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    How do we know there is no urgency? 3 years ago.. Back 4 v Southend 2017 Nyambe, Lenihan, Mulgrew (c), Williams, All 4 players still at the club and 3 nailed on to start against Bournemouth. 18 months ago. "defenders are coming." It's a piss take to be honest.
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    It's the lack of communication from the club that angers me. One of my "lockdown jobs" has been to get my collection of sporting - mainly BRFC, obviously - programmes into some proper order, rather than just living in boxes, as they have done for far too long. I mention that because I had forgotten that I had very few programmes from the 2011/12 and the 2012/13 seasons. And that was because I was boycotting the club because of its ownership. But I could also identify with the PNE fan on the link from Lancashire Live. In a way, Ewood's been my spiritual home since the late 1950s and I've always sung "Rovers till I die" fervently. I came to more games from 2013/14 and remember mentioning to a friend I bumped into before one match that season on the now-disgraceful concourse to the Blackburn End that I felt that I'd "come home." And so I bought another season ticket and faithfully renewed it, even though my dependence on public transport means I don't get home from a Saturday match till about 7.15; and I almost never come to a midweek game because it'd be midnight - far too late for this old beggar to be out! - before I got home. But love for a football team - like any kind of love - surely requires a a degree of reciprocity from the object of your affections. And I'm sorry, but I'm just not feeling it from Rovers any more. One of the rhetorical questions I've been asking myself recently is, "What does Waggott actually DO for whatever salary he receives from our owners?" Am I wrong to expect that the unspoken contract between the club and me requires him - or somebody on his behalf - to let me know what their plans are for the coming season? I take the point that some have made on here about Bolton Wanderers; but at least we've seen on here how they, and PNE, and Stanley have, for better or worse, communicated with their fans. So it's a very disillusioned Rovers fan who's beginning to come to terms with apparently being given the boot by the object of his affections over the years. Like I said, "I'm Rovers till I die"; I just wish they loved me as much as I love them.
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    This line from the Telegraph article shows how shambolic our recruitment has become That leaves Rovers still in the market for two new central defenders, but they face starting the season without any new signings at the back for the third successive year.
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    West Bromwich Albion are Founder Members of the Football League, they’ve spent around 80 seasons as a top flight club (10 seasons more than us), they’ve also won numerous trophies. They are a historical football club of similar ilk to Blackburn Rovers... oh and they are in the Premier League. Some serious football illiteracy if you think West Brom are a ‘nothing club’.
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    I don't want to be known as ITK. However, my good friend who has strong links at Wigan believes the deal with Kipre is pretty much a done deal with us. I hope he's right.
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    Just catching up. From the last couple of pages of pointless bickering am I right to deduce that fuck all is happening?
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    I remember it being 1 signing after 100 pages last summer. We have broken the old record. Well done chaps, or should I say Chaddy, Mani, roversfan99, JoeH and Richard Oakley. You've been fantastic sports.
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    Just a word of warning lads, promise I’m not just being easily annoyed as I had far too many to drink in the various bars of Clitheroe last night.... But- we aren’t having posts suggesting people on here hate the club, are club plants or generally winding each other up with some really pathetic point scoring. It stops now and if it doesn’t, you can expect to enjoy some time away from the forum. We all support Rovers and care about the club deeply, hence why we visit this site so much. If you’re triggered by this post, then you might want to check yourself. Simple as that really. Happy Monday.
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    Defender's sons are coming.
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    I'll be honest arbitro, I've tried to support the club on here throughout this difficult period and tried to understand the problems the club is facing. But they really do make it difficult. If they had said we are keeping the JW Upper closed because of costs or the difficulties in making it Covid secure I could understand that and accept that. But to throw out long time season ticket holders - many like myself who are senior citizens shall we say - in favour of the corporate brigade is, quite frankly, nothing short of disgraceful. The JW Upper is one of the larger seated areas, it's an area where older fans may well have felt more secure in terms of social distancing but instead lets bunch everyone together in the lower tier as it will look better on TV. As you say, when we are both at Swansea or Cardiff on a cold wet Wednesday night, where are the corporate mob at that point? I know that Covid is making life difficult for every one of us and every business is facing difficult decisions but the Rovers seem unable to grasp that looking after an ever decreasing supporter base is going to be vital, not just this season but in the years to come. Covid-19 could easily become Mr. Waggott's 1960 Cup Final fiasco!
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    He's had years to sort it properly.
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    How long this can stay up for is anyones guess Holtby_Goal.mp4
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    Genuinly hearing from a confident ITK source that Kipre is a goer... Maybe, just maybe.
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    There’s absolutely no need to be cautious with him, we aren’t throwing him out to operate on a child, get him in the squad and throw him on as an unknown quantity. He’s got the potential let’s harness it rather than wasting a couple of seasons
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    It's the equivalent of signing Christian Walton.
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    ‘but they face starting the season without any new signings at the back for the third successive year.’ Absolutely nobody can dress this up as anything other than an absolute sh!t show. Yet again.
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    Mid table , within touching distance of the plays offs and then
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    Bennett is a good pro and a nice lad. Decent role model. Scares me to death at full back though and doesn't produce enough on the wing. His best performances for me in a rovers shirt were when he had a little spell as a combative cm. Good player to have on the bench but should be no where near the starting line up these days. The fact he often is - is more of a reflection on TM.
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    Half the problem here is that Mowbray appears to be very relaxed about the situation as he has been since promotion. If we get who we want great but if not then oh well better luck next time. Does not give the impression of a man under any pressure or expectation, nor a man desperate to drag the club kicking into the promotion picture. Frustrating to say the least.
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    I wish bloody Josh King would bugger off and put a few more pennies in the kitty..
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    Never was as good as his brother Franz, so it's understandable that Del would be right up there
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    The thing is, Kipre or Ayala would have been very good signings, but ultimately, whether they were realistic enough, affordable enough, whatever, Mowbray and the club couldnt get those deals done. The thing that it doesnt excuse is the lack of recruitment in defence full stop. Even if we had been focusing on getting that main CB in and had failed, that only accounts for one missing defender. We equally need a left back, yet he has seemingly put that on hold for the time being and we now go into a season with Bell at left back which is crazy. Also, we want 2 centre backs, presumably one will be for competition purposes. Why hasnt the secondary centre back come in either? It seems that we are working on one deal at a time and that compounds our failure to get these deals over the line. Its an absolute mess.
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    Just wait till Kaminski sees him in his 6 yard box 😬

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