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    Look where the initial idea comes from. I hardly think you can accuse that poster/blogger/tweeter of having that particular agenda! He’s never slow to criticise any anti-Venky talk. I’ve heard similar talk about Davenport. I see Jim voicing the same thing as pretty strong corroberation. I’ll be the first to admit I view Venky’s with absolute suspicion and believe the worst of them readily. He doesn’t. Personally I think not being suspicious of Venky’s is at best extremely naive. It would only take a couple of minutes to identify dozens of suspect transfers that have been made over the last 8 years that benefitted certain individuals rather than the team. I suppose it comes down to this with Brereton... if you believe that Mowbray was given 7 million to do with as he pleased, and instead of addressing a threadbare and below par back line, he spunked 7 million on a player he doesn’t rate enough to play in his natural position, if at all, then surely he deserves all the criticism he is currently getting and some.
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    Actually we do know what we're doing. We're trying to remain in a union which gives us the quality of life we have now and potentially better. We're trying to ensure that our children and grandchildren have the rights that we have taken for granted for so long now: the right to travel and settle anywhere across the EU, the rights to work there and to benefit from being part of a bigger Europe that, despite its differences, wants to learn to live in peaceful cooperation. It costs me very little -check your tax summary and see what a tiny fraction of what you pay goes to the EU - and gives me a lot
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    Seriously... What has Rothwell done but come on every single time and look... By a long way... Our best player? All whilst far less talented footballers like Bennett and Smallwood run around the pitch. I'm at a loss at this point. I'm sick of watching blood and guts footballers who are clearly falling way short in this league whilst we play insepid, predictable, nothing long ball football. Play your best players man! Jesus christ. Its beyond ridiculous now. I just don't understand the fella.
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    I’m gonna lose my fucking shit if Rothwell is on the bench again.
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    I had a discussion Saturday about this. I think it falls on Suhail. If Suhail pushes the button then I think he is gone. Wasn't he the mystery man who hired C o y l e after Cheston had gone on holiday after drafting Warnock's contract?
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    Hanley is kicking about on the bench and that Bauer is better than anything we have now, they would make a good partnership in the middle. Go get em Tony. Grant still comes home regularly
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    Big Ty bossed that half
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    I’ve no idea what people see in Armstrong. He appears in almost every starting lineup on this forum. Nothing but a top half League 1 player at best.
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    Conway on for Bell, meanwhile Joe Rothwell must be wondering why he bothers or what he has to do to get in the team. So am I, Joe, so am I! Conway is finished! 😫
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    Evans and Smallwood being dropped is a beautiful thing to see.
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    Gotta be Raya Williams Magloire Nyambe Bennett Bell Reed Travis Dack Armstrong Graham And that I like.
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    "Precocious" - having developed certain abilities or inclinations at an earlier age than is usual or expected. Cheers ODB! 😁 I think it's you beleavers who are going to be needing the pitch-forks and torches when Parliament rules out a no-deal Brexit tomorrow. 🙂 At the end of the day, it's a political mess, whichever side you look at it from. Parliament is struggling to come to terms with Brexit - that's the short story - because the majority of them have concluded that, based on all financial data at the very least, that is a disaster for our economy and GDP. Those reports and analyses are hard evidence and provide rationale. Yet I see nobody from the beleave side of the argument saying anything other than "I'm optimistic - we can get a better trade deal". Because that leads to the questions "Can we?" and "How are those progressing?". Based on reports in the media, we are going to struggle to achieve anything close to what we have now.
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    On reflection I think the biggest problem is that TM can't develop a team and is diabolical at doing so. The team that went down with - TM had very little opportunity to do anything other than to work with what he had. The results was ok - we got more points per game than we had under Coyle, we had a dodgy Huddersfield team helping one of our rivals, and we went down with a ridiculously high number of points. Had TM been appointed even a couple of games earlier, safety probably would have happened. Yes, he made mistakes and was too cautious, but it wasn't a terrible showing - a decent fight. Second season - promotion. Of that only 3 - arguably 4 until Lenihan became fit - of the first 11 needed replacing. TM did well to get Smallwood and Dack to be midfield enforcer and creator The majority of the team that won the division though, was already in place. Graham and Mulgrew's goals, the defensive solidity, Bennett covering well in 86 positions. Most of the other players he brought were bit part players, bar Downing, or flops. In fact he didn't have a proper left midfielder all season, looked thin at cb, and cover for both Dack and Graham was limited. Point is that we did well, but most of the pieces were already there, and the problems that needed additions, TM couldn't recruit solutions for. A case in point being the Whittingham fiasco - had Evans not done ok and Bennett well there we would have really struggled to have enough players at cm too. Problem is come season 3 those squad players who could get by in league 1, were always going to struggle a division up. This is made all the more difficult given that not a single player has come in who has improved the first team bar Reid. Add in the deficiencies within the squad - adequate cover at cb, adequate cover for Graham, a left midfielder, Basically TM has only really been able to use what he has got, with only a couple of decent signings in between. Thus when areas have needed improving, it hasn't happened. If you exclude Reid, it's as if the last 3 windows haven't really happened. Maybe you could make a case for Armstrong, but he hasn't really improved the team much either on reflection. By now the squad needed a few key additions to make them competitive and balance out the squad but TM seems incapable of doing that. 4 big successes in 4 windows is a pretty poor return for all his transfers. I'm not sure if it's chicken and egg, whether we have imbalances in the squad because TM can't recruit, or because TM doesn't recruit well we have the imbalances. Either way his inability to do anything developmentally and only work with what we've got is always going to let you down when you take a step up. For me, this weakness, and TMs successes all come into this pattern of only being able to work with what he has, and being poor in the transfer market thereby being unable to improve or balance a squad. For this reason I think he has to go.
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    Wow, nail on head. The myth that TM plays nice football has been stored in legend faux pas with that '£50 war chest' and the Ronaldinho signing. Strange that 6 weeks ago I felt like the only "Mowbray out" in the world. Now I feel like the momentum has shifted well passed 50%. Is tonight finally the night the result leads to terrace boos and verbal discontent? The tannoy will already be set to 100% volume in anticipation to protect poor Tony as soon as that whistle blows.
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    We are still somewhat an agents vehicle that kind of stuff doesn't disappear overnight. Mowbray is perfect foil for it, nice guy, ok manager, gets a good deal so won't rock the boat and can come out with allsorts at the drop of a mike in front of him as to why we aren't signing anymore decent players when we should. The cosy days are back at Ewood under the stability guise, just wait till the sales start again.........
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    If we weren't to get another point, we should be safe based on that Rotherham and Bolton are both shite. However we're a bad performance away tonight from the crowd turning on the players and Mowbray. It would've happened Saturday had we not improved second half. Struggle to see a win here though and we certainly won't be keeping a clean sheet.
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    Yeah Lyons was decent. Probably had the best touch of any player on that pitch but his decision making wasn't the best in the final third. Two moments summed his performance up - two very clever pieces of skill/strength beyond his experience to beat one or two men, then when he lifted his head up to play the killer ball he once underhit and once overhit it due to trying to be a bit too cute. That's me being critical though. He got stuck in, never shirked a challenge, looked to drive forward when he had the ball and always looked to get the ball when he didn't have it. He looks tall, well built and strong which seems rare for a young attacking mid these days, something that would probably be a bonus in the Championship. He's very raw but good early signs. A natural talent, physically capable with a seemingly good attitude that could 'make it' with hard work and a good coaching team.
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    Yes Mowbray who has done amazing things for us, versus Steve Kean. They do not even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence.
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    It's odd that democracy spoke last month when this farrago was voted down by a massive majority in the Commons, but here we are voting on the same thing all over again. It's a shame those democratic principles don't apply to the referendum when people have a better idea as to what's involved. It seems democracy only works in one direction
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    Cracking game at Leyland tonight between two sides playing very attractive, attacking football. The lads did exceptionally well to pull back from two goals down to gain a valuable point in the relegation battle. Brighton looked the better side in the first half but in the second half we got on top with some excellent attacking football with both Joe Rankin-Costello and Lewis Thompson doing some excellent work as attacking full-backs - plenty of dangerous crosses delivered some delightful link-up play with Danny Butterworth and Stefan Mols. Buckley was again impressive in midfield and looks a fine prospect for the future. Three games left and still all to play for with West Ham picking up three points tonight - still three points behind us but with a game in hand and a better goal difference. It's going to be a tight finish at the bottom but, hopefully, we can get the points to keep us out of the bottom two - the away game at Tottenham is now looking likely to be huge as we are both locked on the same number of points.
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    I used to play in a football team with Craig MacKay - Don's son. On a couple of occasions, despite being obviously busy at Rovers all week, Don came down to watch from the side lines. He never tried to tell us how to play but It terrified the opposition who thought he had come to scout one of our players. In that same team, incidentally, was Steve Archibald's brother and Neil Arthur of Blancmange fame.
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    Poor Rothwell always does well when he comes off the bench but never gets rewarded with a start. Yet someone like Bennett is poor week after week but always starts. Hope we are lining up 4 at the back given we are horrendous whenever we line up with a back 3.
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    Seems somewhat convenient that a player who has coincidentally missed the entire season through injury is now being touted as not a TM signing. Same sort of thing ihas been mooted about BB even though TM himself has said exactly the opposite. Seems as though there is an agenda from some quarters to blame the owners for any signngs that have been flops.
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    Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box

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