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    My dad has previous with managers outside the ground at Wigan, he almost had a scrap with Paul Ince which turned into a heated a gentlemanly discussion as they walked round the car park at Wigan 😂Anyways... Phoned me last night at 10.40 but I couldn't answer, I knew exactly what he was ringing me about, I'd have bet every penny I have he'd met the manager after ringing me at that time. So I calls him today and lo and behold he has. Some of you know my dad and Macky (who chaired the Ewood protest meetings), as they left the pub last night the team bus was still there so Macky walks on it pretending to me one of the staff 🤣 when quizzed about what he was doing Macky said "I just wanted to speak to the manager", anyways as they turned round they heard someone say "alright lads?" Mowbray got off the coach to speak to them. Keep in mind I'm relaying what was said so it might not be word for word... "what can I say? That was absolutely f*cking embarrasing, I'm f*cking pissed off, they've let the club down, they've let themselves down, they've let me down and you down. I'm absolutely f*cking embarrassed. You lot pay you money and follow us round and they play like that? Absolutely f*cking unacceptable. At which point he apperently apologised to some of the women who were present but said he couldn't help it because of "how pissed off" he was... "I tell you what though, we will f*cking win on Saturday, I'm telling you". My dad didn't say what questions were asked of him but he went on to say "I feel embarrassed talking to you after that but I've told them all exactly what I think". The conversation carried on for some time I think... Mowbray went on "I have to go (apparently because bus was ready to go) but finished by saying... "I've got to go but I'm telling you, we f*cking will win on Saturday" and thanked them for coming before he shook their hands and had some photos with them before he left. I think there was a lot more to the conversation than that, it went on for a little while by the sounds of it but that was the main jist of it I think. Perhaps there might be someone present who can correct it or give a more accurate account and fill in the blanks that I missed. What my dad said was that he didn't just look pissed off, he looked upset, tearful almost but also fired up. From the sounds of it I think they were all a bit shocked by his reaction. If there's anything I missed out I'll edit the post.
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    How we don’t have a statue of Bob Crompton, I simply don’t know. Rovers captain, twice manager (and successful), brilliant moustache, England captain, regarded as the single best player in the world at the time (as a DEFENDER), brilliant moustache, local boy and spent his full playing career here, died after a Rovers vs Burnley match, brilliant moustache. ’Mr. Blackburn Rovers’ in every sense! Read that: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Crompton
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    Allardyce took over Everton when they were 13th, they finished 8th at the end of the season. To argue that he didn't improve them is bizarre and just wrong. I think a lot of people just don't like him and will never give him credit. For all the complaints about the style, they knew what the perceptions were when they appointed him (even though they are greatly exaggerated), so they don't have any right to make those complaints. Everton fans came across as being very entitled over that whole affair and didn't come out of it looking good at all in my opinion. It's a results business, he mostly got results, I don't see what the problem is to be honest.
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    In my view, the problem with Waggott is he just doesn’t seem to get the Rovers fanbase. He sees a 31,000 ground and a famous name, so improve the results and gates will improve markedly, not a lot else to do. Sorry Steve, it doesn’t work like that here. We are a club with a limited fanbase, based in a non affluent town with challenging demographics, in a highly competitive region. Season tickets between £320 and £400, match tickets at £24-£30 for mid table Championship football and he expects 16,000 gates? We have 10-12,000 that turn up year in year out, but at this level we have to work hard to get it much higher. We aren’t based in an area like Waggott’s old stomping ground of Coventry, yes they are in the doldrums, but they have a big potential support in a city three times the size of Blackburn and a fanbase that stretches across Warwickshire (no other league clubs to compete with). John Williams got it but it just doesn’t look like this guy will.
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    After 42 years as a ST holder Zebra turned me down this year. A family member lent me the money to buy my ST otherwise I simply could not attend. My working hours prohibit me going to Ewood to buy a match ticket during the week or getting there before 2.30pm on a Saturday and I do not posses a credit or bank card. I would not pay the £3 surcharge and would end up listening on the radio. Therefore I am a living example of a long-term loyal fan who is disadvantaged by the club's various ticketing policies. I know that I am not the only one. My son had his first ST aged 3 and continued until he started work. He no longer lives in Lancashire and his work shifts include most weekends. He has been to more away games than home simply because of the Ewood ticketing policy. The club needs to make itself easy to deal with but it's failing on this specific point. All businesses who make themselves difficult to do business with eventualy fail and go bust.
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    Excellent post in the main, but what I would say in relation to ‘the BRFCS doom and gloom’. We just got slapped 4-1 by PNE, I’d be more surprised if people weren’t full of doom and gloom. I was really angry for about an hour after full time....
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    Just to firmly and publicly exclude myself from the "Poor old Venky's were naive/just badly advised" so called consensus.... They were told on many occasions and arrogantly refused to listen. Rather, they chose to dismiss the anxious voices of honest, decent Blackburn people and others....because it suited them to do so. ...Just saying...
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    I find that explanation somewhat baffling. On first sight Brereton looks a big powerful lad and there doesn't seem to be any obvious reason from his stature and physique why he couldn't be starting on his own up top. I find it bizarre that any Championship Club would spend £7m on a player and not attempt to make them the main man. When all other alternatives are out and midfielders are put there in preference it becomes incomprehensible. I'm starting to wonder if BB wasn't a Mowbray signing and TM is leaving him out deliberately to make a point to the owners that he's the boss. Either way I feel very sorry for Brereton who in his last 3 cameo appearances out of position has managed to contribute 2 assists and a decent finish arguably wrongly chalked out for offside. If he isn't the answer up front after he's played there, so be it. But give the lad a chance for heaven's sake.
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    The Brereton situation is bizarre. He may have massive potential but if we are going to be paying £7m on a player he needs to be in the first XI and regularly influencing games. If he’s not doing that then he’s not worth the money because it’s now that we need a striker not in 2 or 3 years time. If we had a load of spare cash we could invest in potential but we can’t do that with that kind of money for no immediate return, especially as the manager doesn’t think Graham can play every game. i can’t help thinking it’s a dodgy agent thing but is that just because I’m scarred after 8 years of the Vs.
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    I blame the messageboard revamp, ever since it changed to Man City blue we have been hammered, please change it back before the Wigan game
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    The manager shouldn't be there. The idea behind these meetings was for owners, owners representatives or board members to be available to answer questions from supporters on the governance of the club. The rule was introduced due to concerns about a number of owners buying clubs then running them from behind a veil of secrecy and supporters facing a wall of silence. We all like listening to Mowbray but there's plenty of opportunities for that. These meetings are special occasions twice per annum when supporters were to be able to go higher than the manager. I notice the owners eyes and ears and club employee Pasha still hasn't found time in his busy schedule to attend the meeting, even though his presence would be more useful than anyone else bar the owners themselves. How many is that he's missed? Lets not let Mowbray's excellent work on the grass detract from what the point of these meetings is and ignore that Mowbray's good work is providing them with an effective shield to hide behind.
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    The manager's position should only come into question if we suddenly find ourselves within touching distance of the drop zone. We're 9 points clear at the moment, so we'd be talking about a fairly drastic downturn in form which, even with the last two games taken into account, seems unlikely. That said, we've got a tough December. Morale could be in pieces by the end of it. I'm a bit concerned, especially remembering how we couldn't beat the likes of Ipswich or Reading. We've struggled against a lot of the teams below us which isn't a good sign. In fact we were hammered by three teams below us in the table - Wigan, Preston and Bristol City. We weren't able to beat Reading, Ipswich or Rotherham. We'll see if Sheffield Wednesday are added to the list Saturday. Regardless the warning signs are there. This isn't a sudden bad turn of form as some are making out. We've not been playing well for most of the season so this is in fact more of a swift, hard bump back to reality. There is a lot of work to be done and I think we need a much better January window than we had in the summer to address some major issues across the team.
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    Reluctantly I went last night as Chair of the Trust but with limited expectations. I quote MattyBlue here because it mirrors a lot of what we said to 6 of the Management team when we met them on November 5th. I will add more on the Attendances thread after the Nov 29th Trust board meeting. We really hammered the £3 surcharge and I did again last night. Also our main theme is 'how do we get fans back into the habit of going?"......get them for 3/4 games and you may well keep them. We met a bit of a wall and a bit of a siege mentality(we have done this before/people complain etc etc) but the Trust will keep pushing away. BUT the 6 people we met on Nov 5th I judged to be pretty committed and excellent professionals(including Steve Waggott) and we must not be too harsh and critical of them. I would like them to experiment and go for a 2,000 target more each half season, around more £10 type matches/season ticket promotions and general Events. The Trust did put forward a number of great ideas put forward on the BRFCS Attendance thread here(as MCM1975 knows)and we will continue to do so. Back to the Consultation Event, it was ironic that the bitterness came from several sources but not from the Trust or BRAG - we were close together in the Forgive(but not forget) and Move On theme. Tony Mowbray talked about his Dad scratching the money together so they could go to Boro when he was 7, and squeezing thru the turnstyle to also get in free. The eyes of the audience last night started to get moist cos Tony gets it. Consultation meetings don't tend to move us on much, but I am sure many there last night will keep on pushing.
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    It’s like when Newcastle take 3,000 to an away game ‘what fantastic , passionate support, they deserve success’ Why are any of those fans more passionate than say the few hundred Carlisle or Exeter fans traipsing massive distances to watch their clubs? They’ve spent decades watching fourth tier plodders too!
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    The Souness years......you don't know what you had until it's gone. The man would be given a hero's welcome by the vast majority of Rovers fans if he visited Ewood again in any capacity.
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    I would be doing that ASAP before anyone else notices.
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    Without a doubt. I would even say that the football under Souness was far better, without being critical of Hughes' style. Duff, Dunn, Jansen, Cole and Tugay were a dream to watch together, and even people like Gillespie were chipping in with some really positive football. The defence was stroke inducing at times, but Short and Berg were great performers for us (Taylor and Nils-Eric not so much), and it was Souness who brought it Neill, who was a fantastic player for us. Thompson was a superb signing until his injury (he was phenomenal in fact, and I think he even got an England call up?). I even remember Alan Mahon being a great signing for a couple of years. Souness also deserves all the credit for Friedel. I thought he had cost us promotion bringing in Friedel for Kelly/ Filan, but we all know how that ended. It may well have been a "perfect storm," as stated in the original podcast (the rest of his managerial career suggests as much), but it was the most enjoyable time for me post title winning era. He should go down as a hero really, but unfortunately he doesn't seem to have done. Quite why, I'm not so sure...
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    I understand the concept and have shared my nutshell analysis. I think you've undercooked the 75 percent positive part of his reign (we were falling like a stone when he took over and would possibly have ended in the old second division... Tony Parkes had already agreed to sell Jansen to Rangers and the place was rotten to the core with egos). He saved us from potential oblivion and without Jack's money where we would have ended is anyone's guess. He got us promoted, playing some of the best football I've seen at Ewood, got us a major trophy and got us in the top 6. He should be a Rovers legend by all accounts. The fans have always been bitter towards players and managers who left us for so-called "bigger things," which is a shame, as it's led to most of our recent legends having no lasting ties with the club.
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    The thing is, Mowbray has had plenty of money, 3 windows, plenty of time and surprisingly plenty of flexibility from the owners to mould his own side. He signed 7 players alone in the summer for around 10m. Even the most staunch person defending Mowbray, can you say that whatever selection will be made for Saturday will be anything other than another random assembly of players with the hope that something clicks? And can you honestly say that the squad has any real balance to it? Raya will start, our only acceptable player tonight. Nyambe had his second appalling game in a row, as bad as even when he looked so nervous breaking into the team. Do we have a feasible alternative? No. Mulgrew and Lenihan are our only decent centre backs, the latter in particular has been inconsistent and both are brittle. We have absolutely NO backup. Rodwell showed himself up as a midfielder playing in the back 4, that second goal was as bad as it gets. Should never play there again. Why has he not signed a centre back bar Downing a year ago who is not trusted? (understandably) Both left backs are absolute shite, one he signed in Bell is a joke. He will pick one on Saturday and just hope that he doesnt embarrass himself again. Thats all he can do. Central midfield, we are well stocked in terms of numbers. Evans is ok usually, Rodwell was always a big gamble, Davenport hasnt been off the injury table, Smallwood is a League 1 player, and Reed has been good but is often shoehorned out wide. Out wide, a particular source of frustration. He seems to hop between the likes of Bennett, Armstrong, Palmer, Rothwell, Conway, none of whom are doing anywhere near enough to guarantee a place, none of whom are contributing to our attack, and its as if he picks 2 out of a hat and hopes something comes off. 3 he signed, so far he has got 2 goals from all 5 of them. Dack is off the boil, although we may aswell not play him if we are just going to kick the ball in the air all the time. And up front, we have Graham who cant play all the time, and Brereton who is the luxury we simply cannot afford with the rest of the squad as lacking quality and imbalanced as it is. We dont seem to have an identity, we havent really had any plan in terms of attacking all season, the most long balls in the league, a pitiful number of goals from open play, Mowbray doesnt carry the same stigma or stereotype as Allardyce/McCarthy but the football barring one or two exceptions this season has been painful to watch. And before its misconstrued, Im not saying he should be sacked. He does need to sort things out starting Saturday though.
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    Just got home. I’ll always give the opposition credit if they are worthy but honestly Wigan are awful, shows how bad we were tonight. Everytime they had a corner you felt as though they would score. That second goal Jesus, keeper launches it Rodwell misses the header and then takes their lad down. Sunday league stuff, don’t let the ball bounce it’s basic man. First half as it went on, they were constantly running at bell who looked devout of any confidence and Armstrong was giving him no defensive cover at all. He was swapped flanks with Reedy after their first went in which by the way, how there lad was able to cut inside and take his time to pick the bottom corner out was a disgrace. Dack needs to be told to cut any media work out till he’s worthy of the praise, he’s been off the pace for weeks. Possibly the worst performance I’ve seen from us tonight under mowbray. I know we got thumped at the weekend but at least we actually created some chances, tonight we created F all and TM really needs to let them have it as it was absolutely unacceptable. We need a new left back in Jan, Williams got turned all over when he came on and Bell looks out of his depth. Charlie needs a bruiser alongside him at the back and we cannot be relying on Graham to be our main striker as he hasn’t got the legs for it. Every team has a bad run and hopefully we can put these recent performances behind us. Very very frustrating.
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    A bad day at the office for all concerned - manager and players. We move on to the next match but today underlined the points made by Mowbray on Thursday about the squad needing to be strengthened. I'm afraid I can't join the usual BRFCS doom and gloom when I look at a league table that shows us tenth with just four defeats out of 18. We've had a pretty decent season so far for a newly promoted club and one defeat - disappointing as it was - doesn't really change that. A mid-table finish would be a decent platform on which to build - which was what most on here hoped for before a ball was kicked last August. I think today was a perfect illustration that in this League any team can beat any other team on the day. It's what makes the Championship such an interesting League.
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    Questions I'd like the manager to answer after this game. 1: why choose to play no striker from the start of the game. What benefits did he see from it. 2: why has Dacks form fallen of a cliff over the last 6 weeks. Does he get a free pass? 3: What was the reason for signing Brereton? Improve our profits or our team quality? 4: Do you think the fans deserve better? And what should our aim be this season? 5: Why can we beat a stoke away or compete with a WBA away but then fall to bits against lesser teams in Preston and Bristol city? 6: How are you going to improve resent performances? Results matter yes but you get found out eventually when performances are poor 7: Is Dack behaving in a professional manner that will benifit the team. Or has his head been turned? Question 7 is to people on here. Personally there have been far far far better players than Dack who have played for Rovers who have left and the team and club have continued on. If he doesn't 100% want to be here tell him to jog on with his Essex mates. He'll go down the David Bentley route and become a forgotten man soon enough.
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    Sorry Chaddy These meetings are about Finance and Governance of the club. Mowbray shouldn’t even be there let alone giving a toss about what he had to say. Save it for the Telegraph. I don’t usually mind your messiah worshiping but this is not the correct thread for it. We all like TM but as usual the club uses him as a distraction to take up half these meetings on irrelevant “on the grass” issues.
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    Biz lad- you’re answering a question nobody has asked. I’m saying- there’s no need for the surcharge. You think I’m saying ‘the surcharge is why thousands of fans don’t attend’. For clarity!
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    Such a shame 800 people are being slammed with the Attendance Tax every home game. Shameless profiteering by the club. I'm sure those people would much rather have bought a pint/hot drink/pie instead. As you say one fan being put off by the surcharge is one too many. As you also say the surcharge probably doesn't put many off. Therefore why is a reason for the surcharge because Rovers need to know how many more pies to order? Not many would be the obvious answer so why are loyal Rovers fans being asked to pay more because the club are logistically incompetent and can't work that particular equation out. The same applies to queues at the ticket office. Again, this is not about hordes of frustrated Rovers fans who can not pay the £3 surcharge but desperately want to go. It is why the club thinks it is acceptable to charge fans who perhaps don't know if they can make a match until 1pm for various reasons (work/family etc) are having to pay more. It is the principle, it's not about whether some bloke who doesn't go would be happy to pay something he knows he won't have to pay (Hello Miller) It's also not about someone with a ST saying 'Well, I'd pay the surcharge, doesn't bother me, life's too short' blah blah blah. Also, your idea of pricing tickets higher is bizarre. The people affected by the surcharge are still going to be paying the same. You've just priced the surcharge in from the start. 😰 Just because 800 fans pay a surcharge does not mean they are happy to do so. The fact 800 pay it is not a justification for charging it. It should be scrapped and I'm surprised this wasn't suggested by the FF (or at least you've only mentioned your strange 'compromise' in your post). PNE don't charge it and they will have the same logistical issue as Rovers. I don't believe for one minute Rovers order pies based on ticket sales at 1pm so why charge £3 extra at that point. It will have no impact on the pies Rovers order unless Waggott runs over to Leavers with a bag for life at 1.30pm to make up the shortfall. Also, If Waggott can't work out what to do with a few pies after a game he's in the wrong job. Give them to the homeless. The club aren't that skint if they are spending £7m on a striker and handing out new contracts left right and centre. Unless the surcharge has paid for all that? There is no justification whatsoever for this Attendance Tax. Disclaimer:- **** JUST BECAUSE I DON'T AGREE WITH A SURCHARGE DOES NOT MEAN I DON'T LOVE MY CLUB. I JUST THINK IT COULD DO BETTER THAN RIPPING OFF FANS ****

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