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    I saw Rich Sharpe point out a couple of interesting stats over the weekend, and after some digging found some of my own that show the "Character" of Rovers since Tony Mowbray took charge. Rovers haven't scored an injury time equaliser/winner in a league game since Fulham away in March 2017, the only other one in Mowbray's tenure is against Cardiff at Ewood in the same month We are yet to score an injury time winner in the league since Mowbray took charge (Last one being in February 2017, under Coyle, against QPR at Ewood) We haven't come from behind to win a game since April 2018 against Peterborough We have only come from behind to win a game in the league 3 times since Mowbray was appointed, Bristol Rovers home, Peterborough home & away in 17/18. In the 58 games since we came from behind to win a game, we have conceded the first goal 25 times, losing 19 of them. We haven't come from behind to win a game at this level since November 2016 which was under Coyle, against Brentford. The last time we conceded at Ewood park and won was New Years Day last season. Pretty damning stuff I would say, it generally means that if we go a goal behind, you might aswell go home as this lot aren't getting back into it. The signings of Cunningham, Downing and Johnson have no doubt helped the side to see games out when we are in front, but the lack of response when we go behind is really concerning and something that needs addressing if we are ever going to improve beyond a lower mid table side.
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    Thanks for that. I've just plonked on a load of cash at 0-0.
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    The most expensive commentator in history
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    But John Motson was a better striker.
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    Yeah but we played some scintillating stuff for 15mins against Luton, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.
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    Lewandowski scores a peach for Bayern. That bloody dust cloud.
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    Some absolutely abysmal stats in there. Real traits of a team with a losing mentality. The fact that if we concede a goal at home basically means we aren't winning is unbelievable. Is our mentality that frail that conceding a goal knocks us so much its unrecoverable? Alarming. Fair to say, we aren't achieving anything with these players or this management.
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    I’ve always defended Super Atko. He was one of our most under rated players for many a year and was instrumental in our winning at Wembley against Leicester on that blistering hot day. I’d like to see his mileage figures against those of other players in that game. What’s more he had the intelligence to choose Darwen as a home instead of those tips you call the Ribble Valley and Formby. Top man.
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    Courtesy of Lionel Pickering but he blew it, as did Jack Hayward at Wolves.
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    And the ones I know who were anti-Sam still think they were right. Deluded fools.
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    Had father in laws ST on weekend, got a buzz going down for first time in ages went in ewood working mens club all good. Then got on the ground no atmosphere, awful football and all round depressing place. The football i would accept if we hadnt spent a decent amount of money.
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    Dack comfortably the worst player on the pitch that half he looked drunk! Trav not won anything today after having a brill game at weekend. Arma looks good until he has to do something with it, Gallagher just looks confused and can’t say I’ve noticed Graham A disjointed half with little positive to say.
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    What a terrible game of football, we truly are sh*te. I also knew the minute big mouth Mercer opened his gob that this would be a drab affair.
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    A wolf in sheep's clothing.
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    In what world are Gallagher and Armstrong better options than Rothwell on the wing?
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    I really hope Rothwell comes on and scores the winner. Then runs over to Mowbray and spears him into the tunnel. Please Lord!
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    Poor team, with no balance. Would of played Rothwell dack and Holtby behind graham. Can’t see us getting anything from this. We have two strikers playing in the wide areas. That says it all.
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    I think being unbalanced has been a big issue for a long time. Laughable reading his comments about how he likes his wide players to do their bit defensively in the telegraph today - Armstrong offers nothing defensively. Tough job being a full back in this side.
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    Walton Nyambe Tosin Williams Cunningham Rothwell Holtby Travis Downing Dack Graham I’d go with that. I predict Mowbray will go with: Walton Tosin Lenihan Williams Cunningham Bennett Travis Downing Dack Gallagher Armstrong No discernible shape or style, and plenty of chopping and changing after about 12 minutes
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    Formation's don't matter - if Mowbray can't get the players in the right frame of mind and they aren't up for it, we'll lose. Steve Bruce said as much after Newcastle's crushing defeat by Leicester. It wouldn't be unusual of Rovers though to win this after Saturday's debacle. I'm feeling gloomy though. 1-1 at best
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    - - - - - - - - - - Walton - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Tosin - Lenihan - Williams - - - - - Bennett - - - - - - - - - - - - - Cunningham - - - - Holtby - - Travis - - Rothwell - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Dack - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Graham - - - - - - - - - - -
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    The way I see it, we operated like this against Luton - with Dack effectively playing as striker. This system leaves the midfield compact, with Travis and Johnson getting no freedom to move forward, and the defensive/midfield lines of the opposition just bunching together creating a lack of pace. For me BD has to drop back and play in midfield, and create the space in one of two ways. Either with DG like this: Or with SG like this:
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    So this is now the squad list, left hand column is players that you'd expect next year and the year after etc.. to still be a first team player. Middle column is players who may get to that stage, or are but are on loan and don't belong to us. Third column on the right is players who will be past it soon, will leave or retire at some point within the next few years. Now lets say we lost Dack and Lenihan too, and in the box at the bottom is what we'd be left with without the loan players, the third column, Dack and Lenihan. We HAVE to invest, even with Dack and Lenihan its a depleted squad when you take away the dross and the loan players. This next window and the one after will be crucial.
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    A very sound analysis Den of why we should never have had a referendum on an issue as complex as this one. And to think it was all about preventing the Tory party disintegrating. Disgusting.
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    @chaddyrovers you need to find out about and understand the role of an MP. If you feel their only responsibility is to turn up at Westminster and put Brexit through on a nod it's clear you do not understand. If you are happy with such an idea it means you are clearly happy with ANY sort of deal. Let's imagine government agreed to pay a £250 billion exit fee. You would be happy? You wouldn't expect MPs to challenge this? You would want them to not lie to you and simply let it go through. You need to understand the relationship between government and Parliament. It's the government's responsibility to negotiate Brexit and MPs responsibility to ensure it is the best available to the country. What I read here from you is what I believe is so dangerous. Your attitude is nothing other than "I've been lied to. So get it done." The mess wouldn't exist if fewer people took such a blinkered, uncaring view. You need to remember you have to share this country with the 48%. You may find your attitude to the 48% comes back to bite you.

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