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    At this stage of the season the table doesn't lie. We're past the half way point and 10 other teams have been better than us and accrued more points, that's just a fact regardless of any other speculations. It doesn't mean we can't go on to have a storming second half of the season and ultimately finish top six, but there's no real evidence pointing to that happening right now. What we've seen is the same old story of the team collapsing mentally when we get within touching distance of the playoff positions, only to start playing well again when we're back in mid-table with the pressure valve off. I'd like nothing better than for the manager and the players to prove me wrong, but unfortunately I don't think they have it in them.
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    I've heard this view a few times and I personally find it insane. Even if you get to the Prem and come back down having been battered every week, the financial reward for that completely outstrips any arguments for staying within this division. Going up would also give us extra funds (providing they were made available) to improve the squad, with the additional pull of Premier League football. So it wouldn't be a given that we'd come straight back down anyway. None of this really matters though because for the second season running we find ourselves in and around the playoff picture, but haven't took the initiative and properly strengthened in January. Yet.
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    Mowbray makes it sound as if the difficulties encountered in the transfer window are unique to him and Rovers. How does anyone sign anyone Tony?
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    Exactly what people said about DG at the start of the league one campaign when he was left out. Remember that great run that actually almost got us into contention in November / December. Guess who started 5 out of 6 games? Against Preston he did more in two touches to bring others into the game than Gallagher had done in 75 minutes. He just doesn't fit in thanks to the spending narrative of the manager.
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    You’re being far too finicky mate. The PL is littered with very average teams. It’s been proven with the likes of Burnley, Brighton, Cardiff, Sheff United, Bournemouth, Watford and West Brom that you can go up with decent teams and survive for a few years on basic investment. In all honesty, I’d take a Norwich City situation. The finance and improvement of the squad could secure our long term future and even if we dropped straight back down the squad and club as a whole would be in a far better position.
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    Rovers close to appointing a head of European scouting. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/18189615.rovers-close-appointment-boss-talks-overseas-targets/
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    They are better than us because they have more points than us. As a team they have all been more effective than we have over the past 28 games or so. Every team has to deal with injuries, that's why squad depth and not relying on injury prone players are a part of long-term planning. Lenihan and Nyambe being constantly injured isn't bad luck, it's natural for both of them. If we can't account for that then we can't chalk it up to bad luck, it's just poor planning.
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    If Armstrong is our number 9, fine, but then that means we need to play wingers on the wing and Gallagher needs to be on the bench.
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    “When people phone about our players, you pick a number out of the air and that gives them an idea about what they might take. “Either negotiations start or you frighten them off with that number." Talk about amateur. No wonder other clubs are proving hard to deal with, "Oh you're calling about Richie Smallwood, (spins tombola), it think £6m sounds about right." Get rid.
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    If we are so good, how come we just played Wigan, Huddersfield, Forest, Preston and Birmingham (twice) and couldn't stuff any of them. We're a decent Championship side who is too inconsistent to challenge.
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    Its rovers mate, be told.
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    A QPR team without their main striker - who've played at the weekend and lost... vs a Blackburn team that have had a nice break and winter training camp having won 5-0 away... Blackburn 0-1 QPR (Lenihan OG '78)
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    Groundhog day at Rovers with the same old excuses and soundbites coming from the club. Nearly 4 weeks into the window and only now realising that top targets might be too expensive. Have we done any homework? Pretending as though the Dack injury has thrown everything into chaos. 5 weeks nearly since that happened. It strikes me as amateur hour. Life on easy street with no funds and no pressure to deliver.
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    Can he play like that 3 games out of 4 or was that just because of the occasion ? He's certainly worth scouting to find out.
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    Josh Laurent was immense ... well worth it as he’s free in summer ... Probably end up being snapped up by Brentford!!
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    Sounds like Mowbray to me!
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    It's the mental side of the team that is a worry and it has been for years now. We haven't got enough " winners " at the club. That starts from right at the top.
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    This whole learning the way we play shit is driving me mad. I have watched every game this season and still have learnt it!!!
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    I never thought I'd type the following words, and I'll bet you never expected to read them, but "there was an interesting article in the Metro yesterday".😉 😁 It was on the subject of FFP and made the point that we are not alone. We weren't mentioned specifically, but the article pointed out that even the teams at the top of the table - West Brom were cited- haven't looked that brilliant this season. At the time the article was published yesterday morning, the author said that Championship "teams have so far made a grand total of eight permanent signings between them in this transfer window, and there is one major reason for that - FFP." "... so many clubs are struggling to comply with Financial Fair Play Rules that significant signings are nigh-on impossible - and it is showing on the pitch. "A rule designed to improve competition and stop clubs going bust is instead a cap on ambition and also creates a huge gulf to the Premier League for those who do go up. "Do they splurge the cash like Aston Villa - with all the problems bedding in north of £100 million worth of players in one fell swoop brings - or not, like Norwich, and ensure relegation would not be a financial catastrophe? "The intentions of FFP may be honourable but, right now, fans of Championship clubs are being short-changed." I've quoted so much of the article, not to point any fingers at anyone in authority at Ewood, but to point out that we're in good[?] company in struggling with the shackles of FFP. Who knows: Brentford's approach - buy them cheap; sell them at a significant profit - may be the most effective way to get us back to the halcyon days of the 1990s. But that would surely require a good, reliable scouting network across Europe. And that seems as likely to appear at Ewood any time soon as those defenders we were apparently promised were "coming".
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    Mowbray has been banging on about overseas scouting since we got back into League 2/ Now we are close to appointing someone to run it. My pulse is racing, How can I contain this excitement. Nevermind though, this is how you build football clubs.
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    On balance, we ought to win this one. Hope we stick with the Sheffield Wednesday line-up.
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    That should really say - " Mowbray on not improving the squad ".
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    He had a really good game. Players who can run with the ball from the half way line to the penalty area will always hurt teams no matter how good they are. He's been around the block a few times though.The thought went through my mind that he might be the sort of player that can raise his game for the big matches but not for the bread and butter league matches. If he can do as well in the tie at Anfield will be interesting. I thought Ebanks-Landell played well at the back. I didn't realise he was 27 though.
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    He's an absolute parasite is murphy. Arrogant and clueless of anything below the top six. It makes me laugh when he sits on that couch talking about working hard and putting a shift in which is one thing he never did in blue and white. Along with Etuhu, Best and Orr, four of the biggest wastes of space to put on the shirt.

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