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    4 wins in 4, first goal for Brereton, blooded two more youngsters at home. Anyone happy? I am.
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    Rovers in full control won 2-1. Liverpool manager says it was the worst performance of the season so we must have done something well Gave away a sloppy goal 10 min before the end. Keeper came flapping and missed on a corner very much like Raya and Leutwiller. Blackburn bossed the game although the second half was more flat than first. Liverpool had a strong lineup with Brewster, Curtis Jones, Camacho and Woodburn. Netiher impressed. Magloire was a monster at the back with power and pace. He pressed all over the pitch which a 3 man defence might allow. Rankin-Costello great at right back. Good on the ball and pretty good defensive. Davenport was the pick of the midfield. Bossed with his passing and good defensive awareness. Vale also impressive a lone striker. Clever movement and uses his body well. Butterworth scored a great goal on the break and has a "Dack" edge about him. All the other looks great as well.
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    Forget about playing Rodwell at centre half. He’s the most talented central midfielder in the squad, if we make his move permanent he could be a star for us in that position next season.
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    Got back from Norwich at 4 am this morning proud to be a Rover. It's plain now the direction that TM is wanting to take the team. Younger players, fleet of foot and capable of controlling the ball in tight spaces. A work in progress. Phasing out those better suited to another style of play. Proud of how the team played once we learned to close down the spaces and moved the ball to the other end much more quickly than we have been used to doing over the last couple of seasons since his appointment. Norwich's Finnish striker was annointed player of the year. They showed a video of all his goals on the big screen. Almost all of them were in the six yard box barring a couple of worldies. That's how they have got to where they have. Close control in the box by players who can move and create space. Two wing backs hugging the touchline so much that there was no room for error with their first touch. I have a feeling this is how TM is working longer term - though not too much longer now. Special mention for Derrick Williams above many very good performers. He was like a new signing at CB. Proof you don't need to make the tackle, just close down the space and options for the opposition. This tactic was why they didn't score more than two. Not because they took the foot off the gas, but because we played well as a team. We earned our luck. Proud also to be one of the travelling hordes. 700 is a fantastic effort at that time of day on a Saturday, that distance and at £35 a ticket. Big credit to the club for recognising that and providing free coach travel. And lastly, The atmosphere at Carrow Road was unreal. After we scored, the crowd were virtually silent. That's not an exaggeration. 'Is this a library?' sang the Rovers fans. They could have been right. The sight of their player Aarons gesturing to their fans, in the supposed singing end, with twenty minutes to go before being promoted to the Premier League, to get behind the team was bizarre. Imagine Rovers within twenty minutes to go last game next season and Danny Graham walking towards the crowd telling them to get behind the team. Unbelievable. And made me realise that, for all our differences over the last few years, especially in comparison to some clubs, some things haven't been lost. They must have been celebrating at some point. Though rumours that Sainsbury's had run out of fruit teas in Norwich were apparently wide of the mark. 😁
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    There is a lot of talk of forgiving Venky's and welcoming them back, which is quite frustrating to me. People talk about them funding the club like it's some kind of charitable donation. They own the club! It's their responsibility and duty to provide and care for it, that's what they signed up for when they bought the bloody thing. It's gotten to this weird point, and I don't know if it's a Stockholm Syndrome thing or what, where people genuinely seem impressed and amazed that the owners continue to fund the club rather than just abandon it. As if it would be perfectly okay for the owner of any business to just stop paying bills and employees because they don't feel like it any more. They've made no effort to sell and have always said publicly they have no desire to sell. We have to assume then that they still want the responsibility of owning the club and representing Blackburn - therefore paying the bills is just a part of that accepted responsibility. Yes it could be worse, but how many owners in recent history have simply pulled the plug and stopped paying the bills at this level? It's pretty rare. Normally a club is sold well before it gets to that stage. I'm judging them more on how their decision making affects the club, and it still doesn't seem to be right even after nearly a decade. We're still far too reliant on the manager wielding huge amounts of power and influence, whilst also having travelling to India to beg for money every six months. Until that system changes I do not view Venky's as sensible custodians and I do not think they've really learned anything. They just keep hiring different people in the hope it will one day click.
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    We have a new, interactive home page! It should have everything you need in one place to keep up to date with Rovers and importantly, be automatically updated so as quick as anywhere else. Its live now, so please give us any feedback and let us know if theres any issues. Big thanks as always to the behind the scenes tech team who work for free, in their spare time to try and improve BRFCS. Without their help we would be in big trouble.
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    Come on now, those first 25 minutes were terrible to watch. We were being ripped apart time after time and had already allowed them 13 shots by the 27th minute. We were very fortunate for the score to be 2-1 and to still have eleven men on the pitch. Norwich play very well but the opening to the game was completely unacceptable. After that we did improve, and we looked better once Norwich dropped the intensity in the second half. They still could have scored another couple if they had been more clinical, though, whereas we only had one shot on target the entire match so even when we were playing better we were never going to score again. The end of the game was particularly frustrating as we dawdled around their penalty box with no attacking threat whatsoever. I don't think Norwich felt we were a serious threat which is why they dropped off a bit in the second half and moved to control the game rather than force themselves on us as they did in the first half. Some of our better players had absolute stinkers which didn't help. Dack was terrible. Lenihan was lacking composure. Travis seemed overwhelmed at times. Graham didn't get into the game at all. Armstrong also struggled to really make a mark. The difference in class was very clear and I think the scoreline flatters us a bit. We were second best for much of the match and got absolutely mauled in the opening stages which on another day could have put Norwich out of sight before half time. There's a lot to digest from tonight. It's not all bad - another good game from Williams, a few good moves when we got the ball down and an improved second half means it wasn't all doom and gloom. Still a lot to work on though and hopefully Mowbray will study the differences between the likes of us and Norwich. I don't think we're a million miles away - we're actually in a similar position to where Norwich were last season in many ways. 14 Norwich City 46 15 15 16 49 60 −11 60 14 Blackburn Rovers 45 16 11 18 62 67 −5 59 The question is whether Mowbray can do what Farke did and transform the club in the summer to be a real force. Norwich have shown it can be done.
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    The colour of the away shirt becomes more important given the number of occasions it is worn, sometimes unnecessarily. Forest away being the latest example. I'm sorry but there should be no circumstances at all in which we don't wear our famous blue and white halves whilst playing a side in red. I'd rather the away shirt was restricted to only those against blue or white shirted opposition. Fortunately at least we'll be in proper Rovers attire at Norwich.
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    So yes, this list may have taken more effort than I should've put into it, considering probably not a single one of these players will sign for Blackburn now I've decided they're decent But here's a list of players, mostly England based, but a few from Holland and Belgium, I think we should be going after. Obviously not all of them, but definitely three or four. My favourite is Wilfried Kanon at ADO Den Haag. There's a link to a YouTube video for him, and if you take nothing from this list but watching that video - I'm happy. BASED IN ENGLAND: Karl Darlow - Newcastle - GK - [£2,000,000] - Aged 28 Patrick Bauer - Charlton/Free Agent - CB - [FREE] - Aged 26 Jake Cooper - Millwall - CB - [£3,000,000] - Aged 24 Marcus Maddison - Peterborough/Free Agent - CAM - [FREE] - Aged 25 Sam Gallagher - Southampton - ST - [LOAN or £5,000,000] - Aged 23 Josh Vela - Bolton/Free Agent - CM - [FREE] - Aged 25 Jon Taylor - Rotherham/Free Agent - RM/LM - [FREE] - Aged 26 Christian Walton - Brighton - GK - [£2,500,00] - Aged 23 Danny Williams - Huddersfield/Free Agent - CM - [FREE] - Aged 30 BASED IN HOLLAND: Adam Maher - AZ/Free Agent - CAM - [FREE] - Aged 25 (YOUTUBE) Wilfried Kanon - ADO Den Haag - CB - [£3,000,000] - Aged 25 (YOUTUBE) - quite easily my favourite player on this list, can play CB or CDM, just watch the video! Samir Memisevic - FC Groningen - CB - [£2,000,000] - Aged 25 (YOUTUBE) BASED IN BELGIUM: Dylan Batubinsika - Royal Antwerp FC - CB - [£1,500,000] - Aged 23 (YOUTUBE)
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    I thought his movement was pretty good, which hasn't really been noticeable when playing out wide for 10 mins here and there. Took the team 20 or so minutes to stop knocking that diagonal hoof they like to play to Danny Graham, but once they did Brereton began to get into the game. There's promise in my opinion.
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    Stolen from Facebook but clubs/manufacturers really need to let their fans get involved in designing kits. You won’t please everyone but I think all of these are great - particularly how the sponsor is integrated into the design. We are definitely overdue a black/red halved away kit.
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    Very disappointing performance tonight against an exceptionally good Everton side. Too many players simply had an off night and didn't really turn up until the last 20 minutes. Doyle made an uncharacteristic mistake early on to gift them a penalty and we never really got back in the game after that. In fairness, Everton were excellent - which they have been all season to lift the title. Davenport was probably our best player over 90 minutes in terms of keeping possession. Nuttall was very disappointing up front and Chapman was very hot and cold - scored a good goal, had a decent effort saved but was otherwise largely anonymous. Buckley couldn't make an impact in midfield, Tyler and Charly Doyle had indifferent games by their standards and Danny Butterworth couldn't really make things happen. We livened up a bit when Stefan Mols came on and we went to a 4-4-2 formation. However, Everton were worthy winners and look good to win this trophy.
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    Another season draws to a close, and whilst the final game at Swansea is still to be played, there's a lot of thing we already do and don't know about the next campaign. So what do we know about 2019/20 so far (Jesus that is in-fact an actual 20!) This years training camp is yet again in Austria, and is set to be a week long. No matches confirmed nor denied by Steve Waggott, but the location and length of the trip was confirmed at the Fans Forum in March. Tony Mowbray wants to get transfer business done earlier this year, following on from the late rush in Summer 2018. TM’s trip to India scheduled for just after Swansea game. There’s two budgets/plans in mind, one with major investment from Venky’s and one without. Season tickets STILL haven’t been announced, and there’s been no indication that the announcement is imminent either. The 1875 Club Membership Scheme is likely to be retained, with the prospect of smaller away allocations at places such as Luton Town. Jack Rowell future still up in the air, with two Serie A clubs having reportedly enquired about his services. No Home/Away pre-season fixtures announced as of yet, last seasons pre-season fixtures were released on May 10th 2018 - with the first three games announced. So we can safely assume we’ll get something similar. For the last few years we’ve played mainly away fixtures for pre-season, with higher profile games like Liverpool and Everton coming at home. The Under 23’s end their season against Burnley in the Lancashire Senior Cup Final at Leyland, and TM has said that many of them will travel to Austria and be given a chance to prove themselves. Season Ticket Holders From 2018/19 who renew will be able to use the same card for 2019/20. If you’re changing age group, or moving seats, a new will be sent out to you But what else have I missed, what else do we already know? Or alternatively, much like next years Season Tickets, what do we still not know that we probably should? After the 2018/19 campaign was dubbed a consolidation year, and Tony Mowbray asked us to give him "three or four" transfer windows to prove himself, what can we expect from the 2019/20 season? Are the expectations to fight for promotion, or is the dreaded word "consolidation" carrying on it's nationwide tour?
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    Subjective? On a football messageboard? That's a scandalous accusation!!
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    Never let anyone (including some of our own fans) try and belittle this grand old club of ours. ’Back to where they should be’ ‘Third division club before Jack Walker’ Total bollocks. On trophies won and time spent in this top flight, we are an elite football club in this country - don’t ever forget it.
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    I’d just like to share this around I have had a flag made for next season to follow them home and away 👏🏻👏🏻
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    So once again easy targets are singled out (Rodwell, Travis) whilst the worst senior performers (Dack, Graham, Bennett) aren't mentioned. Starting to get very tired of this. His comments about "I don't know why the midfielders were trying to do the defenders' jobs" is just baffling. Didn't you tell Reed that he needs to learn to play like Evans and Smallwood, Tony, whose remit is to cover the defence? Also I'd hazard to guess the reason they were having to fall back and defend was because Norwich were pushing forward in numbers, and leaving the defence to back off and allow Norwich to shoot repeatedly didn't seem to be going so well. How about taking some responsibility for the way we were set up? It clearly wasn't working.
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    I thought he was lively and did ok, much better than Dack or Graham did
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    Aerial photo shows how the Road pattern dictated the shape of Ewood Park. What character the ground had
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    How long will Solskjaer last next season? A bad start and he could be gone by October. Liverpool dominated English football for about 20 years but haven't won the league since 1990 (?). Now it's United fans turn to find out that, like finance, football has a tendency to revert to the mean. In other words, a long period of success is likely to be followed by a long period out of the limelight. Couldn't happen to a nicer club.
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    As usual the headline betrays reality. The article is a retread of the old big team was hard done by one. It involves Burnley but shouldn't be used to slag them off. Plenty of these type of stories were written about Rovers during the Hughes, Souness, Allardyce years. Sarri was mad because they couldn't beat a stubborn Burnley side who were doing a great job defending, and an even better job of time wasting and winding the Chelsea players up. It's a rare day when I side with Dyche but he was spot on last night. Burnley can't afford top footballers, so they have to find different ways to gain points.
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    5m for an attacking midfielder with 14 goals and 7 assists? Behave.
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    The 1960 FA Cup final shirt is a belter (you can also buy replicas in the Roverstore). It would be good to see something like that:
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    Enjoyed today, playing the youngsters and starting Brereton will do the club more good in the long term than playing Graham and chasing a cricket score. Thought both youngsters were good. Buckley's issue seemed to be just getting to grips with the game physically, but as time went on he showed some nice touches. Butterworth too, although they both look about 4 stone wet through! Biggest plus today was the performance and finish from Brereton. Some may fairly point to how absolutely woeful Bolton were, but they were at least pretty effective in denying space to our attackers, which didn't stop Ben having a good game. Showed that he' got many of the raw materials you need as a good striker, they just need refining a bit, but hopefully today will be a turning point for him. Another positive was just how much support BB got from the terraces. There was never any hint of negativity or frustration when he missed a chance, just consistent and loud encouragement. Good to see given how divisive the cost of his move has been.
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    I think every second kit should always be a 'halves' whatever those colours are outside of claret and blue obviously!

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