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    Let's have it right. Fck off, Kipre!
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    I'll dress the situation up a different way chaddy. You go out Saturday afternoon and neck a good 18 pints of Stella. There's a naughty little blonde offering it on a plate later on so you take her home and do the deed. What a do, she's got all the moves. Later the next week you feel a bit tender downstairs and something ain't right, you go to the clap clinic and she's given you a nasty dose of chlamydia the slapper! A month later you're back on the Stella, even a few sambuca this time. Ey up she's knocking about again and looking incredible. Things start following the same route as last time. Do you stop and think maybe you should bag up this time or just not bother at all? Going into the season with Bell as left back and no new centre halves is going in balls deep, 3 times, and not washing for a month after.
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    I'm with Chaddy on this one. Despite the throwaway remarks of others since last night, he's clearly not saying we shouldn't aim for a good start and it's unfair to suggest he is, but he is correct in the sense that it's a marathon not a sprint. A good start doesn't guarantee success, nor vice versa. On paper, our opening game is one of, if not the, toughest all season. We won't go up, stay in the Champ or go down depending on whether we win, lose or draw that match. If anything, the Wycombe game is more important in view of past experience, as that's the type of game we historically struggle with. In any event I'm 100% certain the aim is to go into the Bournemouth game with a new LB & CB. The club is clearly not just sitting their twiddling it's thumbs in that respect. Whether it happens or not remains to be seen, but good late arrivals did happen last season (Tosin, Cunningham) which supports Chaddy's premise that clubs on a budget can do their best business later in the window once realism dawns on a few players, agents and their parent clubs that their wage / transfer fee expectations need reining in. Oh and Chaddy, you forgot to mention that it was the much-vaunted Warnock who was in charge at Cardiff during their slow start last season. Just sayin'! 😉
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    Is Mowbray playing a game of trying to buy the unattainable here because that is how it's starting to feel? Then he can shrug his shoulders and say at least he tried?
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    Are we still on about the naughty little blonde here?
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    👏👏 Think that explanation deserves a clap.
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    Waggott has betrayed any trust or faith i might have had in him. In May he went in the Telegraph, played on fans emotions to discourage people from even seeking any sort of refund for missed games they had paid for. In return he made it clear that he would look to address it next season with an appropriate discount on costs to even it out for struggling fans. To now go public less than 4 months later with a price hike just shows this man and his words cannot be trusted. He will say one thing to get out of a predicament and soon after deliver the opposite. Treat fans and customers with lies, disrespect and mislead them. Only going to end one way. I now have to think long and hard about whether I'm prepared to cough up £400 to fund his outrageous salary and antics, effectively vindicating and backing his approach into the future. Not sure i am prepared to in all honesty.
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    ...for another day of disappointment.
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    Wish people would strop rewriting history on Cunningham, he was bang average in his few games with us - just being an upgrade on Bell doesn’t mean he’s good enough. That’s not even mentioning that he’s had an injury that most would struggle to come back from, avoid.
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    They couldn’t have wanted him that bad if it took them 4 weeks and spent most the time chasing Duffy
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    Kipre confirmed at WBA, at least we can move on now
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    Without our academy and (laughably) Coyle/Bowyers signings, he'd have gone in our first champ season. And I still stand by the fact that if Smallwood hadn't been sent off against Sheffield United then we'd never have seen Travis play for Rovers. He was a day or two from joining Pompey on loan.
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    It was that kind of mentality that cost us after lockdown despite winning the first game. Get on it as soon as you can and stay on it as long as you can. Winning mentality needed at all times not this well we'll have a look and see, if we lose we'll shrug our shoulders because it's ok there's always the next one.
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    Are you Ian Holloway?😃😃😃😃
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    More propaganda. It’s not about straplines it’s about how they treat fans. By putting theirs on sale they have had a revenue stream for months. We have had zero. People aren’t stupid and they didn’t treat them as such. They had the option to buy knowing the uncertainties around attending. Now they are treating their fans fairly and with respect. They will get loyalty in spades. Meanwhile we talk about loyalty while treating fans like monopolised customers. Would Waggott have offered what Bristol now have? Well considering we were one of a very small number of clubs not offering a refund last season, one would have to say no. It seems you will back whatever they do. Just like many many other short term posters we have had on this site in the last 10 years. The current plan is indefensible. Emotional blackmail and turning fans against each other. It had been a tactic used ever since Kean replaced Allardyce.
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    Thats a joke, right? Can you inagine Warnock spunking 12m on them two. He would get Boro up with 12m. I'd put a large bet on that. Quality manager. Yet again, defending the club no matter what. I was at nob end on that 4-1 , should have been sacked that evening. John Williams would have potted him ages ago.
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    If Waggott earns the reported £300k per annum we will have to sell 1,000 at an average of £300 each just to pay for him. That is probably ten times the average yearly earnings of people he is expecting to pay more. He has some gall to prey on our loyalty by increasing season tickets whilst taking a huge amount of money. I can't think of one area of the club which has improved during his tenure, not one. In December he will have been here three years and taken the best part of a million quid out of the club. An expensive flop.
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    You can just see it now can’t you. That first game against Bournemouth, Kaminski “needs time to adapt” and “we’re finding it really difficult” as we field a back 5 of Fisher, Bennett, Mulgrew, Lenihan and Bell. Fuck me. It really is inexcusable how that back 5 is even a remote possibility after 3 years at the club.
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    I've made 3 Rovers wallcharts for this season which are completely free unless you want to make a donation of which 50% goes to mind charity. You can request the high quality versions through this Request Form or from this website www.wallcharts360.com. Hopefully I'm alright sharing on here
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    Evans fit just in time for an International, great timing as usual...😎
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    I can only assume that Mowbray still likes to be one of the best defenders at the club he's employed by. Let it go, Tony. It's over.
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    18 pints? Even if I could move or see, I dont think I would even get it up.
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    Even by your standards you're completely scraping the barrel here 🤣 Maybe we should aim to go 3 nil down every game too, after all Liverpool did in Istanbul and still won the champions league final? 🤔
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    I love that the isolated example of Boro keep getting brought up. We might not be the only club lagging behind but we are always one of the slowest under Venkys and always will be. We started v Charlton last season with the usual dregs in defence and lost. The value of a fast start has been lost. Does anyone have faith that Mowbray is going to bring in the defenders we need?
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