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    Bloody BRFCS.com going down, making me talk to my wife and kids and stuff.
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    I'm sure this lad might turn out to be decent but christ... We need an out and out centre forward! We're going into a season with our only capable centre forward being Graham who's 33 and can't do 90 mins.
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    You literally said that In your last post, rf99 responded then you just post the same line again?
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    To demonstrate that they are better, more loyal, fans because they support the manager, the club, the players, without question. Those who do question, who demand better, are seen as pessimistic or negative, and usually made fun of. It’s been like this for a long time. Although it has got much worse since Venkys and Kean rocked up and challenged that blind loyalty to its limits. Chaddy made quite a statement earlier. A very bold prediction for this week’s business. If we don’t make those signings I’d expect him to be disappointed. He won’t be though. Or at least he won’t admit it.
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    Everton game shows our starting lineup is good enough for the championship. Stanley game shows our strength in depth isn’t up to the standard. If no one comes in that is at least bench standard, then we will struggle if we get injuries.
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    Armstrong is a poor mans Michael Owen. Would anyone recommend playing Owen on the wing because he has pace. Armstrong is not a winger. Unless your signing him to play upfront where imo he would score us the goals we need then don't sign him and sign a winger. It's as clear as day that Armstrong is a striker
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    My prediction is we'll get one loan, probably Palmer, announced before Ipswich and after that we'll at best get one permanent done before the deadline and another loan, two at the most, before the end of August. Anyone setting themselves up for a busy exciting week of several quality new signings I think will be disappointed.
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    Roversfan99’s point in a nutshell...
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    You are refusing to accept what most people are saying! I have said numerous times as have others, that signing loans of quality of supplement the squad is very good and a wise way of adding to the squad. Even looking at the 2 loans, Palmer has played at this level and been a big success. No one has doubted him quality wise. Nmecha hasnt played senior football, only youth football. All transfers are gambles. A player with only youth team experience is a big one as weve no idea how he will fare. The main point which I will repeat, is not that we shouldnt sell loans, its that we shouldnt ONLY sign loans and become overly reliant on them. Even Mowbray has said that before. You (not only you, apologies for picking you out) seem to be desperate to peddle this myth that those who are making any sort of constructive point or in any way questioning potential transfer structures are just lying in a pit of their own misery. I am looking forward to seeing Palmer sign on loan as hes an exciting player, just as I enjoyed watching Armstrong and Chapman last season. But no, I cant "even acknowledge we are signing quality on loan or enjoy that fact"...
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    Championship journeyman is a bit disngenous. With an average of 1 in 3 for teams at the top end of the table and also having had PL loans, says he’s a better player. Dack hasn’t even played in the Championship yet...(admittedly that will change in a week’s time). I love Bradley Dack as much as anyone, but Christ, I’m also a realist and not that biased!
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    I think everyone understands that loans are crucial in terms of supplementing the squad, as long as its aswell as permanent signings. The only reason that people would be annoyed is if we only signed loans which is perfectly fair. The 2 players in question have different question marks around them. Kasey Palmer, there has been unanimous agreement that he has the ability, proven in particular in playing a key part in getting Huddersfield promoted. in making a big impact. The only real debate has been how hes going to fit into our team, baring in mind his natural position is where our best player currently plays. Also seen a few people including myself a bit disappointed with the length of the loan suggested but hopefully he will be here for the season, one way or another. Lukas Nmecha, im unsure how he also fits under the phrase "far better than what we could afford to buy." Hes barely kicked a ball competitively, hes obviously a talent but he must be very raw and theres very little evidence, unlike with Palmer, to suggest that within the next year he would be better than what we could get permanently. Bauer for me is one where he obviously is more than good enough to be our 3rd centre back, just seems a waste to spend a decent fee on an player who would only play if we had an injury, as much as I appreciate the need for a good squad. Arsmtrong is in my eyes a winger, he was so effective there and provided far more width than I expected him too, when Samuel and Gallagher have played there for us under Mowbray they looked like strikers playing wide, a bit awkward, whereas Armstrong looked like the position suited him to the ground. If Mowbray is unconvinced after last season then hes a tough one to please, he was excellent.
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    I'm not so sure mate... Only 3 seasons ago we had serious interest in Sandro Wagner who couldn't get into Hertha Berlin side... He's now banging em in at Bayern when he starts. I've always maintained the German market is massively overlooked for value. The style of play is similar and the players (especially in Bundesliga 2) don't earn massive wages.
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    I remember it very well. I won a competition to represent Rovers at half time against a Spurs guy who won the same competition. The idea was that you had to dribble from the half way line past 3 deckchairs and shoot past their mascot in goal in the fastest time 😂 I beat him and won £1500 in holiday vouchers because Thomson were their sponsors at the time. We played really well that day and if I remember their winner was scored by Mido, an Egyptian striker who had been receiving abuse from the Spurs supporters all game. My highlight (apart from winning the holiday vouchers) was Jermaine Defoe, congratulating me and shaking my hand after I tucked my effort away. He was a sub that day and warming up during half time.
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    That is honestly the biggest contradiction ever. Unbelievable.
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    I disagree.I thought Armstrong played well as part of a three behind a lone front man and if I was him I'd be working hard to make that a permanent position. I don't think he has the height or strength to play up front on his own and it's rare you see teams playing with two strikers these days. I agree he isn't an out and out winger but either side in a three I could see him developing into a very good player
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    Is that response really needed? Trying to twist his argument to make him seem unrealistic and unreasonable. There are plenty of examples of wingers at this level that are either available (Maddison an example) or have been signed elsewhere (Adelakun, Edwards etc) that cost nowhere near that amount. @JHRover @RevidgeBlue would you both be happy with a couple of loans if they were to supplement a couple of permanent signings? If we only signed loans, I also would be disappointed. But its not a zero tolerance on loans, there have been some very good loan signings, Tammy Abraham and Mitrovic 2 of the best examples. But its all about not being over reliant on them. Last time we were at this level, we had Gallagher, Emnes, Joao, Hendrie, Byrne and Hoban, and were over reliant on them. Sign a couple, players like Palmer who we couldnt afford to buy, a long with an Armstrong or similar permanently, and youve got a balance.
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    Read an article about Nmecha - him talking about moving up to the 1st team squad last season. Learnt alot coming up against Vincent Company in training. He could get an extra touch at youth level as the centrebacks were not so physically imposing. Came off a bit battered and bruised against Company! I like the sound of the lad but loan is no good long term as I assume he would be well out of our price bracket. We need a striker in that is good enough to replace Graham at the end of the season. Whether that's good enough immediately or one to develop over the season - and it must be a permanent deal. I am assuming the CB is with a view to replacing Mulgrew next season.
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    I disagree completely about Wharton. How many games will Mulgrew and Lenihan miss between them? I wouldn't be surprised if It's in the order of 25. plus substitute appearances. Wharton should have been promoted ahead of Downing in the pecking order for me and retained. Is anyone actually happy with the prospect of Downing and Greer as back up?
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    Loan signings are a good way of getting better players than you have currently, and in previous years where we have had a very unstable team in terms of having to replace most of the players from the previous years it can be destabilising to rely upon loans. Loan signings mixed in with a strong core of players and some encouraging, cheaper buys are perfect for trying to establish back in the championship. As for signing Bauer if the funds are available and it doesn’t compromise signing a striker then go for it I would say.
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    This is nonsense without actually seeing him play!
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    Didnt know much about him either to be honest. 100 goals in 300 games across two spells for Bournemouth. 24 in 38 games last season is pretty impressive in League One too. Decent shout actually.
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    He won the Championship with Bournemouth. The guy is 30 and has tons of experience if you check his wiki - not a bad goal rate either.
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    Go and get Pittman I recon. Capable goal scorer, knows this league.
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    Looks like the site crashed because Wharton scored the winner away against L1 opposition and the internet doesn’t want us talking about it! Meanwhile while Rovers chatter is about potentially bringing in Greer as cover.
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    Always thought the Sparky team with Bellamy and Pongolle in it played some of the best football I've seen from Rovers.

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