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    At the moment we are completely reliant on them. I know that. They have put themselves in a position through their own mismanagement where they have to keep ploughing in good money after bad to ensure we remain a going concern. Failure to do so would wipe £200 million off their company value overnight, so it’s not benevolence, it’s sound business strategy for them. Like I stated earlier, these meetings don’t really serve the purpose they were introduced for while they are in the current format. The big question I wanted answering last night was this: Tony Mowbray, Owen Coyle and Paul Lambert are all represented by HSH. All of their appointments were a little strange. HSH has three directors listed with companies house, namely, Stephen Horner, Dave Sheron, and Craig Honeyman. Honeyman is a former director of SEM. Horner and Sheron are both former SEM employees and were named alongside Myles’s Daddy in a lawsuit brought about by Gavin McCann, which suggests they work together closely. Why are these people still having significant influence in what happens at the club, if Venkys have indeed learnt from their mistakes?
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    I went last night and the fear that many have regarding our finances (including FFP) didn't seem to be a big concern to Waggott and Cheston. Cheston doesn't seem comfortable being questioned but Waggott is quite relaxed and open. He talked about honesty and humility and he came across that way. I have spoken to him previously and he listened and took on board my suggestion. In short I trust him. I spoke at length to another senior figure and he asked me about the negativity towards the owners. I told him in my view they need to explain why certain events happened. I said they need to be contritional if they are ever to regain trust and perhaps reach out to lapsed supporters. He said he would feed that back but in all honesty I can't see it happening. Mowbray is passionate about football and comes across as having real enthusiasm for his job and the players. He gets carried away I feel at times but I can see why players want to play for him. I haven't changed my view that he has taken us as far as he can. I wasn't totally enamoured with Radio Lancashire and Andy Bayes who let certain agenda items drift along. I thought the debate about where away fans are and recycled cups were inconsequential to the meeting and maybe more appropriate for the Fans Forum. All in all it was pretty much as I expected having spoken to people who have been previously.
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    I’ve got that exact feeling every time I’ve spoken to him. He’s so passionate about what he says too. He’s definitely one of the good guys and a real positive at the club. The circumstances of his arrival worry me, but It has paid off on this occasion. He’s a good fit.
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    Tony Mowbray, Owen Coyle and Paul Lambert are all represented by HSH. HSH has three directors listed with companies house, namely, Stephen Horner, Dave Sheron, and Craig Honeyman. Honeyman is a former director of SEM. Horner and Sheron are both former SEM employees and were named alongside Jerome Anderson in a lawsuit brought about by Gavin McCann, which suggests they work together closely. Why are these people still having significant influence in the running of the club, if Venky’s have ‘learnt their lesson’?
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    Does make me chuckle how star struck and proud as punch Paul is just for spending some time with club employees, I thought it was a regular occurrence?
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    Well at least divulge the topic, last time there was a SCM all the private conversations got relayed onto Social Media & here. TM & Co.. know that people will tell other people about what they discuss, a "private chat" at an open forum for mega fans of the club isn't EVER going to remain private - so I highly doubt he said anything he wanted to remain top secret...
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    £1.3m was what was left from last summer, so the budget will be refreshed and also effected by players leaving etc making ‘room’. One interesting pOint by Cheston was on ffp. He stated clearly that ffp is always judged on this years and the previous two years accounts. Meaning that so long as you lose the same amount every year (and accumulatively that doesn’t exceed £39m over the three years) then your budget literally refreshes every season and you have the same spending power. If that makes sense. He also said that whilst our submissions for ffp were due in at the end of the month (feb), but we can make some further adjustments if needed up until the end of June when our accounting period ends. My observation is that a profit sale like Dack for example every three years would make huge dent in our ability to spend as a £20m fee would effectively make us whole for that year which would increase our spending power over any three year period. Interesting also (as I’ve said SOOO many times) that in particular Mowbray said on numerous occasions that failing all else, if he really wanted to spend more Money, the owners had told him he only had to ask. My overriding emotion now following the meeting is that we have a leadership structure who do care passionately about the club. Mowbray is far from dull. He’s passionate, animated, BRUTALLY honest about himself, his players, the market. I can 100% see why the lads including Jonty and Dunny love him so much. He hasn’t got tons of cash sloshing about but he does have a plan on how to use it better. Which he talked to me about openly and in detail. Based off the meeting and my first ever 10 mins with him one to one, he is absolutely the man to take us on for as long as he has that desire!
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    I swear to God, we are the only club that doesn’t judge a manager on this metric....
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    Massive lie. I never stood up. I’ve told him that at previous meetings and he knows full well my thoughts and reasons. I didn’t proudly do anything... if you remember, Waggott mentioned he spoke to people regularly who went away and never went to Ewood. Bayes then asked if a person who previously mentioned they wouldn’t set foot in Ewood at a previous meeting was in the room. They were, but took a load of abuse last time, so they didn’t say anything. I’ve been pretty public in my stance for a good few years. I want to go to games, I don’t feel comfortable financially supporting a regime I despise. If not stumping up £300 a year makes me not a fan in your eyes, I won’t lose any sleep.
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    I trust I'll be forgiven, but I've signed too ! 😁
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    well what can I say that you doesen't know already cockers? things are bad for our team Holtby out for the rest of season what a luck we have!!!... know I'm divided about that cause i trust Tony and actually he's a top manager without any doubt he has being taking some important points with a very depleted roster against the one that he had at the begging of season... Buuut it is true aswell that something wrong has to be happenig with part of staff I mean players are not straight enough to face a complete season is true we are not very deep roster and i know it's hard to try to maintain fresh or recover quick to our players if we need almoust all of them weekly but since this year started and since the last part of 2019 actually injuries is such a common thing nowadays in Blackburn.... Now we are in a very hard fight to finish on top 10 maybe a little higher than that but with the current players without a natural "brain" in the middle of park could be even harder I trust in our young lads specially Costello and Buckley but even Chapman could be the answer ...they will have to do their best to grab this golden but sad oportunity...but even if they have some mistakes let's support them cause is not easy to play when every body is waiting for you to be a heroe or something like that Dack and Holtby are great players with top quality at least Dack could be playing on premier (before his injury) and to try to cover they won't be easy for our young players... difficult times got to say but I'm sure that we can turn this into an oportunity I trust in young Rovers blood. #ImRoversTillIDie #COYB #TheMexicanRover #Top10season
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    He didn’t blame the fans and he didn’t say there was nothing they could do about ffp. Quite the opposite actually. He said they have ‘several options’ available, none of them seemed drastic and he stressed that they hadn’t sold any of their assets and was dismissive of the potential of selling the ground and leasing it back. I couldn’t help seeing it from their side when they’re so open and then fans (who are very demanding) can’t even find it in themselves to buy a ticket. Maybe that was just me...but all Venky hate aside, I think the wider cultural issues and acceptability that you don’t need to contribute to something you care about is so sad. I couldn’t get behind Coyle Or Kean. I despised what they stood for. But I am in no doubt about the integrity of this leadership team, coaches and the players. So I’m more than happy to do my bit. Even if it’s 0.005% of a players salary.
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    He is a passionate football man, I’ve always liked that about him. As usual his charisma at these meetings come in handy for Waggott and Cheston. But he is only ‘absolutely the man to take us on for as long as he has that desire’ if he gets results, his ‘desire’, his ‘honesty’ , ‘his passion’ are not how he will be judged (or shouldn’t be).
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    That's happened at Ewood before now when we loaned a club our away kit for a League game after the ref ruled against the away kit they had brought with them. It would appear that it was Mowbray who wanted the third kit because they found the away kit was not always suitable for some colour clashes. Once again, I thought both Mowbray and Waggott came over very well and clearly have the best interests of the club at heart. I thought Mowbray's comments on transfer policy were detailed and open and clearly he has a large say in that area of the club so it was quite right for him to cover that part of the agenda. The meetings illustrate that the different groups in attendance have different views on certain things so it's not easy for those in charge to find compromises. Some supporters fully agreed with Mowbray with regard to putting the away fans as far away from the pitch as possible whilst others felt atmosphere was more important and wanted them in the lower tier. I suspect, and would hope, that Mowbray's view would be the one we follow. At many away grounds you are either in a corner or upstairs - out of the way - so the noise impact from away fans is reduced.
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    Well it's a new level of honesty to just outright say we only had £1.3 million to spent. It's good to just be upfront like that.
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    You didn’t “go for yourself”, you represented BRFCS. @J*B please don’t let this guy go again.
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    I think if you go on behalf of a group, the forum in this case it’s expected you would report it back to that group.
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    https://www.ipswichstar.co.uk/sport/ipswich-town/big-ipswich-town-interview-bartosz-bialkowski-1-6500191 Some brutally honest comments from Bialkowski about Paul Hurst's time at Portman Road: On Lambert and the season post-Paul Hurst: On Mick McCarthy: Quite rare to hear a current player speak to openly and candidly about recent events. Hurst sounds like a total buffoon. Lambert comes across as a positive person but without the answers to change a really bad situation. No surprise to hear Mick was loved by the players and it's obvious the players were hurt by the way the fans turned on him.
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    Waggott told me he couldn’t comment on what happened before he arrived. He acknowledged that he understood why it would be a concern. He told me he doesn’t like agents (I’ll go into detail later). The issue here is with Venkys, not Mowbray or Waggott - I like both of them, though don’t agree with absolutely every decision they make. If it’s of no concern to you, then fine. Coyle was a horrendous and damaging appointment, Mowbray worked out. I’m very concerned about who his eventual successor may be and how he will be appointed.
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    He talked openly about his recruitment strategy for the summer as well as the state of affairs with current players, young and old. He was genuinely so open that I wondered if it were a test of some sort. Some of the lads I’ve known all my life who’ve played, managed or coached at the top level aren’t so open. It was both shocking and refreshing. Felt real.
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    True Joe. And ultimately none of the debt is leveraged against us. It’s all Venkys. Yes, they royally fucked up but they continue to pay out of their own pockets to keep us afloat. Having seen and heard some of the Hardcore fans who have divorced themselves from the club in the last 10 years, I don’t think half of the fan base would continue supporting Rovers like the owners even if they had the money.
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    'Defenders are coming' became 3 players on loan, one of which is a keeper inferior to the one we sold. It is now nearly 12 months since Mowbray promised defenders and come the summer we will have Lenihan, Nyambe and Williams as our senior contracted defensive players. We've made no progress there, other than Nyambe improving his game and Lenihan clearly being very important to us. We can debate whether Tosin and Cunningham represent improvement on last season, I accept they probably are, but the reality is not enough to get us where we want to be and unlikely to be back. The GK fiasco is a major concern. Mowbray now talks about signing 2 keepers in the summer. But why should I believe that after what happened last year? Time and time again he's made these sort of promises to the fans and then what actually happens falls some way short. I don't see a medium term plan. I see a club operating on 12 month cycles trying to manage as best they can with what is allocated by the owners. There remains a clear and obvious policy of not spending on the defence or goalkeeper positions, preferring to make do with loans for 6-12 months, whilst allocating all our resources on projects up front.
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    I sat in that same room in August 2019, and listened to an Neil Yardley chat with Tony Mowbray & Charlie Mulgrew. TM said that he was hopeful we could compete with the defence we had, that he trusted Charlie as our captain, and then in a private conversation Elliott Bennett said the squad had an internal target to finish 6th and above. He firmly believed they could do it, and I could see he meant it. A matter of days later and Charlie Mulgrew is at Wigan on loan. I don't trust a thing that's said at these meetings anymore.
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    Not sure that tonight really takes us any further than we've been at the last couple of meets. Seems to be 'business as usual' with very much the same stuff coming out. Owners are committed, manager and CEO only want to be judged on what happens whilst they are here, money available but not being spent (heard that one before). I agree with Mattyblue that the slip from Waggott about the academy is potentially concerning if you interpret these things at face value. Clearly if there is a view to ending Category A status this is completely at odds with the recent proclamations about developing youth and FFP worries. As we've done to death on numerous occasions, academy expenditure is exempt from FFP calculations so if there is a reduction in funding to the academy that will be entirely of Venkys own volition. Strange thing to do if they are desperate to invest. Then again maybe just a poor choice of words from Waggott. Not sure re-use of pint glasses and concerns about contamination or the location of away fans during games are really issues that should be dealt with at these meetings. These are bi-annual precisely because they should cover much more than the usual gripes and matchday preferences.
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    The meeting was ok. There was actually very little skirting around the issues. But the real interesting stuff went on afterwards. Mowbray SO open...my first one. Would recommended to any Rovers fans!

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