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    It’s interesting comparing him to Dolan. Dolan is a real talent and has exploded onto the scene. But you can see the difference between a promising youngster and a once in a generation talent. Elliott’s vision, decision making and composure is remarkable. To have that at 17 is frightening. Very fortunate to have him. Let’s enjoy it.
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    One of the few joys of living on my own is NEVER having to watch mush like this. And before anyone asks, "If you've never watched a programme like this, how do you know it'll be mush?", the answer is, "Trust me; I just know!" In the same way I just know Burnleh'll never be Lancashire's Most Historic Club. Every time they've won a trophy, they've found our name already on the Winners' Board. So, trust me; I just know!!😁
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    Our own fans seem desperate to paint the whole fan base as a blood thirsty mob and I just cant get my head around it.
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    Again, of course there are a minority of dickheads. Especially away when folk have been on the piss all day. I’ve heard all kind of bollocks shouted out over the years. Social media is a modern example of it. But, on the whole, BB has been well supported by the fanbase as he went through a really tough couple of years... amazed this is even a debate and people can’t separate a small number of idiots from a entire fanbase.
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    I've never abused a player at a game. I don't see the point, it's hardly likely to make them play better. That's at a game, they have to be there , they don't have to come on here and read what people write on here . Getting back to the game. The fourth goal was a classic example of how effective wing play can be. We get in up the sideline, everybody is running back towards goal, The Coventry back four are looking out to where the danger is. Gallagher just stops running and lets all the Coventry defenders run away from him. A huge gap opens right in front of him and he can hardly miss. He's obviously learnt something about finding space but we needed to get their back four turned around and running back towards their own goal first. . More wing play please Rovers.
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    I’m talking generally, not particularly to you islander. But actually more towards the daft stuff I keep reading that makes out Rovers fans (and bizarrely Lancastrians specifically) are worse than anybody else. It’s dead simple, come to any club for big money and be really poor for two years, you’ll get at least grumbling and a few dickheads being abusive and totally out of order. The difference is Rovers fans generally have been really supportive and it hasn’t *on the whole* got any stronger than grumbling, I’ve been surprised just how much we’ve been behind him, as it shows how the fanbase has mellowed in recent years and BB would have copped much worse at many other clubs.
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    Always been a strand of our support like this. In the PL days you always used to hear ‘shit are Rovers fans’, ‘gates are poor’. Even though we were the best supported club in the country by population, a town with challenging demographics of 100,000 with average crowds of 25,000. ‘Poor?’ It was fantastic support. But what chance do you have trying to negate Dingle nonsense like ‘not a football town, Blackburn’ when your own fans constantly belittle themselves.
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    I haven't seen Pears play but he's fairly rated, so it feels a lot better knowing we have him behind rather than Leutweiller. With any luck it's Nyambe in for JRC, same midfield with maybe Johnson dropping out for Rothwell and same front 3. Be probably our best team, keeper / Ayala aside. Confident about this. Not stopped being excited about a game so far this season. Reading is a big test though and we have come up short against Watford and Bournemouth this year. 3rd time lucky really. I want to be the team that debilitates this Reading squad and puts 5 past a once-solid defence. Brereton to continue his fantastic form too. How I wish we could be in the stadium and roaring his name right now. He deserves it really. The lad never put the price tag on his head, he's kept quiet amidst the criticism (although I don't think it as vocal as some but was clearly there) and now he is getting his rewards. A truly fantastic performance on Saturday and he seems to have got better when the squad around him has. Coincidence? Definitely not.
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    So I take it after two years of really poor performances after a £7 million deal, he wouldn’t be receiving anything as vicious as ‘tuts’ and ‘sighs’ like the bear pits of Lancashire anywhere else?
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    In the great scheme of things does how much Brereton cost or how bad he was previously matter. He didn’t ask to be bought for that amount so when did it become his responsibility. Has a club a lot of our spending has been farcical and the brereton fee if 100% true is minor. If we where all measured and judged on what we did previously in our career there would be very few on here who could say yeah we have just been great. It’s about improving and without any doubt this lad has got his head down and worked and that in any walk of life should be applauded. I’ve watched every game and that kid is busting a gut for us and that shirt he has a great attitude and work ethos. The rovers crowd admire grafters players who give it their all and he’s is one of them.
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    I instantly regretted opening this thread to find out what it was about. At the risk of seeming like an old curmudgeon, one aspect of bygone days that I yearn for is not having a clue who players wives/girlfriends are.
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    I've got to be careful what I say here, because some people here know my real name, but I've come close to breaking a few times this year. I'm one of those people that just keeping working harder and harder and are their own worst enemy. Thankfully after this coming week, I get a fortnight off. Not that I'm going anywhere! 🤣 A week off at the end of September was the first significant time I've had off this year. I'm majorly rinsed. There's a mental health epidemic coming for sure
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    Rothwell not available. Still self isolating. Why drop JRC for Nyambe? Hopefully the same front 3 continue. Would be disappointed if Gallagher replaced any of them at kick off. Don't want to see Bell back ahead of Douglas or Buckley instead of Johnson. Keep the faith TM. Don't tinker unless you have to!
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    Kaminski has been an absolutely fantastic signing. Early days, but I think he'll become our best keeper since Friedel. We will miss him if he's out, but I think Pears should be a capable deputy. Awesome to have this squad depth and I think it will hold us in good stead to make the playoffs.
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    Not 'tuts and sighs'? Oh the humanity!
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    I think (and this isn't BBs fault,) £7m was far too much for a Championship side to pay for potential. Even most Premiership sides would have hesitated at that price. If he continues to improve, and possibly plays a key role in promotion we may look back and congratulate TM for his eye for a player - but will still think it was a huge gamble for a mid table Championship club.
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    Kean against Wigan? Gross dereliction of duty if you were there!
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    I set myself up an account just to answer that question(yes we did genuinely used to be known as the biscuitmen rather than the royals) Our preferred tactic is 4231 but the formation does change in game depending on how we’re doing, for example we got Laurent to sit deeper than Semedo and Rinomhota on Saturday so we became some sort of wide 433. We’re very much a counter attacking side who look to frustrate the opposition by allowing them to have plenty of possession. Laurent and Rinomhota sit just in front of our defence and they essentially fill in any gaps that open up(otherwise press the man on the ball) to restrict opponents to half chances and frustrated players taking long shots. This allows one of our fullbacks to push forward and not worry too much about losing the ball, even though both Esteves and Richards are fairly quick themselves so can track back well. Rafael hasn’t really been tested in any of our games although he has proven to be reliable whenever called upon I expect he will be tested on Tuesday. Attacking wise we are not particularly good. We try to counter but it’s normally given away straight away especially if someone presses us(we initially struggled to get going against Barnsley and Rotherham because of that). For some reason, we are ridiculously clinical at the moment and there’s question marks over whether that is sustainable. A lot of our goals come from us punishing a defensive mistake from a set piece in particular or these horrible long balls that defences seem to struggle to deal with. We are a quick and physically strong side. Paunovic is still trying to find the answer- he’s only been in the job for two months. I do think each of Norwich, Blackburn and Brentford will be a good test to see how good we are defensively, we’ve not really faced anyone with a particularly good attack. We haven’t trialed for a second in the league this season, so if you manage to get an early goal it would be a good test to see what we’re made of.
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    That pass on 1 minute 40 seconds I remember thinking wow when he did it yesterday. A shame that Gallagher has the first touch of Jason Roberts because it was absolutely perfect.
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    Stumbled across this edit of every touch from the game. Jesus. Rooney-level talent.
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    When Football Becomes A Soap Opera
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    Diana Ross - Touch Me In The Morning
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    Were the same here in Ribble Valley. Jim could stand as a Tory candidate here and get elected. In fact, perhaps that's an idea...
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    Daniel Hannan has just enlightened us remainers on the unseen advantages of fishing. An advantage worth risking no deal for. Take a look at his reasons.... ”Fishing is currently a tiny fraction of our economy. But there is vast growth potential in using fish in cosmetic and health supplements. Bones, scales, guts, heads, enzymes - almost all can be monetised. Hull and Grimsby could be reborn as pharma hubs.” 😏
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    Its not "extra" to what they used to get though. Its only extra to the miserly amount they were left to cope with after 2010 and Tory austerity. They still don't get what they got before 2010 in real terms and yet so much of the consequences of this pandemic is falling on their shoulders.

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