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    A very enjoyable game to watch and a superb second half performance. I thought Johnson and Travis were outstanding in the centre. Johnson got stronger and better as the game went on. Samuel and Graham looked some much better than Gallagher and Brereton. Samuel actually gets into goalscoring positions despite fluffing opportunities in previous games, tonight's goal was a classic poacher's goal as was Graham's. Armstrong's was a brilliant piece of quick thinking and he executed it perfectly. I thought we defended well in the second half and looked well in control. Sadly, Walton still looks like an accident waiting to happen - goodness knows what he was doing for their first goal. However, tonight was a thoroughly enjoyable win after the gloom and doom of last week.
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    I feel more frustrated than celebratory tonight. Same old story of pressure off and we perform. Then a combination of disinterested/disengaged owners and the ability to appoint your own chairman means have another Teflon manager. Haven’t addressed the defence in years, prone to 2-3 prolonged meltdowns per season (Last season was it clubs longest winless run since the war or something), wasted serious money on donkeys and unable to make signings. Hard to see any sunny uplands from this. Best case: another season bumbling around mid table. Worst case: Bury.
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    Completely off topic but I thought it might amuse some of you . When commentary was poetry
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    Someone needs to boot Bennett in training this week to make sure he's not fit to start against West Brom
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    It is like the Mowbray benevolent fund for stray footballers at times. They've nursed Gladwin through 2 years of wages then an extra 6 months whilst he got himself ready to walk into MK Dons first team. We've nursed Samuel who's goal return is that of a full back virtually into a new contract so he can pick up where he left off as one of Tonys hopeless projects. We've let Mulgrew and Wigan have a look at each other then come back here to sit on the nice comfy bench resting his old legs until something lucrative and appealing comes along. Then there's Smallwood who's had footballers wages for 12 months whilst probably learning to be a bibs and cones man in the back ground, Then unbelievably he gets a little extension to do naff all for an extra month except keep his name in the frame for a new deal. Then there's Chapman who nobody else would have given a proper contract to given his injury issues. A player who he won't touch with a barge pole now. God knows what else is going on but all this is money down the toilet then when it comes to stretching the wages for a fresh keeper there'll be nothing. The piss is being taken again would he get away with this type of stuff at his beloved Boro with Gibsons hard earned ?
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    It’s very simple really, we are a better shaped team when Graham plays. You don’t have to be a supreme athlete to play football, vision and being able to play others in are far more important.
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    Nothing to do with the pressure being off, we won tonight because we played a proper front 3. Shame we had to all but play ourselves out of playoff contention with Gallagher, Brereton and a false 9 before Graham got a chance. And Samuel is far more effective than either of our two big money buys. Very enjoyable and a great result... but really frustrating considering the opportunity our last three performances have blown.
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    As you say, read my previous posts! Mercer 1 - 1 Bookies. All square in the last 10 days.
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    This sums up Rovers for me. It's strange but when the team is under pressure to perform they simply cannot do it. When there isn't any pressure they look a very good outfit. A few other correlating factors which I don't think are unrelated to today's win: 1) The pressure was off the team but the scrutiny was on TM. Funny how when the fans start getting restless the obvious belated team changes happen and the performances improve. 2) Following on from number 1, it's no surprise we do better when Bennett and Gally aren't in the team. 3) We were clear underdogs and Cardiff needed to come at us. These are games we relish far more than lower league scraps. Sure we get overawed and play too cautiously vs the big clubs in the division like Leeds, but any game where we aren't clear favourites and the opposition comes to us, seem to be the ones we relish. Great win. Shows what we are capable of. Questions need to be asked why we aren't doing it when it really counts.
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    People said that last season. People will say it next season. You can't choose when is the ideal time to get promoted. This season is an opportunity wasted. Look at Cardiff tonight. Just moved into 6th spot on a good run and they were dross.
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    Trav or Lenihan but either way, not Bennett. What did tonight's front 3 cost? Graham - Free? Arma - £1.5m? Samuel - £500k?
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    Very good result and performance. Stand by my comments about the team lineup being not very forward thinking but you cant argue with that result and performance. Walton poor for the first. Badly need a new keeper. Feel like Nyambe has gone back into his shell a tad, so reluctant to come forward. Rankin Costello with for me his best start so far although needs to be tried further forward. Overall we were defensively found wanting more than once to be honest. In midfield, Travis came into his own in the last hour. Up until then he again looked a little off the pace, that touch and pass was superb and then he was his usual dickhead self but in a very positive way. That being said, his foul was a clear red card, awful tackle. Also felt Johnson was much better today and Downing was calm and composed too. Graham showed what he can do that the others cant. Samuel was definitely better but should have had 3 or 4. Just hope that doesnt prompt a new deal, one swallow doesnt make a summer. Armstrong with an incredible goal and always such a danger even if he can be a bit wild with his shooting. None of the subs had any impact.
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    Well. Well. Danny Graham and Adam Armstrong > Brereton and Gallagher. Who'd have thought it? Graham has been criminally written off and underused this season.
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    Change his name by deed poll to Elliott Bennett.
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    Harry arter has just scored a lovely goal for Fulham. Turned over and zaha has hit an even better one for palace. Both worth a watch particularly zahas . Let’s hope Armstrong can pull one out the bag for us tonight
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    The thing is despite our hopes and dreams rovers are not ready for promotion as it stands. If it happened this season then venkys would have had to splurge £120m plus just with a view to finishing outside of the bottom 3! Either that or they would recoup some of their losses sell the club and FO. Thus leaving us in the right royal shit. At least another season with more progression and promotion of some great kids along with experience to guide them gives them a better chance. Next season minimum goal should be the top 6 and more consistency on the pitch.
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    Didn't Steve Kean get a better contract for relegating us.
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    6 of our starting 11 are under 25
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    Mowbray loves the RW rotation of Samuel and Gallagher. One comes in, does sh*te, back out they go next match for the other. Rinse and repeat.
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    TM clearly thinks we still have a chance TM clearly thinks we still have a chance of the playoffs! 😂😂 5 wins on the bounce here we come!!!! 🥴🥴🥴🥴
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    Let’s see what happens with this ‘European scouting network’, two years they’ve been banging on about it and we must still have the most British and Irish squad in the league...
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    If we look at the pattern of the Bowyer era and compare to Mowbray it is almost identical. The only difference really is that Mowbray had to bring us up from League One whereas Bowyer rebuilt from the Championship. Either way both got on swimmingly well with the owners, including regular India trips, reasonable financial backing and saw positive progress for a couple of years. Then at the end of Bowyer's 2nd full season the phone went dead, the money stopped and his demeanour changed, and he was gone before the end of the year. It all sounds eerily familiar to me especially when I listen and observe Mowbray. Patterns emerge. I've no doubt Mowbray told them last summer that he was confident in reaching the playoffs after their significant outlay and to fall short may not go down well with them Of course in a normal world the solution is to replace the manager and back the new one but here it is to just refuse to pick up the phone and leave everyone in limbo. They clearly think a lot of themselves so telling Mowbray that there isn't any money or that we have to sell an asset to cover it whilst reality probably hurts the ego of the billionaires to whom no cheque is too much. This latest one may be Covid 19 provoked but the end result is.harm to the club at a time when in theory we should be perfectly poised to kick on next season with astute additions. Let's see what Bristol City do but I bet they won't cut corners. They are mental, but I do worry about what comes next. All self inflicted.
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    A picture for some of the older posters, taken from Blackburn now and then, Easter fair with Ewood in the background 1972
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    What this whole sorry episode needs is not some wishy washy investigation by the toothless football authorities but a criminal investigation by the fraud squad and expose the whole 'fit and proper' sham and illegal operations for what it really is. Football really needs a new brush to sweep away the ineptitude and corruption that runs through it likes stick of rock. Unfortunately the likes of Wigan (and even ultimately us) could be collateral damage in the process.

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