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    This sermon is brought to you by the Daily Mail. Victim-blaming repugnant nonsense.
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    My view of the game was it was a typical Rovers-Mowbray effort. Having experienced this sort of thing now for over 2 years at this level it is tiring and predictable. I had absolutely no belief or expectation we would get anything out of the game from the moment we went 1-0 down. At 2-0 it was game over and most of us knew it, deep down. The shed load of possession and nice play after that was in part afforded to us by Watford who had probably watched similar efforts from us v Cardiff and Forest and knew they could let us do it with little end product. All the possession and pressure and yet other than the penalty save and shot from outside the area Foster didn't have much to worry about in the second half. Hand on heart time - if we had made it back to 2-2 or 3-3 does anyone genuinely believe we'd have come away with a point or all 3? I don't. I reckon it is more likely they'd have applied some pressure and we'd have crumbled at the first sign of it - see Bournemouth away when we contrived to lose despite twice doing the hard part and fighting back. If your idea of enjoyment is watching us play pretty football, plenty of possession, passes, being easy on the eye, a few talented lads having a right good go then fine, enjoy away. We will get loads of plaudits in the press and from rival clubs because it goes down well with the purists who like to tune in and watch sides 'have a go'. We are also a team full of nice men. A nice bloke in the dugout who won't upset anyone, a team in his image of nice boys who all get on together and do things the "right way". Won't get promoted that way though. Ever. My idea of enjoyment is watching us get points on the board whatever way necessary, being a well drilled hard to break down and beat unit, and show some semblance of a strategy and some adaptability in our approach to deal with the opposition - just a shame that we seem no nearer to such an approach. I'd have enjoyed tonight 100x more if we had turned up, put 10 men behind the ball and ground out a 0-0 or 0-1 win playing with no ambition other than to ensure we didn't concede. That might sound crazy to some but crazy to me is turning up at a side with Watford's quality and defensive record and thinking we are going to outscore them. They've had issues scoring goals - so start from there, build from a clean sheet and frustrating them. Instead we let them in with their first venture forward with acres of room to run into, followed by defensive clangers for their 2nd and 3rd. Mowbray thinks he is above all that sort of thing though so it won't change. So instead we will lurch from one extreme to the other with no consistency. I'm tired of the ludicrous suggestion that we only conceded 3 times due to individual errors. The better teams don't make errors like that. They are coached out of it.
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    Don't buy all this 'we played well nonsense'. If you consistently play well and don't get results then there is a big, big problem. Played 6, lost 3, points 7, league position 14th - those are the facts that count.
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    Lost in all the pain of losing a game we should have won, Harvey Elliott had an unremarked but impressive League game debut. This Kid is one class footballer. Midfield needs to adjust its eyelines to spot the runs he makes because apart from Holtby they were missing them last night. I know that Dack is a player you build a side around but I think Harvey will come into that category before too long. Certainly Watford were treating him with the greatest respect if you looked at the lack of space he was given to work in. Even so, look at this:
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    There is a long way to go , but , until we develop a winning mentality it will be even longer. Successful teams are often images of their management . ...we all know who they are. ..our team isn’t successful as it too plays in the image of its management. That , I believe, is where our problem lies....and nowhere else. Mowbray is a decent bloke... but has he ever shown steel or intellect ? He says says the right things ...but does he ever do them? He has an eye for attacking talent ( not always! ) ....but does he play to their strengths? He played all of his career as a centre back...but has he ever successfully organised one as a manager ? Currently, we have “ no men , no leaders “ on the field. We have some decent levels of skill but it is unharnessed. We have players who sometimes turn up, sometimes don’t ....poor body language, little, if any collective responsibility. The deadline day signings , initially, gave me hope ....and that hope might turn to reality. ....but.... until we develop strength of character, winning mentality and steel on a consistent level .....it will remain that long season . They look miserable, they shuffle and they play without plan......as I said ....teams are images of their management. I don’t think , for one moment that Mowbray won’t try to instil the necessaries....I just think he can’t.
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    Counts for sod all but our opponents were impressed by us: Blackburn certainly the best team we've played this season .. I thought Blackburn were good and deserved a draw. Blackburn will definitely be in the playoff picture come the end of the season .. I'd be surprised if Blackburn aren't among the playoff mix come the end of the season.. Played off the park. How the **** did we win that game ? I was impressed with the ball retention and passing of Blackburn. However, was very impressed with how comfortable Blackburn looked in possession. Armstrong was a menace all night and Holtby was very good for them. I do really hope that Blackburn are around the playoffs though a very exciting team to watch. Thought Blackburn were the better team in gameplay For the record there's plenty negative comments on there too - (mainly about how, despite the posession, we're fairly toothless up front, and how weak and vulnerable our defence is) - but I needed cheering up so went with glass half full instead.
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    Reducing teenage pregnancy rates, teaching parents how to manage finances better etc are laudable aims in themselves, but their impact will not be felt for years. Kids are hungry now. Just because some people misuse the funds they're given is no excuse not to provide them to the vast majority who do use them as intended. I had 4 kids on one wage and it was a challenge sometimes to get to the end of the month with enough money to pay for essentials. I never reached the point where I had to choose between feeding my kids and buying one of them a new pair of shoes but it was close sometimes. I'm sure you can't be as heartless as you appear, Chaddy. I blooming well hope you're not.
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    The fact remains we are yet to get a win against a decent team. We smashed Wycombe and Derby but the former have lost 6/6 and the latter have lost 5/6 so far this season. I can't really feel particularly optimistic until we actually start beating good teams. We couldn't break down Forest or Cardiff and Bournemouth and Watford both put three past us, even if the performances were good. There's still a lot of work to do - the new players should help but the proof is in the pudding and we haven't seen that yet.
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    If I'd a £ for every time I've heard " we were only undone by individual errors " during Mowbray's time here I'd be a fairly rich man. Winning managers evolve systems of play that are intended to eliminate individual errors. If that doesn't work they eliminate the players that regularly make mistakes and sign players that don't. We've never defended well as a unit, we fail to sense trouble coming until it happens. We've been easy to score against for too long. The word gets around in football, just keep it tight against Rovers and wait for the inevitable mistake or series of mistakes to come along, you'll get a good scoring chance. Until that situation is rectified we're going nowhere, unless it's down the table. Coventry will have watched our games and you don't need to be a genius to figure out how to play against us.
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    The good managers sign and select players who make minimal mistakes and optimise opportunities. Mowbray signs them, sells them, selects them, motivates them and organises them and therefore the buck well and truly stops with him.
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    People misuse money Chaddys right. The government have wasted hundreds of millions, if not billions of OUR money by handing out obscene contracts for PPE and contact tracing. Is he suggesting we shouldn’t do either of those things now?
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    It seemed to me that Lenihan played on the left of the two at the weekend with Ayala playing left last night. I don't think either of them are comfortable there at all. Maybe they can adjust but we don't really have time for that experiment. Williams is going to have to come in. The whole back four looked unsettled last night. One of the problems is caused by having Johnson and Evans together. They don't have the mobility of the likes of Travis or Trybull and the result is that Brereton ends up being criticised for failing to track all the way to his own six yard box. He is supposed to be in a front three for goodness sake! Where was Corry Evans at the time? With a more mobile midfield, I think the first two goals could have been snuffed out. Rothwell's tracking back is vastly improved this season and we are missing his energy and movement. I think with a proper centre half pairing and the return of our better players we can be very competitive indeed: Kaminski Nyambe Ayala Williams Douglas Holtby Trybull Rothwell Elliott Armstrong Brereton Probably our strongest line-up since the sensational team assembled by Bowyer some years ago. (Which he didn't have the experience /nous to get promoted).
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    I also hate opposition fans and/or managers praising us and our style of play and wishing us well after taking 3 points off us. Give me a post match where the opposition feels aggrieved, feels robbed, even feels cheated and lays into us but one in which we take the 3 points home with us. Also agree with Mowbrays comments about Brereton in todays LT, that he wont score 25 yarders every week and needs to anticipate the tap ins better, otherwise goals will be a rare occurance. He played well last night and I was happy for him getting a goal but he was the same in terms of often being caught on his heels instead of anticipating bits and pieces around the box.
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    It's all about organisation and coaching and players understanding their roles. It does not take almost four years to get this across - look at Big Sam, wherever he went, defensive issues were mitigated within days (remember his first match for us against Stoke).
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    I've been very critical of Mowbray at times but personally have seen an improvement in our performances to suggest we can make the playoffs. I can actually see what mowbray is trying to do now which I havent been able to at times. Forrest was very poor but we were missing too many players and the new lads. Last night we created a lot of chances vs one of the stronger sides in the league, even brereton scored (a good goal too). It's also easy to see how the players that frustrate me (johnson, evans, bell) come out of that team. You get Trybull sitting in the 3, travis back from injury, douglas at left back and on set pieces, rothwell on the left of the 3 driving forward, elliott to get a few more games under his belt. Sprinkle a bit of dack dust and we are looking alright to me. I'll be having another reassessment after 12 games.
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    1st goal was BB's fault for not tracking the runner. Nyambe at fault for the 2nd for not tracking his runner. Utter shite from Lenihan for the 3rd. If you can't do the basics away from home you've no chance. Shame because we look a very mobile unit going forward and we're going to play some good stuff this season.
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    Positives: Cracking strike from Ben, fully deserved. Trybull twice the player of Evans, just shot up the depth chart. A midfield of Rothwell Trybull and Holtby will be the business. Douglas will be in for Saturday
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    Kenny's record speaks for itself. Souey's record speaks for itself. Big Sam's record speaks for itself. Mowbray, IMO, shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath as those three.
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    Going off the first 6 games, same as last season I reckon. Lots of shit games, with a few decent games. The more vocal fans saying we're going to get into the plays offs but ending mid table. Then everyone saying oh well we'll do it next season we've got some really good players. Till the end of time.
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    So on the basis of stereotypical hearsay you begrudge needy children and would rather they starve ?
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    Lenihan the bloke who put a tame cross into his own net, or Holtby one of the CMs who didn't track back with Cleverley? You can't ask your FBs to play so advanced and then blame them for every goal that starts down the flanks. It's why you have 3 CMs - at least one of them is meant to cover for the FBs when they go forward.
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    WDL is where we will continue to be. We have runs of bad form and spells of short winning runs which mean we step up and step down but it then averages out. I’m hoping we can stay in and around 7-10th to give us the sense of looking up rather than down but we cannot keep persevering with mediocrity (aka stability) and watch managers like Chris Hughton pass us by. We keep looking for players who can take us to that next level. Sooner or later we have to admit we instead need a manager who can.
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    We need Travis and Rothwell back and certainly Trybull in the team ASAP. Evans is Evans, half the player he is for his country (treats our games as warmups) and Johnson had two good games, one against the whipping boys, and another against his old team who he wanted to make a point to (who are in dire straits anyway) and since then he is back to what we know of him. Tbf, he works best in a midfield of Holtby and Rothwell who give the creativity and drive respectively but i'd still have Trybull in there for now until Travis gets back. Douglas needs to be in next game (should have been this one as dont buy that he is not fit seeing as he has played in the PL this season and was part of the infamous Beisla training regimes). Lenihan has gone backwards, not sure if it is being partnered up with the outspoken (on the pitch at least) Ayala or the fact both are right-footed but so far it has not worked out between them. Kaminski in the main has been OK but he has shown some weaknesses now. Elliott looked bright, intelligent and always trying to make something happen. Perhaps he tried a little too hard but I think he will be a good addition to our frontline. BB had a better game and that was a decent goal although not as fantastic as some made out. Bit of a howler from their keeper tbh. AA had another poor game. He has many of these but often pops up with a wonder goal out of nothing - which have dried up this season so far.
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    Bell and Evans need to sit this weekend and for the season. The lineup should be: Kaminski Nyambi Lenihan/Willaims Ayala Douglas Holtby Trybull Rothwell Dolan/Elliott Armstrong Elliott/Brereton Work Dack in once he's ready. I can't get over how bad Evans is. He offers nothing going forward.
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    It’s funny how opinions can differ so much. I thought we were great in the wins against Wycombe and Derby, very poor against forest but back to a good performance tonight, frustrating as the result was. It’s never nice to lose but we played some positive, pressing football tonight, and were only undone by individual errors. To me that shows that we are moving in the right direction, and with our new LB to come in and Dack to come back I think we’ll continue to get stronger. I’m still backing us for the top 6 this season. I think this is our best chance since we were relegated into this league, as even though our squad isn’t quite as strong (no players at the level of Rhodes, Robinson or Gestede), we have a good coach and what looks like a very good team at this level if they can click. If we don’t get there I’d expect TM to come under pressure and tbh I think I’d be ready for a change if we don’t end the season round about the top 6. Talk of sacking TM now (I know you’re not calling for that) is foolish.

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