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    I just joined the site to acknowledge all the kind words in this thread about my dad Billy My sister came across it and sent it to me this pm. Dad sadly passed away on 21st following some surgery, it wasn't expect and was a shock to my mum Heather and all the family. It has been a comfort in many ways reading the kind words of strangers who knew him as a player or latterly as a landlord. He never stopped loving the game, in fact just a few days before he passed we watched his beloved Newcastle (he was born and bred geordie) beat Man U which cheered him up no end. I don't remember much about his BRFC days as he left Rovers when I was just 2 so I grew up watching him play for Pompey. Although I am a die hard PFC fan the second score I always look for is Rovers - dads other team and the town of my birth. Mum kept clipping which I archived for his 70th. I have stuck a couple of my favorite cuttings up as pics including his debut against Chelsea and a piece about playing Keith Newton in the cup after he moved on (we were next door neighbours!) hank you again for all the kind words - he was my hero and I will always miss him Up the Rovers and Play Up Pompey
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    Won 4, drawn 1 in last 5, top of the league. Wigan and Shrews both won 2, lost 2, drawn 1 in last 5 I know which fans should be most worried and it not us at the moment!! Well done TM for giving some of us a decent season, restoring a bit of pride. Same posters will just keep moaning, football is not an exact science, it's 22 men kicking a bag of wind around, nothing is guaranteed!!!!
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    Shut the forum! No more discussion!!
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    A lot being said about our defence after the Wigan match, a quick stat attack on that... Rovers have conceded two or more goals in 8 matches this season and kept 12 clean sheets. In 36 games those stats don't seem so bad, however... Two or more goals conceded Rovers - 8 Wigan - 4 - this was actually just 1 match until February! Shrewsbury - 4 - similarly to the above this was just 1 match until Jan 13th when we beat them 3-1. Worth noting with the above that we've played 4 games more than Wigan and 2 more than Shrewsbury, so there's still room for the above to change, particularly as both Wigan and Shrewsbury's defences have started creaking in the past two months. Clean Sheets Rovers - 12 Wigan - 19 Shrewsbury -13 Again worth noting the 4 game and 2 game difference between us and Wigan/Shrewsbury respectively. It makes Wigan's CS stat in particular even more impressive. I don't think many would have assumed we would have almost the same number of clean sheets as Shrewsbury. We were actually very solid defensively in the first few months of the season, it's only since December we've started really shipping goals. Since Dec 26th we've only had two clean sheets. Before that we had 10, so, there's definitely been a marked downturn in defensive capability - but that coincides with scoring more goals, so there does seem to have been a shift in tactics/instructions from Mowbray to give us more attacking threat at the expense of our defence. Results suggest that Wigan and Shrewsbury's defences are both starting to leak, though, which particularly bodes well for us in Shrewsbury's case as they don't score many. If their defence starts to falter they will inevitably fall away and might leave it between us, Wigan and Rotherham to fight it out.
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    Oh good, Biz is back out on his 'confused' tour of the board. Trolling by emoji. Confused face.
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    My point is, I along with you wouldnt have picked Evans. But the way we set up initially led to us leading 2-0 at half time, comfortably, so how can you say that it was wrong? Especially when you mention Bennetts position, yet his role on the left wing was what enabled him to score the second goal. So surely that justifies Bennetts selection there, even if you felt he was put there more for defensive responsibilities or whatever? I thought that Bennett did really well in general out wide, and I've been one of his biggest critics there this season. Even if you feel like he stumbled upon it, the team that started the game was one that worked really well in that first half. If you think he chose a team to contain and that how we did in that first half was not necessarily down to the tactical approach, more down to individuals or whatever, then fair enough, but he got the starting 11 right even if he did it by chance. (which I think would be very harsh on him) There are aspects that are open to be criticised, im not saying Mowbray was perfect today, for example the most obvious error in hindsight was the lateness of his subs and also the players brought on didnt aid us in holding on to a 2 goal lead, and the fact that we let the lead slip in the first place brings the tactics into question,. You mention Corry Evans, I don't rate him but he was no worse than Smallwood today. You say that his substitution lead to us "halting the slide," the remaining 15 minutes hardly saw a Rovers resurgence, in fact if any team was going to go on and win, it was Wigan, and bringing on Antonsson and Nuttall at that time did nothing to make us more threatening, both were totally ineffective. You say that we are over-reliant on Dack, but he is the best player in the league, any League 1 team would be somewhat dependent on him, but all 4 attacking players played their part in that first half, we looked well balanced.
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    Bennett scored and stopped the threat down their right to the extent that both Byrne and Massey were subbed. The problem today was that Smallwood was crap. I also have no idea why Travis wasn't involved.
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    Thank you, Scott Wilson. That post is one of the best I've ever seen on this message board. I used to love watching Billy play. I used to call him "Billy Whizz". There was a character in a children's comic by the same name at the time, and your dad was a good, strong, left full-back who could sprint forwards when attacking and backwards when defending. He was a cheeky-faced, blonde-haired lad. Great memories for me. RIP Billy and condolences to you and family.
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    That was some team your Dad made his debut in. Thanks for taking the time to post a lovely and emotive piece.
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    Unsworth was pretty crap if I recall. He won a game early on, but then got hammered most games, then it picked up in the last couple of games.
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    Pity we didn't have him today. Thought we were crying out for some width in that 2nd half and someone who could get us down the other end of the pitch
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    I was disappointing with the non selection of Payne but im not sure how you can claim a moral victory when we were so dominant in the first half? Especially when someone youd have chosen to play central midfield scored from the left wing. I do think Mowbray got things wrong in the second half in terms of substitutions, but im not too sure you can suggest that he got the line up wrong. Is it? He looked quite poor whenever he played in midfield, he was not good enough on the ball, his attributes are better suited to playing in defence, where he has looked far more accomplished as seen today. Don't get this urge to move our centre backs into midfield.
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    Lenihan's preferred position is centre midfield. Would love to see him play there but we'd need to sign a new centre half next season as Downing is not the answer.
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    It could as easily have been Smallwood rather than Evans going off. Both were poor and second best to Wigans central midfield. We only looked to control that area when Bennett moved inside. Smallwood was out on his knees in the last ten minutes and lost possession several times and gave cheap free kicks away. In my opinion Mowbray got it wrong by playing those two from the start.
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    Coyle was just a bull shitter. Nothing he said was worth listening to.
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    not save yet but I didn't understand his subs and tactics second half yesterday at all. Sam not done a good job and I expect by now to be 7th at least with that squad which is good enough. Keane is a good defender in the right system and tactics
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    Big Sam came in at Everton to save their season. He has and as usual succeeded. No doubt Everton, like some other clubs including us, will go in search of pretty tippy tappy played by overhyped second rate Carlos kickaballs, and fail. BS is the most over criticised manager in football. Not that the great man will give a feck what the office clerks and delivery boys think.
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    I want to see Brum relegated after how they managed to stay up last season at our expense. Going down, going down, going down............ I hope!
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    Fair Play - Van Morrison One of Van's tunes that doesn't seem to get much airplay but never really worked out why, sublime...
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    Snap. Won't buy certain papers either. Not that it has a great deal of affect on Murdoch - it's the same principle as Venky's really.
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    I stand corrected Jim. He's the reason I won't have SKY in the house.
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    Williams is probably only good playing for Swansea. He was really good there, so maybe if he goes back, or even goes to Cardiff he'll be back to full power like that bad guy in one of the Chris Reeve Superman films. The one where the baddie is solar powered and Superman moves the moon.
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    LOL. I got one of those too today. I regard it as a badge of honour

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