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    If this is Conway's last game for us, i hope he gets to captain the team out and get a standing ovation in the 60th min when he gets subbed out for Butterworth or Chapman. Good and honest pro for us.
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    But they wouldn’t have had to resign if the letter they wrote from the club and passed to Bob Lord actually reached the Football League management Mick. It amazes me how Stanley fans seem to have forgotten this event. Butcher Bob loved the idea of Stanley going out of existence as he though that their fans would migrate to the turd.
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    Up until last night I’d have voted “not until Venky’s go” but the consultation meeting has changed things. I feel that, for the first time in a long time, there are people within the club willing to listen to and consider supporters interests and ideas. Steve Waggott has given me some hope that things are moving in the right direction, and that he is capable of managing things effectively. I think he will continue to do what he can to bridge the disconnect and re-engage supporters. I still despise Venky’s, but they have created a situation where we are dependent on their subsidising us to remain competitive, let alone to have a hope of promotion, and it seems this will be the case for the foreseeable. I still ticked undecided because I want to see some of the talk become reality - I’ll be really disappointed if their isn’t a decent level of investment in the defence (I expect Mowbray would be to), and I think failure to do this would confirm some long held suspicions I have that were categorically denied last night. I have felt for some time that I’ve been cutting off my nose to spite my face by continuing my boycott. I’ve been to games on a free ticket and realised how much I’ve missed it. While we are stuck with Venky’s I’d prefer them to remain in the background, I don’t want to see them at Ewood (I realise that some people do, but don’t understand why), I don’t even like their logo plastered all over advertising hoardings, but I can cope with it due to the fact that I feel as though there is someone decent and competent running things day to day, who appears to be allowed to do so. So all being well, I’ll be getting a season ticket.
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    Dinosaur? Anything but, that’s the folk that still see them as ‘little owd Stanley’ knocking about in the Unibond League. They are now a highly professional outfit and are taking support away from us. I personally know about 5 Rovers lads that have decided they are now Accy fans and are Clayton End ‘Ultras’. The free shirt and tickets to every kid in Hyndburn is a superb gesture and I have a lot of respect for how he’s running things. Bit let’s be frank, we have a small, hemmed in catchment area as it is and the last thing we need is an upwardly mobile club on our doorstep one division below.
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    I know not many will see it this way and that's perfectly understandable but from a business point of view he's played it right. Rise it last year on the back of promotion which gave them a valid excuse and solid finish this year allows them to freeze it. They'll be hoping the new age bracket prices increase or at least balance out on this years numbers but they'll know rising them again was a no goer. Maybe a bit of forward thinking there and a clever little plan though obviously not a massive gesture but end of the day he's a CEO doing what CEO's do. Not saying it's the way I would've gone but he's no duck egg I don't think. I'd like to think there'd be some real big offer sometime in the future to really drive numbers up again but it'll work better if it goes hand in hand with continued progression on the pitch. Timing is crucial.
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    This initiative is clearly aimed at retaining the patronage of young people & to soften the transition from kids prices. The same argument in reverse could be levelled when that bloke is paying full price & you have a discounted senior citizen ticket. There is no pricing structure that pleases everyone. If season tickets were £50 each we’d then have people complaining that we have to sell all our players to pay the bills.
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    Absolute dinosaurs some of you lot!! Despise Venkys and everything they stand for yet slate the local owner of a small club trying to build his club and expand the outreach to secure the future for the club. As for Stanley being rivals on or off the pitch i think you need to wake up and realise what year it is. Holt never stated that Hyndburn is for Stanley fans only, simply that when it comes to the community trust it's a lot harder to get kids and new fans on board because, A. they receive a fraction of money from the PL that Rovers do, B. Rovers following for obvious reasons stretches further afield than Stanleys. Do i believe Rovers should be able to take their work into the community wherever they feel fit? Absolutely, but why should this stop Holt wanting a bigger portion of the marketshare and a bit more to spend to help him do that.
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    See, this is why we need the laughter emojii back
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    I turned 26 one week ago today. Fuck you Waggott.
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    I thought that too. It also seems strange to me that the media and both Tories and Labour appear to be claiming that the results mean everyone just wants to get brexit done with when huge numbers of people changed their vote from a brexit supporting party to those that openly oppose Brexit. Whilst I know these are local elections and therefore a lot of other issues come into play, it is still a result that should reopen the debate as to whether the country would like to be asked again if they really want to leave
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    Andy Holt is a good, responsible owner who is doing his bit for his club. It can't be easy being based in a small town wedged between Rovers and b*ly. Stanley have done fantastically well when you consider where they have come from, I have a lot of affection for them being from the area. Interesting that he has taken up the cudgels against Rovers, perhaps an acknowledgement that Hyndburn is largely blue.
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    Enough of this B*rnlah love-in. It's my birthday, I got a cuckoo clock instead of socks, and the unwanted brethren were beaten by a third of the digits on one of their webbed hands. All is good in the world today.
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    You could always form your own singing section by getting together and singing
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    As much as we may not want to admit it, Burnley have played a blinder since getting promoted. Minimal outlay, a manager who knows exactly what he's doing and players who can grind out results without ever really looking good enough to be snapped up by other clubs. Meanwhile either by luck or design Dyche hasn't really been in demand by any other clubs and thus they've had a significant period of stability. They must have an extremely healthy balance sheet by now. They got into the Premier League at the right time and more importantly managed to stay there. Meanwhile we've gone in the exact opposition direction with worthless managers, useless owners, a slew of money grabbing non-entities in the playing squad, relegation and horrific debt. Thanks Venky's.
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    After the meeting closed Mowbray chatted with a group of fans... Patrick Bauer was mentioned as a potential signing and Mowbray said something along the lines of “We bid for him last summer, but now he’s on a free his agent thinks he’s worth 40-50 grand a week. He’s playing in league one. We want bigger, better players to come straight into the defence”. I mentioned Jake Cooper from Millwall and Mowbray said he could be a target. He was asked about Wharton and said he is not ready for Championship football yet. Few other points that might be on the Radio Lancs broadcast... Mowbray spoke about the possibility of doing some part exchange deals, as well as mentioning he wouldn’t be averse to bringing in proven quality, older players on frees and big wages from PL teams who could bring a bit of quality and help younger players. Waggott rates Rankin-Costello and Butterworth... so I’d presume Mowbray does too.
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    I had a conversation with Steve Waggott this morning about the free coach travel for supporters but nothing for people who arrange their own travel. My suggestion in an earlier email was that in the interests of fairness to everybody there should have been an across the board reduction in the ticket price. He accepted my point and said that would be a fairer way of rewarding the loyalty of regular away supporters irrespective of how they travel. He assured me that should the situation arise again a fairer system would be used. He welcomed my suggestion and said he is always prepared to listen to concerns and ideas. Interestingly he also said he is trying to get other Championship clubs to a 'twenty's plenty' type of scheme where reciprocal deal can be agreed although he said it would be better if every club signed up to such an agreement.
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    There is a lot of talk of forgiving Venky's and welcoming them back, which is quite frustrating to me. People talk about them funding the club like it's some kind of charitable donation. They own the club! It's their responsibility and duty to provide and care for it, that's what they signed up for when they bought the bloody thing. It's gotten to this weird point, and I don't know if it's a Stockholm Syndrome thing or what, where people genuinely seem impressed and amazed that the owners continue to fund the club rather than just abandon it. As if it would be perfectly okay for the owner of any business to just stop paying bills and employees because they don't feel like it any more. They've made no effort to sell and have always said publicly they have no desire to sell. We have to assume then that they still want the responsibility of owning the club and representing Blackburn - therefore paying the bills is just a part of that accepted responsibility. Yes it could be worse, but how many owners in recent history have simply pulled the plug and stopped paying the bills at this level? It's pretty rare. Normally a club is sold well before it gets to that stage. I'm judging them more on how their decision making affects the club, and it still doesn't seem to be right even after nearly a decade. We're still far too reliant on the manager wielding huge amounts of power and influence, whilst also having travelling to India to beg for money every six months. Until that system changes I do not view Venky's as sensible custodians and I do not think they've really learned anything. They just keep hiring different people in the hope it will one day click.
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    I admire TM's passion, quite enjoyable to watch that video but it does bring me back to his simplified way of thinking about football. We've conceded a lot of goals not just due to the defence but because of our general style of play, mananger not knowing his best 11, lack of identity, lack of intensity, game management, lack of fouls higher up the pitch and not keeping possession for crucial periods in the game. If you don't have a team or the players to retain poession, then the ball will keep coming back at you and no matter what defenders you have, it's going to be very difficult to defend against. Tony is a good man, I want to see good men do well in football, especially at my own club, I just hope he see's these things too.
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    Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine
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    Lib dems and greens both picked up a considerable number of seats
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    Interesting to hear Mowbray acknowledged Cooper as a possibility. Not only does he fit the bill for being the tall commanding centre back we need, he's been involved in 12 goals (6 goals, 6 assists) in this seasons Championship. None of them free kicks or penalties, just seems to be a monster in the box. We concede more goals with Mulgrew in the side, however the one down side to leaving him out of the side is goals scored. Cooper would go a long way towards resolving both of those aspects in one signing, on paper it seems like he'd certainly be worth the money, if doable.
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    Andy Holt on twitter saying Rovers aren’t ‘respecting boundaries’ as the Community Trust does outreach in Hyndburn. Ossy/Rishton/Great Harwood etc. have been Rovers strongholds since day dot. Just because a 1970s bureaucrat makes up a borough called Hyndburn and puts Accy as its HQ means feck all. The quicker they end up back in non League the better...
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    I think with players like Dack certainly at the moment there is a ball park transfer figure that he'll bottom out at given his known ability, age, stats over past two seasons and of course the contract he's on. For a player like him that there isn't many around like outside the Prem that would probably be about c the 10 mill mark give or take. Upwards as we've seen it could be anywhere up to 20 but his worth as is to Rovers at the min and taking all that into account surely wouldn't be less than that on a bad day, talk of 5 mill etc is horse dung.
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    It's quite simple for me. Either Waggott is in control of the operation and genuinely thinks leaving it to May to release season ticket prices is a good idea and the way to selling as many as possible - if so I think he's clueless. The alternative (more likely) scenario is that he cannot do anything until he has prior approval from India to go ahead with it. If this is the case I would question what the point is in him being here and whether Chief Executive is an appropriate job title if he can't even be empowered to sort out ticket prices without needing his bosses to scrutinise and approve beforehand. Anyway, looking forward to another summer of fools moaning about over-reliance on the owners, heavily losses, FFP rules and all these clubs with more money and bigger support who we're trying to compete with. How about taking a leaf out of their books for starters?

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