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    I think what was meant was that the club was not going to take the absurd "roll the dice" approach of spending transfer fees on a scale that would bust the FFP limits but gambling that promotion to the Premier League would solve the FFP issue. If promotion is not obtained then there has to be a fire sale of assets or a points deduction or both. Rather the club would stay within FFP limits but acknowledging that it would probably take more than a year or two to build to a level where the club could win promotion.
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    Only 100 tickets left (1650 allocation). Another cracking following, especially as it’s on Sky and back to back with another well attended London game
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    "It's saved my life. It's such a relaxed and friendly place, and it's helped Dad to become more independent. It's given him his life back and I can now spend time with my two-year-old. The volunteers are special people." Natalie Parkes-Thompson https://www.lep.co.uk/health/how-leyland-group-helping-blackburn-rovers-legend-tony-parkes-live-well-alzheimers-1749029
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    I've wanted to post this for a while, but I was waiting for an upturn in form, so it didn't get lost in all the (probably justified) manager and team bashing that go along with bad performances and results. So before a possible Brentbashing this Saturday (eeek): Referring to past comments about the direction Rovers are supposedly heading in. What exactly does a Slow Build mean? Has this ever been explained? Does it refer to building Rovers Financially or Team Progression on the Pitch. As those 2 things are contradictory - as 'making money' would imply selling your best players for a profit which would of course weaken the team. If it's about long term team progression, then how exactly does signing loan players that see their future elsewhere (and ones we blatantly cannot afford anyway) fit into this? 🤷‍♂️
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    He’s a decent Championship keeper, bit I’m pretty sure he’s not going to be playing as a first choice in a top European league in 6 months time. He was never as bad as the ‘send him back to Brighton’ crew were making out earlier in the season, but I think a few are now getting carried away the other way.
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    I think some fans give credit where due, but also can point out where there are issues. However, I do think some just won't give him credit for anything. Stuff like we are doing well in spite of him, nonsense. Or that he was lucky we got injuries, rubbish. Or that his signings are poor, even though 6 of his signings started at the weekend. I agree that sometimes he can be frustrating building up the opposition too much, but I believe that may be a good thing if we are in the play off mix-keeps feet on the ground. I think that him doing that was a problem in league 1, but eventually it turned into a positive as we didn't underestimate anyone.
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    I think Bennett’s legs have gone you know. For what it’s worth I often advocated his inclusion last season. He worked the hardest and gave the most. BUT this season I think there’s been a notable drop in his physical attributes. He looks tired more and has lost a yard of pace when he didn’t have a yard in the first place. Nyambe has finished him and I expect him to be used sparingly for the rest of the season. Him starting vs Hull and then being dragged with Graham at 60 mins in a game where the subs came on and changed the course, for me signalled the end for both. Cant see DG being here next season. SG is his natural successor. I’d be tempted to see how Samuel does and offer him a year to fight for a spot. I think Bennett will stay but be used VERY sparingly next season.
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    Thanks for that den. Really lovely to read this, it brought a tear to my eye... And for the few hours that Tony is with his Sporting Memories family, Natalie added: "I have my dad back, the man I remember and grew up with." Meanwhile, we deliberate over which of the training pitches to rename. If we are even deliberating at all.
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    Absolutely brilliant. Best game at Ewood for ages. Delighted to beat the nobbers. Delerium at the end. It certainly meant something to the players.
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    Behave chaddy! Why would Brighton’s 4th choice keeper end up as number 1 in the PL or Bundesliga?!
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    I don’t know how we’ll get the points between now and then. In all honesty I’d prefer to us to get them ASAP as I expect Lenihan to be suspended for two games. Which will effect us. 73 points is just the average but either way we Still need to win at least 6 games out of the 13 we’ve got left so we have to get wins against those teams you mentioned. For what it’s worth I wouldn’t be surprised if we beat Leeds, West Brom and Bristol and then struggle to beat Stoke and or Swansea at Ewood. The game on Saturday Vs Brentford won’t make or break the promotion push.
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    The Home Secretary is from East Africa descent is she not? Our chancellor is not a “white nationalist”. It’s a multi cultural government, no? Many of the firms who are criticising this are also the ones who exploit foreign workers for cheap labour. Maybe if they hadn’t drove wages down so low they wouldn’t now be in this position now. Industry has just as much responsibility as the government in all of this. A high wage, low tax, low unemployment society is of benefit to all, where each pays their way. A friend of mine worked in Australia for a year in a call centre and was paid more than enough to be able to afford rent in a really nice apartment and still have disposable income to eat out, socialise and live a lifestyle we here would consider “middle class”. Our wages are terrible here and something has to be done to drive them up. I’m not saying this is the answer but by outlawing firms the right to access cheap unfettered labour it is a small step in the right direction.
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    This government have turned the U.K. into something that should be so loathsome, to most decent people. We have become a country tolerant of no one who isn’t white and who wasn’t born here. If there’s an opportunity to deport them then it’s seized whether they recognise the country they’re being sent to or not. White nationalism is what the government is about. It’s disgraceful. Immigration and immigrants are the devil and the cause of most of our problems. Get rid of them and the future is bright. That’s the message. This policy has a lot of support mainly from brexiteers. They’re not racist though.
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    We are trying to get into the top 6 whereby competition is fierce and we have a 3 points and 2 place deficit already, margin for error isnt very high. We cant be going into a 3 game week, where we play a top 6 team away, a relegation struggler at home and then another home game v a team in and around us and be content with 4 points, even as a minimum. We shouldnt be anything other than very frustrated if we were to lose more points in the week than we were to gain, especially with 2 games at home.
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    My brother was at Rovers for a couple of years until he was 9, even then it was being coached to all the outfield players the best technique for diving. Some very bitter PNE fans on there
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    I would say 4pts from those three games as a minimum. 6pts would be very good. 7pts amazing and 9pts = Me booking my accommodation and train for May! 🤣🤣
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    It turned the game quicker than it might have done but Rovers came out second half the better team and it was a keeper error (poor kick) that resulted in their second. That was after the ref got in the way of the ball in the build up to their first. The man advantage seemed to stop late on at Preston went for it. We looked nervy almost the entire time between the third and fourth goals but they couldn’t fashion a chance without a bit of help from us. Thankfully that didn’t come.
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    Yes, I think Tony can take personal credit for this evening’s game. Three cheers for Mowbray everyone! Hip hip...
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    Very Harsh on Williams, early season Del looked very good as a CB, the issue was him and Lenihan are too similar. Tosin offers something different. I actually have no issue with a fit Williams there for a few games. If he was at LB we'd have issues though.
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    Very enjoyable game. Well worth the 4 pounds.
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    4 2 Sam Burns Well played Rovers
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    3 2 Rovers Gilsenan scores
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    I havent seen these comments, bar like I said the ones that said that he joined Hull was because he declined Charlton due to location/traffic issues and financial reasons which I dont think is at all indicative of a bad attitude. It has nothing to with their chairman, and if he can be quoted to say that Maddison has a bad attitude then please feel free to show me and I will concede. Fester was perhaps a poor choice of word. My main point is that I dont see the season as a whole as a failure but there are parts of it or aspects of it which I do. I feel that it is fair to deride the signing and tactical use of Gallagher, the over (but now IMO refreshingly changing situation) use of Bennett, the non existent winter transfer window etc, praise the signings of Downing and Adarabioyo or the development of Travis, Armstrong and Nyambe individually or indeed comment on the overall expectations without being branded either positive or negative as an overall opinion. For context, our first season in the League was a massive failure but Rhodes form was a success. A successful thing can happen in a failure of a season and vice versa. I suppose you could say that about Dack, when he joined us maybe Championship sides were thinking he has only joined Rovers, he cant be that good. And he has tangible issues regarding his personality in terms of a court case. It perhaps would be naive to dismiss anyone solely on prejudged or perceived personality based on the success of Dack but that is a different debate! I have never said that Maddison will be a good signing for Hull, he was just an example of a player who could improve us, who was affordable (loan deal with further fee to buy as Hull have) and who could score and assist from the wide position. He may well flop. He may well build on his goal last week and prove a bargain. The only reason debate has rumbled on is because I think people are going out of their way to speculate and justify the fact that we didnt sign him, ergo he cant be good.
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    Give him another 12 months contract
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    Weatherall was brilliant, no doubt about that and a sad loss. He was the same age as me as well, which is always a very sobering thought. However, I think your comment is a bit harsh mate, to be honest. Don't be fooled into thinking that Caroline Flack wasn't extremely talented. She was an excellent TV presenter and a superb dancer as well. The fact that you or I might not have been into the shows she was involved in doesn't mean she wasn't a very talented young lady. Apologies if I come across as a grumpy sod but it did hit a bit of a raw nerve with me that comment.

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