership with Keith Newton gave us the two best full backs in the old second division. He was neat and tidy on the ball and quick in the tackle, the sort of player that never took a backward step irrespective of the size of the opponent. I always thought he'd the makings of a good defensive midfield player and I believe Pompey played him there later in his career. I came to be a big fan of his and I was gutted when he was allowed to drift away to Portsmouth. Thanks for the memories Billy, you proved me and my pal wrong. Incidentally we had a midfielder that day that was absolutely awesome. He was like a more mobile David Dunn, he covered every blade of grass and he was tackling at one end and scoring a goal at the other. He had it all. Both me and my pal said " He can't fail, he's a world beater ". He was called Roy Wilford . This game would be in the October and at the end of the season he was released and went straight into non-league. He had a good career at that level but he never made the heights we thought he would. Funny game football.
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    Still my favourite player of all time - and thats ahead of any of our title winning team.
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    Confirmed by his only other club Pompey that Billy Wilson a popular Rovers fullback of the 60s/early 70s passed away this week at a relatively young age of 71 Billy was a smashing player. The first Rovers player I ever saw sent off too I think although how he managed it I can’t fathom as he was a cool, classy player in an age you had to literally commit ABH to get ordered off He may hold a curious record - in around 270 games for us he never scored. I can’t recall any other outfield player who played so many without scoring. Took a couple of pubs after playing including at one point The Fratton which was virtually attached to the ground I remember he lived on Langdale between the Hordens & The Beechwood where many players lived & his wife Val (I think) was receptionist at Star Paper. As lads we would knock on players’ doors at Christmas, carol singing, or asking for any firewood pre Bonfire Night - you would usually get a few bob and an autograph or something. Thoughts with his family and those fans like myself for whom a little part of our childhood has also died.

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