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    That applies to anybody in the public eye who voices an opinion. If you are a sensitive soul then you are in the wrong game.
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    It seems to me that if you criticise Israel at all, some people consider you to be anti-Semitic. I think that is rubbish.
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    Bennett has given away two penalties in as many games and is heavily targetted when playing RB or LB. Shouldnt be starting for a while at least. If he did have to start, CM possibly or on the RW/Defensvie winger position.
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    Comparing anyone to Damien Duff is lining them up to fail. Duff was special and would be playing for City if he were in the game now. The saddest thing is that we will NEVER have another Duff while Mowbray is here. He’d have been stifled from the start, dropped when playing well and slated for not being defensive enough.
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    If you want to write publicly about football then you need thick skin. There will always be somebody who disagrees with you.
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    Re: Ian Austin's 'takedown' of Corbyn: When a person who has received money from 6/7 different entities/people employed by/linked to the Israeli government accuses you of antisemitism, chances are they're just being a paid-for prick.
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    It's so dumb. Look at other Cat One Academies like Chelsea. I watched Callum Hudson-Odoi just a little over a year ago play at Leyland against Blackburn Rovers Under 23's. He was rank average. 6-9 months later he's in the England mens set up having played countless games for Chelsea. Harry Chapman (whom I'm not even the biggest fan of) is better than he was in that Under 23's game. I think it's just proof that we aren't handing out enough chances. The only difference between Jack Vale and a first teamer like Joe Rothwell is experience. There's only one way to give that experience out and that's with chances in the first time. TM stumbled upon Travis because he had no other option, he hasn't pulled the trigger on Buckley, Butterworth or JRC - sold off David Raya and refuses to play Ryan Nyambe often. He's probably the worst manager I've known for youth players in some time.
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    Yes Alejandro. We support a fabulous football club with a long and illustrious history, an iconic and beautiful kit and a record of achievement unsurpassed by any town of similar size. Present difficulties should not be a reason to deter you or any other fans from celebrating and supporting the Rovers. We have a history of punching above our weight, overcoming obstacles and representing with honour a Northern town itself characterised by the honest endeavour of straightforward folk. Be proud.
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    His opinions and he's entitled to them just as some are to disagree. He has the platform there though to say his bit to a huge audience with the safety net of no direct replies. When he has a pop at fans or comes out with stuff that's a bit 'superfan' . Or goes against what others feel is actually happening he's fair game. I'm sure he knows that.
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    Smithy is a good lad and his devotion to BRFC over the past 40 years should not be doubted. Not saying I agree with all he says mind you but he's a good egg.
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    Simon is a thoroughly respected commentator on the Rovers from the fanzine's perspective. Massively grateful that he went to the effort of getting quotes from the likes of Terry Gennoe, Mick Rathbone, Mick Speight and other teammates for his wonderful 2000-word tribute to Kevin Stonehouse in Issue 97 earlier this season. This was followed up by another brilliant piece about John Lowey last month.
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    He's so not bothered, he wrote an article about not being bothered. Has anyone got a flotation device? I'm drowning in irony over here.....
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    Which makes his achievements even more impressive. He got Shamrock Rovers into the group stages of the Europa league, the first time an Irish league side every qualified for the group stages of a European competition. Everywhere he has managed he has exceeded expectations, not a little bit, but massively. He may have an issue with egos etc managing a club in England, but I think appointing him would be less of a gamble than many of the names that get bandied about when a vacancy comes up at this level. I would have loved him here. I would have been more excited with appointing him than I would be if we appointed Hughton.
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    No, you drop Bennett who contrary to what you keep saying did not do a Makelele like job on Gallagher, and play our best central midfielder Travis with another, Downing, Johnson or at a push Evans. The fact that you havent taken that as the joke it clearly was is funnier than the actual joke.
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    “I think it’s fair to say that Amari’i is striving to find some consistency in his performances and that’s why he’s found himself in and out of the team.” That’s a bit back to front. But good for Amari’i’s confidence nonetheless.
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    Doesn't mean he doesn't talk shit in the LET though.
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    I don't know if Mowbray's planning to move Benno into midfield. but I do think that gives him a handy excuse when he's struggling to shoehorn teacher's pet into the first XI.
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    No one mention Kante apart from yourself. I was at Deepdale myself and spoken to a number of Rovers and PNE fans who agreed.with my view. If you dont fine but you dont keep going on about still. Move on!!!
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    Last comment on this matter, and if you don't care for my opinion on it, firstly I apologise for taking up a lot of replies on this thread, and secondly save yourself by not reading this . People massively over estimate the differences between footballers. The thing making Lionel Messi better than Sadio Mane isn't as massive as its portrayed by the media. Life isn't FIFA. It's tiny, tiny margins. Dan Butterworth won't get physically any better at shooting, or running than he is now... he can only grow mentally after he's reached his physical peaks. There's so many examples of that its unavoidable. Players that make the first team at a very early age are very often technically better than the first team player above them, but don't have that mental side to their game that the first team player may have. You can talk about youth football being different to mens, but at the end of the day when Butterworth is rifling in unstoppable volleys and overhead kicks in the PL2, that's not something that's limited to playing against players your own age. Who would you rather have faced as a defender in 2017, Connor Mahoney or Liam Feeney? Mahoney had much better skill on the ball than Feeney, but the latter had been playing mens football for a decade and the former was in his debut season. Mahoney now, with two years of regular football, is twice the player Feeney is - and it's not because all of a sudden he can kick a ball better than he could before, it's purely about experience, and a mental growth. Why is Danny Graham better than Sam Gallagher is or better than Joe Nuttall was? DG knows the game. He backs into the defender, reads the game, saves his energy, makes the right runs, knows when to stay put and be a wall for Bradley Dack. It's the same with every single position on the pitch. Joe Hilton, he's not going to get massively better at shot stopping than he is right now at 20 years old, but he will learn when to come for the ball and when to leave it for his defender - BUT only with experience. So no, I'm not saying drop Adam Armstrong and play Jack Vale ahead of him, not at all. I'm saying maybe let's give our younger players better chances than we are doing, even just a little. TM refuses to play Ryan Nyambe consistently, near-on forced David Raya out of the club, stumbled across Lewis Travis when there was injuries and he had no other options, hasn't given Buckley any true kind of starting chances, hasn't given Dan Butterworth more than 10 minutes vs Bolton etc etc etc... It needs to be better. This is a Category One Academy and it's not producing the way it should because we're not allowing our players to develop as men.
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    Sam Gallagher on 40k a week? I upchucked my supper. If that list is correct maybe this one is too. Also from FB it's alleged to be Tony's entry for the FIFA 20 "All-Time World Eleven" competition.
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    We, or should I say they, have made a very simple game complicated. For over one hundred and thirty years, a referee and two linesmen have sufficed. Back when Match of The Day showed extended highlights of a couple of games, a brief few minutes of the rest and on Sundays you got a main game on ITV, things were a lot simpler. A tv camera on the side and sometimes one behind one of the goals and that was it. Later on, maybe a bit of slow motion to show a foul or penalty. As the Premier League progressed following the advent of Sky, suddenly there were a million cameras and a million different camera angles, slow motion, super slow mo to the Nth degree and no hiding place for match officials, should they get a decision wrong. As the revenues increased with better tv deals, so did the paranoia of the club chairmen, determined to stay in the top flight at all costs. All this put extra pressure on the match officials and something finally had to give, hence the introduction of VAR. sympathetic claret is spot on. I can only speak for Rugby League as I very rarely watch Union. This has been tried and tested now for several years and football should have learnt from it. In RL, the referee has full control and he only resorts to the Video Referee if he is in any doubt at all as to the scoring of a try. For example, was there a knock on in the build up, was the ball grounded correctly, was there a foot in touch or an offside and so on. The on-the-field referee signals his opinion as to either a try or no try and then it’s over to the VR who has the final say. Other than this happening three or four times each game (sometimes not this frequently), the referee is in full control and his decisions cannot be overturned. The fans don’t whinge about it and it’s never an out and out talking point after the game. Quite simple really.
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    The people that Kean were connected to, could have caused more damage to BRFC to anyone in the clubs 144 year history. There are lots of little snippets of information all over the place and if anyone who ever backed the cretin, knew what was really going on, then they are almost as bad. Kean made a packet, as did others and if some of what went on wasn't illegal, I will eat my hat.
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    Christ Chaddy that's up there with the Croatian fitness coach Runyer Bollocksov
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    Probably do better than Lenihan, Williams and Adarabayio!!

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