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    You need to completely change your perspective. Do you think they don’t realise how dangerous is? They don’t have other options. Of course it’s dangerous but the alternative, for most, is living homeless on the streets of France or chancing it in the back of a lorry (which is hardly safer). They're desperate in ways that, thankfully, very few of us will ever be able to relate to so try to avoid judging whether they are being stupid or not. I’d suggest sticking to complaints about the BBC not playing your favourite songs at the Proms instead.
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    This proposed 18 million wage cap and squad of 25 would be an absolute result for rovers and to be fair any champ club with a cat 1 academy. It could give us a real advantage over the next couple of seasons -at this level. It would allow us to compete wage wise with clubs currently spending much more on salaries. There's no way clubs could carry £20-30k per week bench warmers. It should: A) Give the club no excuse to compete for the best players at this level throughout Europe (certainly out of contract players). Provide a clear route for the best academy prospects. C) Limit the turnover of first team players so we aren't in a position where we need 5/6 each year. It should be just one or two. D) Allows the emphasis to be on recruitment of the younger player - where we have the advantage of top level under 23 football and established set up. - like the lad Dolan signed from PNE. Obviously a forward thinking club/management would be all over this opportunity. 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    Just logged on. Are we signing David Batty?
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    Williams being linked to other clubs .. looks like he’s fallen out with TM too Mulgrew & Now Williams... not that I mind .... Defenders are Going ...
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    Sharpe is the one to listen to. He doesn’t involve himself or the LET in wild speculation and so when he hangs his hat on anything (or at least doesn’t squash it) then it’s safe to say it’s got ‘some’ legs... Imo his report on Sunday was very encouraging. 2 keepers is self explanatory but 2 cbs with Mulgrew and Williams BOTH going is new info. Going on to say that we are looking at 2 perm and 1 temp from England and accepting the Lindsay and Kipre links is also very encouraging. Also confirmed we’re on for a lb and midfielder which covers two obvious gaps especially with Downing unlikely to sign. Im not sure why people are switching their ‘worries’ to the loss of Hart, Smallwood and Samuel who were very much surplus. Graham is more understandable but ultimately, as many on here love to remind us, we have spent £12m on Gally and BB, two young players who need to be given an opportunity to come to the fore. Likewise, there’s been a clamour for the manager to clear the way for JRC, Buckley, Butterworth etc...which is what is happening. The big question is can they deliver this?
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    Newcastle is usually silent, one of the biggest myths going about ‘52,000 screaming Geordies’. They gave 10,000 STs away for free last season as their fans had walked away. No club has fans any more ‘passionate’ than any other. Is Joe Bloggs, Newcastle fan more passionate than Joe Harvey, Rovers fan? And it certainly wasn’t the case in the 90s, which is Batty’s terms of reference...
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    Gallagher really frustrated me last season. His performances last year showed a player whose career had stagnated at Southampton. He needed to move permanently (somewhere) after his first season with us. He got that new contract though and 2 years of loan/reserve football followed. That was wasted time for him. Granted he was played out of position most of last season which didn't help him either. This season is massive for him. He can't play on the wing so it's up top or nothing. Armstrong's goals have earned him the CF spot - but he can play out wide. Interesting that Dack also said he liked playing with Armstrong cutting in from the left. So personally, I'd like to see SG given the first 10 games playing as the central striker - especially if we are playing more with 'winger' types out wide. If he doesn't deliver goals/better performances then time to move on.
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    How would anyone tell the difference.
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    In my experience the crowd at Ewood are passionate when the 11 out on the pitch have given them something to be passionate about.
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    Is this the most off topic the transfer thread has ever been?
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    I couldn't care less. It's what they do when they pull on the shirt that matters to me. We have the reverse of that at the moment. Badge kissers who put in about 25% of the effort Batty did.
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    Yes such a pity they couldn't fly in, preferably First Class---you get a better type of asylum-seeker that way.
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    Immediately? He’s about to start his third season here...
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    I've been to Newcastle St James Park under Hughes, Kean, Coyle. I remember Derbyshire scoring the last minute winner. Great scenes that. Followed by best night out ever. But their fans werent loud at all. When we won there under Coyle, Their fans were moaning and groaning in the first half of that game at their side poor performance. We played really well that day.
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    Ordered this for tonight. Looking forward to seeing how Dolan and Chapman do tonight as they both looked great vs Fleetwood. £6 isn't cheap for a friendly stream but the clubs need the cash at the minute so it's understandable and no qualms from me!
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    As a season ticket holder, I think I have the right to my opinions and will continue to share them, regardless of whether you feel that I have the right to. You said you are either in or youre out. If having a season ticket, attending away games where possible but declining to pay Blackpool 6 quid to watch a friendly makes me "out" then that is your opinion. Even if you are a fan who pays hundreds of pounds a year to support Rovers as I do, it doesnt mean that you cant criticise the pricing or indeed refrain from paying. Maybe you are sitting on much more money than me and go to all 46 games, friendlies, cup games, under 23 games, the lot. I didnt go to some away games last year due to cost. If they put season tickets up to 5 grand I wouldnt go, there is not unlimited price elasticity. Tonights price hasnt even been set by and indeed wont be received by Rovers anyway. My "judging" of the owners is like many others based on their negligence, their strange ways of working and the fact that they have ground us down over the last decade to an imitation of the club they bought. Finance is well down the list of gripes. I have repeatedly said that I understand that this summer will be tight financially but my criticism was always based on their typical dallying. Thats all I will say on the matter.
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    Ewood is flat on matchdays, far too flat but the football is mostly flat as well which doesn't help neither does the often disjointed line up and dull approach to games. Over the last 10 years the life has been sucked out of the club, the BBE used to be the heartbeat of Ewood but it's just like any other stand now. The lack of wisdom in alienating the DEnders instead of trying to fuel it has all but killed it now. It can still be good on its day but Rovers fans have always been a bunch that needs to see something from the team and management and in turn they'll get them over the line when they are up for it. Going around the country you are visiting grounds that don't have 20 thousand empty seats and stands miles away from the pitch. The ground in general at Ewood has always been poor for atmosphere unless there is a lot in.
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    Get Kaminski to kick him.
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    Lots of players are. You need to remember to most of them it's just a job, they have no more loyalty to a particular club than you have to your place of work. You couldn't fault his effort or ability on the pitch.
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    Exactly. I’m not saying SG and BB are good enough. I’m just saying that having spent the cash on them they need a period of time playing to justify the fees. The manager will live or die by on those signings imo. Said it for a while now..
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    You only use it if the players are good enough and are ready for the Championship. You don't use it regardless to prove some sort of point and in the process hinder the first team. My only interest is getting a team out that can get promoted. I am not interested in individuals, projects or development. I don't care if they are from the academy or Burkina Faso. All about ensuring the team is properly equipped for the challenges ahead. You make it sound as though we need more from the academy than we have been getting. Last time i looked we have Nyambe, Lenihan, Travis all academy products playing regularly along with Buckley and Rankin Costello more recently. That's a big return, I'm not aware of any other club with such numbers so we have already used it heavily. Thats good of course. But I dont get this attitude of 'we need to use the academy more moving forward'. We don't. We need promotion moving forward.
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    I actually think that in many ways, his price tag goes in his favour too. The fact that we were all full of praise over 2 performances post lockdown in which he did a few tidy dribbles, but the only time he got near goal, he slipped on his arse, said it all. We are so depserate to see something from him that we cling onto any slither of hope. Ultimately in 2 years he has 1 goal in each season, both of which were in end of season dead rubbers. Its not an immediate expectation thing. He has looked well, well off the standard so far. You also mention his inability to deal with pressure but its not as if he was tearing it up at Forest, by the end he couldnt make their matchday 18. Gallagher did actually play plenty down the middle too last season. People refer to his first season here as if he was hindered by Coyle but that was by far the best season of his career and it was a 1 goal ever 4 game type season. He should be second choice striker behind Armstrong but he wont get the number of goals you need to challenge at the top. Absolutely. Unfortunately I suspect it is going to remain untouched as a result of the imbalances elsewhere in the squad but whilst I am happy to see youngsters get a chance, ideally we could have a more senior option in there aswell. I feel a bit uncomfortable if we are too reliant on youngsters coming through (ones with a small cameo in the league each) because we dont know if they are ready yet, and obviously Gallagher and Brereton have underperformed. It should almost be a bonus if one (or both) of Vale and Butterworth have a breakthrough season, we shouldnt be reliant on them at this stage.
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    The atmosphere at all grounds is sanitised nowadays. I don’t buy this myth about a Newcastle atmosphere being better than anywhere else, as I don’t believe it is and I’m surprised you do tbh. A media friendly club that haven’t had it half as bad as has been portrayed.
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    He'd still get in the team at 51, although I don't think he's particularly keen on football.
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    I've been out of teaching 5 years now, and things have changed again in that time. The expectations on what teachers will do have been enormously increased. I'm not saying that schools should not go back, merely that the rush to get everyone in immediately without any organised testing, without close monitoring of a situation, with no thought for clear steps to protect everyone in what is an environment that relies on close contact, seems to me unhelpful. Some schools have space to spread kids out. Some have plenty of room for kids to be taken for separate breaks, lunchtimes etc, to stay largely in their own rooms even at secondary school level, but I've been in plenty of schools where I've been asked to take my registration group in the dining area or the library, because there werent enough proper classrooms for each teacher to have their own room. When I left teaching, secondary school classroom usage had moved from 75 to 95% meaning there was no spare rooms as office space and so on were counted in the room total. I've worked in primary schools too. Kids dont stay seated. They get up to sharpen pencils etc. Yes schools should open. Yes, for the majority of kids it will be a positive, but it wont be the breeze that the government are trying to persuade us it will be. Some kids will be very anxious about returning to classrooms. Some will need a lot more support than schools, with all the other demands on them, will find it hard to give. Childrens behaviour will have changed. Some kids have been running wild. Whilst many have worked hard to try to keep up their education, many others haven't given school a thought. The running of a school depends on the kids' consent to be disciplined and taught. Many kids have largely opted out and it will be difficult to get them in and settled. It's possible but with all the new stuff they'll have to go along with too, it will be even more difficult. It's not like going back to the office as an adult. It's all manageable given time, patience and support but to expect it to simply happen without putting in place extra support for staff and pupils alike, saying all kids must be back in school more or less immediately, and simply thinking there is no risk to anyone's physical or mental health is naive in the extreme. Dont tell me, Chaddy that you know about schools because you were once a pupil and you go to meetings with staff at your stepdaughter's school. You cant even tell me you know about it because you know a few teachers. I dont pretend to know what it's like in an office or a factory. I do know what it's like in a variety of schools and I'm telling you that, government guidelines or not, platitudes from Johnson or not, (and what does he know about ordinary high schools or primary schools) it's going to be a very difficult few months for staff, kids and parents.

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