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    With JRC now injured, if Chapman doesn't make the 18 again I think it's safe to say he's as good as gone in the summer. Give him a chance from the start!
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    Exactly what I would do. IMO, Gallagher MUST NOT start whether it be out wide or as a central striker. I think Mowbray has dropped another huge expensive clanger with his signing. I think Johnson is washed up and finished. Thought he looked over weight on Saturday - unfit, slow and poor distribution. Fully agree. I'd like to see Chapman given a run of games. To me, the lad's got good natural ability, can make things happen and is capable of getting you on the edge of your seat. B0ll0cks to all this attitude business. IMO, Mowbray has totally mismanaged the lad and I would be p1ssed off if I'd been treated the same way. The lad needs an arm around the shoulder and to be told how good he is now and just how good he can be going forward - give him his wings and watch him fly. IMO, the lad has more natural ability than Brereton, Gallagher and Rankin Costello put together. As supporters, you want to be excited and sadly, IMO, under Mowbray we've seen too much turgid stuff and 'ale house' football - and some on here had the nerve to criticise Big Sam!
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    I think Bell’s been good in this latest run in the team, certainly not standing out as poor in my opinion I think he could be improved on but a handy option there
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    I for one am weirdly curious and excited for the rest of the season. Not because I think I’m going to be blinded by Tika taka style entertainment or because I think we’ll go roaring into the playoffs (those hopes were all but gone when Dack collapsed against Wigan and confirmed with the subsequent injuries to Evans, Holtby and Rothwell). No, I’m excited to see the development of our young players over the next 16 games or whatever. Our position in the league and injuries have inadvertently created an almost perfect climate for them. We aren’t going down and will potentially be out of the playoff race by March. Nyambe, Lenihan, Travis and Arma are flying. The improvement in those four grows week on week. I want to see JRC, Buckley and Davenport play 10 games before the end of the season. I wouldn’t even be adverse to Hilton playing a couple back end or Butterworth if he can get fit. They will be so much better for it in the long run. Let them get upto speed and let’s see what they’ve got to offer. To get one or two of these playing well and fully integrated into the first team would be brilliant for the club and reduce the volume of transfers needed in the summer. Also grows our assets and provides potential for sustainability. Get the young lads played I say. We’ll never have a better chance to have a look at them!
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    How anyone is still talking about the playoffs is beyond me. The only time this season I've given it serious thought was after Bristol City away when I thought that maybe, just maybe, we'd turned some sort of corner as that wasn't the kind of victory that we usually got. Then, when we had chance to actually enter the top 6, we of course stunk the place out in home games v Wigan and Birmingham and it became clear that we'd just end up plodding in mid-table.
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    Surly we can give the cocker the benefit of the doubt. I find it quite heart warming the effort and passion he puts in and the little things like cocker makes him even more endearing because of the misunderstanding of words. #COYB #comeonyoucockers # mexicanpals # blackburntilidie
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    Something often conveniently forgotten! TM has never had us in the top six during his entire time here. Not even for one match.
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    Even though we hadnt been in the top 6 at any point during the season? Baring in mind that Dack got injured on the 23rd December, on matchday 23, and Holtby, Rothwell and Evans were injured very recently.
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    I think we all know now, this match will be a bore as our esteemed manager will choose a team to negate Hull who are suddenly the best team in the UK with only Liverpool able to compete with them and only if they are lucky. We therefore need to concentrate on defence leaving no one in midfield to create anything going forward. Hull will score in the 70th or 75th minute. Mowbray will panic and substitutes will come into play, leaving 4 out and out strikers in the mix but no one to create anything for them. I am extremely fed up and don’t see a way out of it.
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    I've read up until page 17 of this thread then got frustrated at all the OTT criticism again. It was always going to be a tough game against a pre-season favourite in good form, even without our injuries, so why are people upset when that's what plays out? I don't buy the theory that we set out just to avoid defeat. Yes we worked on trying to nullify their potency, but that's not the same thing. We were actually the better team for the first 15 mins I thought. But overall it was a poor game, from both sides, shorn of any real quality. Neither team did enough to win it IMO; they passed it around more fluently after that initial spell, but mostly without menace. But for Travis unluckily playing Bryan in on the left when trying to intercept his pass, it would have finished 0-0. We could have drawn or won had Lenihan's goal been given (which looked fine to me but I've not seen a replay). If we'd have got the lucky deflection that Bryan got, or the offside decision goes our way, we win the game and are cockahoop like Fulham were as they knew they were given a tough game. It was those kind of fine margins that made the difference on the day. The criticism I do agree with from yesterday is Gallagher out wide (which generally doesn't work and for which TM understandably gets criticised; maybe Bennett would have been more effective there seeing how Chapman is clearly out of the running) & Johnson, who I thought was a liability & overall I've been so disappointed with him, as I think we all are. Tuesday's game is massive. Win and we're still well in the playoff hunt. Draw or lose and away at Charlton becomes must-win to keep hope's alive. I'd like to see Davenport in place of Johnson, and either Bennett, JRC or Chapman in place of Gallagher. Perhaps rotate Gallagher, JRC & Armstrong by playing Gallagher up top, JRC wide right with Armstrong in a free-ish no 10 role. Let's try to be optimistic eh? We're far from out of the playoff hunt but listening to many on here you'd think we were knocking about in 20th place.
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    Mowbray shouldn't be given the opportunity to form a squad for 2020/2021. He's failed and should be removed from his post.
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    Re FFP- aren’t you forgetting that we spent £12 Million on two strikers- one that plays on the wing (despite us having actual wingers at the club) and another that barely gets 5 minutes at a time? Stoke have spent the most in the league and they’re only just outside the relegation zone. PNE have barely spent anything and they’re in the top 6. Perspective indeed.
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    Yes be upset, of course. But let's get some perspective & proper context into how it's expressed; we've just gone 4 games undefeated, 2 wins & 2 draws, despite tough injuries sustained in 3 of those games. We've gone 4 months undefeated at home. To then lose narrowly to Fulham is no disaster. Thing is, when we win games or go on winning runs there's too many who argue it's in spite of Mowbray: "OK so we've won, but it's only 'cos he listened to us fans. He won't win the next one 'cos he'll pick his favourites again or spin his tombola, so he's taken us as far as he can and he's only in it for his pension". But when we lose games it's because of him, even when (like yesterday) he's picked an 11 that most people thought was decent; "it was inevitable we'd lose today with him in charge, he can't set up a team to win games, that's why he's taken us as far as he can". Every defeat is followed by "he needs to go", how on earth can that be rational when we've had more wins than defeats? Why can't people accept that in football, not everything goes to plan and that there's stuff that goes on behind the scenes that we're not privy to but which will be absolutely at the heart of his decision making? Yes I'm sure City fans are concerned at the moment; they've put up a meek defence of their title having also endured a poor summer transfer window and injuries to key players, just like us. They're much further away from their target than we are from ours, yet even though they've lost a quarter of their league fixtures (not that dissimilar to Rovers' record of having lost a third of ours), their fans aren't calling for Pep's head.
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    I thought yesterday highlighted the unbalanced squad that TM has created. Obviously he will point to injuries but look at it: 5 strikers in the squad yet we only ever really start with one up front. Out of those 5 strikers Armstrong is the only one who is competent out on the wing but TM chooses to play Gallagher and Samuel Samuel was naff in league 1 why is he even considered for selection at this point? Gallagher on the right wing is and has been all season embarrassing. It doesn't work yet TM keeps trying it, he's probably tried it about 20 times so far this season. His only good game was preston away when he played through the middle. He's been rubbish has gallagher but TM isn't doing him any favours. Brereton - we don't even need to discuss. I haven't got the energy to detail how spectacularly bad his signing is. It says a hell of a lot that Samuel came on before him. Chapman is the only winger in the squad yet can't get near the team - waste of money Mulgrew and Smallwood taking up wages due to TM overvaluing them. Johnson - isn't suited to playing a passing game. waste of money With 3 of our ideal back five (Walton, Tosin, Cunningham) only on loan, we've got major surgery to do to the squad with little resources to do it. By my count in the summer we need a 2 keepers, a backup right back, a left back, at least 1 maybe 2 centre backs. a wide player and a striker. possibly even another centre mid if age catches up with Downing before August. Worrying stuff.
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    The team that should play and the team that will play are two different things. For example, anyone with two working eyes knows that Sam Gallagher our wide is wrong, but it won’t stop him being selected there. I think where that is concerned I’m at the ‘acceptance’ stage of grief.
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    Id take Feeney over Gallagher on the wing any day and thats saying something. But its an unfair comparison because Gallagher is not a winger and has never had a good game there.
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    Elliott Bennett hasn't started in our last five games, and prior to that, he was regularly substituted.
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    I'll be honest, I stopped reading here. His pass completion rate was 35% on Saturday.... THIRTY FIVE! He's not fit for League Two, a shocking footballer who doesn't have the work rate, the first touch, the agility nor the finishing ability to play for this football club. He's not scored a goal at home all season.... he's got the worst shots to goals ratio in the Championship and he's also got the most minutes per goal of ANY striker in the division.... Gallagher IS a poor player, a very poor one.
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    Some of the criticism goes over the top but so does some of the refs to the injuries. Yes its turning into a nightmare and may well hamper where we finish. However we weren't in the top 5 and have fallen away because of that yet you'd think so reading some of the stuff around. This season a 15th to 10th place finish has always been on the cards given all the usual variables you get at every club every season. so it might now end up closer to 15th than 10th but above that wasn't happening. Not without a serious effort to push on, better recruitment and management, certain key players form and yes a reasonably clean bill of health.
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    And now Costello possible hamstring, think we’ve done extremely well considering half a team out, you conveniently forget when PNE had a couple of injuries they lost 4 in a row, there’s no team in this division that has had long term injuries as we have had, and re you saying TM saying we should be in the top 6, and if he isn’t he’s failed, crazy statement. If we hadn’t got all these injuries we probably would have been in the top 6. Still think Mowbray can do a job here (obviously in a minority on here) always worry about who would take over.
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    Thanks for a well reasoned reply - I'll try responding in the post to help link up the discussion. Walton - the loan element is a big problem as there aren't too many benefits for us to it. But again the best I hear about him is "not as bad" which is hardly a ringing endorsement! When the debate is over how bad a player is rather than how good - and I think it would be hard to argue he has been good for us - you know that you've got a duff one. Fwiw he's not as bad as I initially thought imo but is still pretty poor. Far too many errors costing us goals, plus very few games where he has had a positive contribution. I struggle to see how he is anything but a failure given his performances and circumstances of him being here. Samuel a little bit more grey. Did ok for us a year before, but not looking like he will kick on. £500 k for a league 1 team was no small amount and one of our big 3 signings that year, so perhaps the expectation would be he would have made more of a contribution. For a 1 season, decent player I'm not sure it's a success story. Probably on reflection I'd say that's a pretty neutral transfer. Hmm not sure I agree all his signings did contribute. Hart, Harper, Whittingham and Caddis all spring to mind as not really making much odds as to whether we were promoted or not. We didn't hugely use our loans from higher table teams to full advantage. (Armstrong and arguably Antonsson aside.) A lot of the key players who carries us to promotion were already here: Raya, Nayambe, Mulgrew, Bennett, Graham, Lenihen. Could he have started building for the championship in those years - perhaps not (although to his credit Dack and Armstrong were so can't see it as a total free hit and he did ok at it.) That said given he had nearly a year and a half preparatory time pre championship with his team, he really should have been in a position to know exactly what was needed and to hit the ground running. Given we've not really challenged playoffs with such a huge prep time doesn't suggest he's doing that well or used that time effectively - especially when you consider how threadbare the squad will be next year. Perhaps disappointingly is the number of players who aren't really decent championship standard. I agree the playoff type players to give you that push were hard to get in league 1 but the rest of the squad being a solid and decent platform for them could have been. That a number of them aren't but are on decent contracts taking up wages is a problem. Smallwood with new contract, Bell, Samuel, Williams aren't really the type of players needed for a promotion winning squad. Factor in how unbalanced the squad is too and you wonder what TM has spent the last 3 years doing to be in this situation. Last season we went on the worse run in living memory and blew the January transfer window. I can't think of any manager who would have survived such a run. Also whilst the outcome was ok, the manner involving a second half of the season collapse was utterly disappointing leaving us wondering what might have been. As for this season the excuses you offer - and I agree the injuries have been terrible and a huge blow - are also criticisms of TM. He blew the two transfer windows, no one else. He is the one who brought in misfiring strikers so that we are dependant on our creative mids for goals. He is the one who has an unbalanced squad - we lucked out with injuries in the first half of the season that our paper thin defence wasn't exposed more. Injuries have made a huge difference - it would be daft to say otherwise - but had TM done his job a bit better in getting in scoring strikers or used the windows better they wouldn't have hit us quite so badly. Again this defence is a criticism of TM. He can't win against the weaker teams (you could factor in the Wigan home and arguably Brum game too - I'm not at all sure it is behind us.) Its a huge weakness of his. Am a bit torn on the increased value too. Probably overall - although we won't see that £12 mill back for our strikers - but whilst the squad has improved it is still horribly thin and unbalanced going into next season. Also whilst credit has to be given for improving our situation somewhat, given that Coyle had to sell his best players and had no money to replace them, it's not the fairest of comparisons. Also given we've had 3 seasons of TM, I do worry how slow the progress has been. Defence and up front and keeper don't look much better, if at all. Midfield is I will agree. Finally and this is a tad unfair as off topic slightly but ties into the behind the scenes stuff - am not sure we are better off. It's clear dark forces are still at work at Ewood - 3 managers from the same agency being an example of this - so I do wonder how much better things actually can be. Not TMs fault at all this one, but I'm equally sure he can't improve that situation either. Anyhow that's a heck of a ramble. TM isn't terrible and often it comes across that way in my posts. Not the intention - I dont think he is very good at all but he is a bit better than some of the non managers we've had in my lifetime. I feel that if we were a normal club with standards and hadn't been so horrifically treated no one would be happy with TM or the job he is doing.
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    It’s not the defeat what has got people irked. We are going to lose and can’t beat everybody. There is no shame in losing one nil to a very good Fulham side. It’s the manner of the defeat. The attitude to the game. The fact we where already defeated before we kicked off and did everything we could not to lose and lost anyway. The over cautious negative approach to games. We arnt going down and have the feintest chance of getting in the top six (theoretically) so what did we have to lose by going all out for a win. I would have rather lost by a couple more by trying to win
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    I'll bet you as much as you want that they won't be.
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    Besides Johnson and Gallagher, I thought Downing was also poor and has largely been poor when deployed as the LW position. I do like him in CM, but played wide highlights his age and mucks up the formation. Once Rothwell is back I feel we will settle on Travis-Downing in CM.
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    They should rename it after him, and then sponsors can still be used. '... are proud Sponsors of the Tony Parkes Riverside Stand'. PNE do it. https://www.google.com/search?q=sir+tom+finney+stand+outside&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwjppunBusTnAhWXwoUKHUvbAqcQ2-cCegQIABAC&oq=sir+tom+finney+stand+outside&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-img.3...2264.5242..5523...1.0..0.173.891.6j3......0....1.........0i30j0i24j33i10j30i10.4F0qK5ndcps&ei=Mvk_XunFPJeFlwTLtou4Cg&bih=782&biw=412&client=ms-android-ee-uk-revc&prmd=imsvn&safe=strict#imgrc=YoQKKCqiaJcrmM&imgdii=AN-o5a6pVIZTFM

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