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    I've read some of the opinions on here regarding the signing of 35 year old Stewart Downing, shocked to be honest that very few Rovers fans don't see this as an excellent signing for you. Arguably our greatest ever academy player he is not the flying winger he once was, you won't see him bombing past a player and whipping it into the box. You will see him keep the ball move possession on and shift the ball, whip balls into Danny Graham who I think will be buzzing someone of Downing's quality has signed. I and many other Boro fans would of liked to see Downing stay until he retired. He came back to his home town team from West Ham to get us back into the premier league - he succeeded. Always given a hard time by sections of the Boro support his very close and personal relationship with Woodgate and the fans opinions on that said relationship may have swayed Woodgate to let him move on. Boro's loss is Rovers gain - He will bring experience, calmness in possession and importantly a strong voice in the dressing room - he will help players like Chapman, Armstrong and even Dack. Good luck Stewwy - he will get a cracking reception from the Boro fans in August. As will Mogga, Smallwood and Graham. Good luck for the season chaps hope you are in and about the top 6 this season or even better runners up behind the Boro.
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    He would of played 46 games for us last season had the contract situation not arose, was arguably one of our better players in a team that finished 7th on the final day - would of been higher if not for Pulis' negativity. He's achieved miles more than the other two in his career IMO and is a class above those in terms of ability. You're not getting a player who cant put himself about the pitch or put a shift in - he's as fit as a butchers dog.
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    I'm not convinced by the Downing signing, and I certainly haven't been by the Brereton signing either. But I must say, this logic that a few people have put out, of it mattering what our 'first' signing is...I find it strange. Sure, if you got to pick which order things will land, you wouldn't ideally make the 35-year old winger your opening gambit, due to temporarily affecting fan morale. I do get that. But why should we gear our transfer policy around selling season tickets? If you don't want to make Downing your first signing, but you do intend to sign Downing, what do you do? Tell Stewart "Sorry mate, we're going to sign you but we can't have you be the first one, it'll be a bit embarrassing and stop us selling season tickets"? He sure as hell won't sign then (possibly a good thing in this case, but management obviously don't think so). Or do you suddenly throw more money at one of your other targets to get him over the line first? That could easily cost more than the small increase in season tickets will recoup. You have to sign players in the order you finalise the deals. It's the only practical thing to do. On top of which...let's just assume (I'll exaggerate to make the point clearer) that our business this summer was to be Downing, Assombalonga, Stones and Cristiano Ronaldo. If you sign them in that order, or you start with the big names, is it going to really make any difference to how many we sell? I doubt it would do much more than dictate the times at which the tickets were sold. Nobody is going to reach the end of the window, contemplating whether to buy a season ticket, then when the big names rocked up in the last week go "Actually nah I'm good, they signed Downing at the start of the window and now my soul is dead to football". The season ticket sales which are dependent on names signing will make the same decision regardless of when the names are signed (not accounting for chaos theory of course). Some clarification since people on here like to take things out of context to fabricate an argument: I know our big names won't be as grandiose as that, and possibly won't come at all. I know we need defenders and I only listed one. It was just for illustrative purposes. I also know how it looks when we badly need defenders and the first name in is another aged winger. I'm not inspired either. But the point is, as long as the right players get in during the window, that's all that really matters. The only reason to hold off on one deal for longer is if the resources for it might affect another target, and frankly we'll never know the ins and outs of that dance (unless a Brereton-level fee is used up early, which would obviously impact other signings). And another clarification - yes I know getting players in earlier means they get more time to bed in, but I doubt that tends to be worth the extra money. I'm also not expressly talking about you, Fraser, just this particular notion I've seen a few times. Agree with you on your other points, including that maybe it will transpire our budget is limited.
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    I like Nyambe and I think there's definitely a player in there. Just to prove that I'm not negative about everything at Rovers. However I don't think the coaching at Rovers is all it should be, if it was he'd be putting right the weaknesses in his game by now.
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    Why the hell do you run around day after day digging out peoples posts trying to twist then to your perceived negativity then telling everyone you've better things to do ? It doesn't seem like you do as you are the one starting the arguments. Just accept a lot don't share your candyfloss covered views on everything, that candyfloss was seriously missing when you were wanting Mowbray out and were a merchant of doom yourself not long ago ! Get a grip pal lets get the season started we'll all have plenty to fall out over then in the meantime chill and dig out some Downing posters ready to tell us you told us so when the Teeside Messi does his stuff 😜
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    Ya, except Lowe put a lot of the recycling into the regular bin. No, for sure, we need someone in the middle with creativity. The Evans/Smallwood axis served it's purpose in league 1 and was given too much time last season. Travis should be a starter, so I wonder could Downing be a good partner for him? A modern day Tugay/Savage partnership would be great.
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    The sentiment of a Downing/Travis being Tugay/Savage is a good one and would imo if it worked be something this team has lacked at times a proper engine room rather than just stoppers. Downfall of it would be the tinkerman though who wouldn't leave it alone given the options he now has and the people he has to keep happy. I actually like Smallwood as a squad man he gets far too much stick he is what he is but can we be carrying so many centre mids ?
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    I don't really follow this, loads of our youth players have had a chance over the last 5-10 years. I'd say more than the average for a championship club. It's not really a stick you can beat the club with. Current side has 4 regular starters from the youth squad (Raya, Lenihan, Nyambe, Travis). Only youth player who got bounced by Rovers and went on to have a better career in recent years was O'Connell I think. Mahoney went to Bournemouth but it hasn't worked out. Fascinating web page here, though some data looks incomplete : https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/blackburn-rovers/jugendarbeit/verein/164
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    Fergie ruined him, he signed a very promising young CB and played him at RB, DMC for ages. Signing for united was a mistake, he should have gone elsewhere.
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    Harper played like he didn't want to be at Rovers, I would have thought that was obvious. Mowbray must have thought the same thing because he sent him back in mid season. Maybe the lad thought he'd dropped a clanger coming and he was really unhappy, that can happen, but he showed nothing in his short stay that led me to think he was good enough for this level of football never mind the big time.
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    That's a fair enough comment. Something to be said for both of those being pencilled in as our main men meant that they were bigger let downs though. Another way of looking at it, a 35 year old David Dunn still had loads to offer at this level, albeit very injury prone. I think Dunny always had more natural quality than Downing, but equally Downing has an abundance at this level. He might be another Murphy/Whittingham, but just because we've had our hands burned with players in their 30s doesn't mean we always will.
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    I think he's still liked as a character, and is popular for his approach to the game. Hugely influential in getting promoted the season before last. Even the most critical of fans couldn't knock his effort, desire and importance in getting the club back in the Championship. It became obvious last season that our squad needed a couple more players of more quality if we want to be talking about promotion. We have plenty of good characters who are decent players, who will probably see us lower-mid table easily enough but not much beyond that. Smallwood's become a bit of poster boy for that dilemma, a bit unfairly in my view when there are several others in the same category. I think defensive-minded midfielders generally get a bit more stick than is warranted unless they really stand out, and that's at all clubs. I think a fair summary will be that Smallwood is still valued as a member of the squad by plenty (admittedly not all) of fans, just that if he's starting most games next season, that we can't really expect to progress that far in my view. Then again it's more than feasible that we'll be going into next season with him as our 4th choice centre midfielder, and I bet there aren't that many of those in the division that I'd swap Richie for.
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    In our current situation it's a player who gets the ball, doesn't know what to do with the ball, so gives it to somebody else 10 or 15 yards away who also probably doesn't know what to do with it. Lowe was a good example of a " Possession Recycler "
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    So sack a manager who reached our target of mid table over signing an England under 19 international that he has stated needed time to settle in. Mmm ok then. I think the money could have been spent elsewhere, but sacking him over it? Come on
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    Make no mistake about it, our most important players for next season are already at the club. We have a very limited budget by the sounds of things, I can smell what’s cooking here. You don’t make Stewart Downing at 35 your first signing when your desperately trying to shift season tickets. For the record, we have decent squad with a lot of potential, with even more potential coming through with Butterworth, Buckley and Magloire. I’m fine with being skint next year(use to it) but don’t lie to us, and don’t spend 7m on Brereton when we have no money.
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    We had a pot to piss in last summer and he pissed it away on Brereton.
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    Mentally, TM is still in Div 1. I do not believe we will ever be promoted further while he is manager. Hasn't got it.
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    Mowbray has worked a miracle at Ewood and yet so many judge him in ten negative sense. Where are the young hungry talented managers that can do better? Where are the players that can somehow be bought with the vast amount of cash we find ourselves aflush with? The stock answer is this, TM is the man to carry on the rebuilding work, we have seen nothing but gradual success since he came in to the club. What is the issue with progression? Some fans expect more but we pee with the todger we have got and that means walk before running. I believe with a little bit of tinkering and a better centre half such as Hanley, Rovers can progress to the top 6 quite easily with this squad and the young raw talent we have coming through. Some fans need to believe a bit more, support and get behind the team both on and off the park.
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    Exactly. Travis wouldn't have gotten his go if it wasn't for injuries and suspensions. We have to give more youth players game time. We're a division above Manchester United at Under 23's Level, we beat Liverpool, City and Tottenham at 23's level this year too. Why the hell do we keep loaning these players in from these clubs that we have better academies than. What makes Harry Wilson better than Danny Butterworth? Game time. In August 18 (not even a year ago) I watched Callum Hudson-Odoi get marked out of the game by our 23's defence, and because of game time he now plays for the England first team. He was absolute shite that match at Leyland too.
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    Jones will be a multi-millionaire so whatever the next few years bring he will live the good life in retirement and still in his thirties! When I first saw him I thought he would be England captain with over 100 caps, just about the best young prospect I'd ever seen.
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    BRFCS is delighted to announce that renowned Rovers historian & author Harry Berry (A Century of Soccer, The Blackburn Rovers Miscellany, The Men Who Made Blackburn Rovers since 1945) has given us access to his archive records of Rovers first team players. The initial batch of records representing players with surnames beginning with A have been loaded & can be accessed from the new Home Page &/or by following the link below :- https://www.brfcs.com/mb/index.php?/player-archive/ Our sincere thanks go to Harry for sharing this content, over time the record will build up to cover all players with a first team appearance but rather than wait until all the records are complete, we thought we would load them in instalments. Thanks also to @OnePhilT who once more has done a sterling job building the infrastructure to house these records and has single-handedly loaded this first batch of records. Hope you enjoy using this as a reference point for all your Rovers player enquiries...
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    We would ALL love to do well this season but not because it gives gloating rights. What if we do badly and everyone queues up to remind you of this post? This is NOT what the MB is for.
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    I honestly think to get to the level of the top 6 we are around 7-8 players away from being able to compete with the them over a 46 game season. Firstly in my opinion we need a complete overhaul of the back line a new goal keeper, a new right, back, a new left back and 2 new centre backs are needed. In central midfield we need another body. Rodwell clearly isn't keen to be here so I would withdraw our offer, Smallwood I don't class as an option, so that leaves us with Evans, Travis Davenport and maybe Downing. Evans and Davenport aren't exactly reliable in terms of fitness and Downing is 35. So another body in there is needed ideally we need someone who is comfortable on the ball that can link the play up with Dack. Personally I would like to see another natural winger brought in someone who can beat his man and get a good delivery in. Armstrong is not a winger, Chapman has fitness issues and is probably seen as a sub. Also it's clear that another striker is needed to share the load with Graham. I would also hope that we are looking to get rid of the likes of Bennett, Williams, Samuel, Brereton and Smallwood none of whom are good enough to be part of a team targeting a top 6 spot.
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    I just hope Bob Fleming isn't one of the banned ones. Was good to see him back. I like his style of writing
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    No, fortunately still alive and well enough to read your prolific output. Although at times the alternative does seem attractive.

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