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    Chaddy has agreed a 3 year deal to become the new u23 coach A spokesman said we are delighted to announce the signing of chaddy. He has years of championship manager experience, knows the German market well and will help oversee the European scouting network. Chaddy was quoted as saying. “ I excited. I do good try best, players have Tuesday off for cinema but will work hard other day
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    "Mr Minimum". What an insult that is. I think you forget the state of the moral of the squad, fans and entire community before he was appointed. I for one, can say that it finally feels like being a Blackburn Rovers fan again and it's took some years to feel that way. The owners clearly trust him and this has shown by the significant transfer fees he has had since taking over. I think his biggest downfall was spending the money on Bretherton. If that transfer didn't happen I think the general consensus of the fan base would be that last season was a success. However, unfortunately (and understandably) people felt that money could have been used to strengthen other areas of the squad. The grass isn't always greener and for me and I don't think there is many managers out there who care as much for their club as Tony does for us.
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    Given the scandals about youth coaches touching kids, perhaps this is not the best website name.
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    It's a beggar when you can see both sides of the argument! In the last poll on here, I was one all for cutting Mowbray some slack this season. While I think he's the first 'proper' Football League manager we've had since Sam, I felt that last season, he'd been perhaps too loyal to the lads who brought us back from League One. But we ended up stable in mid-table so I could allow for that loyalty. However, I'm beginning to find his collection of midfielders bewildering. Especially at a time when we haven't - yet - replaced Raya or bought the big, ugly [optional extras, both!] first choice centre back to play alongside Lenihan. I feel - almost! - sure he's got some irons to pull out of the fire but must confess to being more concerned than I have been at any time since he arrived.
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    I'm of the belief that TM is accumulating CM players to deprive all our rivals of every CM player around. A very cunning plan young Baldrick, just one thing wrong with that plan........it's complete bollocks.
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    Value for money is more than just costing less. Marquis is 27, has played most of his career in league 2 and has had 2 great seasons in league 1 and 1 decent one. Gallagher scored 12 goals here in a poor team. Would Marquis score 12 in a season at this level? I didn't think much of him when we played them in league 1. Some of those league 1 defences are awful. Then who would have the greater sell on? I think you would have to say Gallagher.
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    Can't help but feel that if Sam Gallagher is costing 5 million that John Marquis would be a better value for money.
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    I think some of the negativity or disappointment with the Gallagher deal is it doesn't really feel as though we've progressed or moved on. Mowbray has done a lot of talking over the last 2 years about progressing the club on and off the pitch, scouting, recruiting smartly, yet here we are in summer window number 3 spending weeks pursuing players either the manager knows from the past or has worked with before. In the case of Gallagher that was during a dreadful and painful time for the club that we all want to forget. I actually like Gallagher, think he'd fit in well and could end up being an asset for us. But it does feel very much 'meh'. He's not a signing that will get people excited or believing in a bright new future. Not when we look at what has happened to other recent signings in his position. I also agree that the focus really should be on keeper and defence and the comments and lack of activity there is a real concern. Is Mowbray repeating past mistakes in neglecting that area or is it his bosses instructing him on which areas to invest and not sanctioning expenditure on defence, where the margins for profits are less?
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    Tugascout, interesting website name. I mean, I would, if it'd get one of them to spot a beast of a CB for us. Just hope I wouldn't then have to do TM and Waggot too.
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    ROVERS. Going back in for Stuart Ripley. Age a concern and deal may prove difficult. Bit in paper.
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    Givet’s back (or Butterfield is homeless..)
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    so you are ok to watch the leeds game from the bushes
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    No although I think he could've been a cracking wing back in this league but yet another who ended up taking the piss here. Head not right whilst getting thousands per week knowing the club sniffed a fee and was selling anything not nailed down so helped him through the door so it should stay shut now. Football wise there's always a case for the likes of him and Hanley and a few others but character wise no, there's a reason they haven't prospered since they left and that's it so no coming back to easy street.
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    You need 4 cms at least for rotation, injuries and suspensions. I think Travis, Johnson, Davenport and Evans are most likely. Downing can fill in there as well as playing a few positions. Davenport had a good half season for Burton in the Championship when we bought him, so I think he will stay. It will be very interesting to see if Buckley stays or go on loan. Will probably be better for most of our youngsters to be a regular on loan, than a handful of matches from the bench.
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    Neither good enough or doesn't have the right character. Went on strike/"head not in the right place" when forcing his move to Wolves in 2017. I can't see Mowbray having that. What an amazing group the 17/18 was. Anthony Stokes etc, also remember a picture of Joao and Emnes sitting on some boxes in the hallway after coming late, Mowbray wasn't having any of that
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    Has wonderful talent, but no. 1 - we're well stocked for players in is position, like you say 2 - I don't think he's reliable. Not saying that this is necessarily down to a bad attitude, he may have just been a confidence player, but for whatever reason he goes for long spells playing within himself. In the latter months under Bowyer he should've been our main creative outlet, and he consistently under delivered. Wish him well, but not for me.
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    I don't see anything in the most recent posts that deserve the "Daily Bicker" label. Biz and I have exchanged a few posts holding different views, perfectly friendly and nothing personal. Isn't that what an MB is for? I think this "bickering" complaint is overdone and should only apply to personal abuse
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    To tell you the truth I am not bothered if they are free or loans as long as they do their jobs
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    I’ve always had a lot of time for Sheffield Wednesday. Go in my ‘grand old club’ category along with our good selves, Wolves, Nottingham Forest, Derby County. Obviously living and working with folk changes your attitude. Me and my Dad have spent a lot of time working Preston way and we have a dislike of PNE that outweighs most Rovers fans who generally see them akin to a Blackpool or Wigan.
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    I'm speechless that you are still trotting that out as if it's fact when I don't think anyone else on the board shares that view. We all know he could reach that point practically overnight, but we all know (except you) that it hasn't happened yet.
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    Think Bruce is a poor man's Big Sam. When Sam leaves a club, sadly they mainly go one way (Bolton from Europe downwards and now in administration), Newcastle relegated (Ashley should have showed balls and stuck with Sam), Rovers..........from top 10 PL to almost oblivion, need we say any more, Sunderland....well. Good and effective managers are hard to find and worth their weight in gold.
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    As usual almost everyone out there is saying the toss wins the game. At least now there can be no trash talking from the haters when England make it to the final. Bring it On! Let's finally have an England sports team to be proud of...
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    This is the biggest fear for the summer. We all recognise the glaring weakness in our side and its painful when the feeling is it's been knocked down the list of priorities. Towards the end of the season Mowbray spoke as if he was due to go out and spend on the defence. Come the end of June and article appeared in the LT with Mowbray playing down the need for defenders due to finishing the season strongly, being over-emotional about the situation at the time and needing to strengthen across the board. Extra worrying given the fact he resigned at Coventry due to losing 10 on the bounce, blaming himself for not signing a big nasty centre back. Not signing one after the league one season has just bitten us. I'd like Gallagher but we've other areas where money would be better spent if it is a case of one or the other. A better keeper and defender with a cheaper striker would improve us over a 46 game season much more than a cheaper keeper and defender with more money spent on a striker, looking at the current squad we have imo. Of course we'll ultimately only know the score when the window closes. We might even end up spending decent fees on a keeper, centre back and a striker in which case this all counts for nothing. But with previous history and evidence so far it feels like we're trying to add the icing before the eggs.
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    Thought the same thing tbh. Apparently quicker than Mbappe. My guess would be that he couldn't hit a barn door. Pace is not the be all and end all for a striker, ask Usain Bolt.
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    Wouldn't it be nice - The Beach Boys

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