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    Dear god, give it a rest. We know what you think about TM. Repeating every 30 minutes must be part of your therapy.
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    It’s just a fact. There will be around 12,000 Rovers fans there, as usual. If you think £27-£31 for a ticket in the Blackburn End or Jack Walker (£30-£34 on the day) is in any way sensible for a mid table second division match then fair enough, but it’s a ridiculous price from where I’m standing. The club is only interested in filling the Darwen End at top prices, not trying to encourage a big derby crowd and atmosphere that could encourage our fans to return.
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    Things will not get any better. The 'happy clappers' will trot out: Let's see what he does in the summer window Let's see where we are in Oct / Nov I think the writing is on the wall and, as far as I am concerned, has been for some considerable time. Mowbray failed to keep us up, brought us back but, IMO, we are now in sharp regression. Time to move on with a hungry and innovative new man.
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    I've never known a set of fans who can find an excuse not to attend a football game. It's pathetic.
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    This won't be popular but I think Mulgrew is windy. He strikes me as someone who won't put their head in the way to save a goal. When you look at the likes of Moran, Hendry, Todd, Short and Samba, he doesn't have their bravery. I just wonder is he at the stage in his career where he thinks fuck it
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    It's a holiday camp at Brockhall I think. The players saying during the week that there were clear the air talks and then everything was back to normal. It's not good enough
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    And even the soldiers seem to have stopped fighting!
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    And not everyone can book it off. Some people think that life should revolve around Rovers as though that should be a factor for attendances. Anyone whose life revolves around Rovers is already attending - and that takes us to the high end of 11k fans. The club needs to stop messing fans about and charging ridiculous prices (relative to the economics of the fanbase) for the privilege.
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    Dont talk bollocks. Some people wont be able to attend all for a change that for all the guff coming out of the club is at the clubs request, for what reason exactly? And no, they wont be there regardless of the kick off time, you seemingly cannot fathom that some people arent as desperate to attend as you or I.
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    63 mins - Rovers pull one back , puliukatis? nice cut in from wing plays across box , Zimba scores 79 mins - Sam Durrant equalises F-T 2-2
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    Once again, from my perspective you are wrong and Tony is right. It takes time to “nurture” improvement. In his time, the squad is better, the individuals are better, the recruitment is better, the atmosphere is better and overall so far the results have been as good as we’ve had since Big Sam. Particularly the home form. All the minimum expectations have been surpassed. The club from the outside seems to be better on every front you could list, and I think is disingenuous to dismiss the poor state he took over when considering the improvement overall. Things change quickly in football but I have a large amount of faith in Tony to carry on the good work, which for me has been a resounding success so far.
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    Can't find the numbers for last season but numbers for 2016/17 showed record attendances for football league (not Premier League) games since 1959 and is showing a small year on year growth. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4497292/English-Football-League-attendances-reach-58-year-high.html Edit : this one shows the average attendances of PL , Champ, L1 and L2 over the years https://www.european-football-statistics.co.uk/attn/nav/attnengleague.htm
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    Getting ready for when TM is sacked ..match day tickets are £5 (free before midday ) and the return of the so called missing 10000 fans ..not! (Cant fault the club for trying to move with the times though) Football as a "live " spectacle is a thing of the past now. We ve a generation of football fans that think a live game is one that's on tv. They ve no interest going to a ground to watch ..they ve no need to ..football on tv in the home ,pub ,tablet ..phone ..most important games can be picked up as a stream. That's live football. I look at the young adults sat around me and the majority of those were brought by their dads (and mums) as kids when football was less tv influenced and have now carried on either because of loyalty or habit. The next generation will be very thin on the ground. Football as a live event is dying out fullstop. Its like the cinema ..you can slash prices as much as you like ..deals etc but theres no real interest because what you want to watch is readily available elsewhere.
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    He explains why Rothwell isn't playing.
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    No team goes all season without having a shocking performance, I think we’ve had a few this season admittedly but compared to the Kean,Coyle,Berg and Appleton days we are basically Barcelona.. We don’t have the quality required too be challenging in This league, we got too 8th place and a few points off the playoffs at one point through being an organised team who runs themselves into the ground. We don’t have the quality in the squad too pull a result off when we aren’t on song. Last season we did, we played poor a lot of games but came away with 3 points.. Whenever we’ve played poorly this season we’ve paid the price. When you look at our squad a lot of work still needs too be done, that’s why I stressed the other day how massively important this summer is for us. Mowbray needs to be ruthless, players like Conway and Smallwood should not be anywhere near the first team next season, and are hopefully moved on and replaced well... We’ll see, nervous times ahead this summer..
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    Steele and Emnes' best moments in a Rovers' shirt combined into one:
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    Considering how poor most of our team is at scoring goals, Mulgrew's set pieces are vital. 9 goals for the season now. Meanwhile Corry "new contract" Evans hasn't contributed a single goal or assist. Even Smallwood has one assist to his name.
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    Shite defender but unbelievable set pieces. A dilemma.
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    I was scoffing at people on here who suggested he go into midfield. Now I'm of the opinion that he might as well. He's a quarter back with his passing. He could do that in midfield. Definsivley he's not at it.
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    100% agreed BB Problem is that Biz holds the concept of "taking part" above the one of "winning". This season Tony gets a "free hit" because of what he did so far. Next season he needs to get us promoted or get the sack. Today he had better make sure we win the game.
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    Looking at them results there's been some massive fuck ups from winning positions or positions where we've been fortunate to be in. Swansea away we we're winning until we threw it away. Middlesbrough with ten men and we we're winning and threw it away. Leeds we lost when winning in the 91st minute, I don't even know how that's possible. Then there's Sheffield United, brentford and reading. All games we had more than a chance to win and should have if we had a ruthless streak. That's 17 extra points on top of what we have.
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    Plenty of those Chelsea managers didn't work out and Leeds have achieved nothing yet after years of turmoil. Changing managers regularly is part of the modern game, but it's something that happens too much. Obviously there are extremes like what happened here with kean and I think that has effected rovers fans. Giving managers time is generally a good idea IF they have shown enough to suggest that they will be a long term success. I would include how they changed things off the field in that. Look at the example of Bristol City. They stuck with their manager and are flying it. I would say that's even more impressive than what the sky darlings Leeds are doing right now. Sheffield United have given wilder time. Possibly the best example of all is the Norwich manager. Plenty of their fans wanted him gone last season and look at them now. In fact I reckon the 3 promoted teams will be Norwich, Sheffield United and Bristol City.
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    Thanks @Wing Wizard Windy Miller for the updates, appreciated
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    My feelings in a nutshell. Anyone who votes Tory needs their head examining but to vote for Corbyn and his crew would be a disaster. The calibre of the current crop of politicians, across all parties, is the worst in living memory.

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