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    What a guy - still looking out for our results and following the club - agree about the owners too.
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    The advantage of living in Holland as a Rovers-fan is that we're a bit ahead of you Englishmen in terms of time. Just watched Doncaster vs. Rovers, and we've won 0-1. Congratulations to everyone involved!
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    We're the Blackburn boys making all the noise, everywhere we go!
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    46 games to save our club
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    A great conclusion to a very successful season tonight at the Hawthorns. Nuttall got his goal to be leading goalscorer and Danny Butterworth returned after injury to give a sparkling performance when he came on in the second half and scored a terrific goal. Man of the Match for many was Jack Evans who was outstanding playing as left wing back. Damien Johnson and David Dunn have done a terrific job with these lads this season and deserve a huge amount of praise for their efforts. Undoubtedly the best crop of youngsters we've had in a long time and Damien and Dunny have got the very best out of them. The Under-23's have been a joy to follow this season.
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    Our first headed corner goal since 1934.
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    Absolutely chuffed to bits. Well done Tony Mowbray and the team! And still the title race isnโ€™t over. ๐Ÿ’™
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    We've done brilliantly to get this close to them considering where we were. If we finished above them that would be an incredible achievement, but right now I'll just take promotion thank you very much!
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    By 4pm you will be asleep ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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    If you listen to the likes of Neil Harris and Chris Wilder they are clearly of the view that they and their clubs have as just as much right as anyone to be pushing for promotion in the Championship, the fact that they were in League One last season rarely gets mentioned. Wilder has already been critical of his players as it seems the play-offs are going to slip away. They've had an excellent season, and haven't spent big money in doing it, yet they are still looking upwards rather than back-slapping because they've survived. Mowbray is quite right to set his stall out to do more than merely survive as a Championship club. To get up from the Championship you need a plan and a winning mentality, not accepting survival as your end target and exist to achieve that and no more. Of course going up from League One the main concern is to achieve survival but more can be done without the need for parachute money or major investment. Cardiff, Preston, Brentford, Millwall, Bristol City, Sheffield United - all clubs who have got up there without big spending most of whom were in League One very recently.
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    Fitting that our Captain Fantastic sealed it for us. What a season for him.
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    Title at Ewood. It's gonna happen! Love you Charlie Love you Tony Love you Rovers I am the gayest straight guy in the world right now.
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    Doncaster 1 Champions elect 3 You heard it here first
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    Glory hunter ! Welcome back Come on Rovers
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    By 4pm I'll be predicting 1-4 away win and going up as Champions
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    wish I could go but working in catering (unsociable hours)prevents me going to matches . I hope that we do it in style tonight the future is not as bleak . Thanks to the Team and Tony for a wonderful rollercoaster ride and thankyou to all the fans on here with their Knowledge and sharing it with us . From an armchair fan thankyou for the team who put BRFCS together so I and others who due to circumstances beyond our control keep us informed on what is going on at the club we love. Thankyou all..
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    Many thanks to Parson and Stuart and others for providing updates from the youth games for those of us unable to get to them this season - and well done to Damien, David and the lads on a terrific achievement! Now letโ€™s make it a double tonight!
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    well my dad lives in peru so that's one more
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    Feels a bit like New Year's Eve on this board at the moment when you feel happy and text everyone!
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    Get the F in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4.23am too early to crack open the champers ???/
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    In all fairness, you started it.
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    Expect there'll be no nerves from the players tonight, they know it's job done tonight. Fully expect them to be wanting to get out there now and get stuck into Doncaster from the off. So long as when we need a breather they don't let Doncaster gain in confidence we'll be alright. Come on Charlie and the boys ! Good luck to all the supporters there.

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