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    There are too many people in Blackburn who are only happy when they are moaning or angry. Mowbray is doing a very decent job at Rovers. He has turned the club around in all the ways traditional fans value - players bonding and enjoying their game - team spirit - ridiculously unlucky relegation after picking up a wreckage, promotion and a better first season back than everyone expected if we are being honest Yes he had financial backing in League One but it was nothing remotely like the difference Guardiola or Mourinho worked wih compared with Dyche either relatively or absolutely. Stoke, West Brom and Swansea have come down with parachute payments out of all proportion to the budgets of most of the Championship but only one of them is in the play-offs. And in the lucky dip that is the transfer market, his record is certainly no worse than average and I would say looking promising.
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    I understand your original point however, managers operate inside a bubble. How many times over the years have you watched a team (any team at any level) and thought 'this is clearly not working'? Generally, fans will realise something needs to change a long time before the manager. Yet the manager will persist with the same game plan/line up - regardless of their experience within the game. Souness at Rovers was a classic example. Superb for us over a number of years and an incredibly experienced and respected figure in the game. Yet I bet 80 % of fans thought he was losing the plot before he went to Newcastle. You also have to throw in reporting/social media these days, where a manager's comments are stored for posterity. Usually leading to a shed load of contradictions throughout their tenure. TM has come out with several to date. He's doing a good job and I love his integrity and enthusiasm for the game but he isn't above reproach. Sometimes fairly, sometimes unfairly but that comes down to your personal opinion. I scratch my head regularly at games at some of the things that go on. Yet sometimes the manager has played a blinder that I wouldn't of seen coming and makes my musings look like those of an idiot. Other times, they completely miss the bleeding obvious and it costs us points. Football will always be a game that divides opinions.
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    Because they don't have a feckin clue mate!
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    Agree with most of this, but everyone around me thought Graham gave a master class at holding up the ball and laying it off.
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    At the start of the season we couldn’t have realistically hoped to be much better than we are now, top 8, closing in on the top 6. As Mowbray says, we don’t need a radical overhaul, but I think the owners could make a statement of intent by: 1) Finding the money to get Reed on a permanent. 2) Give Rodwell a long term contract. He could be a massive player for us for years to come. Still young for a centre back. 3) Sign Chapman and Gallagher.
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    Danny Graham seems to be getting better with age, his intelligence and awareness of what’s going on around him is second to none in our squad
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    Britt Assombalonga signs i buy everyone on here a pint
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    It's either personal Rev or you simply don't understand the game. Graham is fundamental to our play, he is the focal point of the team and brings other players into the game. He is a dying breed in the modern game where many managers prefer smaller, quicker players who run in behind. I would imagine most Rovers players would say he is our MVP (I don't like these Americanisms but that description is most apt).
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    There seems to be a lot of debate on the January window thread around this, but I’m not sure it’s getting to the root of the issues. Below is a table showing all our defensive ingoings and outgoings since that look took over. Pascal Chimbonda Inherited Released Martin Olsson Inherited £4,000,000 Chris Samba Inherited £11,000,000 Ryan Nelsen Inherited Released Gael Givet Inherited Released Michel Salgado Inherited Released Phil Jones Inherited £17,000,000 Grant Hanley Inherited £5,500,000 Gavin Gunning Inherited Nominal Zurab Khizanishvili Inherited Released Myles Anderson Nominal Released Bruno Ribiero Free Free Scott Dann £5,500,000 £2,600,000 Adam Henley Youth Released Marcus Olsson Free £700,000 Bradley Orr Nominal Released Nuno Henrique Nominal Free Karim Rekic Loan Loan End Ryan Edwards Youth Released Anthony O'Connor Youth Free Jack O'Connell Youth £300,000 Todd Kane Loan Loan End Matthew Killgallon Free Released Tommy Spurr Free Free Yann Songo'o Free Free Michael Keane Loan Loan End Shane Duffy £400,000 £4,000,000 Alex Baptiste Loan Loan End Doneil Henry Loan Loan End Elliott Ward Free Released Gordon Greer Free Released Derrick Williams £250,000 Still Here Charlie Mulgrew Free Still Here Wes Brown Free Released Stephen Hendrie Loan Loan End Tommie Hoban Loan Loan End Paul Downing Undisclosed Loaned Out Paul Caddis Free Released Sam Hart Undisclosed Loaned Out Amari Bell £300,000 Still Here Jack Rodwell Free Still Here TOTALS £ 6,450,000.00 £ 45,100,000.00 This list obviously doesn’t include Wharton, Grayson, Lenihan or Nyambe. None of whom cost us anything. The figures above are as accurate as I could find in these days of undisclosed fees... I’d confidently predict we paid nowhere near £350,000 combined for Hart and Downing. In my opinion this shows that failing to address our defensive frailties is an issue that has existed long before Tony Mowbray. If you take Scott Dann out of the equation our net spend in 8 years on our defence is utterly pathetic. And let’s not forget Dann was signed in silly season when they first took over. I remember when they sacked Allardyce, that woman came out with some sort of tripe about how he couldn’t improve our “young skilful players”, and I’m pretty sure they have also been quoted as saying something along the lines of “We like exciting, young attacking players”. For their entire wretched tenure we have had a make do and mend approach to our defence. I know Rodwell has looked decent the last few games (that makes me wonder how good he might be in his actual position), but he’s just the latest in a fairly long string of players stuck in our back four who are in reality being played out of position. It’s took a long time for Travis to get a real crack in a midfield spot, whereas Nyambe and Lenihan, and before them the likes of Hanley (and to a lesser degree Henley) were pretty quickly blooded in the first team, often out of necessity. And there are defenders out there. We could have spent a fraction of what we did on Brereton in the summer and got Ezri Konsa from Charlton. We were heavily linked with Bauer, but apparently couldn’t come to terms on a fee. Other championship sides are picking up decent frees this window. I think it’s worth remembering who those silly contractual issues that sprung up in their early days involved: Nelsen, Salgado, Givet, Andrews and Roberts... three defenders and at the time our two most maligned and least fashionable players. Whether it is their own stupidity, some advice they are taking, or some other inexplicable reason, Venky’s seem to have a real issue with signing defenders, particularly for any financial outlay.
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    He had a hand in two goals. Go to bed, wake up tomorrow and then go to DG's house and say sorry.
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    The first 25 minutes were as enjoyable as anything I have seen watching Rovers for a long time. Intensive, incisive, hard working, quick and completely dominated. And for a change we scored whilst in the ascendancy to reflect our dominance. The pace dropped a little after that but the hard work continued and we were professional in our play. Lots of really good performances but for me young Travis was involved in nearly all the good play. His desire to get on the front foot has, for me been instrumental in our upturn in form. And significantly Evans is showing a rarely seen side to his game as he gets forward a lot more. Defensively sound once again and three clean sheets in a row in the league is something for us all to behold. As I was skimming through some earlier posts I couldn't believe the criticism of Danny Graham. He is so important to us and his hold up play is up there with the best. Anybody who can't see that clearly doesn't understand the game. Winning is undoubtedly the best feeling in football and hopefully we can keep this run going. Clean sheets is the way forward as I think we will always score in any game.
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    Quite simply our best 90 minutes under Tony Mowbray. Absolutely fucking brilliant. Enjoy your weekends!
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    It seems to me, from events over the past few months, that the two sets of consultants did more than was generally thought. Rather than send in a few bean counters to use red highlighters on the P&L, I think they were proper consultants who laid down a long- term financial strategy, which I think might look like follows: Previous thinking: Q) How do you stop losing shitloads of money every year? A) Get promoted to the PL New thinking: A) Transfer price inflation over time has beaten pretty much any other investment. The latest obscene TV deal will accelerate it further. Brexit will accelerate it even further for British players. Therefore the Academy, even if it got no more effective, will produce increasingly high transfer fees for the good ones who get in our team. Luckily, money was never taken away from the academy even when the first team was being gutted. The effectiveness can be increased by focusing less on finding our own 8-year olds and more on the cast-offs from the now vast top 6’s academies, because they only have one first 11, just like us, but theirs is 100x harder to get into. 99% of their youth players won’t be good enough to play for them, but a fair few will be good enough to play for us. Plus, it’s an imperfect science, some of them will prove their old employers wrong and become really valuable. Then it’s a win-win: we get more young British players capable of getting in our team . Our team gets better and, if we fail to go up, we sell the good ones for massive returns on investment. Rinse and repeat till we do go up. Transfers: buy British no matter where you are in the league. One Ben Brereton may be a bust; ten Ben Breretons will make money between them. BUT, if you are getting close to promotion, buy the best you can get no matter the nationality. £10m spent today on a top striker gets a payback of £100m if you go up. £200m if you stay up another year. Of course this approach requires very deep pockets to get it going and cover the ups and downs, but that’s the one thing our owners have. And we will still be selling our best players at peak value, say one every two years. But that’s not any different to the last 55 years ever since Vernon and Pickering went.
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    Expecting two signings today...
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    Here I am again, filling a void. Talking tosh. Reet, they are Yorkshire, we are better. It's apparently 111 miles according to an app I used between the two grounds (ours is better, I've been to theirs). One hour fifty seven, if the M62 isn't snowy. They were founded in 1904, and are apparently a City. In the words of Shania Twain, "That don't impress me much". They've won nowt, and got to the promised land in 2007, briefly. They share a love of strange owner/s. Head to head: W 30 D 17 L 15 We had our first meeting in the FA Cup in 1947, when we won in a replay. First league meeting in the old Div 2, 22nd August 1949 at Ewood, 4-2 win. Last home league game, 13/02/16, lost as we know, Duffy played, enough said, 13,902, were there (could have been more, probably less). They are nicknamed the Tigers. Not sure why, save for their kit. Our's is miles better. And we have a dog, a person's best friend. Tiger's are not friendly. And are not indigenous to the Humber? Facts about them: They are called Hullensians, we are Rovers. They installed an independent telephone system in 1902. They were very proud of their white telephone boxes. We have got a red phone box on Clayton Street with more information on the ladies of the town that you would ever need. They have a really long bridge to nowhere, so have we Players - Danny Graham and Mark Atkins were both on loan to them. Far better here! Actors - Tom Courtney, I'll give them that, beats Ian McShane? Just. Comedians - Reece Shearsmith v Steve Pemberton - they can fight it out between themselves, mates! Pop stars - Beautiful South v Diana Vickers....I know who I'd prefer! So there you have it. It's a big game. Three points would be great. Need to start winning games back to back. Momentum, according to Grease, is the word. COYB's.
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    Maybe not THE best, probably not even HIS best... But I saw this on YouTube a bit back and it’s still a joy to watch. Just some chilled out 36 year old chain smoker bossing the game against prime era Gerrard and Alonso. He adds a little cherry on top by placing Stevie G firmly on his arse and playing one of the greatest passes I’ve ever seen for what is still one of my all time favourite Rovers goals.
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    To put it bluntly we look good enough to go up. If you step back it really is the introduction of Travis and Rodwell that have changed everything. The spine of the team (Rodwell-Lenihan-Travis-Evans- Reed-Dack-Graham) is very high quality for this division. Also players previously who looked a bit dodgy earlier in the season - Armstrong, Bell - seem to be seriously improving just at the right time. I'd put some of that at the feet of Travis also as he has totally transformed our energy and mentality in midfield - providing more protection for the back and getting the ball forward better.
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    Raya Nyambe Lenihan Rodwell Bell Reed Travis Armstrong Dack Rothwell Graham Subs: Leutwiler, Mulgrew, Williams, Evans, Bennett, Conway, Nuttall
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    Not bad lol
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    followed Gallaghers career after watching a youth cup game and he scored an absolute screamer at Ewood, thought he was head and shoulders above the other lads his age. Thought he done well here last time bar a moment of lost concentration v Preston. Would be more than happy to have him back, and if so on a perm. Don’t know why the negativity around him personally.
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    Chapman is one of the rare breed of footballers you'd enjoy watching even if he didn't play for your team (or B*rnl*y). It's very low risk because he'll cost very little but his potential is huge. A 15 minute cameo from him in a drab game is worth the admission price alone.
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    Agree with most other than the “conspiracy theory” about playing players to advertise their quality for lower league loans (seriously, who believes this is a thing?) and this anti Graham stuff. He seriously is as clever as a frontman as we’ve had for some time. His positioning and movement, the way he holds the ball up, knocks down the long passes, he’s an absolute key proponent of this team. Hence why 12000 people applauded him off the pitch once again. Dacks fantastic ball for Arma in the first half was a result of clever play by Graham. I don’t know anyone who underrates his impact so much! Overall great performance. Same last week, only difference is we took our chances early doors. Hull looked so average, but when Travis/Evans are literally winning every single second ball and passing it to an attacker, our style of play will create chances! Last shout for Dack. His head is not turned. He once again ran the attack, even if he’s not the one on the end of the chances. Such a talismanic figure, but great to see others bringing their levels up to contribute with consistency, ie Armstrong and Rodwell! Another great Saturday.
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    Also, special mention to Bell today. He didn’t give Bowen a single second on the ball and frustrated the in form player in the division where he just gave up after the third went in. End of the left back debate.
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    My view - Off the pitch Mowbray has done a fantastic job, on the pitch he's done an OK job but not great.
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    The top two goals, I’m just speechless I could watch them both on loop all day. We were blessed by his presence. Just remembered Tugay day against West Brom and that coachload of Gala fans who had travelled all that way just to be present on his last game, that tells you all about the man......LEGEND As an afterthought when you watch all those goals you wonder why he didn’t score more? It’s almost like he knew that every one he scored would be special and he made us wait for the next.

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