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    His comments in the LT trying to dig himself out of the Brereton signing sum it for me now it's utter garbled nonsense i'm afraid. Yes the lad might come good we hope he does but that isn't the issue and from that interview it's clear he's no real idea actually WHY he signed him other than he was a rated kid and he MIGHT come good in time and the owners are up for that sort of thing. No way in hell is that really a football decision it's just a potential money making investment and the guy still doesn't know whether he's a winger or a striker even though the lad himself and everyone else says he's a striker. No not good old tony i'll spend 7 million on a young striker then try and make him into a winger just to fit my team, i'll not even play him as a striker when I alter that team from the way it's set up to accommodate the first choice 9 & 10 !!!!!! Mans a confused mixed bag of contradictions what they hell is in those biscuits ?
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    If pointing out that choosing two superior central midfielders has led to us to our only two wins in our last twelve is negative rhetoric, then fair enough. I just think the above and other observations are people expressing frustration at the same mistakes happening time and again.
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    “I could have bought six or seven players for £1m each, whatever we paid for Ben, or we buy a talent that we think is going to be a massive asset for the football club down the line" @Biz - confirmation on the price.
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    Until Mowbray changes his approach we won't progress. His approach is not to lose, he doesn't set out to win. Two DM's that never venture forward and '2.5 attackers' = not much fun at Ewood. Travis and Reed play together and it's 5 goals at home and no reply. He may well play the same team as against Derby tomorrow, but he'll revert to type at some point. He's just a very dull manager who plays dull football. Setting your team up to stop counter attacks instead of setting your team up to win the game is very Mowbray. Hopefully at some point he'll stop being negative and start being positive. Then we can all be positive, not just the fans that feel positive about his negativity.
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    In fairness for £1.75m Armstrong has been an OK signing. He still has a lot to improve on but there is some raw talent there, and he's contributed decently enough despite being played repeatedly out of position on the left wing. In fact I'd say during our January run of wins Armstrong was our most important player, with multiple goals/assists. Without that we might be looking at a relegation battle right now, so even though I've been critical of Armstrong in the past I wouldn't put him in the category of bad signing. For me our worst signings, Brereton aside, weren't who we brought in but who we offered new contracts. Those are going to become an albatross around our neck in the next couple of seasons.
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    The Only Ones - Another Girl Another Planet
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    @Paul Mani - any answer yet? The same request has been made by others in more detail. Alternatively just admit you made it up.
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    Qatar twice made serious bids to buy Rovers, beginning offering Walker family long before they bought PSG and followed some years on- https://punemirror.indiatimes.com/sports/cricket/blackburn-rovers-fc-up-for-sale/articleshow/31975419.cms https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/rovers/news/9365245.blackburn-rovers-owners-deny-qatari-visit-reports/ Most recent approach.
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    Armstrong has been a great signing. Decent fee, good amount of goals and hasn't ever shown a sign of discontent or off field trouble. He's a steady little player with good potential for resale. He is one of Tony's better signings
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    I'm a big believer in not changing a winning team (assuming the same XI are all available for selection), so I'd keep the same team tbh. Even if that team does contain Conway, who I don't think we should retain....
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    You've only got to listen to the opinions of various ex pro members of the football panels to realise they aren't the fountain of all football wisdom. That's why dozens of managers get fired every year, they get more things wrong than they get right.
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    I don’t want opposition managers to tell us that Mowbray and Venus are good coaches. I want our football and results to be the judge of that. It’s all well and good calling things “negative rhetoric” to try to shut down other’s opinions but it doesn’t mean jack out in the “real world” where we’ve had two wins and one draw in 12 matches and the manager publicly states that he prefers the midfield line up that played in the 9 defeats. Stick to discussing the issues and stop calling people negative just because you don’t like “the truth” to be dealt with in facts.
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    The comparisons are as football managers. Mowbray was brought in just over two years to keep us up (his words). He failed. If he had kept us up, our position today is only marginally better than it would have been then. Therefore, our club has barely progressed. Tactically and player trading wise, there is hardly any difference between the three. Mowbray's comments and excuses, IMO, are now very similar to the desperate days of Kean and C o y l e. I don't give a feck about Mowbray's 'nice guy' image, his values or his wife's lemon drizzle cake. The bottom line is Mowbray is handsomely paid to improve and progress the footballing side of the club. IMO, we are now regressing, our football, in the main, is dire, our recent results have been appalling and the thousands and thousands of empty seats are an embarrassment. In my book he has to go and quick as I think we are going nowhere other than downwards.
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    Then he's wrecked our season hasn't he? Should have put it on a horse!
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    One of those third choice English keepers that PL club’s sign to fill their ‘homegrown quota’
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    Queen- Another one bites the dust
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    Best manager we’ve had for quite a while, obviously has his faults but a decent manager.
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    Even if it is true they contribute something going forward. Evans and Smallwood leave holes even when there sitting in position offering nothing going forward otherwise we wouldn't have the worst defence in the entire football league
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    You already have, you've just not said which one. Weird? You 'splashed' on here that you speak to current league managers and coaches. I was just asking you who they were. If you can't remember that's fine. That's a revelation. Cheers. Without a name that's a fairly meaningless statement. It's there to add weight to your argument, I get that, but it actually detracts from it. If the basis of your argument is unquantifiable then you have no argument. It just comes across as 'make belief'. Which brings us back to Walter Mitty….
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    That's very true, but not my point. Which league managers do you know? You didn't say.
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    Not saying that I've agreed with every decision he's made by any stretch, but to compare him to either of those charlatans, even pure;y on ability and not character, is absolutely ludicrous. Fair enough there's no room for sentiment, but it's literally just over 2 months since we were the form team in the division, he was manager of the month and we were hoping for a play offs. All this from a team which had just been promoted. He's not above criticism, and the last 2 months have been dreadful until the Derby game, but some of the hyperbole here is way over the top. Comparing him with Coyle & Kean is like comparing night and day.
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    He's an average manager pal he's been good for us so far up to a point and I hope he can rediscover last seasons mentality to drive it forwards a bit however his overall record in football is bang on average and at times you can see why clearly. I like the guy I want him carry on building the club from inside out but after 2 and a half seasons I know what i'm seeing and it has resembled his latter stages at other clubs. Don't get me wrong him being average is no bad thing compared to some of the dross/inexperience and outright clowns these lot have employed and made wealthy but he's facing a real test of his mettle now.
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    Preston fans are happy if Neil leaves? Deluded
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    It's the language of a 35 Year old bloke, who wishes he was still 13 😥
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    I don't know why consideration isn't given to bringing it back in house like it used to be. Burnley have a catering manager who oversees the whole match day operation and functions that are outside of Saturday and weekday games. Northcote have charged top dollar for what was average and bland fayre. I believe a professionally run operation could bring in vital revenue. I think there is an element of laziness about outsourcing.

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