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    I only want a proven commanding centre half and I don't care if the entire transfer budget goes on one player.
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    He was decent at set pieces. Quite a good player in my eyes.
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    Our defensive issues will still be far from solved by signing just one centre back.
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    When I was a kid we used to play mixed sex until 11. The lads would go off and play on full sized pitches and the girls would either join Wigan athletic ladies if they where good enough or quit. we used to play a pre season friendly against the Wigan ladies team and there wasn’t much in it. i assume the women break away at that age due to the physicality aspect as young lads get older. it got me thinking. Michael Owen against Chris samba is at a size and strength disadvantage as is Defoe and anyone trying to mark akinfenwa. They combat that with speed, skill etc. so my question is should women not be aloud to play against men due to physicality and how good would a woman have to be for her to be even considered to play in a mans team. if there was a women as good as messi, would people be for or against her playing in a mans league and how long is it going to be before this becomes a real possibility/ talking point. Not to long ago the talk of female commentators, pundits, linesman and referees would have seemed ludicrous . Now the vast majority wouldn’t even notice, especially as the younger generation haven’t known any other way (which is a good thing imo) . Emma Hayes recently got mentioned for an interview for the Chelsea job and the way the world is changing I was just curious as to what’s people thought. If a woman can hold her own against men, should or shouldn’t she be aloud to play in the men’s game ?
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    I'm a little uncomfortable with the concept that we are pursuing players as 'back up' to 'maybe earn a spot'. As far as I'm concerned whether you are Man City or Accy Stanley every player you bring in should be with a view to that player being good enough to play in the team regularly. Clearly Man City can afford to stockpile a collection of players who will sit around doing nothing whereas lower clubs won't be able to take such risks but the principle should be the same - any player the club pursues should be seen as good enough and as a first teamer. Only when he's in the building and training does a decision then get made on who starts games. It's a similar thing with this bizarre Brereton deal. We're supposed to believe that he was a 'project' signing and that we paid out millions of pounds on a player that was never expected to seriously contribute last season and was some sort of pet project for Mowbray or others to polish up and then presumably prove a point down the line by him being worth more than we paid. It's all just nonsense and is unheard of at other Championship clubs. You sign players who are good enough and ready to play. Enough of this back-up, squad filler, making up the numbers or development project stuff. Just sign some players who are ready to play who are better than those already here! If Mowbray was unconvinced about Bauer's capabilities and never saw him as a starting CB then he's wasted a lot of time and energy talking about him and pursuing him. It will also be shown to wrong if Bauer now plays every week for North End and is a central cog in a stronger defence than ours. I wasn't against the Downing signing given he was a regular at Boro recently but already we're seeing it - he hasn't gone to Austria with the squad so next news is he won't be ready for friendlies as he won't have had the intensive training, then next news is he'll be playing catch up fitness wise and he'll be struggling to break into the team from that point on. Seen it before.
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    You lot seem to like talking about it to say you’re not interested and don’t like it... I enjoy watching football, not just watching men play football. I think it would be a fantastic achievement, and I’m getting quietly confident... Need to keep concentration in a shaky defence but going forwards we’ve been electric at times. Should be a cracker of a semi whoever it’s against. 5-4 England or something daft.
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    Heaven forbid if England Women win their version of the World Cup. We are going to have “it’s the same as 1966” rammed down our throats for at least a week and a half until everyone forgets about women’s football again. The irony is that the England women’s team is benefiting from the vacuum caused by football no longer being shown on terrestrial TV.
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    This weekend heard on the radio Jill Scott is England’s most capped player. Fair enough. But the sentence finished with beating peter Shiltons record. I nearly exploded. As if stats are gender neutral. Still winding me up thinking about it. Then once I’d composed myself someone called Marta became Brazil's top goalscorer in world cups, ahead of Ronaldo and Pele. And could go past klose for all time record. It’s just not same. Take it for what it is non league amateur football but not being sexist or a misogynist...just objectively it’s shite.
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    What you want from your goalkeeper is predictability. You need to know what he's going to do in any given situation. I don't really care about the shots that fly into the top corner just as long as your keeper isn't dropping corners on the opposing centre forward's foot.
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    Tough question. Probably - in terms of our-and-out defending - but only because Mulgrew’s legs have gone. However, Mulgrew contributes so much from set pieces.
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    I suppose you've blanked Murphy, Etuhu and Goulon from your mind? Don't blame you. Many would say Andrews but I think he was a similar level to Evans and Smallwood personally, just playing a league higher. He was poor but not half as poor as a lot of fans made out.
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    Utter feminist liberalist media claptrap. Should we include Wayne Rooney’s Under 15s and U17s goals as part of his overall record? Shilton played 13 times for England C team, taking his total to 138 games. I expect he will have some schoolboy caps too. They need to promote the women’s game, not promote it as “the game”, and stop trying to socially engineer us.
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    https://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/boris-johnson-trade-deal-myths-by-guy-verhofstadt-2019-06 Guy Verhofstadt gives a few truths about Boris Johnson and exactly what the U.K. is walking away from. “While Boris Johnson, the likely successor to British Prime Minister Theresa May, takes his country down a path of diminished trade, the European Union is negotiating one of the largest free-trade agreements in the world. One really has to wonder what the "buccaneering" Brexiteers have to complain about.”
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    Left CB is our glaring need, followed (IMO) by a midfield partner for Travis. I know we all have our wish lists and areas we think we can improve but we can't buy an upgrade at GK, RB, CB, LB ,CM, RW and CF all in one go. Look at Fulham spending £100m+ and their team losing everything as a consequence. Rovers need a quality CB ASAP and a quality CM this window. The rest can be assessed as we go with maybe a loan or deadline day purchase. There is no sense spoiling our budget elsewhere before those two positions are sorted.
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    Can he do it on a cold Tuesday night in stoke though 😁
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    Nothing to do with him being obligated to do it, it's simply that getting yourself in shape when teams across the league are coming back for pre-season training seems an obvious thing to do for any true professional whether contracted or not, let alone one whose career, stock and fitness is in a precarious position. Yes yes, I know he has other offers, but if he has a bad season next year for us or whoever, he could easily find himself short on them in future as there are already a lot of question marks over him. I just think it's poor professionalism and I'm not impressed. It seems like something someone who has fallen out of love with the game and isn't motivated would do. If he's not, fine, just don't want him around anymore when I was already unsure whether he adds enough value.
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    Holy shit, that's unreal! A one-off, sure, but five in a row? I actually struggle to believe that's humanly possible and not doctored footage. It was in his Villa days, but he shouldn't have lost much if any of that accuracy. It's different when the ball is moving, or you have to put more pace, bend on it etc, but at the very least I'd expect some good corners. Maybe not straight in like Mulgrew, though with that accuracy he should be capable of it.
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    I'd have him first choice over any of the current lot!
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    It’s the summer. Its football Ish. It’s on tv. People will watch. I’ve watched. But for me this is up there with televised sporting non events such as the boat race or the London marathon. And at least in the London marathon there’s fancy dress rhinos.
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    Raya Bronze Houghton Lenihan Bell Travis Walsh Parris Dack Rothwell White
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    Some good business there from Warnock.
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    I hope he's looking a properties in Italy while away on holiday. I have absolutely no time for him and I hope he does not return to our club. A couple of decent displays last season are outweighed by the amount of shocking defensive displays the team put in while he was at centre back. For such an injury prone player you think he would be more focused on getting himself fit in pre season, rather than tarting himself around to the highest bidder?
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    Metallica - Moth Into Flame

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