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    Swings and roundabouts - our entire way of life would be utterly impossible without globalisation. Drives everything from unbelievable choice of food, to fast fashion, to extraordinary tech like smart phones, to cheap international travel. I think globalisation is great, as long as it can be regulated and everyone can work together. Which is what makes Brexit and all the other nationalistic stuff so daft in my opinion. We need stronger international institutions, not weaker ones.
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    Sophie Ridge: how come we have 28,000 deaths, the second highest in the world? Grant Shapps: we should be careful of using those figures, they aren’t reliable. As prof Chris Witty said we should look at excess deaths. Sophie Ridge: okay then, here’s the chart showing excess deaths way, way above any other country in Europe. Grant Shapps: yes, well it’s too early to be looking at those. Me: excess deaths are excess deaths - but why can’t everyone see exactly how this government manipulates, deceives and downright lies on any subject you want to mention? It’s despicable, especially when it comes to a world health crisis.
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    My Cousin didn't make it. Died on April 8th and buried on April 24th. Another Rover lost at the Royal Preston Hospital at 11.47am. RIP my lovely Cousin David.
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    He's a journalist by trade actually. I applaud him calling out Hancock and his bullshit/incompetence.
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    Bradley sent the family a video message which was lovely. Rovers floral shirt in the hearse. He absolutely loved Rovers.
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    Number of tests still above 100k but dropped a fair chunk. Important to hit these high numbers consistently and not just one day to hit a target.
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    Hi all, Two things, firstly thank you all so much for the good wishes, it genuinely gave me a huge lift when I heard about this thread. A quick update, I'm now home with the family and recovering. Both me and my wife (as I feared both working in the NHS) got Covid, it was awful for a week and both very poorly. I suddenly took a turn for the worse and was rushed into Hospital with a Temp of 41.2 and was admitted into intensive care. Covid, Pneumonia and Sepsis basically kicked the life out of me for several days and it was very much touch and go if I survived or not. I spent 5 days in intensive care in a pressurised oxygen CPAP hood (looked like a minion) and faced multiple organ failure. The Hospital had discussed ventilating me with my wife but luckily I started to respond to treatment. I spent a further 7 days on the Intensive care ward oxygen whilst my bloods where treated then 5 days on a general ward. I was discharged over 1.5 stone lighter (not a bad thing lol) Covids parting shot was leaving me with Type 1 Respiratory System Failure, which I should fully recover from in 6-8 weeks. Physically I feel quite well although very fatigued and get very breathless if walking about. My Oxygen levels are holding up well and my heart rate is lowering from dangerously high towards normal. Im improving day by day. ALL The staff at Royal Blackburn are immense & true heroes, I can never thank them enough or put into words how amazing they all are. They saved my life literally. I'm one of the lucky ones and I hope and pray for every one else struck with the virus.... Please all stay safe
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    What an awful piece, when will these people accept that Brexit has been run, we’re leaving, get over it, move on. As for using Jeremy Hunt the former health minister, the Guardian/Observer hung Hunt out to dry and rightly so during his time as health minister, now they want him back!! Awful piece.
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    Always liked Simon Barker. Presumably football in top flight when he went to QPR. Or maybe Rovers wanted the Money!
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    Still fighting the referendum 4 years on....😞
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    Tulsi Gabbard (39) and Pete Buttigieg (38) are both slightly younger than me, Andrew Yang (45) slightly older. Julian Castro (45) withdrew before the Iowa caucuses, Wayne Bessam, Beto O'Rourke, Tim Ryan, Seth Moulton and Eric Swalwell are also all under 50. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be eligible to run for president in 5 years' time. More details about the prospective candidates
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    PK's description of his horrendous ordeal should be a salutary lesson to everybody to continue to play by the rules. Well done, I wish you all the best in your recovery.
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    Nobbers cock it up for us yet again on the second day of May!
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    There is a thing called cup therapy using suction cups. I don’t know anything about it just saw something on it once , something to do with blood flow to help blood to an area and help healing . Maybe that at a guess. It could also be where his beer cans have been resting 😂
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    We’ll bottle it even in a virtual game.
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    Just watched it all , really enjoyed it ..ok it might not be 100% factually accurate but I really enjoyed it , and I think it's something that ANY football fan or Anybody who is fond of a period drama would enjoy to
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    That Rovers win at Man Utd that Kean lived off for 2 more years.
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    There's going to be a massive Brexit extension. No way it's happening in the time of Coronavirus. What a shitshow the last four years have been - Brexit, Trump, Global Pandemic. If you'd told someone in 2014 that was round the corner they would have asked you what crack you were smoking. I am sincerely hoping we've hit bottom and sanity will return next year. Usually after a major global crisis (Great Depression, the World Wars, collapse of the Soviet Union) the world emerges a better place as everyone realises that treating each other decently and working together actually makes a lot of sense as opposed to profiteering and killing one another. Let's hope that trend is maintained.
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    100% that semi final against Chelsea. That Hughes team could have won a major trophy.
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    That's a brilliant kit. At least half a dozen of that lot would walk into the current team - Newton Wilson, Hunter, Knighton, Rogers, Metcalfe. The Don, Dick Mulvaney, and John Connelly won't be far off. 2 England internationals ( 1 a current regular ). 1 Scottish international, 1 Northern Ireland International ( a current regular ), 1 Eire international ( again a current regular ) plus a scattering of U-23 caps. Somebody like Jimmy Hill or Malcolm Allison would have got that lot promoted. It's funny how one of the least likely players in Laurie Calloway went on to have a very long and successful playing and coaching career in the USA.
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    A framed photo found in the loft of the 1969-70 squad. It was actually the inside spread of the Football League Review that, for some time, was included with your match day programme. Three years after I started going to Ewood. I love everything about this era. The uncluttered, superb kit, simple green keeper’s jersey, white match ball, black boots with dubbin and the ground. Still some good players on show but relegation was around the corner.
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    You can only imagine that advertising revenues have collapsed (along with sales of the hard copy paper) so they are desperate for income. The pandemic could spell the end of a lot of standalone local papers , so to survive you may see full editorial mergers across the industry, so using here as an example, the LT with the Bolton News (it is halfway there already) or they fold completely.
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    During the height of the anti-Venkys feeling and ‘us and them’ beteeen fans and club (around the time of Kean/Shebby/Aggers/Shelvey) it was widely believed that the LT sent in its stories to ‘the club’ for... let’s say.. comment (rather than approval). In one article the editor, seemingly, hadn’t spotted that ‘someone’ had scribed “please take out” - presumably next to a line that ‘the club’ wanted removing fro the article. Infamously, and to my recollection, the line “please take out” made it to print! (Or maybe it was leaked - I can’t remember 100%).
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    Watched it all now and it was good really enjoyed it although the inaccuracies do grate a bit. I've already had people ask why there's no 'Rovers', did they add that years later !!!!!! Most non Rovers fans watching in wouldn't bat an eyelid though and the fact it should stick in the craw of plenty big club fans that footballs real origins are in Blackburn and Darwen is very nice.

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