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    Great to get 3 points and a big win but Mowbray must learn from this. Playing attacking players and not playing Bennett and we could go places. Same as we all said last time!
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    Chaddy will be dusting off a 10year contract for Big T and firing up the Multi-quoter as we speak.
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    More likely Jay Sun Lo.....
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    See Hart has left the building !! What a waste of money .. this time last year our manager did exactly the same thing then 4 months later handed him a new one year contract ! is there nobody above him to stop this crap ...This manager knows sod all and is doing what ever he wants ... I feel a Elliot Bennnet extension coming .... just to rub salt in the wound... is it too much to ask Radio Lancs and LT asking some serious questions to this clown ...
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    Downing player of the season already.
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    Hes getting an end product going forward these days. He is 100% our best outlet. If we had another like him on the left then we would be a handful.
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    Lol, more than happy to eat my words - if anyone had suggested we'd win by 5 goals and a clean sheet before the game started, I'm pretty sure they would have been laughed off the board!
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    If there was ever a time to bring Brereton on.
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    rights lads,ffs stop passing it forwards,holtby you ****,i don`t want to see you looking forwards and as for you armstrong,who do you think you are ,zidane,the lot you of you are embarassing me,you took no notice of what i had to say before kick off,keep it tight and don`t be flash
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    Because he is dreadful.
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    A great afternoon for the players and the manager and of course the travelling supporters. This messageboard should be a nicer place to be for the next 10 days or so.
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    Travis goal (or og) and Holtby 2nd for those that have not seen it
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    I'm absolutely fuming we're saying we have no money and don't want to repeat last season. He gave lucrative contract extensions to players that weren't championship quality, and now wasting the wage bill. Bought 2 players that have so far been quite frankly awful. How can we expect to progress with awful awful decision making by our manager / directors (who approve the deals)?
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    There is no point at all in trying to discuss anything with Chaddy. He does not discuss, merely tells you why he is right
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    My spidey senses was certainly on form. what a result!!!!!! COYB
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    Lewis Holtby seems way better than Dack in his alroubd play to be honest.
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    Outstanding performance - best we’ve played in a long long time. Well done to all! holtby and downing were class. Interesting Gallagher’s goal came as he was playing through the middle..........!!!!!
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    Why play like this after the dross over the past 4 weeks? It doesn’t make any sense
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    Honestly, how.many of you feel this is 3 points in the bag? Not me.
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    Without question the Greatest manager we have ever had!!!!
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    This is the problem. You see the lineup and in your head, you know where each player should play but you just know Mowbray won't make it that straight forward. If he plays Armstrong up front and Gally wide, he's a complete clown.
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    Sunderland fan asking me how good is Smallwood as they’ve been rumoured to have asked about him. Good move for the lad if true.
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    Sadly, this autocratic and closed-shop / don't ask any awkward questions approach is now firmly established as the national game. Even if you do get the chance to put a question directly to the source of any contention, their response is to blindy dismiss any notion that they might indeed be wrong, and to seek to undermine you for having the audacity to ask in the first place. It happens from Number 10, all the way down to Nuttall Street. I blame New Labour, the Tories, absent and 'absent' owners, Donald Tramp, Maggie Thatcher Giro-Snatcher and Red Ken. Oh, and the Rovers Trust can feck off too, for lumbering us with parasitic inbreds whose vision for the club appears to be anchored around a sociopathical hatred of anything truthful and transparent that might connect with the actual fans of Blackburn Rovers Football Club gawd rest it's mighty and immortal soul....

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