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    I really liked Bowyer. Was a decent man with integrity and intelligence and had a real eye for a player (perhaps aided by his dad? ) but he wasn’t able to reconstruct the club like Mowbray has. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think TM is perfect. And I doubt he does either. I just think he’s doing better than he’s given credit for on here.
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    Just for the record in view of the criticism TM has received on this thread. I, amongst a small number of others, have his back completely. It feels a bit like planting a galatasary flag in a fenerbache centre circle (if you catch my drift) but this bloke is the best thing to happen to Rovers for years and by miles our best manager since Sam ( and is a much better bloke IMV). We’ve had a bad run no question. But played top teams in the last four. He always said at the outset that we would win some and lose some this season but always hope to compete. And ultimately consolidate. As far as I can remember very few thought that unreasonable ...until we started losing a few. But he has been proved so far correct. We are not the finished article but we have a team that competes, a club that is functional, a structure in place, a connection with fans and he is ..again IMV...completely responsible for that. And I’m not going to be mealy mouthed and subject that to qualifications like ‘needs to do better’. He’s doing bloody fine in my book.
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    Able or allowed? In reality he's done exactly what Mowbray did...except Bowyer was able to keep us in the Championship.... but wasn't allowed to choose his own CEO. Bowyer did a very good job here. He had better players because he was able to spot them and buy them...and he was never given £10m to spend either. If you think Mowbray gets it rough you should have been on here for the Bowyer days. Apparently all we needed was a different manager and those players would have got promoted Then Lambert turned up...and then Coyle. What Mowbray has done a lot better than Bowyer is galvanise the fanbase and create a better spirit around the club. Team spirit and players 'playing for the badge' is obviously something he genuinely cares about and wants the players to care about. He wants the players to connect with the fans. I can't think of another manager who has done it as well. The club is all the better for it. We are now in a situation where people are getting twitchy again. Calling for Mowbray's head is ridiculous. Comparing now to Bowyer's reign (as a pejorative) is also ridiculous. I think Mowbray makes some odd decisions, talks utter bobbins on occasions and seems to be very average in the transfer market (being kind) but we are mid-table in the Championship. I don't really think anyone can expect any better unless we can find one of the very few managers (Dyche, Warnock etc) who seem able to turn average sides into promotion winning sides within 12 months. If Mowbray goes then it will be up to V's to get a new manager, and we know how badly that can go. People tend to forget that .
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    Exactly. The good will towards Mowbray is palpable for the match-going public...and beyond. I think everyone was as delighted for Mowbray as they were for the three points against WBA. Having a rant on here because his signing are a bit shit etc doesn't change that.
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    He's getting plenty of credit and always will, especially because of last season, it's just people were very concerned about us continually shipping late goals and making the same mistakes. If football fans can't discuss what the manager does well and does badly without being criticised for not giving the manager enough credit, then all football message boards might as well be closed down....
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    Is there a striker out there in the mould of Simon Garner. That's what I would like to see, along with a Colin Hendry and a Noel Brotherston. Not too much to ask. Oh and maybe a Tugay too.
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    End of the day him and his team get plenty of support at the grounds and that’s all that matters. An internet forum, like the pub is a place to vent and that won’t change and it shouldn’t either. So on here, say what you want and don’t just ‘get behind the manager/team ffs!’
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    The Brexit fiasco has revealed schisms across British politics and society. The country needs radical reform - starting with the voting system
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    Travis: ’I want to be the main man and the first name on the teamsheet’ https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2019/january/i-want-to-be-the-first-name-on-the-teamsheet/
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    You suspect huge money would go right to his head but Dack has come up the hard way whereas Bentley was at Arsenal quite young I think and maybe always a bit of a big time Charlie from a young age. I think Dack would give it a good go before he fell off the rails whether it was with Rovers or anywhere else, he's saying all the right things at the moment but it's consistency on the pitch that counts and also gets you the good moves. Personally i'd be horrified to see him become a barcode i think he'd be more suited to gentler Southern climes like Fulham or somewhere, avoid Spuds and West Ham at all costs if i were him, graveyards for modest talent like him.
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    He's a good manager especially man management and the off field stuff but on it at times some of it is under parr and baffling. People say what they see with football and that will always be the case and i'm sure Mowbray is well aware of that. Every time there's a good performance or signing he gets credit and when it or they appear bad he gets questioned if he and the team didn't we'd slide down the league again with a whimper. Some of the best performances both by the team and him selection/tactics wise have come in response to poor stuff and some stinging criticism, a point worth noting ! Not always the most vocal at home but Rovers have and always have had a passionate fanbase so it's par for the course, never been a club for faint hearted fans, players, managers and that's just the way it is.
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    Probably not, but if that man exists will Venky's appoint him. Definitely not.
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    Promotion at a canter now Stuart. Though the first month or two was spent in the doldrums and the minimum expectation of 1st was missed despite having the best squad, best budget, best facilities etc far outstripping the 2nd best club in league one by some distance. This isn't to say that I am not grateful for promotion as a lesser manager could have easily stuffed it all up big time. But revisionism to one side the reality remains that the same doubts about Mowbray 'in the Champonship' remain from the 2016/17 season. The club still desperately needs another promotion to fix all the off the field problems that have never really gone away. Is Mowbray that man?
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    Bauer out of contract in the summer.
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    Bowyer for me is miles ahead of TM. Both seem to struggle with subs however and in game management. No doubting GB has a far better transfer record without the luxuary of a 7 million player. Too many late goals being conceded so is it fitness or concentration it’s happening to often, something like 17 points we’ve lost or more from winning positions. Said at Wigan I’d hold of a new deal for TM, we came runners up to Wigan. He achieved the least expected, we needed to get to Easter to judge him, there is hardly a que for TM for any vacancy which about is a level of his stock on football. Now after a bright start he’s languishing below mid table with a top half wage budget. Big second half of the season to come up for sure.
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    Just back from purchasing my tickets to catch the Newcastle FA Cup match. Hopefully Cpt Fab will be playing to finish off the Toon (like he does). Dont usually do match preview for Cup games but thought I would. Recorded live outside Ewood Park (bit ballsy). Could go either way this one. The Toon are up for grabs.
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    This is just like under Bowyer. One win and it’s back to full-on superfan support. I’ll carry on supporting Blackburn Rovers and not whichever millionaire happens to have the closest view of the pitch. That said, Mowbray needs to build on this result now and not keep chopping and changing. Delighted with three points against the Baggies but he’s only one dodgy team selection of being right back at square one. A decent League One manager, an average Championship one.
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    Andy Morrison or Andy Todd would do nicely !
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    I’d love to send him back but we all know it’s not going to happen so let’s kill that chat once and for all
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    It’d be a pretty sad day when your own brother doesn’t pick you! I fear that we are going to see history repeat itself with Smallwood. He is the kind of player you would love to be able to bring on to close out a game. Keep possession and play an agricultural game. Or, be a like for like swap for Evans. It was exactly the same with Jason Lowe and he became more of a target because Bowyer kept starting him than if he had been a solid squad player. The flipside was that some fans took his selection to mean he was a good player because he gets picked rather than what they saw with their own eyes. Then as he racked up hands that became a stat in itself! Then he left on a free!! Our brilliant, highly experienced captain! Made us no money and wasn’t worthy of a new contract! What a contradiction! ”As long as he wears the shirt I’ll back him”. Hard to argue with such belligerence, no, some don’t like that word so: misplaced loyalty. Lets hope Richie doesn’t become that man and instead continues to contribute at a higher level than we should expect him to.
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    My main concern with Mowbray is that we won't really move in any direction under him. It'll be middle of the road forevermore unless there's some pretty significant investment in the first team squad (or in the wrong direction if players are sold and funds withdrawn, ala Bowyer). Obviously you have to give the man time to prove otherwise, but impressions from his first couple of years or so at the club suggests, to me, that he doesn't have the courage to push an average team into playoff/promotion contention.
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    Toss up for me between Evans and Smallwood. Don't think either are particularly good. Smallwood is generally either very effective or bloody awful. Evans isn't nearly as noticeable. Not sure if that means he does less or not. For me, a midfield 2 of Reed and Travis would be a bloody nightmare to play against. Constantly in your face and with some ability going forward.
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    Anything to keep him out of the middle and off the ball. To think the team bowyer had around him and Williamson in midfield. Crazy.
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    I agree with the last line, but I wouldn't be angry that it's taken this long. He is only 21. I would liked to have seen him more last season, but the reality is we had a serious mission at hand and i understand why Mowbray kept it safe with Smallwood and Evans in there. if we missed out on promotion, the line would be that we should have stuck with what we know and not bring youngsters in. Wouldn't have been good for Travis either. Now seems the perfect time for him to step in. In some ways, we are under less pressure this season
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    Including yesterday, he’s played about 300 minutes. The equivalent of just over three matches. He has two assists. I’m expecting him to start against Newcastle but does need a run of starts to be able to judge fairly. That said I thought he was poor again yesterday. There is just nothing about him that makes him stand out.

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