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    There's always been a weird obsession on here with people wanting ex players back. Unless that player was exceptional, I have never really understood it. For me I have always thought Rovers (certainly in more modern times) should be a club moving forward bringing in mostly young hungry players (with one or two experienced heads too), developing them then hopefully sell them on for big money after enjoying them for a few years. I think that's what Mowbray is trying to do, and I hope it works out for him/us.
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    He did well last season but I think your being very generous to be calling Lee Johnson a top manager. He was close to getting the sack the previous season and some Bristol fans are still unhappy with him.
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    I look at our forward line, which is the area causing me concern at present. As it stands we've Danny Graham, who does a job yet will be a year older, then we've Dack who we were possibly too reliant on last season who is unproven at Championship level, and then Samuel and Nuttall with question marks over whether they were even good enough for League One. Having waved goodbye to Antonsson, Armstrong and Payne, we're in I would say quite urgent need of work in that area. This is an area where decent players are in short supply and who generally cost more money than other areas. We need pace and presence up the top end of the pitch, and like it or loathe it they will cost substantial money, unless the plan is to rely on a couple of loans again, which goes against the steady building job talk we've heard because after 6-12 months the loans will need replacing, as we're finding now with last season's gone and seemingly out of reach this time. Of course there are one or two gems out there like Gestede was for us but in the main even proven League One forwards cost millions - Rhodes, Marriott etc. For those saying that the season hasn't started yet and there's plenty of time - I know this. But I'd remind you of our own manager's comments not too long since where he clearly wanted most of his business done by now so they could travel to Austria and 'bed in' with the squad. Listening to managers one of the big things with foreign training camps is the chance for the players, old and new, to go away for a week together, effectively live together, eat together, get used to each other, train together. Every season in the last 4-5 years we have started slowly looking disorganised and short in key areas. I want to avoid that this year.
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    ...or merely a reflection of what you choose to attribute to the character...Books and covers etc...Neville Southall, anyone? Goodnight!
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    Thing is I can see them using that £15 million to go out and sign some real quality, what they won't do is trouser it all and then moan about FFP rules. Meanwhile how much is that now for Middlesbrough since they were relegated? £50-60 million with Flint and McNair arriving this week? Alright for some, lets see if an embargo ever gets put on them.
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    Uruguay are the team which all round has been the most impressive thus far. Let's see if that has jinxed them!
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    Well done to the Turkish referee last night who didn't give in to VAR pressure after they referred a decision to him as a clear and obvious error. This would have resulted in a penalty for Nigeria for an alleged handball by Rojo. The way he explained his decision to the irate Nigerians was exemplary. Collina however should be hauling the VAR's over the coals.
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    I think the key is the referee has to be strong. The guy in the Iran Spain game got overwhelmed and it turned into a mess. In Argentina Nigeria referee was strong and nipped the dissent and calling for VAR etc in the bud and it worked reasonably well.
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    Disgraceful height discrimination , the word is vertically challenged, and what is to say a slightly less vertically challenged person can not rise to be the owner occupier of the enchanted beanstoke* *That is if an Argentinian vertically challenged person has not just got there and tried to claim it as their own
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    I was irritated by his 'get real' interview whIch I saw as support for Kean. As a local lad he should have known more than any other player how we all felt about Kean and the way the club was being wantonly pillaged by Kean and his associates. I hear him no malice but I don't feel any sorrow about him leaving.
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    This is not a politics forum, I will say, Argentina seem to have a decent president now. I don't know if this current president would be into this Falklands/Malvinas activism but I doubt it. In May, Boris Johnson went to Argentina to honour the war dead, I thought on both sides of the conflict (this is also the 2nd time a British dignitary has done something like this: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/may/19/boris-johnson-to-lay-falklands-wreath-in-argentina-latin-america-trip Argentina were a troubled country for quite a number of years or decades. They have also had good basketball teams in the Olympics and so on. They seem to be on the right track now.
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    Akpan???!!! That's up there as one of the stupidest things I've ever heard!
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    I'm not sure an open mic would be the way forward given some of the unpalatable things said in many languages. I know players should be dismissed for foul, offensive or abusive language but some games wouldn't finish. I like the idea of the referee doing a controlled press conference post match when he has had an opportunity to review his decisions. Mistakes happen and admitting them is far better than just going home with nobody none the wiser (well it was for me).
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    I think that's our home kit but reversing the red and blue on the collar and halves.
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    That's pretty much a recoloured version of our home shirt from 2 seasons ago.
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    Big clues here ?
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    In my opinion gestede has done nowt since leaving rovers so he should get his arse back here.
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    Nothing long term about Cardiff's business. Warnock arrived mid-season in a relegation scrap, kept them up and then swiftly assembled a squad that got them automatic promotion. No talk from Warnock about long term building jobs - he wanted promotion at the first attempt and knew how to get it. I know it doesn't purely come down to wages and transfer fees. The point i was trying to make was that last season it was much easier to put together a good side on a relative shoestring due to a lack of competition and the fact that a million quid goes a long way in League One. In the Championship you have to be prepared to pay more, if not you will likely struggle.
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    Pele retired years ago
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    To a degree but the concept of 'the auld enemy' suits England for some reason. And in fairness, if you do talk to Irish about the troubles it can get very heated very quickly.
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    correction ............…. Alan Wright from Blackpool. £500.000.00
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    The problem with VAR are the protocols are all wrong and there is a misconception that like Cricket the technology can clear up decisions. Cricket technology by and large gives a definitive answer, for example Ball Tracking will tell you if the bowl was going to it the wickets or snicko will tell you if there was a sound as ball passed the bat etc. However apart from the goaline technology the other bits that football use does not give a definitive answer so it is back to the "judgment" of the VAR ref/Match referee so you are going to get inconsistent decisions. Then the protocols are wrong and it is creating an inbalance, some teams are benefiting from VAR decisions being referred whilst others are not because VAR did not look/refer them. Those protocols need to be cleared up. If they are going to persist with this then they could just give the Manager 2 VAR referrals per match, so then you are putting the onus on the teams, so if they waste them then that is their own fault. At least the decision making protocol would be "fair". Having seen VAR in action for the whole season in Serie A and now this world cup I would say it needs scrapping in it's current format. I have seen it work brilliantly but I have also seen a lot of games where it has caused confusion and chaos.
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    Good news if anything it shows the Venkys now having faith and being a bit more trusting to have Rovers running like a normal business
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    Best away kit we’ve had imho. And astonishingly was never put on sale.

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