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    In spite of what I've seen of Brereton so far, I just feel as though he'll come good. I agree with sentiments of the doubters, but I also think that he needs a run of games to build this confidence up and gel with the team. Although he's been here for almost a year and a half, it somehow feels like it's still too early to write him off.
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    The only preparation I'd make for this match is print out on paper 1-2 Luton and 1-2 Charlton and staple it to the backsides and foreheads of every one of our squad members. Double-staple them for good measure.
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    Surely if Dack is fit he should start. He's our best player and our talisman. Regardless of who the striker is Dack starts.
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    2 goals for Buckley 1 goal and 2 assists for Chapman Good times
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    Agree that this is a game that we have to expect to win, but Wigan haven't been getting battered that often this year. I'd be more than happy with a win of any sort to keep the run going.
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    Looking forward to this match immensely.... it's a real test of our ambitions going into the new year. There can be no messing about, if we're serious about a top 6 place this has to be an emphatic win with a good performance. Coming over Merceresque here but it has to be a 3-0 or better. A draw or worse would be hard to take after the recent run raising our hopes (yet again)
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    I am not too sure we can exactly sit on the high horse with that one considering we bought somebody for 7 million who rarely makes the starting 11. In fact, can we just stop buying 'anyone' for 7 million. Seems to be our cursed number. Didnt we get Grabbi and Davies for 7 mil each?
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    So? Just because Birmingham was announced as Category A in the summer doesn’t mean it’s a good decision. It’s Cat A because usually you get a couple of thousand extra through the gate on Boxing Day. So instead of thinking, ‘traditional football day so how do we make that extra 2k, an extra 5/6/7k?’, the club just decides to milk that 2k at £27-£33. I’m not getting particularly annoyed about it, as it was always going to be Cat A and Wigan looks to be selling well, so we will see a bumper Xmas crowd at least once this year.
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    Cardiff against Preston was easily the worst game I have seen this season. Nobbers shaded it but the football was extremely poor.
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    Thinking on it my only worry about this one is its another game where Rovers are heavy favourites and we really don't do well in those situations. Our good run has come against teams who feel they could take something from the game rather than fearing Rovers. This game is a bit different - Wigan are on a horrendous run, we are in super form - I can see them sitting back and trying to hold out for the point. We really struggle with this. Hopefully our good form blows them away. on form and on quality of players we blow them away but still have that slight nagging feeling that this isn't our favourite type of game.
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    Only if he comes.with Brentford's keeper coach
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    I really take issue with your comment. What I said was that selfishness is not just exclusive to some Tory voters but sadly typical of society in general irrespective of political persuasion. You knew that anyway Jim but decided to continue to apparently be a blind arse who cannot see further than the end of his nose in an effort to point score. Are you really as bitter and twisted an individual as your persona on here portrays? For the record, I do a great deal for those less fortunate than myself within the community, do you jim? and if so what do you do?
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    Rovers win 3-2 tonight
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    Think they need a manager who is brave enough to shift some players out !!
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    That's rather unfair on them both. It's an emotive post and one which hardly merits a reply from somebody that has a different political opinion. For example, I have a story about a chap with locked in syndrome. He was considered to be in a vegetative state, doctors questioned it and ultimately found out he wasn't in said vegetative state but in fact locked in. The original bit of advice was lost in a middle managers file for 6 months. After which it took a further 10 months to prove said claim, gain funding and a further year to find a bed that could manage his needs. All of this time was spent in hospital - overall hospital visit = 2 and a half years. He got locked in because he couldn't get a GP appointment for his headache. True story, the stroke occurred the morning before his appointment, a 4 month wait, happened. This also happened in 2004. 7 years into a Labour government. He couldn't get an appointment, the shear excess of middle management under Labour sat on evidence to the contrary, the hospital couldn't cope, there were no beds to deal with said patient and the time it took for help to materialise was years. It took a further 12 months after finally finding a home to get necessary equipment because of the hoops they had to jump through. My point is that emotive stories happen under all governments. We have a huge national system that is trying to treat up to 65 million people, free at the point of use. We have a social care system that unfortunately has to manage millions upon millions of complex diseases and illnesses. Just because somebody votes Tory doesn't mean they don't care about vulnerable people. I voted Tory this time, that locked in syndrome male is a close friend of mine, my cousin is autistic. Do I not care? I want to see everybody treated fairly and justly. The truth is NHS foundations were in the red long before the Tory / Lib Dem austerity measures. They have struggled with waiting times / social care funding long before Boris Johnson, David Cameron or Theresa May. It was Labour who maximised PFI contracts that are currently bankrupting trusts around the country; it was Labour who continued the privatisation of services. It happened under Labour and its happening under Tory. To cite such an emotive story and end it with claiming Chady or SparksRover don't care about such people is incredibly unfair. They may have similar circumstances in their lives but believe in a different way of dealing with it. It is very sad to hear Paul's story and his son is lucky he has a family who is able to fight his case so valiantly, but make no mistake that people who vote Conservative also have their own struggles in life and this idea that simply because we didn't follow his ideology we don't care is alienating and unfair. It is also symptomatic to how Labour ran this election. They played the card that if we didn't vote for them we were heartless. Yet it seems the poorer working class communities turned from that, "Turkey voting for Christmas" as some have called it, but perhaps this mentality that if we aren't with you we hate you is only pushing people further and further away from the so-called "compassionate party".
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    Wilson Picket - In The Midnight Hour
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    How did Magloire do?
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    Rovers have got the Birmingham Boxing day pricing completely wrong here.It's almost as if they are trying to make up any loss after the cheap ticket deal for the Wigan game.
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    EU Emperor in waiting Guy doing a sales pitch ? spreading the word that elite remainers can buy EU citizenships for a price
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    Ancelotti or Benitez would be the worst possible choices for Arsenal. They need freshening up. They need their own identity. Arteta has been schooled by the best and I am sure he will become a top class manager himself.
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    I'll never forget that one it was Radio Lancs phone in gold. 'If we were in Rovers position we'd.....' - STILL get smaller gates mate 🤣
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    Excellent post Paul I don't mind admitting brought a tear to my eye reading that. I have recently lost a father in Law to Dementia and Strokes and my father to Cancer. The struggles we had to go through to get any sort of allowance for either of them despite both of them being honest hard working tax payers all there lives were unbelievable it took us over 4 months to get any sort of allowance for my father and unfortunately passed within 3 weeks of us getting it, oh and guess what as he had been overpaid 2 days worth of allowance within 8 days of him passing we received a letter demanding it was repaid. I have noticed that Chaddy and Sparks have managed to avoid replying to your post a bit like that wonderful Boris I guess they have put phones in there pockets as its not something they wanted to see or answer
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    Sounds about right for the kind of saddo that apparently screenshots websites for his twitter account. You'd think being a journalist/blogger of some sort he'd be able to generate his own content. It's actually quite hilarious how obsessed he seems to be with trying to paint the site in a particular light while driving web traffic here as a result.
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    I would say with the team fully rested, and playing a poor Wigan side at home, Tony will pick : Graham over Gally Downing over Bell Holtby over Rothwell Armstrong over Bennett All the above are fair enough. Only thing that concerns me is he may decide to drop Travis and play Johnson and Evans together as they both recently had great games. That would be a big mistake as Travis is crucial for his energy. -------------------------Walton Nyambe----Lenihan---Tosin---Downing -----------------Travis-------Evans ------Armstrong-----Dack-----Holtby ------------------------Graham

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