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    Don't get the beef with Mani, so what if he claims to know people, any little bits of information on here are very welcome in my opinion. We don't get anywhere near the level of national coverage some fans of other clubs do, so if there are any people out there that know a bit, or a lot, and can post on here then do so. It happened with Bburn something or other last year too. He was accurate and clearly had an inside line - one or two rumours didn't come true and a few posters rounded on him and now he doesn't post. Disappointing. If you have beef with the way a guy posts, or the innuendos, then just skip past it. The joys of the scroll bar!
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    All lancs live does is recycle stories from the telegraph and take snippets of info off here. Avoid.
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    I’m sure he does, who wouldn’t? Only snag is that we don’t have the players, and his transfer dealings don’t seem to be getting us any closer. Brentford play like the do because their whole club is geared around it, from a numbers obsessed owner down, through coaching, through data, through recruitment. This club is too dysfunctional and haphazard, all at the whim of far away and disinterested owners, with a Chief Exec focused on short term cash flow, where/what is the strategy here?
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    I get the feeling that Mowbray and his team at Ewood and Brockhall do work very hard in identifying targets. I also get the feeling a lot of these never come to fruition because of the whims of our cretinous owners.
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    It is silly season. I take no interest in links, they either sign or they don’t. I think they are largely agent planted stories, if that upsets J*B and the like, then so be it, though I’m sure he has a thicker skin than that. However, a lot of folk do hang off the words of anybody with info, or even those who hint that they may have, look at a professional grifter like Nixon’s twitter for proof of that. But you don’t post anything, apart from innuendo and 👀 Either spill the beans, or protect confidences and say nothing. Posting ‘I know all this stuff... but I can’t tell you ‘, it’s childlike.
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    I prefer Naan breads
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    Usually good info from him.
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    Good source of info
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    I won't listen, that rat is not worth one moment of my time. Nobody's employing him so his agent's fixed him up with some publicity I guess. It won't work.....
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    As far as track records go O’Rourke has broken more factual links than others so imagine there’s something in it
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    Before I post the below, let me just say, any inside information is greatly received, but as per the rules, please don’t wind people up about it. Just to clarify a few points, from a moderating point of view- this is what’s okay and what isn’t. Okay- ‘we are interested in this player, I know his family and we have held talks’. I’ll let you know once I hear more. Not okay- ‘I know this guy at the club and he’s told me this, but I’m sworn to secrecy’. Dangling carrots during silly season may be entertaining to you, but winding people up is classed as trolling and contravenes the rules. Best not to say anything at all, if you aren’t allowed to. Otherwise, threads are derailed and turn into slanging matches that have gone off topic.
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    Has he been and gone on there now? Any mention of Rovers? The fact Jim White had him on the show after the whole "Venkys, we are coming for you" is hypocritical bullshit and why I never watch the big drama made around him on deadline day. Sod Jim White and sod his show.
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    That Muric is absolute dog shit. I believe that Brighton have a talented young keeper called Christian something or other.
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    Nothing wrong with a young lad going autograph hunting.
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    Have to say that the rumours of the French keeper Michel and the German left back Hartherz do make me somewhat happy. Even if it’s at @J*B’s theoretical stage two, it’s nice to hear some European names. The market in those countries isn’t massively different from here, but the wages are. A player like Hartherz, available on a free, simply wouldn’t require the wages that a Greg Cunningham would. Granted, one is unproven in this country and language always plays a part with non-English natives/speakers, but there are plenty of gems to be found. A £500,000 European Goalkeeper who comes and isn’t good enough, really isn’t the end of the world compared to a £7m English Striker who flops and isn’t good enough. So as much as we are taking bigger risks in terms of scouted knowledge of players and their abilities to perform in the Championship as a Rovers player, the financial risks are usually much lower. Luckily for Mowbray, countries like Germany, Spain and France are a good four or five years ahead of the English curve for possession based football. He’s stated he wants to control games with the ball, and a lot of teams in these countries were scouring play possession based tactical styles. Whether you agree with TM’s proposed philosophies or whether you think we should be feeding a target man in a simple 4-4-2, Mowbray has stated his feelings and he’s the lucky one who gets to actually decide. I don’t believe Mowbray will be able to find the players he wants to suit that particular tactical style for the right low prices here in England, but in Europe? It’s possible. One thing I definitely know is that nobody should be over or under excited about any European players who come (if they do). Nobody can say for sure whether they’re good enough, so to be disappointed or over elated would be foolish. I feel as though most would agree however that any European additions are at least a positive step towards the club following through on their announced intended long term recruitment targets. Another summer with little to no European fruits would simply be incredible and highly frustrating.
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    We could try selling some tickets to boost the budget. Here we will see the nonsense of Waggott and Venkys. For years it has been 'poor Rovers' unable to compete because we don't have a huge fanbase buying tickets. Now here we are not even putting them on sale. It shows that they were never really that bothered about the fans money. Just a useful excuse to blame the fans for not buying instead of our wonderful kind owners.
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    He was six-foot-five and from the CongoI said, "Do you speak-a my language?"He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich I come from the land of Congo...
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    His posts are a hell of a lot more interesting than watching you pick apart every single one of Chaddy's posts on practically every single thread. Whether it rubs you up the wrong way or not is irrelevant. That's not 'eating out of his hand' at all.
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    We keep being told " Advisors advise, Government makes the decisions ".
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    I’d be tempted to make the most of Wigan’s situation and try to get Marshall. Still a couple of years in him at 35.
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    ‘Absolutely trash me’, bloody hell you don’t half take yourself seriously, it’s a message board, not a libel case. Why would I want you to ‘blow up friendships of 20 years’? I’m merely saying that hinting you know all this stuff, but ‘I can’t tell you’ is a bit cringe, you’d actually be protecting your mate by saying nothing at all (though some mate that would chuck away two decades of friendship over tittle tattle like this) but you can’t do that because you love the attention. All this because I said random foreign names thrown on to a forum don’t seem particularly credible (though I also said feel free to quote me if one does trap, we need some cosmopolitan-ness in the squad), it’s just the way it is in July on football message boards, good luck to anyone that gets excited by it.
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    What you don’t realise pal is how unlikely anyone is to come on here with any ‘info’ if they’ve made it up. This place (BRFCs) rarely takes kindly to any actual info (weirdly) Eg your trashing of the links to players over the last few days as ‘Silly season’ in spite of the fact that you don’t actually know anything yourself. How do you think that makes the posters of that info feel in terms of wanting to stick their neck out again? My guess is that there are several people in this network who know a lot about what is going on but cannot be bothered to take the stick that comes with it. I appreciate that I put myself up there to be shot at with my opinions and I gladly take my punishment. 🤣🤣
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    I want us to play like that, but you can’t look at a team on the pitch and a manager’s wishes in isolation. This club is not in Brentford’s stratosphere when it comes to strategic thinking and the running of a joined up football club.
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    ‘I know something you don’t know’.

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