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    If we needed a new manager then yes, McCarthy and Hughton would be at the top of my list. As would Neil Warnock. I think all 3 are 'achievable' managers for us and all 3 with some reasonable support and backing would have us in or around the promotion picture. I anticipate all 3 will be in work in the Championship by this time next year and will be proving themselves as skilled operators. As i said earlier, i think our best chance of promotion out of this league isnt via Mowbray's fairytale ambitions of us emulating Bielsa's Leeds or Bilic's West Brom or unique club Brentford. It is going to be through emulating Warnock's Cardiff, Bruce's Hull, Hughton's Brighton or Dyche's Burnley. No frills, no ideals of nice possession football or outplaying the opposition and talking about how many chances we had. It will be through being defensively tight, really tough to beat, nasty, streetwise and being built upon having a settled XI who know themselves inside out, back to front and only changing things when we need to. Sadly I don't think Mowbray is the man to every deliver that, because he isn't capable of organising a defence along those lines, confuses himself with what he is trying to deliver and has these fanciful principles of football purity. It worked for him 12 years ago at West Brom because they were the best squad in the division. It won't work here, in my opinion, if we want promotion. But ultimately it depends on which way we want to go as a club. The above would be ideal if we wish to stick with a 'traditional' approach of allowing the manager to run the show including recruitment and essentially manage the club on the owners behalf as Mowbray has done. Many managers of the older school variety would relish such conditions, the freedom to run things as they wanted, dictate recruitment and not have to accommodate interfering directors. I've no problem if the club does want to go down the head coach route but I'll take some persuading that throwing experienceless Damien Johnson into the madhouse of the Championship tasked with delivering results under a 'head coach' structure will work in any sense of the word. Rather than following some grand plan of succession a la Brentford it will simply be the easy, cheap and popular in-house route that the likes of Waggott and Venkys would relish to avoid having to conduct a proper search and pay accordingly. The talk of copying Brentford is nonsense because as a club were are simply a million miles away from being able to implement such a structure. What Brentford have now has been almost a decade in the planning, a result of their owner having a well thought out plan of how to grow them whilst balancing the books and overcoming their small size, crowds and pulling power. To that end they have assembled a very well structured backroom staff and are the envy of the division. If it was as simple as jealous clubs wanting to copy them then everyone would have found out how to by now. We are just about as far away from that as any club can be. Rather than have a thought out strategy from the owners down and employ staff to deliver it, we have no idea at all from the owners, a manager who likes to tell people that we are copying Brentford but is ill equipped to deliver it. As Brentford showed with the ruthless sacking of Warburton after they got into the play-offs, if the manager doesn't fit the plan you get rid. Imagine if that had been here, You credit the scouting network under Mark Hughes as being good and having regressed since then. I would agree although i think we also brought in some good bargains under Allardyce using his contacts which did well for the club. The trouble is that i believe the excellent recruitment under Hughes and Allardyce were due to those managers, their contacts and skills in the market in conjunction with their team of coaches and scouts, rather than a result of Rovers and their structure. The only credit anyone above the managers gets is that they appointed those managers and backed them when they asked for the players. Brentford is completely different as the 'club' takes centre stage in identifying and recruiting talent, and that process continues uninterrupted whilst the head coach does his job on the pitch. Head coach moves on or gets fired - find a successor yet the plan and recruitment continues without disruption. I appreciate Mowbray's efforts at rebuilding scouting from the shell it was a few years ago. But I stop short of believing he has installed some super duper Brentford-rivalling network that is going to benefit the club with brilliant signings for years to come. My view is that he has assembled a scouting department, which is an improvement on what the owners had left us with before he arrived, but i don't think we are remotely near to most other clubs at this level and won't be any time soon. I also think when Mowbray goes there will be no plan for succession and the next bloke may well have a different view entirely and have to spend years changing things again. The 'European scouting' system Mowbray has talked about since his arrival and is now more than 2 years in the pipeline still hasn't delivered a single hidden gem signing to suggest it is working. The only 'European' signing we've made was Holtby although he was well known around the country already. There's more to it than that. It shouldn't take 2 years to deliver. I don't criticise Mowbray in that respect, nor do i want to give the impression I don't like the bloke. He has done well all things considered and if we go close but fall short this season i think it probably represents a decent season. But I've little faith in things going to the next level, more to do with the lunatics upstairs than anything else.
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    Since promotion from L1 Mowbray has been dog turd. Muddled with no plan and absolutely shocking in the transfer market. The club is desperate for him to leave. Dunno whats worse the 12m clueless strikers or selling a home grown talented GK on the cheap without a replacement in mind. We need to kick up a fuss somehow
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    People complaining about a player missing 1 football match to be at the birth of a child need to get out of the 1980's and into the 21st century,times have changed.For me i'd think less of Lenihan if he put a game of football a bigger priority before being with his family at an important time in their life.
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    I really can't understand this Lenihan chat. I wonder if it's a generational thing? No work commitment would ever stop me being at the birth of my child. To slag Lenihan off over this is utter nonsense.
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    I’ve never had children and at my age, I probably won’t end up doing either. But, I can fully understand anyone missing work to be at the birth of their first child. Even if that work was being a key player for the football team I support. Lenihan isn’t the first player to do so and certainly won’t be the last. I wouldn’t blame any of those players for it. It seems a bit of a bizarre thing to criticise anyone for to me, but to each their own....
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    That finish from Samuel summed him up. Makes Jason Roberts look like Romario in front of goal.
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    We aren't getting to the play offs - let's not kid ourselves. We need to know what a number of alternatives can do. IMO, Walton, Bennett and Gallagher are all cr@p and have forfeited their right to start for Rovers with a series of howlers and abysmal performances. My eleven: Hilton / Nyambe, Lenihan, Tosin, Davenport / Chapman, Travis, Holtby, Downing / Brereton, Armstrong Have Hilton, Davenport, Chapman and Brereton got what it takes? Well let's find out and give them a run of games instead of p!ssing about with the tried and trusted failures.
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    To play Bennett after his utterly abysmal showing on Saturday cannot be defended. And I'd have played a youngster rather than Walton - a good, strong manager would've sent out a message tonight - safe to say we haven't got one.
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    Will he make it? I don’t think he will here, but as a centre half he has time on his side to carve out a good career. . It’s not as simple as just listing players ages and Championships appearances. BB has been largely crap in his for us, but has been persevered with because of the price tag, if he was out of our own academy he would have been loaned out to the lower leagues without question. Lewis Travis was a Smallwood sending off away from spending half of last season in League 1. Would he have developed to the player he is now if he had? There’s a big element of luck and sliding doors for young players...
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    Its been touched on before but spewing 12 million on 2 'investment' types and selling your homegrown keeper for a few million to the club who's formula you claim you want to emulate is actually a million miles from it. This is why i find some of the pure waffle insulting it's just backside covering at worst and straw clutching at best. Both Brentford and Sheff Utd put their building blocks in place years ago and have stuck to a formula. In the last few years alone we've changed tack several times and look like doing again. Ok there's a transitional period but from what to what ? Unless you buy quality footballers you won't achieve quality football consistently enough to be at the top. Unless you spend your money on an actual goalscrorer or two you won't get the chances put away in tight games to make that extra bit of difference. You can't be surprised when the types we have miss the chances they do. All this needs building on a reliable regular keeper and a solid pair of regular center halves not changing every season or window. Where actually are we on all this ? Surely that's how you build a successful team over a number of years.
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    Absolutely pathetic. Fuck off Mowbray and all those useless dickheads.
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    Both were way better than this lot. Neither could trap a bag of cement or had an ounce of composure. But what both of them did have was physicality and they used that to bully defenses, create chances and get in the mix. It meant they got a few goals for us. If Samuel or Gally were as effective as that for us then it would be a huge step up. I would be delighted at that level of performance.
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    I hope Barnsley hammer us. Sick and tired of, IMO, Mowbray's clueless selections. Could you imagine Roy Kean selecting Walton and Bennett !?!? Brereton at long, long last begins to show a wee bit of promise and Mowbray drops him to the bench - just how will that help the lad's confidence. I think we desperately need rid of the dinosaurian Mowbray and, IMO, the equally useless Benson, Venus and Lowe. We are going nowhere.
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    I have a feeling he is going to smash one in tonight to open the floodgates for ten goals in the last seven games for him. This working from home has turned me into an alcoholic.....
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    1-3 AA with two and one for Holby Walton throws into the net for theirs.
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    Look at Tarkowski at Burnley. His early career record isn't exactly glowing but he's going well in the Prem. Centre halves mature later than most other outfield players.
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    Mowbray sat on the wall not even arsed. Time for those refunds Waggott.
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    Actually - good. We've played shit. Mowbray needs to go. I'd lose them all from here until the beginning of next season if it results in his departure.
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    Chaplin 1-0 I’m staying silent on that one
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    we used to call roberts jigsaw,cos he wen`t to pieces in the box
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    Honestly. No. Football is more than life and death, fuck that nonsense I’d have sincere doubts about Lenihan as a person if he’d miss the birth of his child to be down the road in Barnsley, yes some people can’t get to births but I’d like to think any dad would be there if they could
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    Unenthusiastic for this. Mowbray is a poor poor manager for Blackburn Rovers. The sooner him and the other maggot goes, the better. mowbray has no desire to get into the play offs and is happy to be mediocre.
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    Tony & Christian to ruin my Tuesday between them tonight. Tony by playing Bennett, despite having eyes. Christian to continue his form since the restart by getting exponentially shitter each match and throw it into his own net.
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    How long was O'Connell bumping along at Rochdale ? I've no axe to grind with Wharton , he may or may not be good enough, all I'm saying is he should be given a shot back at the club before we write him off completely. Regarding size, I don't mind a lean centre half, Colin Hendry wasn't massively built. Lean players should be quicker over the ground and they definitely turn quicker. It's what's beating under the badge that counts. Lot's of big guys are softies under the shirt. Give me a small nasty bastard any day. It's a good job nobody told Nobby Stiles he wasn't big enough.

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