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    I eventually voted twist - I owe you an apology Mr Mowbray, an unbelievable turnaround from a man who is good to the core Always desperately wanted him to succeed but I was concerned
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    A great conclusion to a very successful season tonight at the Hawthorns. Nuttall got his goal to be leading goalscorer and Danny Butterworth returned after injury to give a sparkling performance when he came on in the second half and scored a terrific goal. Man of the Match for many was Jack Evans who was outstanding playing as left wing back. Damien Johnson and David Dunn have done a terrific job with these lads this season and deserve a huge amount of praise for their efforts. Undoubtedly the best crop of youngsters we've had in a long time and Damien and Dunny have got the very best out of them. The Under-23's have been a joy to follow this season.
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    Many thanks to Parson and Stuart and others for providing updates from the youth games for those of us unable to get to them this season - and well done to Damien, David and the lads on a terrific achievement! Now let’s make it a double tonight!
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    Rakeem Harper played more games for us than any of our own players. What about Ryan Sessegnon at Fulham? If you are good enough you are old enough.
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    Here's a nice and simple one for a player who needs a song, memorable, catchy tune too, can imagine this on the terraces: (To the tune of 'Let it Be') Nyambe, Nyambe, Nyambe, Nyambeeee Ryan is a Rover, Nyambe, Nyambe...
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    He has. Massively.
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    Big Sam will get PL jobs just as long as he wants them be that at Everton or elsewhere. He can just mint his personal goldmine for as long as he can be bothered. Bloody genuine Star who ALWAYS proves his haters wrong.
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    Everton another lot who seem to think they are entitled to not only challenge for the top 6 but also do it playing fantastic football. Clearly Allardyce turning around a sinking ship and delivering an 8th placed finish isn't good enough for them. Just imagine moaning about the style of football on offer having had David Moyes as manager for 11 years. Like him or loathe him Allardyce has done another good job at a club that was sinking and deserves his chance of a season with a healthy budget to see what he can do in the top half of the league rather than the bottom. I don't expect he'll get that opportunity as Everton will succumb to the foreign disease and go out and appoint some fancy name from Holland or Portugal. Doubt Allardyce will be too bothered either way.
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    Bennett has one to the tune of hearbeat - duh duh duh duh duh, duh duh duh duh duh, Elliott, ohhhh Elliott Bennett runs down the wing for me
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    I was. Not particulary arsed about the title, I'm happy to slip out of the third division, so get Travis, Tomlinson et al in the side.
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    I hope if we do get it done tonight, I hope we’ll see a few for the last two matches...
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    Everton were sinking fast when Sam took over there and in genuine danger of relegation. Now they are 8th and apparently not playing football that is attractive enough! You couldn't make it up!
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    It could well be that the pitches are out and out bowling pitches at this time of year Matty. They’re bound to be holding at least a bit of moisture in April. All the innings in lancs games have been low scoring so far. I’m hoping that’s the case 🤞
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    Reach for them stars Tony lad! “Where does it stop? It probably stops, hopefully for us, just outside the top six of the Premier League and there’s no reason why with the infrastructure this club can’t get back to the Premier League and not be a team fighting to get out of the bottom three. “At this moment, the top six have money the rest don’t have but I don’t see why Blackburn Rovers can’t get to a stage in the near future where they can compete in the Premier League with 14 clubs to stay there and be competitive.” “There are some success stories around us, and with all due respect if Burnley can achieve the season they are having in the Premier League then I’m very sure Blackburn Rovers, if we can get it right on the grass and create the right environment and culture around the football club then there’s no reason we can’t be competing with them.”
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    I would normally have sympathy but NO-ONE, I repeat NO-ONE ever had any sympathy or understanding for us and our plight of being raped and pillaged by cockney spivs and their compadres. So Mackems best of luck. Hopefully we're rid and Thankfully, WE ARE BLACKBURN ROVERS and WE are on our way back!
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    Those lads are taller than the Riverside Stand! Seriously, well done you young blues!
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    Who'd have thunk that our u23's are now officially better than one of the worlds biggest clubs.
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    Rovers are champions!! 🏆 Well done to Damien, David and the young lads.

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