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    I wonder which dropped first?
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    Spot on. Draws are no good. If we donโ€™t go up I hope itโ€™s because we went for it and fell short and not because caution held us back. I want to know we did everything we could from this point
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    We need to stop looking at who the opposition is , form tables etc and say thereโ€™s ten games left do or die lads
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    That would only be a true statement if we were in the playoff positions right now. It's Fulham, Forest, Brentford and Preston's to lose - and we need to be in a position to potentially gain from their slip ups.
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    What stood out was that every single player (including the sweeper keeper) looked like they were the playmaker. There was no weak link at all. Total football that Arsenal just couldn't live with. Not sentences that you'd expect to see grace this message board for the last decade!
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    Yes and we really need to go for wins. A draw tomorrow, under normal circumstances would be decent but the dropping of two points could have a real adverse effect. Mowbray needs to be bold in his team selection and tactics, get us on the front foot and go for it. Under those circumstances I think most would accept the gamble to a degree but going there and not having a go would lead to criticism.
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    Bit of a problem for Crystal Palace and Roy Hodgson.
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    Which is it lads Dickov or Aguero ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    That was an exceptional performance. Totally battered one of the best clubs in the country filled with youth internationals. Could easily have been 7 or 8. Actually shown on a TV channel here in Norway. Commentators were very complimentary. On that evidence a lot of these could go on to have a career. So many good performances all over the pitch: - Eastham in goal, although not the biggest looked very composed with great distribution with both hands and throws. - Pike on right back looked a modern full back who could defend and attack. - Flavio as centre-back very similar to Magloire, big and powerful. - Whitehall, captain and just given a long professional looked the part. Built like a man, athletic, good allround footballer. Played midfielder today, but can see him ending up at centre back. - Harlock was the conductor in the centre. Great energy, effective passer and a lovely slide through to Brennan for his goal. - Wright-Phillips, just like his dad! Quick winger with great feet. Very composed and effective. Got a goal and setup another. Really hope we have something permanent lined up. - Luke Brennan, left winger, Mahoney v2! Could easily become a better player than Mahoney. Can see why he's been promoted to U23. Two great feet. He actually took freekicks with both right and left, and seemed equally good with either. Great crosser and great goal. Had workrate to go as well. - Sam Burns, probably got MOM for his two goals. A real livewire striker. Pace to burn, great movement and hard to shake off the ball. Stocky and strong. Some similarities to Aguero. Wonderful goal from outside the area and a poacher for the second. Really enjoyable and hope they show the City game as well
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    He did refer to black children as "piccaninnies" and he did joke about black people's "water-melon mouths". I'd say that is racism and he would have known that it was.
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    Christ, you've got some memory, remembering the names of up to seven youth team players from 1958 who never made it!! Fair play!
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    4-1 flattered Arsenal. Fantastic performance tonight from the young lads. Really enjoyed it. Semi finals!
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    kevin moran was another great signing and a proper defender,he`s up in the keeley,faz,hendry and short list for one of our all time best centre backs
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    I don't know if it's true but the following is. Several years ago Stan Ternant contacted me to referee his testimonial match against Man Utd. I readily agreed and as is the custom on benefit games there is no fee but the host usually provides a suitable momento. Before kick off Stan brought into our room four signed and framed shirts which were designed just for that game. They were real collectors items. I remember the sponsor on them was a company called Smiths Metals. This shirt sat in my loft for a few years until I decided to get rid of some of my old memorabilia so I posted on Clarets Mad and started an auction. I agreed to a suggestion on Clarets Mad that the money should go to the Clarets Youth Foundation. As it happened the shirt went for a pitifully low ยฃ150 and I met the guy who bought it at Darwen Services and he passed the money into the club. I felt some pangs of guilt last season at West Brom when Rodriguez smashed Raya causing untold damage to him and forcing us to play with ten men. Rodriguez was in the youth teams around that time so my confession is that I may have indirectly contributed to Raya's injury by putting money into Burnley's youth set up. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ On the plus side though I refereed Burnley v Preston (the game after the 5-0 mauling on Easter Sunday) with my Rovers season ticket my referees shirt pocket. Not quite Simon Garner but satisfying in a daft way.
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    There was going on for 29,000 at Ewood for the 1959 final, the first leg at Upton Park had around 11,000. Apart from the three Rovers who played at international level, West Ham had a couple who didnโ€™t have bad careers in Bobby Moore and Geoff Hurst
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    I wouldn't be expecting all these lads to suddenly burst through in the next couple of years. Our last squad to get to the final in 2012, only Lenihan really came through to play for the first team, although Jack O'Connell has made a decent career for himself too and currently plays in the top flight. The Youth Cup final squad of 97-98 only had Martin Taylor and David Dunn come through I think. I went to the game at Ewood and think there was around 10k on. How many would attend a final these days? Not sure you would get a third of that to be honest. If we could get three quality first team players from that bunch it would be superb.
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    According to the FA website the game against Man City has to be played before March 21st. Looking at the first team fixtures we have no game the following Saturday (presumably an international break) which would be an ideal time to play and hopefully pull in a big crowd.
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    3 of the greatest players who ever played for us though? If 3 of that quality come through that would be incredible.
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    Correct. Some bad apples but most people who expressed pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel views are labelled anti-Semitic. It's a nonsense and an attempt by the pro-Israel lobby to shut down the debate.
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    Unfortunately, as we now know he was making it up! Asked about the plight of people who become "self-isolated" he replied that the supermarkets could deliver to their homes. Supermarket's response? "First we heard of it". Had no talks with Government about this or much else apparently. "hastily convened" meeting followed!
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    Chris Brown surely.
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    Excellent performance from the youngsters who had pretty much everything. The game was hugely enjoyable and Arsenal were a distinct second best all over the pitch.
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    Enjoyed the interview. Always loved Don Mackay and actually felt a bit uncomfortable/ashamed, when he was sacked after all he had done. Not saying it was wrong, but it didn't feel good(for me.) A few years later, the night after the Cantona Kung Fu incident, I was driving up the motorway with the radio on. Don was on a Radio 5 live phone -in. One of the callers-with a distinct, Lancashire accent- was arguing that Cantona should be banned for the season/for life/for ever etc. Don joked- "Isn't that because you want Blackburn Rovers to win the title!" I laughed out loud. However, the best bit came right at the end, when the caller said, "We still love you at Blackburn, Don. God Bless!" And so we do!
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    A file alleging 300 cases of Islamophobia by members of the Tory Party is being sent to the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Of course prior to the General Election the Tory Party promised an investigation of it's own but now the election is over we can forget about all that. Johnson, Cummings and 3 sitting Tory MP's are being investigated. I wonder if we'll get the same gutter press furore as we got over the Labour Party and anti-semitism. I suspect not.
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    Your argument is they are better because of their attackers. We've scored more goals than them and spent far less than them so I'd say it isn't. You love stats and ignore big ones that go against your own opinion. I can't say I've seen Fulham week in week out to know how they play, all I am looking at is "goals scored" vs "goals conceded". Fulham: GS = 51, GC = 37, GD: 14 Rovers: GS = 52, GC = 42, GD: 10 That tells me they've conceded less than us. In fact their GD is +4 on ours, which conveniently tallies with the W, D, L stats which shows they've won - you guessed it - 4 more. Now if we've scored more than them and conceded more then where do you think them 4 extra wins from Fulham have come from? Their defence. Only 3 teams have scored more than us this season so for all your hot air about how Gallagher is shit, Samuel is 'far off' (although he hasn't played tbf) it's all bullshit. Our attackers are doing a fine job, it's our back line that is letting us down and has done for many years. I couldn't give a monkeys uncle about Mitrovic's goal record because even though he has doubled Armstrongs' we've still scored more than Fulham. I would much prefer our goals to be spread across the team frankly. Armstrong has contributed to 17 goals, Mitrovic 24 and he has all them players behind him you've mentioned. Why are you holding Fulham up as a bastion of class when the truth is they're one or two clean sheets away from us?

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