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    I think the lad should be given the full season to settle in and make an impact. He has ability because he wouldn't have made it as far as he has without any. Like someone said. Dack had a poor season for Gillingham in league 1 before we signed him. My only issue is with the minutes he plays and the positions he's put into I'd be more than happy with 25m-30m cameos from the bench each week in his forward position.
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    Merry Xmas lads ..hope you have a good un !
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    Merry Christmas from Canada
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    Man U's squad needs an overhaul before they can challenge again. They are carrying far too much dead weight. Although 2 centre halves will make them better they need to move 4 on. A new right back is needed, as is a central striker, and a right back. Their central midfielders aren't getting any younger either. Fellaini, Matic, and Herrera are all pushing 30, if not already there. They do have the resources to do it though. Hopefully they'll keep on messing up.
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    Olf The Red was looking out of his window one Christmas Day and said to the wife "It's looks like it's going to f**kin rain again". "You are so rude. Just stop being rude" said his exasperated wife in response "and anyway, it looks more likely to snow than rain" Her husband just sighed, shook his head and said "Rude Olf The Red knows rain, dear" MERRY CHRISTMAS FELLOW ROVERITES!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I think people are forgetting ben brereton was bought in as one for the future. An investment for the club, a player with bags of potential who could be a star in 2-3 years. This season I only see him as a squad player, when Danny Graham leaves in 18 months he may be ready to take over. He is still learning his trade, forget the 7 million, venkys only paid that as like any owners they were convinced they will get that money back one day (which you do when u pay premium for young players with potential). It is upto TM and coaching staff to develop him over the next 2 seasons. In contrast I don't think venkys would have sanctioned a 7 million fee for a proven 30 year goal scorer like lewis grabban. Could the money have been better spent? Maybe, time will tell. Personally I can see Ben doing well from next season after settling in and getting more game time.
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    I know what you mean. I’ll be gutted when Palmer goes back.
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    Merry Christmas to Everyone. Best weather of the year here. High 35c Low 20c, sunny, little clouds, humidity ok, little chance of snow or indeed rain, turkeys scarce, loads of Ms Santas around last evening. Hoping for our 3 point pressy tomorrow!
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    Anyway we miss chaddy - right guys? Agree or not with him, he is rovers through and through - reinstate the lad ! Nobody should be alone at Christmas !
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    Great are you trying to make me not like it?
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    I thought Mark45 was Gav??!
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    Firstly Brereton has only shown glimpses of why we spent so much money on him - not convinced at the moment. But to put a different slant on it - based on the last 5 matches - who would spend £20m+ on Dack ? Based on Dacks first few matches for Rovers - who (honestly) thought TM had messed up buying him. Also add into the equation everyone more than happy we signed Armstrong - and then moaned st his recent performances. I think (hope) TM is building a team for the future - one day I hope we will see Davenport and Rothwell changing our playing style.
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    Hello Rovers fans. Merry Xmas for tomorrow 😀 Usually I'd make a new thread but given the time of year and people generally being busy i didn't see the point. Looking forward to the boxing day game, a chance to get our own back hopefully.
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    Comparing the two really doesn’t do your point much use. If you think it’s time to change manager, that’s up to you. I personally disagree. Just to add - I think it’s a poor memory to compare TM to the guy who obviously (with his agent and “ownership consultant) hoodwinked the club into ridiculous contracts, signings and feathered his own nest all the way to Brunei.
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    Absolute rubbish this. Probably from the same sources who thought joining the euro was a good idea or we would all crash and burn. It's just potentially less growth, not crashing the pound. You sound like a liberal democrat
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    I always believe in getting your best eleven players on the field. On that basis, you would transform the side by simply starting with Rodwell, Rothwell and Davenport (when fit). Imagining a side including those players then you would need a giant beast of a centre half and a winger who can terrify and Rovers would be serious promotion contenders. Bauer and Chapman have massive ??? over fitness and ability at this level. I know Ipswich are total rubbish but I would be looking at Edwards again come the summer.
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    It would be very typical of the Championship if we went here and won 1-0.
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    You have to have a Sky subscription for the games to be available on the app.
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    It’s a huge sum FOR US and most other Championship clubs.
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    I love Tony. I want him to be a massive success.... But my God I have no faith in him. It's like listening to my overweight chain smoking grandad tell me he's going to complete a half marathon. I love him and I will back him but I have no faith what so ever he can achieve what he has set out to do. I don't believe he will get us promoted. I don't believe he is ruthless enough to make the necessary changes in and out . I don't believe he will build a squad capable of beautiful city-esque passing style of play he keeps telling us he wants to play. I don't believe he will keep our better players long enough to build anything. I don't believe he will give our youth a fair chance and lose some decent talent along the way because of it. I do believe he will continue to play players out of position in unfathomable formations and be loyal to players who should be shipped out. I do believe he will keep talking in ways we all love and not actually do anything pro active to achieve what he says, but i don't want him to ever leave because he has such a lovely soft accent and trust worthy eyes. His little enthusiastic face when he tells tales of old, and the future he envisages , like a newly in love couple on the first day they move in together, full of Hope and passion and belief. They will be the same tales he tells down the pub long after he has retired ending in " if only " . But less of that and get behind the lads ffs Merry Xmas kids
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    It's Tuesday. Maybe give it until boxing day before lifting it
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    The fact he invented a german rovers fan to cover for his dyslexia was evil genius 😂
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