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    The loyalty was the 2 year extension on a good wage, which he didn't warrant. Where was Mulgrew's loyalty when he ran his contract down at Aberdeen to sign for Celtic on a free. There wasn't any because by signing for Celtic he progressed his career and it is the same now for Rovers for us to progress we need to move on from Charlie Mulgrew.
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    It's not irrelevant because of FFP. You are concentrating too much on what has been spent, and ignoring what revenue is being generated. Income is massively relevant. Now on previous form, your next response will be to say "other clubs ignore FFP and get big lawyers in so it's OK, Rovers should be doing the same" Which is wrong on so many levels. Firstly, risk. See Sheffield Wednesday. Secondly, ethics. See Derby. Wayne Rooney wearing the 32 shirt because a betting company basically financed that stunt? Thirdly, integrity. You seem to think that Rovers should flout the FFP rules just because it's possible. Well it's possible to go to a local rave tonight, no face mask, no distancing, no care about the impact of behaviour that is socially unacceptable. Whether or not the EFL are competent at enforcing their shit rules is irrelevant for me. All 72 clubs sign up to them and I'd hate Rovers to join the ranks of the cheats.
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    I am absolutely DELIGHTED that everyone feels exactly the same about Mulgrews tweet. Charlie, what a mahoosive bell end you’ve been. Seem happy enough to take your £20k a week though. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!
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    Is this the guy who is sponsoring us?
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    I wonder why we haven’t made progress on Dack’s contract for 10 months... 🙄
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    That statement is true in every walk of life. I think you would be a little naive to believe otherwise.
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    Some players over the last few years have genuine cause to gripe at how they have been treated. Mulgrew is not one of them.
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    And if a PL club had come straight in for him the morning after that header he’d have jettisoned us quicker than you could’ve said ‘loyalty bonus’... that’s the game.
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    Sorry Charlie but as great as you were (one of my favourites of the last decade), 'were' is now 2 seasons ago.
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    A great point, the club still seems to operate with a Blackburn with Darwen mindset, when I would wager the percentage of our season ticket holders/regular walk ons with a Blackburn postcode has dropped markedly over the past 20 years as more and more Rovers supporting Blackburners have spread across Lancashire. The re-instalment of our old branch network, modelled on the very active and popular London Branch should be a priority, yet I doubt it’s even on a radar...
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    Did they try to make Ewood look as grubby as possible
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    I’m with you. It’s an ‘almost’ shirt. Just for comparison...
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    It makes a change to have someone with a moderately left wing viewpoint at the BBC. The BBC has been stuffed with Tories in it's political roles for years and still is on the whole. Look at who May recruited as her director of communications, the man who for 10 years previous was Head & Editor of BBC Westminster programmes. Paxman was another self confessed Tory. Look at the Today programme it's main presenter Nick Robinson is another well known Conservative, the show's outgoing editor is a former Sunday Telegraph Editor and Daily Mail columnist. The BBC's top political interviewer is Andrew Neil the Chairman of the right wing Spectator and he has also worked for the Tory party. Also it was also only a few years ago that we had former Tory MP Fat Pang as chair of the BBC trust.
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    What a shame EG Garages ain't gonna be our main sponsors. A Billionaire local company who are unbelievably wealthy and successful globally. What a great partnership it would be.
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    It’ll need a good wash after those pics...
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    Fans need to be listened to more. This is an important revenue stream.
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    Why always black writing...?
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    You missed out the next director-general of the BBC, Tim Davie, who takes over from Tony Hall in September, stood as a councillor for the Conservative Party in Hammersmith in 1993 and 1994 and was deputy chairman of the Hammersmith and Fulham Conservative party in the 1990s. The right wing have the print media largely stitched up yet are not content with that and want the TV media on their side too. They continue to complain that the BBC is "left wing" when it clearly is not.
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    I’m assuming it’ll be the same tweet for the SFA when he’s left out of the next Scotland squad?
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    I agree that by national standards Blackburn is a small and relatively poor urban area. Good news for us is that a massive portion of our home crowd doesn't live in Blackburn. They live across Lancashire in North Lancs, Fylde, South Ribble, Hyndburn, Rossendale. Include those areas and it isnt just one poor town but many towns including quite affluent areas. Partly an exodus of people from Blackburn and partly our glory days of the 90s led to thousands of fans in these areas who still travel to games. Sadly I am not aware of any efforts the club makes in these areas to maintain or grow numbers. Meanwhile competition increases Our prices are mid range for the Championship. Lack of businesses to put money in? Have you seen how many industrial groups are based at Whitebirk, Bamber Bridge, Darwen, Shadsworth? Very few of them have deals with the club. We don't even employ a commercial director.
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    We are neck and neck with Preston though, in fact they have been above us in recent years. They have a better manager, better recruitment so that’s why we are looking up at them. we are leaking money like oil, hence why the chequebook has now been put away, we are relying on freebies, loans or bargains. We won’t be making any 3-4 mill signing this season. you mentioned those clubs you believe we are bigger than but still in a head to head with a signing, we will often lose. Between money, location of club, fan base etc etc we are not one of the leagues heavyweights by any means. We are where we are- slap bang in the middle of the league for finances, league position, reputation some folk need a reality pill, I’m all for optimism but really
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    None of that alters the fact that changing a decision means that at least one of those decisions was wrong. They were either wrong first time round, wrong second time round or both. It's just indisputable logic. Whether that will do the Govt. "no good" is opinion, but let's face it, pretty hard to argue against regardless of political persuasion. --- And everyone has a political persuasion, to expect the editor of Newsnight (or any political programme, or anyone over the age of 30 for that matter) not to is ridiculous and unrealistic. For context, I assume this comment has come off the back of Lewis Goodall being "outed" as not being impartial by Robbie Gibb... Who was himself the head of BBC Westminster and before that deputy editor of Newsnight... He also happens to be the brother Conservative MP, Nick Gibb and after leaving the BBC went on to work for the Theresa May Govt. Was his political persuasion an issue?
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    The gaping holes in defence and goal make it even more astounding that anyone authorised TM spending £12m on two average front men. Especially when they don’t seem to fit the system that he wants to play. Madness!
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    The lad needs a run of games as a centre forward and this tactic of playing strikers as wide men needs to be abandoned.
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    I pussyfooted around wifey for a couple of minutes with a bit of a sob story and "hmm... not sure if I should...", etc. - knowing full-well that I would. "Philip... You don't have any hobbies, other than football and beer, so just buy it. It's cheaper than going out." I'll take that justification all day long!

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