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    I agree with Stuart tbh Nathan. Mowbray been here over 2 1/2 years now and at no stage has he looked like he is close to being tactically aware or knowing how to set a team up. We have shipped soft goals almost from the start of his tenure and lost or drawn games through silly goals conceded/poor game management or daft substitutions that wreck the shape of the team. I find it incredible that the shape of the team and ''style'' of play goes out the window repeatedly when he makes his subs. This happened in League One though generally teams weren't good enough to exploit it. In the Championship they do. He has been ultra conservative since he walked through the door and had he been bolder he might well have prevented relegation to League One. He remains ultra conservative. He has publicly commented on 'defenders coming' and knows full well that we can't ship goals like we do. Yet in god knows how many windows , the defensive structure of the team is no different and in some cases neither are the personnel. His obsession with utility players knows no bounds and continually we have players in wrong positions . I genuinely think he is a decent bloke at heart but has been pressured into some very strange outbursts of late and in my opinion , I think he is simply struggling at this level to compete tactically or organisationally. He is too old school and as some have said including myself , I think he is a decent chap but a managerial dinosaur . I don't think he has it in him to radically change and deal with the demands and footballing intelligence of a fast moving football world . He is naturally conservative and a steady hand which initially was needed but if you cant progress from that then you start to go backwards and that is what is happening here. He has nothing more in his locker than we have seen. So it is possible , god forbid, that he frustrates and infuriates us even more in the coming weeks. But The whole Club looks to be behind the curve operationally at many levels , notably our scouting, and the owners aren't savvy enough to see it and therefore we bumble on as a club because he's a decent bloke and appears to be trying his best. The fact that his best isn't good enough is likely to mean that we will need a sequence of horrendous results before anything changes because nobody within the Club will rock any boats for fear of their own positions. The Club is a cleft stick of mediocrity which most on here can see and which is why there is so much outrage at the claptrap comments they come out with which basically insults our intelligence. Most on here know what they are talking about in general (though there will always be differences of opinion on specific players etc) .We have lived through decades of this Club and know its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses all too well. The people in power at Ewood are largely people who don't have that depth or history with the Club and which is why we find it pretty offensive when they come out with the tripe that they do. I don't see change coming early; it might happen if we have a total nightmare run of results .The owners wont want the hassle or the cost and the present incumbents won't want to put their heads above the parapet. Conclusion: Stalemate, tread water at best. Flirt with relegation again at worst. Why? because we are badly owned and poorly managed.
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    Here’s the thing that I think gets missed in these discussion, the constant references to “we”: what “we” need, who “we” should get etc. There is no we. There is us, the fans, and them, the owners. Owners who never once have shown any regard to the fans, never once made the right decision at the right time, never once recruited a manager either worthy of the role or capable/empowered to take us anywhere. I see Mowbray as a reincarnation of Bobby Saxton: well meaning, committed, passionate, but too loyal to certain players, not a great finder of talent, and tactically limited. We all wanted Saxton out sooner or later, but history has shown he did a better job than was thought at the time by his dealing well with some existential off-field issues. I suspect history may say the same about Mowbray when the Venky regime is over, should we ever again be in the hands of owners who care about the club AND the fans.
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    What have at the moment is a collection of players, not a team.
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    Mowbray should play his strongest eleven. Full stop. We need a convincing win to give us some confidence and momentum.
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    I think both manager and squad have enough about them to avoid the drop comfortably even if we lose the next few but it does make a potentially good season has gone up in smoke and this time it will be at this managers door nothing else. However i totally agree when the writing is on the wall it's there for all to see and the ten games then becomes christmas, jan window etc then we get down to the next 3 and it goes on like that. Sometimes the best thing to do is look at the bigger picture/long term goal then plan, source and make the change when safely in midtable mid / late season before the summer scramble starts. Besides we'll know if/when TM is coming under serious Venky scrutiny because SKY will be all over it and other managers will be making special appearances saying what a great bloke and manager he is. Then tell me again certain influences have nothing at all to do with this club these days still. Mowbray came via the path of the other managers......
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    I really don't get the arbitrary ten games which seems to me a figure plucked out of the air. In the last two relegation seasons I predicted that we would go down after the first couple of games. Whilst results were obviously important I saw that several players weren't good enough and the managers simply didn't have a plan or the wherewithal to start winning. Whilst we are not at that stage yet I think another couple of consecutive defeats and we will be. For me we need two wins in our next three to save Mowbray and stop us falling into the abyss.
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    Yep. My house, business, car, the lot. But then again, we might just lose tomorrow night......................
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    We will not lose tonight. I guarantee it!
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    Why 15? Why not 25? Why not 46? We have been on a downward trend since the January window closed. We haven’t fixed the problems that caused that - in fact we’ve made them worse. Mowbray has peaked.
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    We sold Raya who was our player, we had all the close season to find a solid replacement and we've ended up with a keeper on a one year loan who, at the moment at least, is unconvincing. And we have the same back-up as before. Does anything sum up the confusion and inadequacy around the club than that?
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    Lampard's record at Derby no better than Clement, McClaren or Rowett. Cant imagine any of those getting any Premier League job now. He'll have the media on side though, no doubt about that.
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    I know...….Game 3 of the season and a dilemma at home to a league 2 team who have lost both games. WTF have we become????
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    Well people keep telling me modern football is better. Really ? Look at that pitch yet the players conjured up more goal mouth incidents than we can today. That would be what 90% of pitches would be like by mid Feb and March.
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    He's not so cheap if he doesn't play.
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    I don't we are there just yet, not that I don't have serious doubts. I also don't think we should stick to some arbitrary 10 game target either. Charlton was very poor and worrying, losing to Fulham away with the players they have isn't the end of the world plus the performance wasn't too bad (I know we didn't have a shot on target). Give the defence a couple of games to settle, see if Tony figures out that strikers play better up front then out wide, then see where we are. I think we've come into the season a little under cooked again, we generally had a good start to last season despite not winning either of the first 2 games so we've got plenty of time at this stage.
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    Having been to the game, I thought we were pretty good yesterday.... The results will start coming. We will be top 10 finishers this year and will do well, another season of progress.
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    Making a judgement after three seasons, not two games. TM deserves a chance to get the season going - and a little loyalty.
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    Mowbray confirmed it at his press conference today. Seems a very sensible decision as Bennett is respected by players and manager. Always gives 100 per cent every game and, unlike some players, never hides on the pitch when having a poor game.
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    Good. The lad needs 90 minutes under his belt. Let's see what he has. Seems like he's been wrapped in cotton wool for 6 months and has just been a drain on resources.
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    ‘I think Elliott Bennett will be club captain going forward.’ FFS.
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    From what I have read on another article Deloitte and the other firm of accountants that came in, did so, as there was money going missing that couldn't be explained. It seems that their forensic accountancy work, found out what the problem was and sorted it.
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    What cos I made a couple changes to the suggested team the post above mine? Behave, have you seen the suggested teams others have put on this thread?
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    Two thing that seems to be uniting most people I have talked to, is the strange obstinate selections in the defence, and strange tactical substitutions. These have nothing to do with the players available, but are purely the managers decisions.
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    So two games into the season and I have formed the opinion we need to find an option to play two strikers and Dack, simply because we have a lot of strikers and we need to find a way to actually use them centrally without doing totally daft things like playing Brereton on the wing. Given the above brief all roads lead to a diamond. Can't say I am totally original, others have suggested it. ------------------------Walton JRC---------Tosin--------Williams----Cunnigham ----------------------Johnson ----------Travis---------------Rothwell ------------------------Dack --------Gallagher--------Armstrong In the above Gallagher and Armstrong will need to run the channels to provide width but they do like doing that anyway. JRC and Cunningham on overlap, Dack pulling the strings, Rothwell and Travis getting up and down while Johnson sits. Worth a try I think. We need an alternative when 4231 is not working.
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    The Fray - How To Save A Life

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