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    Swings and roundabouts - our entire way of life would be utterly impossible without globalisation. Drives everything from unbelievable choice of food, to fast fashion, to extraordinary tech like smart phones, to cheap international travel. I think globalisation is great, as long as it can be regulated and everyone can work together. Which is what makes Brexit and all the other nationalistic stuff so daft in my opinion. We need stronger international institutions, not weaker ones.
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    My Cousin didn't make it. Died on April 8th and buried on April 24th. Another Rover lost at the Royal Preston Hospital at 11.47am. RIP my lovely Cousin David.
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    He's a journalist by trade actually. I applaud him calling out Hancock and his bullshit/incompetence.
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    Bradley sent the family a video message which was lovely. Rovers floral shirt in the hearse. He absolutely loved Rovers.
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    Number of tests still above 100k but dropped a fair chunk. Important to hit these high numbers consistently and not just one day to hit a target.
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    Hi all, Two things, firstly thank you all so much for the good wishes, it genuinely gave me a huge lift when I heard about this thread. A quick update, I'm now home with the family and recovering. Both me and my wife (as I feared both working in the NHS) got Covid, it was awful for a week and both very poorly. I suddenly took a turn for the worse and was rushed into Hospital with a Temp of 41.2 and was admitted into intensive care. Covid, Pneumonia and Sepsis basically kicked the life out of me for several days and it was very much touch and go if I survived or not. I spent 5 days in intensive care in a pressurised oxygen CPAP hood (looked like a minion) and faced multiple organ failure. The Hospital had discussed ventilating me with my wife but luckily I started to respond to treatment. I spent a further 7 days on the Intensive care ward oxygen whilst my bloods where treated then 5 days on a general ward. I was discharged over 1.5 stone lighter (not a bad thing lol) Covids parting shot was leaving me with Type 1 Respiratory System Failure, which I should fully recover from in 6-8 weeks. Physically I feel quite well although very fatigued and get very breathless if walking about. My Oxygen levels are holding up well and my heart rate is lowering from dangerously high towards normal. Im improving day by day. ALL The staff at Royal Blackburn are immense & true heroes, I can never thank them enough or put into words how amazing they all are. They saved my life literally. I'm one of the lucky ones and I hope and pray for every one else struck with the virus.... Please all stay safe
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    Decent away following too....as usual
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    Serious? The Tories are currently 20pts ahead of Keir Starrmer's none-more-beige Labour. So, naturally, the congenitally stupid Nick Cohen has written a column about the death of right-wing populism. This from a man who has spent the last 12 years ignoring the rotting corpse of centrism.
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    Still fighting the referendum 4 years on....😞
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    Yes, my comment was entirely in the context of economics which was the discussion I replied to. I am appalled by the fact the in Britain we don't expect we can make anything anymore because the Chinese and others can do it far cheaper. The human rights costs are incalculable and there's a huge reduction in employment prospects for our own---by which I mean real jobs not Amazon warehouse ones. In terms of international organisations i agree with you completely!
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    129 people have die from coronavirus in East Lancashire hospitals. East Lancashire Hospitals are Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital, Burnley General Teaching Hospital, Clitheroe Community Hospital, Accrington Victoria and Pendle Community Hospital. total number of coronavirus deaths in Lancashire are 648 in hospitals according to the article https://www.lancs.live/news/lancashire-news/east-lancashire-hospitals-tops-coronavirus-18189399
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    PK's description of his horrendous ordeal should be a salutary lesson to everybody to continue to play by the rules. Well done, I wish you all the best in your recovery.
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    It could be the result of Brereton trying to kick a steady arse
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    I'd say David Goodwillie, he always reminded me of a Scottish Wayne Rooney. Also Mauro Formica, who was very similar to Gabriel Batistuta in my opinion. 🙄
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    We’ll bottle it even in a virtual game.
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    Daily Heil speculating 'Was the baby conceived a week after Boris entered No10?' You'd think even the Mail would call her by her name and not her number...
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    Now I can get behind most of that . I would fully back all players to speak there mind and say it how it is . We signed players like Bellamy before and that paid off. I just don’t agree with downsizing the academy, signing “characters” if they aren’t going to put the club first or bringing maradona here. I’m all for thinking outside the box but there is being innovative and there’s kamakaze and whilst I can agree on some things your saying I also think you need to remember what Blackburn rovers actually is, a proud historic football club in the not so cosmopolitan part of east lancashire. It isn’t thinking small or being defeatist to remember your roots and be proud of what you are. I would rather watch average hard working footballers than try and turn us into a circus for corporate gain and media publicity
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    “A stepping stone to even greater things....for me”!
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    That's a brilliant kit. At least half a dozen of that lot would walk into the current team - Newton Wilson, Hunter, Knighton, Rogers, Metcalfe. The Don, Dick Mulvaney, and John Connelly won't be far off. 2 England internationals ( 1 a current regular ). 1 Scottish international, 1 Northern Ireland International ( a current regular ), 1 Eire international ( again a current regular ) plus a scattering of U-23 caps. Somebody like Jimmy Hill or Malcolm Allison would have got that lot promoted. It's funny how one of the least likely players in Laurie Calloway went on to have a very long and successful playing and coaching career in the USA.
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    Without doubt the worst day of my football supporting life, it still hurts now
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    You can only imagine that advertising revenues have collapsed (along with sales of the hard copy paper) so they are desperate for income. The pandemic could spell the end of a lot of standalone local papers , so to survive you may see full editorial mergers across the industry, so using here as an example, the LT with the Bolton News (it is halfway there already) or they fold completely.
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    During the height of the anti-Venkys feeling and ‘us and them’ beteeen fans and club (around the time of Kean/Shebby/Aggers/Shelvey) it was widely believed that the LT sent in its stories to ‘the club’ for... let’s say.. comment (rather than approval). In one article the editor, seemingly, hadn’t spotted that ‘someone’ had scribed “please take out” - presumably next to a line that ‘the club’ wanted removing fro the article. Infamously, and to my recollection, the line “please take out” made it to print! (Or maybe it was leaked - I can’t remember 100%).
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    The town of Darwen is absolutely pivotal for the club. As Blackburn continues to change demographically and more and more Rovers supporting Blackburners move further afield, Darwen is a bedrock of support in the borough.
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    Found some old newspaper clipping whilst pottering:

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