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    Tears of a Clown - Smokey Robinson and the Miracles'
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    Think that’s him. Pretty much got chased out of the side by the fans. Looked a shell of a man as a result in the documentary.
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    Blue Oyster Cult - (Don’t Fear)The Reaper
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    5 Subs per match on the face of it is good because we have some decent kids coming through. That said, this will benefit clubs with better quality in depth in their squads and is unfair on smaller clubs that do not have that benefit and have built their squad around the previous rules of 3 subs per game. They should have kept the same rules - it is the same for everybody regarding injuries and fitness. Managers should have to just rotate more each match (TM would have loved that).
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    It's 5 subs but only 3 stoppages per team for subs, so you'd have to do multiple players in at least one go. If Bell isn't fit and the choices for left-back are Williams, Mulgrew, Downing, Rankin-Costello and Bennett then I genuinely don't see why the Under 23's left-back can't be given a go. He'd be no worse than any of them lot in that position...
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    Done deal according to their forum... https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/jon-mclaughlin.1516241/page-27
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    It finished 1-1 ,Crowd was 56518 so i'm guessing a few Rovers fans made the trip across,we lost the replay at Ewood 2-1 in front of 54.400
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    You don't need a facebook login to view this superb collection of photos from the area, some real crackers, most I've never seen before: https://en-gb.facebook.com/groups/blackburnnowandthen/?ref=group_header
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    Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In The Dark
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    Downing was excellent when at LB earlier in the season. Its not ideal because hes best in midfield but he reads the game far better than Bell and gives us a further element of control on the ball from there. I like the look of the team mentioned by @Prelude I suspect Bennett will be stuck in there and exploited however.
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    Pacey and prolific.
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    Proof of the pudding will be in the eating, but if it turns out that Dack can return significantly more athletic (seem to remember Robert Pires coming back from an ACL injury in a similar way) then it could be the difference from him being a very good Championship player, to one who is Perhaps a very optimistic reading of things, but it was only his sharpness that stops him dominating at this level. He definitely has the ability to play in the top league.
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    Chelsea need one more player I reckon, they still miss Hazard. Timo will score goals but they've never replaced Hazard's creativity. Pedro is leaving too and he's a BIG outlet for them. Lampard needs to bring in somebody like a Jadon Sancho (maybe not him though as it seems unlikely he'll be heading to Chelsea). If I was Lampard I'd be bidding on Jack Grealish. I think Kante holding, with Grealish and Mount ahead of him would be a nice midfield three. There's reports they're interested in Benraham and I really wouldn't blame them. A player destined to play Premier League football but also a player much better suited to football in that division than he is in the Championship. Kante Grealish Mount Benrahma Werner Hudson-Odoi I think they'd do well with this^
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    Not sure hes good enough for us.
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    Jack Baldwin available on a free from Sunderland, more like our budget. 26 year old central defender who has been steady in many years. But Ayala would be a class signing and a captain material...
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    Tears for Fears - Shout
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    Is this nonsense 5 subs rule for the championship as well?
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    No shizzle? Testing people reduces risk? Maybe they should be testing school kids so they can get an education and their parents can go to work. Oh wait, there’s no money in that! Anyway, great news that football is back with a bang. Or a nil-nil with a error from the officials.
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    Question @chaddyrovers why do you think Johnson is telling the truth and not Starmer on this. One account is backed up by hard evidence, the other has no evidence/proof. One story is corroborated by unions and teachers saying they aren't being consulted. One has a history of lying whereas the other doesn't. Who seems more likely to be telling the truth here. Again your Tory bias is letting you down. Objectively, rationally the likelihood of the true version of events is not favourable to Boris, yet you ignore all of this evidence, circumstantial and hard proof in favour of championing him. Do you not see how this approach lacks credibility. Let's say me and arbitro were having a debate about Arbitro helping about a joint house we were building. Arbitro has a letter he sent to me from a number of weeks ago saying he wants to plan the renovations together but has no reply. The builders also publically have said in the papers they aren't being consulted on the renovations. You know i was sacked from a previous job for lying and recently in court on another housing project I was involved in the court ruled I had lied. Arbitro has no such blemishes on his record. I say that I called Arbitro and spoke to him about the housing renovations. Which one of us would you believe and why?
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    I’m not surprised. It’s the one common denominator between most brexiteers. It’s a shame that this outlook has brought about massive Negative change in the countries fortunes. I find that kind of attitude completely despicable.
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    Starmer offered to help with the Shadow Education Secretary three weeks ago but was ignored. He has proof in a letter that didn't even merit the courtesy of a reply. And to reiterate PMQ's is not the forum for an opposition leading to be asked questions.
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    I find it unbelievable that Starmer has had to stand up for LCC (a Conservative-led council) against the Conservative Government. Enjoyed Speaker addressing Starmer as Prime Minister 😂
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    Just had a proper read of the notes of the FF meeting and, potentially, the more I read it the more appalled I am. I really hope Waggott doesn't send out another communication advising fans that refunds are a matter of "financial hardship" and that if you want one you've got to contact the Club pleading your case. Refunds should be available to anyone who wants one regardless of status, and regardless of the reason they want one, no questions asked, but obviously if you get one you don't get the I follow. I'm sure we've all been in the position at some point where we've had to contact our creditors to negotiate a temporary arrangement regarding a debt but it's pretty embarrassing having to explain why you're in difficulty, and not the most pleasant experience. I think it really will be the final straw for most fans if they have to go begging cap in hand to the Club for a relatively small refund.
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    Yes it was a friendly, but the day I enjoy watching a Blackburn Rovers team get beat 6-0 is the day I knock it on the head.
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    Any other clubs available to hand us a thrashing? It’s great for development!

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