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    I’m sorry Paul, but it really has bewildered me that running Blackburn Rovers sensibly has been made to look as arduous as sewing in sparring mitts, but that is how it has been presented throughout this near decade long malaise of desperate despair and unease. I just can’t see how the Raos can carry on this sickening pretence any longer. They have proven emphatically over the years that they do not have the wherewithal, the gumption, the vision, the acumen and most critically the contrition and sincerity, to ingratiate themselves with the good upstanding loyal folk who support this club, who have powered and continue to power this club for 144 years. The damage is there for all to see in the form of empty seats. Seats that are a legacy of a severe and unforgivable betrayal of trust. Seats that are now the subtle thief of those long lost feelings of unity and belonging to a club that we hold so dear. Seats that should have been filled with the next generation of enthusiasts. That’s a generation lost and for a club and town our size that is profoundly damaging, present and future. It’s the uncomfortable reality of the situation, but the existing conditions just make the whole club less and less appealing by the day. We all try to contend resolutely with this, perhaps annulling it until the next humiliating derby defeat, the next Ewood no show against newly promoted opposition, the next head-scratching managerial soundbite, the next stand closure, the next sale of a crucial player and so on. But who, in their heart of hearts, can say that they are even merely satisfied with the custodians of our fine club? Everyone of us can accept I’m sure that supporting Rovers will always be accompanied by its share of lows with the highs. Defeats, adversity and even relegation can galvanise a club. But nothing ever changes here; the anguish, the weariness, the bitterness, the helplessness, it never seems to decrease in intensity. Ewood is a totally despondent, forlorn and morose place and that is the owners biggest violation: They’ve removed the hope and the smile from that magnificent edifice on Nuttall St. and worse still shown no remorse in doing so
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    Haha some folk honestly, don’t have anything to prove to anyone, been spot on the money with a good few leaks yet aye I’m making it all up. Give yourself a rest. I’m not claiming to be anything special either, I know a few folk that have low level jobs within the club, they don’t get told everything for obvious reasons. They also could get into bother should a secret deal be leaked so iv no intention of getting them into bother. I pass on what I can. I can tell you a keeper will be signed before the start of the season. They didn’t let raya go without one pretty much done, there have been reasons it hasn’t been confirmed yet but it’s still going ahead and there is options should it not. More than one. Nobody is more annoyed than mowbray that it’s taken so long. Also after Man City lad comes in- as I mentioned weeks ago- there is another defender hopefully following. Up to 5 deals still to go through before end of window. Just way it’s been that deals are taking long
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    4 wins in 4, first goal for Brereton, blooded two more youngsters at home. Anyone happy? I am.
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    As good a player as he was (and he was one of Rovers' all time best) his substitution routine was pure genius. Step 1 - Glance over to bench to get inkling he was coming off Step 2 - Decide to try something outrageous or overly skillful as a parting gift Step 3 - Drift over to the Riverside Stand Step 4 - Look at the fans in the Riverside as the board went up. Step 5 - Ignore the board Step 6 - Wait for prompting or the stadium announcer to call out ''Number 5......Tugay'' Step 7 - Look suprised Step 8 - Remove shinpads Step 9 - Loosen Socks Step 10 - Tuck shinpads into shorts Step 11 - Applaud the Riverside Stand Step 12 - Start the walk off Step 13 - Applaud the Darwen End Step 14 - Wait for the referee to come and tell you to hurry up Step 15 - Shake hands with the referee, tell him what a wonderful job he's doing/done Step 16 - Brisk walk or lazy jog for ten paces Step 17 - Applaud the Blackburn End Step 18 - Wait for ''Tugay you are my Turkish delight'' Step 19 - Kiss or pat badge on shirt Step 20 - Shake hands with the left back/left winger Step 21 - Shake hands with opposition right back as they come to tell you to hurry up Step 22 - Applaud Jack Walker Stand Step 23 - Final curtain call to all four sides Step 24 - Affectionate handshake and/or hug with player coming on Step 25 - Shake hands with manager Step 26 - Shake hands with all the coaching staff Step 27 - High Fives to fans sitting near the Rovers dugout Step 28 - High Five to fellow subs Step 29 - Final Wave Step 30 - Finally Sit Down
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    Just keep posting mate. It appears to be a minority who are questioning you, the majority seem fine with your information. And anyway it doesn't matter if you are right or wrong, it's a message board of which a few are losing sight of.
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    I haven’t posted about Rovers fortunes for a long while. It’s so hard to believe in the current ownership and it’s very easy to become disaffected and disillusioned with the way in which the poultry barons in Pune have breathed life into our nightmares. However............ On the subject of their 7th permanent manager in 9 abject years, it is hard to escape the fact that any judgement of Tony Mowbray was always going to be distorted by the folly that preceded him. He followed Owen Coyle, who was a farcical appointment that could only have been entertained by fools looking to torment an already mistreated fan base. Therefore the unsuccessful battle against relegation was overlooked and Mowbray’s contribution from Feb-May was, rightly or wrongly, viewed largely as a valiant effort. The promotion season was enjoyable for the simple reason that for the first time under these wretched owners, a winning team was being turned out most weeks and, to Mowbray’s credit, he projected a palpable authenticity and came across as the “proper football man” that so many of us dearly craved. That said, for me personally, the football was unconvincing, but I was (like most of us I suspect) carried away with this euphoria of winning, which had become so alien. Last season again seemed to be considered a “free hit” by many, but for me this is where significant concerns began to manifest themselves on a consistent basis. Chief amongst them, the “marquee” signing Brereton, the porous defence and Mowbray singularly failing to integrate the talented Joe Rothwell until it was too late. This summer was not only a missed opportunity, but for me actually inflicted more weaknesses in a squad that so badly needed augmenting in crucial areas. The goalkeeping situation has completely bemused me. Raya was far from faultless, at times painfully naive, but the necessary promise was there to be nurtured and developed. Walton is not an upgrade and more significantly is not even our player. For me the sale of Raya is symptomatic of this manager, his handling of youth players has left a lot to be desired, as both Nyambe and to a certain extent Travis demonstrate with their performances, which have to me displayed confidence issues and an anxiety which were non existent 9-12 months ago. The acquisition of Gallagher is fast becoming as big an albatross round Mowbray’s neck as Brereton and the striking department is beginning to look worryingly bare. The team, much like the club itself, is drifting in a mode of complacency and that is when sides are at their most vulnerable. A real motivator and tactical innovator is what the club needs and has needed since the needless jettisoning of Allardyce. 9 years have nearly passed, very little fun has been had following Rovers in those times. The Raos have had 7 go’s at getting it right and simply have not, only proving that their heads are as empty as Ewood Park. Mowbray has probably come to the end, but the sad and frank truth is, I have no faith his replacement will be any greater suited to deliver the needs of our football club
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    What is this drivel about picking his ‘own man’? It was Mowbray who gave Joe the chance, signed him in the summer of 2017 AND gave him an improved contract ffs! 🤣🤣🤣. I wish you could ask Joe what he thinks about Mowbray and Rovers. How TM saw his potential at a really bad time for Joe personally and how Jonty and the club used their resources to develop and build him up. Earning him a new contract and some financial security for him and his mum. Joe would tell you that he owes everything he’s getting to those people. Samuel was injured all last season!? So how on earth did he keep Nuttall out? Brereton struggled for form too so the only competition for Joe was DG. The fact of the matter is that he just isn’t good enough. If he were then there would be Championship clubs banging our door down at 6 figure fee for a goal scorer. There’s no hard feelings. It’s truly a win, win situation. Man management - The ability to motivate and inspire a group to meet a collective goal. Everyone does it differently but if he had poor man management skills then there would be unhappiness around the squad. Poor morale. Stories of arguments leaking out. All of the evidence points to the opposite. Tell me the last time you heard anything adverse about Mowbray. In the last 12 months we’ve signed Arma and Gally from PL teams who’ve taken wage drops to play for him. Dack and Rothwell have been on record as referring to him as a father figure. There’s so many more.
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    Just on way back now. Good day out. A few thoughts... Hull could be a banker for relegation, very poor and it seemed the fans know it too. No atmosphere from them at all and out side the ground before and after was very flat. Allam Out. Surprised there weren't more Rovers fans but what were there made a good racket. On the game. Always felt like there were periods of the game were we could have upped it a gear. They were lacking in quality and we should have really punished them. The back 4 for me were class, Nyambe is so strong and quick, the lad could be a real player for us. I like his and Bell's pace at fullback. Lennihan and Mulgrew won everything and did a steady job, the way Hull played suited them though. Evans frustrates me. At one point he was pointing at Nyambe to do his job, he always seems to react too late to everything. He's not proactive enough to command and get us organised. I'm hoping Davenport lives up to expectations. Smallwood did an OK job, lad gets a foot in and I personally prefer him to Evans but they're both are too similar. He played a tidy little pass to set up the goal though. Bennett. Missed an absolute sitter it looked from where I was sat. Gave the ball away too much for my liking but always full of running and commitment, rather see him in DM because he doesn't have enough quality going forward IMO. They were frightened stiff of Arma in first half. His pace and movement was really refreshing to see and it should of counted for more. Palmer is a great find and really good in the air too, won loads of headers. His pace and trickery will be useful for us, capable of creating something out of nothing, was surprised TM took him off. Dacky obviously only really played in first half. Typical really, can hurt teams, always looks capable of creating something, certainly not out of his depth in this league, although he did give ball away in and almost landed us in the chit. His knock maybe came at a good time in hindsight, Graham made it stick up top which meant more possession in their half rather than ours. Graham was class when he came on. Such a difficult player to play against and they couldn't live with him. Unlucky not to get a goal really but exactly the sort of performance you want from a target man, was just missing a goal. Travis. Very decent, put himself about, never went hiding, always wanted the ball. You can tell he really wants it, by that I mean to make it as a player for us, didn't give the ball away, chased players down, tidy performance. In Rothwell we might have a gem. Looks a technically gifted player, walked his way past a few of theirs on a few occasions, very easy on the eye and has ability. Could grow into a decent player for us, certainly has something about him. Rovers as it stands could be a decent championship side but without getting carried away... Hull were very poor and we'll find out more about this group of players against better opposition. Always had a feeling a better side might have punished us on a few occasions today but... You can only beat the team in front of you and today we got the job done. Tony Mowbrays barmy army!
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    At 90 minutes I stuck a fiver on us to win in normal time @150/1. Thank you Joe you have just paid for my holiday.
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    I've been as pessimistic as any since Venkys took over but the negativity on the footballing side of things I find pretty amazing at the moment. We're about to sign a young English centre forward who's proven himself here before and people are dissapointed? I mean fair enough and each to their own but who do we think we are anymore? Being miffed about International title winning keepers joining? Centre forwards who have scored double figures for us coming in, still have Dacky, Rothwell with his best years ahead and a full season as a starter, Chapman and other exciting young players breaking through... Yeah we need defenders and a keeper but give it time. Things aren't looking too bad at the moment.
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    Happy Tugay Day! A 40-a-day smoking 38 year old, who put the Premier League’s best on their arses by standing still. A man who only scored spectacular 25 yard goals, but made them look like tap-ins. Mark Hughes and Sir Alex Ferguson said if he’d been 25, he’d have been playing for Barcelona and Man Utd respectively. Frankly, I still think he could displace Pogba. Mark Noble was picking his all-time PL X1 and said: “I was young and arrogant and I thought, 'oh he's got grey hair, I'm going to get in and around him', and he had me on a bit of string for 90 minutes. I'll always tell people about that. “Obviously I love Steven Gerrard and I think Frank Lampard is one of the best goal-scoring midfielders the country has ever seen, but I'll have to go with Tugay.” More than a great player he was a REAL leader, in a Rovers team chock-full of International Captains. At the 2002 World Cup, he led Turkey to 3rd place, uniting a volatile dressing room of relatively extreme Christians and Muslims. I don’t think Rovers fans will love a player as completely as they did Tugay for another generation. Ask most older fans who the best they’ve seen in a Rovers shirt was, Tugay will be in the same bracket as Bryan Douglas, Ronnie Clayton, and Alan Shearer. Simply the best!
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    Apparently Sky have a "countdown clock" for Bury and Bolton. What a set of absolutely detestable cretins they are.
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    Interesting comments from a lot of Hull fans: “Williams in defence for Blackburn looked a class act. We were second best in every single position. Dack ran the show from the front.” “Thought their defence handled us very well.” “Blackburn looked a very decent, well drilled team. Losing 1-0 to them doesn't mean our season is over by a long chalk. They will do well this season. I thought they looked every bit as good as Sheffield United did when they came here last April/May.” “Credit to Blackburn who didn’t even need to get out of first gear.” “They looked a proper established team with tactics and cohesion, and we looked what we are- a work in progress and a bunch of players who don't really know each other yet.” “BRFC looked extremely solid and comfortable on the ball all over the pitch. Mowbray has quietly put together a very efficient unit.” “Blackburn are walking it looks like men against boys” “Quite simply they were better than us across the piece. Organised, focused and playing with a plan.”
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    Some of you may know I'm not a Blackburn fan, I have a real soft spot for them through family connections and work I have watched the young players come through for the last 4/5 years (I watch more youth football than 1st team football across the board) and I can honestly say the group on the verge of making it into the 1st team are up there with best around at the minute, Butterworth, Buckley, Rankin-Costello, Magloire and Grayson could be the start of something special, add to this Travis who for me has to be up there as the most improved youngster in the football league, Joe Rothwell who has all the makings of being a £10mil pound player in a few years if used right, Gallagher, Brereton, Davenport, Nyambi, Lenihan, Hart etc all still the other side of 25 and it excites me, keep the faith and hope TM uses these lads right and the future is very bright IMO for Rovers
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    No matter what your opinion of Gallagher is I think you need to give him some credit for holding out for us when he had other options available. He could have got better wages and stayed nearer Southampton rather than uproot the length of the country. Any player that shows dedication to the club deserves some credit from me. Personally I quite like him, think he will do well for us. Loans to pick up from next week. Believe gk is closing
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    I saw Rich Sharpe point out a couple of interesting stats over the weekend, and after some digging found some of my own that show the "Character" of Rovers since Tony Mowbray took charge. Rovers haven't scored an injury time equaliser/winner in a league game since Fulham away in March 2017, the only other one in Mowbray's tenure is against Cardiff at Ewood in the same month We are yet to score an injury time winner in the league since Mowbray took charge (Last one being in February 2017, under Coyle, against QPR at Ewood) We haven't come from behind to win a game since April 2018 against Peterborough We have only come from behind to win a game in the league 3 times since Mowbray was appointed, Bristol Rovers home, Peterborough home & away in 17/18. In the 58 games since we came from behind to win a game, we have conceded the first goal 25 times, losing 19 of them. We haven't come from behind to win a game at this level since November 2016 which was under Coyle, against Brentford. The last time we conceded at Ewood park and won was New Years Day last season. Pretty damning stuff I would say, it generally means that if we go a goal behind, you might aswell go home as this lot aren't getting back into it. The signings of Cunningham, Downing and Johnson have no doubt helped the side to see games out when we are in front, but the lack of response when we go behind is really concerning and something that needs addressing if we are ever going to improve beyond a lower mid table side.
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    Really? You think the pressure would be less if he had gone public and aimed for midtable? Who on earth aims for mid table in this garbage division? Look at what Neil is doing at Preston or what Warburton is doing at QPR. Ambitious managers who set out to win every week. Even if the aim was top 10 we aren't even going to get near that. Mowbray is getting stick for a number of reasons none of them to do with his aims for the season. We are regressing. We are awful to watch. We collapse every time we go ahead. We are entering a relegation battle. His transfer dealings are awful. He's had a bigger net spend than most managers at this level. No more excuses. It's not good enough and Mowbray is responsible.
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    So you wouldn’t clap Mulgrew on his return? Our captain who nearly jeopardised his international career to stay with us in league 1? He was one of the hero’s of that promotion campaign, scored a record amount of goals and got the winner to send us up! He’s as much as a hero for what he did that season than anyone who played in the premier league glory years. That season in league 1 was as important and equally as enjoyable as any in our long history. I agree with their being no room for sentiment in football and I concede he didn’t look great on Saturday. However give the man a bit of respect! I know it’s off topic but the fickle nature of some Rovers fans in terms of quickly turning on players who recently they revered really annoys me. Whilst it’s clear the likes of Mulgrew, Smallwood and Bennett have struggled recently, these players stood up to be counted in that very important league 1 season, and this shouldn’t be forgotten.
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    I'm not one for commenting much these days but I'm always about.I'm on holiday in Jersey right now. I took the family to visit Uncle Jacks resting place. It's a very modest plot at St Brelades. Brought tears to my eyes though. It's a very large graveyard. If anyone ever needs direction then ping me a message.
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    Behave. He’s explained his mate is a lower level club employee who hears bits and tells him. If his mate has asked him to keep it to himself he’d be an absolute dick to rush straight off and post it all over a forum... I doubt there is much worry about scuppering a deal, more about upsetting a friendship. We aren’t talking here about someone with any other agenda than just wanting to discuss transfers... no links to his blogs or anything like that which we’ve seen from other apparent ITKs. Similarly, I’ve got a mate who gives me bits of info... and I’m not going to say who it is as it’s not my place. I’d also never post anything he asked me not to or that could be unequivocally be traced back to him. He’s quiet at the minute, so I appreciate any info I hear from others and base how reliable it is on a number of factors. If I decide it’s bollocks I’ll ignore it or maybe argue the likelihood. The whole demanding of more info and revealing of sources is pointless. The digs are out of order.
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    I just joined the site to acknowledge all the kind words in this thread about my dad Billy My sister came across it and sent it to me this pm. Dad sadly passed away on 21st following some surgery, it wasn't expect and was a shock to my mum Heather and all the family. It has been a comfort in many ways reading the kind words of strangers who knew him as a player or latterly as a landlord. He never stopped loving the game, in fact just a few days before he passed we watched his beloved Newcastle (he was born and bred geordie) beat Man U which cheered him up no end. I don't remember much about his BRFC days as he left Rovers when I was just 2 so I grew up watching him play for Pompey. Although I am a die hard PFC fan the second score I always look for is Rovers - dads other team and the town of my birth. Mum kept clipping which I archived for his 70th. I have stuck a couple of my favorite cuttings up as pics including his debut against Chelsea and a piece about playing Keith Newton in the cup after he moved on (we were next door neighbours!) hank you again for all the kind words - he was my hero and I will always miss him Up the Rovers and Play Up Pompey

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